Hello Kitty Coffin Tattoo

What exactly is it with men and Hello Kitty tattoos these days? It is certainly not a good sign in Hello Kitty Hell when more and more are showing up in my mailbox such as this one:

Hello Kitty coffin tattoo

We have yet another person getting a Hello Kitty tattoo who doesn’t know the difference between Hello Kitty and her sister Mimmy (it really is a toss-up of which is more disturbing — me knowing the difference between the two or some person getting permanently marked with the wrong character). Unfortunately, being backward stopped there. It would have been much better if Hello Kitty was actually being placed into the coffin instead of coming out of it (you know it’s simply a matter of time before we see a Hello Kitty coffin from Sanrio) with devil’s forked tail and horns instead of angel wings.

Of course, all these guys getting Hello Kitty tattoos simply gives my wife more ammunition to throw at me when I say that it just completely wrong for a guy to have a Hello Kitty tattoo (which, I feel is being quite generous since we all know that it’s completely wrong for anyone to have anything Hello Kitty, but that would inevitably lead to a night on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag).

Which brings us to what makes living in Hello Kitty Hell so bad. Anyone that looked at Hello Kitty clothes for men would know instantly that these were wrong, but when you start comparing them to being forced to get a Hello Kitty tattoo, all of a sudden, for a brief moment, you think that maybe Hello Kitty clothes for men aren’t so bad after all. Then again, you realize that being impaled with a whaling harpoon also doesn’t seem quite as bad as either and it helps bring things back into perspective…

Sent in by Georga (via Mr. Happy) who should have to spend all her days with this guy for the mere thought that it would be a good idea to send me this photo…

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Coffin Tattoo”

  1. I personally think you are flipping the images of all these tattoos and then saying they got Mimmy to make these people look stupid. If they are obsessed with HK, then they’re going to get Hello Kitty, not Mimmy. We’re not that stupid.

  2. Dunno what anyone else thinks, but I dont reckon that tattoo is even real…..looks like its been drawn on with a marker pen.

  3. The Hello Kitty of the Resurrection? When Hell is full, Hello Kitty shall walk the earth? I don’t get what this image is supposed to mean.

    And Suzanne, these people are getting cheezy consumer imagery permanently inscribed on their skins. They don’t need help to look stupid. I can only hope that Joanne is right and it’s just drawn on; the lines are very sloppy in a way that not even further ink will disguise. I don’t really like tattoos, but for chrissake, if you’re going to get something permanently scarred into your skin, at least do it properly.

  4. I think what is going on with the Hello Kitty VS. Mimmy, is that these people are taking the picture/image of Hello Kitty in to their artist and the artist unknowingly flips the Hello Kitty image when they do they transfer the image onto the skin instead of doing the image backwards like they should.

  5. … being that I AM a tattoo artist, i feel i should point out that it’s rather difficult to make a tattoo backwards. you’d literally have to copy the image, flip it over and do the transfer upside down. By the time we get to the point that we are tattooing PEOPLE, we’ve done so many transfers that it’s virtually impossible to mess it up. Now, If the artist got lazy and just didn’t want to redraw the thing to fit on the correct side of the person and flipped it on PURPOSE (not knowing that it made a difference… I didn’t.) THAT I’d believe.

    besides… whoever said that the art in the picture is drawn on with a permanent marker is likely correct. If they were gonna take a picture of the tattoo before it was finished, it would be right after it was done. Due to the location of the “tattoo” it would have been swollen, red, and seeping.In the event that the person getting the tattoo really is that strange, ANY tattoo that large on someones side (one of the most painful places on the body) is not gonna heal that way, and no artist in their right mind is gonna touch up the outline of a tattoo before they do any of the fill. besides! it’s shoddy work!

    heh. my rant is done.

  6. Nah.. if it was a mirror picture then there would be a flash mark somewhere on the picture, and you’d have background. this just looks like he was holding the camera toward him, which would still not reverse the image.

  7. As the person who sent this monstrosity in, to get the full effect you really have to look at the guys myspace page. That is where a lot of the true hell lies. The guy has some serious issues that would keep a shrink busy for years. After taking a closer look at some of the pictures that he has up there I am convinced, based on his other crappy tattoo work, he had a friend draw this on him with sharpie with the intent of getting it tattooed permanently on his body.

  8. Hmm, I don’t know what to think, despite the theory that the tattoo was drawn on with a sharpie, has anyone ever thought that it was done a while ago? Including touch ups. That may be why there isn’t any swelling? well, whatever.

    But, my point I was going to write about was that HK was flying out the coffin as if she had just died. There are flowers around her as if in a funeral parlor. So maybe it is wishful thinking about her death but it is put in a cute HK fashion though. So what is up with that?

  9. If you look at the coffin, it seems to have bottles on the side of it. Maybe he had a baby that died and this was some kind of memorial?

  10. But yeah, the linework is poor…and unevenly toned…if it is real, I guess he just wanted it to stay an outline and only had part touched up?

  11. What does the armpit say, I have enhanced the photo and cant make it out..That troubles me, perhaps he should submit another photo for us to view. (minus the threads) Wonder if the H.K. tattoo turned out well? Any comments,

    The Big E

  12. a guy really shouldnt have a female tat unless he is gay thats what i think of it.and yea the tat look to fake and if it is real then who ever did the touch ups its very poor and unlikely di by an proffesionalist.

  13. “with devil’s forked tail and horns instead of angle wings.”
    Angle? Really? Seriously? You’re worried about men getting Sharpie drawn Hello Kittys on their side, and you can’t spell angel?

  14. this guy is actually my roommate, and yes, its real and yes it was done by professionals, did anyone think that maybe the line work of a coffin shouldnt be exceedingly straight? its made of wood, its splintery and broken, wow sharpie??? hahahaha rad u guys dont know crap about tattoos. and it was actually done by a pro, in a shop. it was done by kristin walters, ric walters daughter so learn u crap before u open ur gap

  15. I think its pretty BA…and NOT FAKE…u idiots cant see the difference between sharpie and tat ink.. LMAO… One sexy dude to get a Hk tat…new found love. =] I personally think u home-ah-phobs need to suck it.

    and they’re not bottles on the side of the coffin, it appears to be a spray can…perhaps spray paint…Just going out on a WHIMMMM. but hell who knows. HAHAHAHA.

    On a good note:
    deff think homedude needs to get it colored and post more pix. 🙂

  16. It is now 11:26 am. hmm what do i think of this tattoo. honestly i think is he going to regret it in da feuture? is the tat real? many questions but if you like it and it has meaning to u then you know what i want to say after who gives a f***. personally i dig it but your a man for criyin out loud so i mix feeling over this tatt but its yours not mine..


  17. Ha ha ha ha I got that out line 11 years ago 2002 and yes it’s fully filled in and looks amazzing. I’d love one of you web boys to try and talk crap to my face …… And yes it is hello kitty and those are spraypaint cans on the coffin…

    Thank you for Leting me rent space in your head



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