Hello Kitty Candy Tattoo

The flow of Hello Kitty tattoos into my email box continues unabated for reasons I cannot fathom other than Hello Kitty fanatics think it is fun to nauseate me on a regular basis. The latest in the growing list is a Hello Kitty candy tattoo:

Hello Kitty candy tattoo

I like sweets as much as the next person, but you know when you eat too much and that sugar high quickly turns into an overwhelming feeling that all contents in your stomach should no longer be there. That is what it basically feels like to live in Hello Kitty Hell all the time making this tattoo aptly appropriate (although it would be more accurate with the vomit aftermath at the bottom).

Even worse, it doesn’t look like it is going to stop here:

I went threw 6 hours of pain for this and I will do it again!! And thank you for giving me more ideas for more Hello Kitty Tattoos.

Of course, my wife loves it. “Hello Kitty is always surrounded by sweetness. How could you not love a tattoo like that?”

Let me count the ways…

Sent in by Melissa who deserves a whole lot more than 6 hours of pain for thinking it was a good idea to email this to me…

67 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Candy Tattoo”

  1. I personally don’t like it at all. The sweets and all the hair HK has are horrible. And whoever did it looks to be an amateur because it easily looks like it could pust be drawn on. Whoever goes through six hours for that has something wrong in their mind.

  2. You make me want to vomit!! Don’t you understand that Hello Kitty is about love and happiness? If you are going to insist on writing about her, then at least stay with the spirit of her being. All you can do is be negative about her time and again. It goes to show that you have no heart at all.

    Why can’t you give an accurate portrayal of what you post. She has a beautiful body and is accenting it with Hello Kitty and sweets. How would you feel if you sent in a photo of yourself and the blogger said mean things about your photo? I bet you would not be the cold person you are now.

    The only reason that people send you photos is because you have the most popular Hello Kitty blog, but if you continue to abuse the very people that are making this blog popular, they will stop sending you photos. It’s exactly what you deserve for being so negative all of the time.

  3. Darlene, why do you subject yourself to this? I think Melissa knew what was going to be said when she sent in her picture.
    Besides have you ever thought that people send in pics of their HK obsessions because they they like to be spit on?
    Some people like the abuse and you seem to like it too since you repeatedly come back to this site.

  4. I have a tat on my abdomen; it hurt like major hell. Worse than any other tat or piercing I’ve had.

    I must say that if that jejune artwork took 6 hours, the tattoo “artist” — and I use the term loosely — needs (a) meth/speed, (b) resuscitation, or (c) to give that poor woman a refund.

  5. That is one of the ugliest tatoos I have ever seen. Whom ever the artist was should be banned.
    Darlene – no one cares what you think so quit wasting our time here, idiot.
    Mr.HKH, atleast your wife dosen’t have this crappy tat.

  6. That’s ridiculous….oh! I had a lady come into the store (I work in KT Hell) and she had to show everyone in the store that she got Kerropi tattooed right next to Hello Kitty that was on her ankle along with the several other KT tats she’s got on her leg. I didn’t really care I just walked away from her. lol

  7. i don’t like the hair on hello kitty but the rest isn’t bad.
    i don’t think darlene reads responses to her comments or if she does she’s just trying to call attention to herself. that’s why i never read or respond to her anymore. i think we should ignore her because there’s no reason to get all worked up about people as insignificant as her.

  8. Hm, it’s all v shiny which could be post-tatoo vaseline but are you sure these aren’t just giant transfers?

    There must be a HK tat (heh) competition somewhere – surely- sponsored no doubt by Sanrio,

  9. I’ve seen this idea of sugary sweets on someones side by watching Miami Inked….so she pretty much took that and put hello kitty in it. Its cute BUT the miami inked one looked much better for some reason I forgot who did it i think it was kat von D cant remember oh wells. Yeah i think the things are too spread out looks weird.

  10. Gawd… this tattoo idea has been done to death. It was bad enough having to watch Kat Von D give a tat like this to her friend Pixie on Miami Ink but then to see someone basically copy it and add that dumbass Kitty-chan w/ the pink hair?? So mad.

    Darlene, while I hate even acknowledging you exist I have to ask: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Seriously. I really want to know why you don’t get it through your head that this site is for BASHING Hello Kitty not praising it, the man is doing his job. WHAT ARE YOU???

