Hello Kitty Counter-Strike

It seems that Hello Kitty is not satisfied with having her presence only in World of Warcraft. She also feels it’s necessary to be a part of other shooter games such as Counter-Strike:

Hello Kitty Counter Strike

Hello Kitty Counter-Strike

While my wife has no interest in computer games, she knows that I do so she makes the assumption that if Hello Kitty is somehow connected with computer games, it will help me enjoy Hello Kitty (fall under her evil spell). There is something just so wrong with going onto your computer to play a shooting game and finding a Pepto Bismol pink screen with Hello Kitty all over it. It’s seriously worse than all the blood and guts (at least a lot more nauseating…) and never a good omen In Hello Kitty Hell to find that there is one less place to escape the evil feline…

Sent in by PubliusCanis (via fps banana) who should have to play all his shooter games with Hello Kitty themes for even thinking for a split second that sending this to me would be a good idea…

15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Counter-Strike”

  1. I have to agree, the only thing that would make me pay $50 for this game is if they let me shoot HK, and nothing would make this game better than blood and guts hung all over this room!
    Yes, I’m a HK fan but hey, a girl’s gotta have other interests 🙂

  2. Wouldn’t your wife not want you to ruin the perfectly “CUTE!!!” HK background with blood, guts, and bullet holes?

    You know you really should tell her
    “I don’t think HK would appreciate being associated with a violent game. It’s against what she stands for.”

  3. Be happy, its not ALL hello kitty. If my eyes don’t deceive me, I see Finding Nemo….and I think thats either Care Bears or My Little Pony. Of course, this is Counterstrike, so those could be a players paint insignias (had Motoko from GitS as mine).

    Ok, Care Bears and My Little Pony are still kinda…yeah…for a shooter. But you have to admit, anything non Hello Kitty in a Hello Kitty environment is better than having nothing that isn’t Hello Kitty. Lesser of two evils if you will…..Now who else wants to make a Counterstrike Mod where you get to shoot Hello Kitty? Kind of like the zombie mod, but if your bitten you become a Hello Kitty….Defend yourself from the army of flesh eating Hello Kitties! Far scarier than any Survival Horror game.

  4. The only thing predominantly HK in those caps is the bed. Couldn’t you just shoot the bed? Or HK herself, if she does pop up?

    Hey, I got an idea for a video game… LOL

  5. I only see Hello Kitty on the bed xD
    But Its a cute bed spread. My sister has two Hello Kitty blankets and I have 1 futon sheet. Haha xD

    Is that shrek 2 I see? xD haha

  6. I love hello kitty and i personally know that she shouldnt be shot.i really do hate video games they make me sick and the way that i feel about hello kitty she’s like apart of my family she is like a little sister to me and if she get dropped i would freak out because thats just how much i love her.she dont deserve to be shot she is known as famous and not the dead kitty.she dont need violence no where near he rbecause she is the sweeties thing that is close to me.when i wake up in the mornen she’s right there in my face.when i go to sleep she covers me up.when i bruh my teeth she rolls when i dry off she gets wet you see hello kitty means everything to me.


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