Hello Kitty Gravestone

One would hope that it would be possible to escape the evil feline upon death, but fanatics are doing everything within their power to guarantee that this is not the case. It’s a good bet that if you live with a fanatic, you’re going to end up in the ground in one of her coffins. It’s an even better bet that upon that coffin you will end up with an arrangement of horrifying flowers. And of course, how could a fanatic ever resist placing a Hello kitty gravestone on top of your grave?

Hello Kitty headstone cemetery

Hello Kitty grave

Hello Kitty graveyard

Just further proof that the one-with-no-mouth has the diabolical plan to not only torture you during this life, but for all of eternity…

Sent in by anonymous, Deanna and shiho


It’s official. Even in death, I will be living in Hello Kitty Hell. It was simply a matter of time before the people at Sanrio realized that their fan base was getting old and beginning to die off. You could see the beginnings of this with the Hello Kitty tombstone, so you knew that the next logical step was to begin producing Hello Kitty coffins:

hello kitty coffin

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Hello Kitty Coffin Tattoo

What exactly is it with men and Hello Kitty tattoos these days? It is certainly not a good sign in Hello Kitty Hell when more and more are showing up in my mailbox such as this one:

Hello Kitty coffin tattoo

We have yet another person getting a Hello Kitty tattoo who doesn’t know the difference between Hello Kitty and her sister Mimmy (it really is a toss-up of which is more disturbing — me knowing the difference between the two or some person getting permanently marked with the wrong character). Unfortunately, being backward stopped there. It would have been much better if Hello Kitty was actually being placed into the coffin instead of coming out of it (you know it’s simply a matter of time before we see a Hello Kitty coffin from Sanrio) with devil’s forked tail and horns instead of angel wings.

Of course, all these guys getting Hello Kitty tattoos simply gives my wife more ammunition to throw at me when I say that it just completely wrong for a guy to have a Hello Kitty tattoo (which, I feel is being quite generous since we all know that it’s completely wrong for anyone to have anything Hello Kitty, but that would inevitably lead to a night on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag).

Which brings us to what makes living in Hello Kitty Hell so bad. Anyone that looked at Hello Kitty clothes for men would know instantly that these were wrong, but when you start comparing them to being forced to get a Hello Kitty tattoo, all of a sudden, for a brief moment, you think that maybe Hello Kitty clothes for men aren’t so bad after all. Then again, you realize that being impaled with a whaling harpoon also doesn’t seem quite as bad as either and it helps bring things back into perspective…

Sent in by Georga (via Mr. Happy) who should have to spend all her days with this guy for the mere thought that it would be a good idea to send me this photo…