    HK must have her own secret street drug that makes fanatics insane like crackheads.

  11. the reason hello kitty has that “big ugly hair” is it’s the hello kitty design by tarina tarantino
    and you call yourself hello kitty fanatics

  12. first of all KATY I highly doubt ANYONE who is BASHING hello kitty, is a hello kitty fanatic second Tarina Tarantino takes the idea of hello kitty and changes it making it not so hello kitty anymore SMART PERSON! Third this tattoo is not that great! NON TATTOO EXPERT! how can u have different colored outlines that totally doesn’t match in any kind of color palette and the tattoo doesn’t even look like its complete; it doesn’t mesh well so please do ur DESIGNING AND COLOR RESEARCH BEFORE OPENING YOUR MOUTH!. I WIN thank you. *takes a bow*

  13. hahaha!! I got these 2 free hellokitty head tattoo stickers at a convention yesterday….. i don’t even like hello kitty…but…

    I kind of forced one of them onto my boyfriend’s butt cheek so we can have matching fake tattoo….

    Have it ever occur to you that your wife just like torturing you?
    because it was fun putting that onto my boyfriend.

    I said i’m sorry afterward though, and tell him he can take it off.


  14. I never said I was a tattoo expert. And I never said anything about the designing and color..whatever I said I liked the tattoo’s. I’m aware that it’s a bashing HK site, but that doesnt give most of the people who don’t even have a tatoo, or even know anything about tattoo’s to start saying stupid stuff. Now that you’re down to earth, you might be able to look and see how Idiotic your post looks.

    Besides, Hello Kitty is about people being comfortable with themselves and promoting a good attitude. She has no expectations of people and there is no ‘requirement’ as to what makes something ‘very hello kitty-ish’

    Get over yourself.

  15. I don’t think theres a need to get over myself but if u plan on continuing to diss others who know this tattoo is crap then keep it coming i have many more years to sit back and laugh….btw my post isn’t very idiotic but your nasty comment needed to know that urs was even more stupid then you thought mine was. i was showing the fact that it wasn’t great, while you were talking smack so please be quiet ur making yourself look even worse…for the fact that everyone agrees that it isn’t great. I guess it doesn’t take a tattoo expert to know its not good.

  16. as a huge fan of HK and delicious treats i absolutely adore this tattoo.
    as someone with more than a few tattoos and my entire side done i admire the commitment and i know how bad it hurt.
    i do think if more was added, like some shading to fill in the background, it could look even better but its awesome Melissa and i like your HK bikini top too πŸ˜€

  17. I know 2 things about this tattoo:-
    1) I don’t like the design. I’m not saying it’s bad, just that I don’t like it. That’s my opinion, and I don’t have to be a tattoo artist to have an opinion on a design. Got that?
    2) It’s fresh. I don’t have any tats myself, but I know enough people who’ve got tats of different ages to know that the colours will fade a bit over time.

  18. i think it is an awesome tattoo and i would for sure sit six hours for one like this….i just got my forearm tattooed with a lollipop and a piece of candy like these…..they are meant to look animated not real..come on people its hello kitty not damned a portrait by kat von d.

  19. Hey !
    I wanted to ask the girl with this tattoo if she has anym ore pictures of her tattoo. I absolutely LOVE the tattoo and would like to see the whole thing !! What’s it like at the back etc?
    Happy New Year Everybody !
    xxx // Lisa

  20. i love hk to bits and think that tatto is fab but if i was to get a hk tatto i wouldn’t spend 6 hours !!! tho it still looks sweet πŸ™‚



  22. i think you awesome for getting what u like and want. i for one believe i totallly understand your KANDI hello kitty obession.. im gueesssing you like to attend ceratin events? anyways i persxonally think its cutee and fun and represents a fun side of HK these people are just haters but the more haters the more jealous they are//

  23. i personally wouldnt get stupid things like candy and all that other stuff on my body i would just get hello kitty by herself unless she has something that she is holden but most of all i would just get her body and face and thats it. why get something thats every where on ur body and no where near hello kitty people is just going to say wow she just got candy throwed every where on her side and then she is going too have the nerve to have just a hello kitty face throwed just any where in there.

