Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel

I always know when I receive photos like these that it’s going to be another Hello Kitty Hellish day. It’s not like my wife doesn’t already have a hundred Hello Kitty reasons to want to visit Taiwan. Between the Hello Kitty plane and airport, the Hello Kitty hotel, the Hello Kitty pastry shop and Hello Kitty hospital, there are already far too many reasons to go there for my taste, but then Hello Kitty can never stop at anything. Thus, another attraction to add to my wife’s list is the Hello Kitty Ferris wheel:

Hello Kitty Ferris wheel

Hello Kitty Ferris wheel

Hello Kitty Ferris wheel

My wife somehow thinks that a ride in a Hello Kitty Ferris wheel would be romantic (but then for some reason, all Hello Kitty fanatics think anything Hello Kitty is romantic). The fact is, there is nothing that would be less romantic than having to ride in around and around inside the bowels of the evil while people all around scream in high pitched voices about how “cute” the entirely disgusting scene is. Unfortunately, this has been added to her Hello kitty travel list, so I will undoubtedly get to experience the torture first hand someday in the future which only increases the torment here in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Sherry who should have to live the rest of her life trapped in one of those Ferris wheel compartments for even thinking for a second that sending these photos to me would be a good idea….

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  1. Without question, one of the funniest blogs I have ever run across. The attraction to HK completely escapes me, so your blog is fitting right in with my political views. And the letters from people who hate you for not saying where the stuff comes from made coffee come out my nose. thanks.

  2. Georg, that’s exactly why I refuse to ever climb abroad ferris wheels. Not that I’m afraid of heights, but there are a hundred different, much cooler, rides at theme parks other than ferris wheels. If anything, this defines HK’s very girlish and lame ideas of having fun. She’s not one for thrills and chills.

  3. All I can say is you poor, poor man. I would not want to come within a hundred miles of that thing!

    And before you even say anything Darlene, just shut it. We don’t want to hear it.

  4. I second the darlene comment, bear_1!
    I love ferris wheels, when they don’t involve locking myself in a suspended cage… but definitely a good thought for a suicide site…
    At least this one has all the Sanrio characters, and no just HK….Mr. KHK, I pray that if you ever get dragged there it turns out there’s a HUGE line for the HK cars and you have to use the BatzMaru car…at least he has balls (I think).
    Keep up the good fight man!

  5. Dude this could actually save you. If they have a ferris wheel, a roller coaster is next. GET SICK ON THE FERRIS WHEEL. Say the color nauseated you.

    When the roller coaster or any other HK ride shows up, she’ll never ask you to ride again.

    You’re welcome!

  6. Yo DJ, that’s a great idea!

    Mr. HKH- just make sure you don’t get any puke on your wife….you may end up in the HK sleeping bag anyway 🙁

  7. This is one more example that shows that you have no respect for women. If your wife thinks this would be romantic, you should be willing to go on the ride for her. It is so obvious that you are one of those “me, me, me” men that never think about your wife and her feelings. I’m amazed that she continues to put up with you and your male chauvinism.

    Learn from hello Kitty to be more romantic and maybe your life won’t be so miserable. And maybe we can see that you can show the respect that all women deserve.

  8. I think we are all humbled by Darlene’s comments.

    A moment of silence please.

    You know, I need to study Hello Kitty philosophy a little closer. I should work on LEARNING and not BURNING.

    Is she gone?


  9. I’m going to say that this might (note might) not be too bad. If I’m in the Ferris wheel car, I can’t see the outside of it, right!, so the critical factor is what the inside of the cars are like, not what’s painted on the outside!

  10. Hello Kitty pestis is walking all around the world; I’m from Poland and I saw on the parking ‘Hello Kitty Smart’ car.
    Unfortunately I didn’t had a camera to make a picture of this ocean of cutiness.
    And last month ‘Hello Kitty toys’ were added to the (un)Happy Meal at the McDonalds.

  11. I wish I could go on every Hello Kitty ride there is. That looks like so much fun. Plus Hello Kitty can always bring a smile to your face!!!!!

  12. lol im terrified of ferris wheels and as soon as i clicked this page i called me sleeping boyfriend as soon as he answered “PIERRE WERE GOING TO TIWAN TO GO ON THE HELLO KITTY FERRIS WHEEN AND WE CAN GO ON THE HELLO KITTY AIR PLANE!”


    lol my boyfriend hates you

  13. darlene he never said that he wasn’t going to go with her, he just said that he wasn’t going to enjoy it as much as his wife…. i think you need to get a life, i liked hello kitty to some degree but after stumbling upon this website i have to say that i am slightly freaked out by her now b/c she is imprinted on so many things…. if you have nothing better to do than rant and rave on this website all day then you really need to get a life… and stop talking about what other people are thinking/talking about because it is totally unnecessary

    and yes i may seem a little hypocritical right now but i have one angry comment while you probably have millions, and the worst part is you don’t even bother to come back and defend yourself

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  15. wow they have just about hello kitty everything, but have you ever seen a hello kitty swing set?
    not a cotumized one but an original one…….I looked it up but it gave me nothing. I’ll look into more

  16. ooohh….. hello kitteh is a bit annoying, but I wanna ride in the Batz-Maru car!! I think that’s how you spell it… the little penguin.


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