Hello Kitty Coffin Tattoo

What exactly is it with men and Hello Kitty tattoos these days? It is certainly not a good sign in Hello Kitty Hell when more and more are showing up in my mailbox such as this one:

Hello Kitty coffin tattoo

We have yet another person getting a Hello Kitty tattoo who doesn’t know the difference between Hello Kitty and her sister Mimmy (it really is a toss-up of which is more disturbing — me knowing the difference between the two or some person getting permanently marked with the wrong character). Unfortunately, being backward stopped there. It would have been much better if Hello Kitty was actually being placed into the coffin instead of coming out of it (you know it’s simply a matter of time before we see a Hello Kitty coffin from Sanrio) with devil’s forked tail and horns instead of angel wings.

Of course, all these guys getting Hello Kitty tattoos simply gives my wife more ammunition to throw at me when I say that it just completely wrong for a guy to have a Hello Kitty tattoo (which, I feel is being quite generous since we all know that it’s completely wrong for anyone to have anything Hello Kitty, but that would inevitably lead to a night on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag).

Which brings us to what makes living in Hello Kitty Hell so bad. Anyone that looked at Hello Kitty clothes for men would know instantly that these were wrong, but when you start comparing them to being forced to get a Hello Kitty tattoo, all of a sudden, for a brief moment, you think that maybe Hello Kitty clothes for men aren’t so bad after all. Then again, you realize that being impaled with a whaling harpoon also doesn’t seem quite as bad as either and it helps bring things back into perspective…

Sent in by Georga (via Mr. Happy) who should have to spend all her days with this guy for the mere thought that it would be a good idea to send me this photo…

Cutting Scarification

It’s already been well established that Hello Kitty fanatics are, to put it diplomatically, fanatical. In being so, they go far beyond what most of us normal people would consider, for lack of a better word, sane. Usually this merely means buying lots of useless Hello Kitty crap, but apparently some are willing to go to painful lengths for the evil feline:

Hello Kitty scarification

Of course, I have fallen once again into the classic Hello Kitty Hell trap of believing that it couldn’t get any worse than the Hello Kitty tattoos for body modification. I never learn…it always gets worse. Apparently true Hello Kitty devotion means splitting you skin open to permanently scar Hello Kitty’s image into your skin. Again, I hope this person really wanted Hello Mimmy (Hello Kitty’s sister) and not Hello Kitty on her arm (it still bothers me that I know the difference) because it doesn’t look like those scars will be coming off once the cuts have healed…

Sent in by Morgan (via modblog) who should have to suffer the same treatment for thinking it was – in any way, shape or form – a good idea to bring this to my attention.

Hello Kitty Tattoo Heart

It’s been awhile since the last Hello Kitty tattoo has shown up in my mailbox, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that this Hello Kitty holding a heart tattoo came recently:

Hello Kitty tattoo heart

What is disturbing is that this tattoo is done on a guy which once again has my wife convinced that I need a Hello Kitty tattoo. More disturbing is that there have been enough Hello Kitty tattoos sent to me that are on guys that this incredibly disturbing trend doesn’t even shock me anymore. Worst is that since it’s a guy, he probably has no idea that he didn’t put Hello Kitty on his arm, but Hello Kitty’s twin sister Mimmy (and I find it the most disturbing that information like this has stealthily slipped into my brain due to living in Hello Kitty Hell for so long that I actually notice a mistake like this). The stars, apple, shoes and cupcake all around pretty much puts it into the top 10 Hello Kitty Hellish tattoo list and I can now look forward to a Hello Kitty Hell day of listening to how wonderful Hello Kitty tattoos are and that we should both be getting them…

Sent in by Liz who noted “My boyfriend has hello kitty tattoos; it’s why I noticed him….” which pretty much means they are meant for each other and I’m not sure there is any bigger punishment in the world than that…