Hello Kitty Electronic Toilet Paper Dispenser

Once again, Sanrio and Hello Kitty provide another items that instantly becomes a front-runner for the most useless product in the world. Of course, this makes no difference to my wife that has her heart set on one of these Hello Kitty electronic toilet paper dispensers for Christmas:

Hello Kitty toilet paper dispenser

In classic Hello Kitty sales pitch style, the advertising copy trumps the low cost of using this device which only uses $1 a year in power to operate. Of course, that savings has little meaning when the unit itself costs approximately $220 (24,000 yen) which Hello Kitty seems to have conveniently forgotten while explaining how energy efficient the gadget is. And what do you get for that $220? The Hello Kitty toilet paper dispenser can be pre-program so that your exact favorite length of toilet paper will appear when pressing the button. That’s right. You can choose one of nine different length settings (each 20 centimeters difference) so that you never have more or less toilet paper than you really want for $220 and $1 a year in energy costs (if the thing doesn’t break after the first few uses).

While it really couldn’t make our bathroom look any worse than it already does and we have the Hello Kitty toilet paper that would match it perfectly, there is always the inconvenient problem that I’m not actually allowed to use the Hello Kitty toilet paper for its intended purpose which pretty much makes the entire gadget useless which pretty much sums up all gadgets in Hello Kitty Hell…

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  1. How can it possibly be energy efficient when it takes up energy for something that 99.99999% of the population would never even consider using electricity for?

    And how many people pay that much attention to how much toilet paper they use?

    Even worse, it is a pink Hello Kitty toilet paper dispenser.

    I think my head just exploded.

  2. cute but impratical xD

    Also I lloooove your bathroom xD

    If you want <3 You can unload some of your stuff to me <3 And to explain why your getting rid of stuff to your wife, say its donation xD HAHA (That would be funny to see.)

    Good luck living in HKH.

  3. Your wife asks for a simple gift and you don’t even have the decency to want to give it to her to make her happy. It goes a lot to show your true character. Your so selfish that all you think about is you and have no feelings for others. So what if you can’t use Hello Kitty toilet paper. You can use normal toilet paper and it will be convenient because it will come out exactly the length you want it. You should stop complaining and enjoy the convenience. And if you are so stubborn that you don’t want to use it, there is an area for another roll so you can use it by hand. So there is nothing that you should be complaining about. Just buy you wife what she wants. That’s your duty as a husband.

  4. this has to be the most outrageous gadget I have ever seen. other than the “taco dispenser” on a tv show last night. still this one might beat it.

  5. darlene wrote :
    “Just buy you wife what she wants. That’s your duty as a husband.”

    And I thought darlene couldn’t get more freaky!
    If a woman wants to have every single stupid stuff she sees, either she stays with her parents, or she works. Come on, his “duty as a husband”? That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever read!

    Anyway, I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I really enjoy it, even though it scares me. I would have NEVER thought people could get so hysterical over something like Hello Kitty… Damn, they’re even worse than Star Trek fanatics! I’m glad I live in France, Hello Kitty hasn’t invaded the whole country… Yet.

  6. darlene strikes again, seriously, WHO measures how much toliet paper they use? I just quickly yanks out a long ribbon of paper, roll it into a ball, and do my rightful duty.

    I’m surprised the thing doesn’t sing the Hello Kitty theme song or talks when you use it…………

  7. @ darlene: When did he ever say he “wasn’t” going to get it for her? And since when Is that a duty for a husband? You must be pretty damn greedy if “husbands should get their wives whatever they want” makes up part of your logic.

    As for this gadget… I actually laughed… because this has got to be one of the stupidest ideas for a gadget EVER.

  8. “Just buy you wife what she wants. That’s your duty as a husband.”

    so let me get this straight, say HKH man only had $12.00, and they were living in an alley between an HK store and a food store, and HKH man was really hungry, but HKH’s wife wants that really adorable “Hello Kitty Golf Ball Holder”, he should get it for her and starve because it’s his “duty”?

    yeah, real smart logic darlene.

  9. Darlene – it’s hkh wife’s duty to make hkh man happy and shelfishly having the house done in something he absolutely detests is not what a loving unselfish wife would do. Try putting the shoe on the other foot. What if your house was done in something you hated, like I don’t know zombies and your husband demanded that you get him every power tool and house hold object with that print. Would it be your wifely duty to buy every single thing to please him?
    I think hkh man’s wife should be more appreciative of him lovingly putting up with her selfishness and trying to make her happy despite what she does to make him unhappy and not caring, or thinking, that this is what she is realy doing. His actions show that he truely loves his wife and wants her to be happy.

