Hello Kitty Gas Mask Toxic Shock Tattoo

I think it is time to begin to worry for the world and the human race when Hello Kitty tattoos continue to fill up my email box. The latest being a Hello Kitty toxic shock tattoo with Hello Kitty in a gas mask:

Hello Kitty toxic tattoo

While obviously any Hello Kitty tattoo is disturbing in itself, the irony of Hello Kitty being the most toxic character in the world can’t go unnoticed (although it would have been more appropriate if Hello Kitty was in the form of gas and being sucked into the gas mask instead of wearing it). It would not surprise me if Sanrio has invented some type of toxic gas that they spread across the world that when breathed in increases Hello Kitty fanatics’ fanaticism. Of course, even if this ever came out, Sanrio would still use it to their advantage by making Hello Kitty gas masks for everyone to wear…which would pretty much on par with the way things in Hello Kitty Hell develop…

Sent in by Lynn who really should be forced to wear a Hello Kitty gas mask for eternity for thinking that sending me this photo of her teammate’s tattoo from her “Toxic Shock” roller derby team was a good idea in any way, shape or form…

36 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Gas Mask Toxic Shock Tattoo”

  1. Wow, I never would have even thought that would have ever looked good, and it really doesn’t….
    If I ever get a Hello Kitty tattoo, it will be on the hello kitty sitting looking like she’s flicking people off… this thing just kinda stinks….

  2. You have a serious problem and I think you need to seek help for it. How dare you say that Hello Kitty is the most toxic character in the world. Everyone knows that she is all about love and peace and cuteness. You have really gone over the line with your comments this time and all the Hello Kitty fans will soon be abandoning this blog because of it.

    We have been willing to put up with your insults up until now because of all the new and interesting Hello Kitty stuff that people send to you (which they shouldn’t because you only insult them), but we are getting sick and tired of your constant negativity. You really need to get a life!!

  3. Okay, Darlene, IT’S A JOKE for heavens sake!!!!
    I’m a huge HK fan I don’t take offence… why are you taking personally???? Get a over it and get a LIFE!
    I’m sure there are things in this world you do not like, let the man have his fun!!!
    It’s not like he’s hurting kids and kicking puppies!!!!
    Stop coming here if you don’t like what he says, freedom of speech!

  4. ohhh darlene, the most important reason for me to be here is to read your comments, they are so, stupid, you should’ face it, no one cares what you think.

  5. hello darlene.
    uh….. who did you mean by “we”?
    i guess you need to seek help more than anyone reading this blog.

    i think “Hello Kitty being the most toxic character in the world” is a compliment though by the way. haha

  6. That’s not a very nice tattoo. I mean, it doesn’t look that good.

    Darlene if you are hearing voices you should seek professional help. Lots of ppl come here even if they love Hello Kitty but they don’t get so upset. As he wrote in some of his earlier posts, Sanrio has invited him to their special events so obviously they are not offended, why should you be?

  7. Darlene, do us all a favour, and delete “Hello Kitty Hell” from your favourites list. Your blood pressure will love you for it!

  8. >meanwhile, back at the picture<

    I’ve nothing much against the design, or the flat tummy it’s applied to, but just how much ink bleed is there on that lightning flash!?

  9. So many cool tattos to choose from and she chose that one… well everyone makes a bad choice once in their life time but she will have to see hers everyday… isn’t that o good punishment?

  10. the really scary thing is someone actually paid money for that. Even scarier- someone actually made money because of that.

  11. I have to say that the whole thing looks badly done, there is ink bleeding, and contrasts in line thickness/color that make it look like a cheap knockoff- which it is…
    Not to bust on the person who got it, but the tattoo artist should have done a better job tying the whole thing together.

  12. I really like this tatoo. Its one of the best I’ve seen, conceptually.

    It also calls to mind the theory that HK has something to do with Hiroshima and Nagasaki (I’m not joking). The horror of nuclear holocaust which is only known to Japan, may have created a collective psychololgical need for something like HK and other graphic Japanese icons. A return to childhood, innocence, lightness. It has become pathological, though, with all the HK things that are completely inappropriate, such as guns, airplanes, etc.-things that should be adult and free from cartoony characters. Its the childhoodization of everything-yes, a hell of a sort, because with this, ultimately comes the annihilation of childhood. Not a surprising consequence of nuclear holocaust.

    For some thought-provoking reading on HK and Japanese culture:


  13. Chiara….wow that’s deep…a little too deep for me…. she’s cute and cuddly and makes you smile…what more do you need??? Well, maybe for you, another hobby might be in the works…just kidding, it just seems a little deep for this site… can’t wait to see if Mr. HKH has anything to say about this.
    I think it’s kind of sad how the next best place to find HK stuff in the States is Hawaii….kind of significant if you think about it- two of the places that let to said Holocaust…not to get too deep or start an arguement here… just something to think about.

