Hello Kitty Zombie Tattoo II

Every time I get a new Hello Kitty tattoo sent to me, I naively think that the number of people who would ever consider doing something like that has been exhausted and no others will show up in my email box. Especially when I get one that is like the Hello Kitty zombie tattoo, I figure that there would not be any need for an alternative Hello Kitty zombie tattoo (isn’t a single Hello Kitty zombie tattoo enough?) Obviously, this is the hopeful delusions of someone stuck in Hello Kitty Hell because we all know that Hello Kitty is never satisfied with something until she has made a million versions. So it really shouldn’t have surprised me that a new Hello kitty zombie tattoo showed up in my email:

Hello Kitty Frankenstein tattoo

I would have pretty much determined that all these Hello Kitty tattoos are the sign of the Apocalypse being right around the corner except for the fact that we all know that Sanrio would be making Apocalypse Hello Kitty items in celebration of the event if it were that close at hand. You know it won’t be long before someone comes forward with a full body Hello Kitty tattoo and my ultimate fear is that it’s going to be my wife. It just shows that the evil feline can continue to drive my Hello Kitty Hell into deeper depths no matter how low she has ventured in the past.

Sent in by Andi who should have to get this tattoo (and all the others) for ever thinking it was a good idea to send this to me…

27 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Zombie Tattoo II”

  1. That is um, a decapitated what in her hands?
    Well at least it’s not on someone’s boobs.
    I must say I like the stitching on her head.

  2. This is a zombie HK with the decapitated head of Badtz Maru… lol… I guess whoever had this tattoo done must hate both characters and is hoping that in the (near) future all sanrio characters will turn on each other and bring about their own destruction…
    Perhaps this is a profecy! lol

  3. Weird, I saw a similar pic the other day only the, penguin or duck or whatever animal it is, was holding hk’s decapitated head. Maby that’s where the idea came from lol.
    M m m . . . yummy brains!

  4. Why is it that you feel that you must insult Hello Kitty in every single post you make? Do you enjoy the feeling of power you get by insulting a character that brings joys to millions? Does that make you feel like a big man? I bet it does.

    I know you do it just because you know that there are people who like Hello Kitty that come to your blog and you want to upset them. It’s sad that you can only be happy tearing down other people. Very sad.

    The bad karma you put out will come back to get you and one day you will regret all the bad things you’ve written and the people that you insulted. Mark my words.

  5. OK, the concept is cool- zombie KH eats the penguin-thing’s brains- but I don’t know if it’s cool enough to have permanently etched in one’s flesh. As with most tattoos, it’s going to look damn goofy when the owner is in a nursing home.

    Though actually, a zombie tattoo on wrinkled, crepey, saggy old-man flesh could be hilariously disgusting in its own way. Maybe it will be nice to have an old guy who still has a punk-rock sense of humour in the nursing home along with me.

  6. So let me see if I understand this correctly.

    It’s bad karma to set up a site for people who hate something, but not to then wander onto that site and insult the site owner, and everyone else who agrees with them?

  7. Darlene, you are constantly blog on this site, why do you do this to yourself? I love HK but I also have a good sense of humor too. Cool tat Andi.

  8. TeratoMarty, I agree.

    Darlene – shut up, as I said before stick to your vow of never posting here again, hk is disapointed that you broke your vow lol.
    Darlene must be like a 6 year old girl, her arguments are sooo crapy, funny though to think that someone is soo um well I’ll be nice and say darlene-ish.

  9. “The bad karma you put out will come back to get you and one day you will regret all the bad things you’ve written and the people that you insulted. Mark my words.”

    for fun, darlene. for fun. this blog entertains people for fun.
    and, “bad karma”? “the people you’ve insulted”? what about you???!!!

  10. I fail to understand the obsession with getting zombified versions of tattoos of things ppl love ESPECIALLY HK. She’s all about being cute and clean and taking over the world w/ her mouthless innocence… again this applies to any and all zombiefied tats, but these are particularly disturbing. Making something gross and then having it etched into your body for life seems more like an insult and why go that far to insult something? o.O

  11. eahaehaeuhaehaehaehaehaehaehae….
    funny weird ppl. Such simple drawing can
    fascinate you and “insult” you. grow up!

  12. Hey! That’s my tattoo y’all are talking about! Funny how you find yourself…err….one of your tattoos being discussed. Just to clarify, I am a HUGE Hello Kitty Fan. I love Hello Kitty in all her glory….good, bad, evil, whatever. I have a devil HK, an angel HK and the zombie one.

    And yeah, one day all my tattoos will be on some old saggy wrinkley lady. I love my tattoos. Every one of of them is some version of something I love. Everyone should be so lucky to carry things they love with them around all the time.

  13. sorry but i dont think this is right.I mean, most people think she is soo cute but she killed her “friend” and is holding his head out for everyone to see ewwwwwww

  14. Would be an awsome horrormovie. 😀

    HK turns Zombie and trys to kill a bunch of people trapped in a building, af course she/it will get a few people but at the end someone grabs a shotgun and BWAM.

    (D.)R.I.P. Hello Kitty. oO”

  15. wow…some people need to get a life. its freaking tattoo. get over it. i love HK and i think its cute. i cant believe people are getting upset over a tattoo. get a life and stop bitching. morons.


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