  24. All I can say is that she’ll probably regret this when she’s 50 and stretched around the torso and butt. I personally feel that any torso tattoos are a bad idea for that reason (ones around the belly button are even worse). If a girl plans on having children, a tattoo like this just won’t hold up in the long run…at least not HK’s face. But maybe by the time you’re 50 it doesn’t matter anymore?

  25. Does she not realise that her β€œTattoo” is HUGE and like half the size of her. I mean, it’s like down the entire side of her body. That is CRAZY. If you want to make a ‘sweet’ Hello Kitty Tattoo (for some insane reason) then make it a ‘sweet’ little Tattoo at least. But Tattoos this size are ridiculous! This thing is forever, people! Yes, you can maybe get it removed, but not always and certainly not for the same price that your received it for. This is simply madness – total madness – if you ask me!

  26. this tattoo is actually disgusting in my opinion.

    the one Pixie has by Kat Von D is actually art, personally i still wouldn’t have that design, but you can clearly see a lot of effort & creativity has gone into making the tattoo look as good as it does.

    this tattoo looks like a 2 year old has gone wild with a magic marker.
    i’m sure the girl is going to feel cool when she is 60 with a bunch of lollipops tattooed down her side.

  27. Dear Katy,
    I AM a tattoo expert. And I will tell you that this tattoo is crap.

    There is ZERO composition to it, nothing to pull it together in an esthetically pleasing way.

    There is not enough outline definition. Colored inks always fade much faster than black. In time these cotton candy colors will look more like a birth defect than a cat where the outline was not continued in black.

    I realize the effect they were going for with the cutie cartoon look, but more shading should have been used to give the individual pieces more character, rather than leaving them flat, plain and looking like a child’s drawing.

    There is no way a tattoo this simplistic should have taken 6 hours to do since there is no shading and little fill.

    Lastly; even if it were a good tattoo from a technical standpoint……this is a fkn stupid ass tattoo….I like My Little Pony, have since I was a child. I even have some now that I take apart and customize for fun and side art projects – for my CHILDREN to play with. But a grown woman tattooing children’s cartoons on her body?? And not just a little kitty head on the ankle as a giggle. To dedicate such a huge portion of her body to this obsession is truly crossing the line from cute to crazy.

  28. Reading everyones comments make me laugh. Talk about some bad spelling & bad grammer! As for her tattoo, she should have picked a better artist. There’s no form and the lines could have been drawn alot better to make her tattoo pop out. I think whoever said tattoo’s are a waste of money & time is very ignorant and close minded. Tattoo’s are self expression and SOOOO many people enjoy getting them. I have a few myself and I’m always thinking of something else i can get covered. My feet are next. And when I’m sixty and I’m all wrinkly… I pry won’t give a FXCK abt what anyone thinks of me OR my tattoos. Nor should anyone else with tattoos.

  29. @ashh. – If you’re going to criticize people’s grammar, perhaps you should spell it correctly? I’m just sayin’….

  30. I think it’s cute. Everyone has their own thing, why do people waste their energy judging and putting others down? Seems like those who do have self-esteem issues themselves.

  31. honestly ive had my candy half sleeve (THERE IS NO HELLO KITTY IN IT, I HATE HELLO KITTY) for awhile and the fact its a trend to get them now pisses me off. that tat isnt even good.

  32. omg , i happen to LOVE hello kitty . its insulting that youu must write so muchh “SHET” about something so sweet and innocent . its about love & happiness , and youur bitter heart shouldnt put that down ! maybe youu should think about liking it since youu seem to only write shet about it . if youur taking time out of YOUUR dayy to write about hello kitty , then youu’ve obviously put muchh thought & care into it , and its very cold of youu to put down other people’s interests . some people love things , who thaa hell are youu to judge them ?!

  33. Who cares if they have a hello kitty tattoo tattoo’d to their ass?! Get over it! You guys have too much time on your hands to start a blog about hello kitty obsessed people. What a waste of time.

  34. Okay I just want to point out that this guy created this web site because he hates hello kitty and he wanted to share his hate for him and there is so much better stuff ppl could be doing with their time but there is a lot worse stuff to.

  35. I think it is cute. If you love your tattoo then that is all that matters. I found it while looking for ideas for my Hello kitty candy shoppe baby shower theme. I LOVE how her ears are cupcakes! Such a cute idea!!!


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