    Ladies- thanks for helping me with the meaning of LOLROFHMS… it took me forever just to leard what LMAO meant… I didn’t really go onto blogs until I found this wonderful place…

  14. mhkitty: glad I got some response to this-I think its facinating-I guess it falls under the category of cultural anthropology. Don’t know what you mean by another hobby. I was afraid some people might think it too deep for this site, but I don’t comment all the time and if we can have other kinds of weirdos here (whom shall remain nameless), why can’t we have an intellectual? I feel I’m filling a niche. I also don’t think everyone here is an airhead.

    Which brings me to: What is the personality profile of an HK fanatic? 12 yr. old suburban girl? Very effeminate 12 yr. old boy? Valley girl? Slightly immature college woman? Homosexual? Cultural anthropologist? Someone getting in touch with the inner child? Developmentally disabled person (we used to call these people retards back in the day)?
    Rocket scientist? Theologian? Housewife with nothing better to do (me)? Senile old lady? Freak? Geek? Psycho? Average person who likes cute things? Okay, its not funny anymore. Yes, HK fanatics are all of these things and more! (At least I think so.) Actually, I’m clueless. I can only speak for myself and all I can say is I’ve been doing strange things since I turned 40 last year. Midlife crisis. I suppose it could be worse, though my husband may not think so.

  15. Oh, I forgot-what’s the personality profile of the HK hater? This is a polarized site. Biker dude? Lesbian? Normal 12 yr. old boy? OH, forget it………..

  16. For myself, I’m a software engineer, and generally hate over-priced themed marketting tat. I particularly hate it when it’s aledged to be “cute”, because cute isn’t any form of additive series (the more you have the cuter it gets), but a decay curve. See the shots of Mr HKH’s bathroom for evidence of this.

  17. I myself am a Interior Designer but working as a Administrator at a Satellite Manufacturing Company- which I guess by association makes me a nerd…
    I do not think a person’s age, race, gender, social or economical status or sexual preference has anything to do with their fanatic Status…
    {Dictionary.com: The term Fanatic refers to persons showing more than ordinary support for, adherence to, or interest in a cause, point of view, or activity; usually bringing it to a religious point (could also be called a militant or a zealot)…}
    I think this is term used by Mr. HKH and others to mean that people ‘like’ Mr. HKH’s wife who take liking something to a level bordering unhealthiness. Not saying Mr. HKH’s wife is unstable (unlike others who write in this blog) but there is a big difference between liking something and working it into every aspect of you entire life, then systematically forcing your love of it onto others, which is what she has basically done.
    Now, that being said I’m 28, SWF, who loves Hello Kitty.
    I have all the small appliances from Target, about 30 plushes and an array of HK shirts, socks, PJs and underwear, plus lot of Stationary and kichty stuff… but I do not force it upon others, no do I look at her as a religious icon of some sort, nor do I spurn people who do not care for her… she is a fictional caracter and does not have her own thoughts, needs, etc.

  18. Tori, I’m not saying “don’t get a tattoo”, so please actually listen to my advice. A tat is for life, so think long and hard about the design, and location, before doing it. There is a reason why many countries have laws saying you can’t get a tat before your 16th (sometimes 18th) burthday.
    That said, take your design and move it slightly from Hellraiser Pinhead to a Borg, (basically lose the pins and add a Bluetooth earpiece/mike set) and I think you might have something I’d enjoy as an artwork.

  19. Thanks Kitteh!! I’ve really been thinking about it, and really, I know its a big decision, and I will be waiting till I’m certain, and wait until I’m a little older also. 🙂 Ooh I like that idea, I’ll keep it in mind.

  20. Tori-
    Also, with the one you have pictured, just keep in mind how big that thing would have to be to get all those little details.
    If you do intend to stay with it, you may want to simplify- just for the sake of you not having to sit on a bench (possibly hunched over) for 3+ hours- it gets damned uncomfortable 🙂

  21. this tattoo looks great. for all you girls or guys who say it looks crappy or badly done are wrong. its nicely done. i have tattoos myself and that is one of the best i have seen of hello kitty. dont hate a tattoo cause your jealous. just admire the art.

  22. Darlene is the one that needs to get a life. Don’t visit a blog you don’t like. This blog is for people to laugh at Hello Kitty madness – not for Hello Kitty fanatics like yourself. People that actually have a sense of humor will continue to send in pictures.

  23. you bastard.

    i love hello kitty.
    she is my idol and your wife needs to leave your hello kitty hatin ass. how dare you insult hello kitty….

    sick ass.

    just kidding:) i think your site is effin hoooolarious.
    but i do like hello kitty..

    you just wait…
    one day ill meet you in a bar…and ill get you drunk..
    and take you to a tattoo shop and get your whole effin body tattooed in hello kitty combined with other characters and shit:)

    i hope you have a HELL of a kitty day.


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