Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Storage Cabinet

One would assume that once you have Hello Kitty toilet paper, and a Hello Kitty electronic toilet paper dispenser, you have pretty much covered all the toilet paper Hello Kittification that you can, but remembering that this is Hello Kitty Hell, there is always something else to place the evil feline on. Thus the bright minds at Sanrio decided that there should be a Hello Kitty toilet paper storage cabinet:

Hello Kitty toilet paper cabinet

Hello Kitty toilet paper holder

Hello Kitty toilet container

That’s right. Hello Kitty demands that toilet paper be stored in it’s own, specially designed Hello Kitty themed toilet paper cabinet. It really doesn’t matter that toilet paper cabinets don’t exist or that there really isn’t a reason anyone would need one, but inventing useless items with Hello Kitty on them has never been an issue in the past, so I suppose it makes no sense that they would stop doing so now.

What I do find amusing is that Hello Kitty toilet paper wasn’t used in the photo. Knowing my wife, I imagine that Sanrio wanted to use it, but when they went to try, none of the fanatics that had purchased it were willing to actually unwrap the rolls and ruin their collection (refer to my own experience on this). There must have been a lot of screaming and yelling as to why each person’s precious toilet paper collection couldn’t be sacrificed for the photo. It probably made a hockey fight look like two lovers holding hands strolling down a flower lined lane in comparison, After a lot of blood and guts, they simply decided that plain white toilet paper had to do.

Of course, my wife thinks it would be a great addition to our interior (despite the fact that there is absolutely no place in our bathroom where something like this would fit, but again, small facts like that have never stopped purchases in the past). I know that Hello Kitty Hell is getting bad when I look at this and say to myself that on the scale of things, a completely useless object that will only get in the way and cost far too much isn’t nearly as bad as it could be…

23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Storage Cabinet”

  1. I see how this could be useful. That way the tp is right next to the toilet and you don’t have to go looking for it and it’d stay clean insted of getting moldy and wet under the sink in the cupboard, well that’s where I keep it.

  2. I wouldn’t buy this either, for obvious reasons, but my main reservation about the design rather than the decals on it is that it doesn’t hold half enough spare rolls for those of us who buy 9, 12 or even 18 packs.

  3. How mant rools of toilet paper does it keep? I think this is plain useless… a cabinet exclusively fot Tp is a waste of bathroom space… unless you are a money making tycoon 😀 next in line will be the hand towel cabinet, the face towel cabinet and the bath towell cabinet and who knows perhaps the aspirine compartiment and left and right bathroom slippers dispenser (so you won’t get confused… specific container for specific items… money rolling in… lol
    But if you by all of these… you’ll have to shower in the kitchen sink because there won’t be any room for you in the bathroom 😛

  4. I’ve seen similar cabinets before (sans decals) in country-style decor.

    You might like my parent’s bathroom- they decorated with a privy theme.

  5. I already commented somewhere in this blog, but I’ve just finished reading it till the very beginning (well I didn’t read everything, mostly looked at the pictures… yes, like a child), and, well… that’s hell. I’ve just been wondering: aren’t you worried about your wife discovering this blog? With all the details you give about your private life, she would guess at once that’s yours.

    You might have to sleep on the couch with the Hello Kitty sleeping bag until your last breath…

    Ew, creepy.

  6. “it doesn’t hold half enough spare rolls for those of us who buy 9, 12 or even 18 packs.” – Kitteh!! Good point, thus rendering this object useless like the rest of the sanrio crap.
    And next up will be the hk display case / storage box for the hk vibrator.

  7. ““it doesn’t hold half enough spare rolls for those of us who buy 9, 12 or even 18 packs.” – Kitteh!! Good point, thus rendering this object useless like the rest of the sanrio crap.” lol, k 🙂 but if it only stores 6 or so rolls and you buy 18 at a time, then the answer is simple … buy three storage cabinets!!! ‘Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!’ says Sanrio ^_^ ^_^

  8. DJPsychoMike:
    I think you have a great idea for the condom dispenser!
    Great way to rid the gene pool of all the Hello Kitty Fanatics!

  9. My mom has a toilet paper storage thing by the toilet. It makes when you run out of tp less disastrous. She keeps the extra toilet paper in storage in the basement and reloads when necessary so she doesn’t put the whole 18 pack in at once…

    And don’t you think Sanrio has some of its own HK toilet paper? I don’t think they’d have to pry it away from the collectors. They just chose to use regular toilet paper because they are advertising the cabinet, not the toilet paper… okay, I’m sounding slightly darlene-ish, but I’m just saying…

  10. I totally agree with you about the Toilet Paper! I would love the TP holder but we don’t have enough room in the toilet. And, i am not sure if i could bear to open my Hello Kitty Toilet Paper to actually use it, maybe only if we had visitors! I would just want to put the tp in there to look at, not to use!!


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