  10. I think Darlene is a fake. She knows she not doing any good- and just trying to piss you guys off. I’ve know a few people who aren’t happy if they haven’t made you mad.

    You can tell that by her argument being so weak (and stupid) – and you guys going all up in the air about it.

  11. X wrote :

    “I think Darlene is a fake. She knows she not doing any good- and just trying to piss you guys off. I’ve know a few people who aren’t happy if they haven’t made you mad.

    You can tell that by her argument being so weak (and stupid) – and you guys going all up in the air about it.”

    She might be fake, but anyway, don’t you think she symbolizes perfectly HK fanatics? She always manages to put all the worst things in HK fanatics in only one comment. She’s like… An entity of fanaticism.

  12. Darlene fake?

    If she is, she’s a phony I can believe in!

    Marketing creates a cult like atmosphere today. From the clapping and chanting at Trader Joe’s, to the “naturalness” of Whole Foods, to the “family of Saturn owners”. Nirvana is attained by shopping.

    That so many people that are against “big corporations” fall for this shows it works.

    In the old days people bought cars because of the mechanical and tech info- now they buy cars because they feel good.

    And I believe Sanrio was the first company to understand this, and to craft a product line that would allow its consumers to buy from them, from the cradle to the grave.

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  14. I don’t like living human beings telling me how much paper I may use; the thought of taking such directives from an animatronic version of an imaginary cat is absolutely galling.

  15. I wonder if darlene is HKHell’s wife and they both are sittin around dieing laughin at all the comments on her comment. LOL

  16. What I want to know is… ifyou end up with one (as surely you will), WHAT toilet paper will go in it? Surely it HAS to match! 😉
    Also, did Sanrio do studies on how much ‘waste’ toliet paper there is by too many sheets being pulled off (oops, that came out a bit odd) and see this as environmentally friendly?

    Still, along with the lollipop condoms and the initmate massagers this acknowledgement of basic human functions is almost ‘cool’. Now for HK sick-bags and poop-a-scoops >;->

  17. Why would you want something to count how many sheets of toilet paper to use?
    Wouldn’t you prefer to pull according to the type of business you do??

  18. I guess it would make sense if you are potty training, that way you don’t end up with the whole role in the toilet, cuz they’d only get so much tp out. I don’t seriously think a little boy would use this but ya never know.

  19. Is it sad that I think Darlene is a friggin crack pot? That woman really lives in her own little world.

    My Dad sent me this link. It’s scares me. What if it came to life and started eating my leg as I was peeing? Evil electronic devices imbued with hate from too much pink? Scaaary…

  20. That’s not convenient at all. And it’s wastefull. What if you want 10cm or 30cm or 35cm of toilet paper, instead of the “20 centimetre intervals”? Do you have to get extra and then pull off the bit you don’t want and throw it in the bin? 🙂

  21. Darlene.stop what you are doing and book a holiday right now! If this kind of thing stresses you out, you have issues…(should we start a club folks?)

  22. So cute and funny article. I love Hello Kitty but I am too cheap to pay that much for a toliet paper dispenser! That would buy a lot of toliet paper! I saw a Hello Kitty sucker last night! It was too cute to eat! I applaud Sanrio for coming up with Hello Kitty. Smart marketing! I think people like it because most people like cute kittens and this kitten is perfect. You don’t have to feed it, take it to the vet, have it neutered, scoop it’s litter box or vacume up it’s hair and it never grows up or throws up on your new carpet! But being the cheap (I prefer frugal) person that I am, I will stick with the ones I get with my McDonald’s meals. Yeah, I get the kid’s meal. What else do you expect from a cheap, er, frugal person?

  23. “Just buy you wife what she wants. That’s your duty as a husband.”

    Actually Darlene, I’m the woman in my relationship and I spoil the hell outta my fiancee. He gets just about everything he wants.

    Oh that turned your little world upside down didn’t it ROFL

    Yeah they talked about installing these at work (not the HKH variety) WTF? I think they’re ridiculous.

  24. lol,you should take pics of your whole house of hello kitty!!!lol wow!!!!!!!!i need one lol[not realy]where does your wife buy her things??please emil me lol

  25. Darlene pardon me, but all you are doing is ruining a decent blog that everyone seems to enjoy, i don’t think anyone is getting bored with it, if you want the truth about something find it out yourself.

  26. OMG! I am a big fan of Hello Kitty! But never in my 19 years of living would i think to buy a Hello Kitty toliet paper dispenser! At least not for $220! Unless…I found it cheaper on Ebay! LOL But seriously! That’s crazy! How do you pay for all of this stuff! I know from personal expericence that Hello Kitty stuff is expensive! And you have a whole bathroom full of it! I would kinda have to agree that it is a little overboard. I wouldn’t say hell…. but overboard.


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