Hello Kitty Boxing Shorts

You would think that Hello Kitty would realize that there are some areas where she just doesn’t belong, but the evil feline and her throng of fanatics are oblivious to this fact. Thus, you have creations such as the Hello Kitty Thai boxing shorts:

Hello Kitty boxing shorts

I think that it suffices to simply say that there is something seriously wrong with the world when Hello Kitty is showing up on boxing shorts…

Sent in by Matthew (via muaythaiart) who should have to wear those for the rest of his life for thinking for even a second that making me aware of their existence would ever be a good idea…

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Boxing Shorts”

  1. Ummmm, are these for men or women???
    If they are for men, I’d have to agree with dfjdsgj g……
    If they are for girls ,then I guess it okay- though I’m sure most men will say there’d better be some string bikinis and jello involved!
    Cute, but I don’t think Hello Kitty is quite the representation you want when trying to beat the @$%& out of someone!

  2. I clicked on the link in the last paragraph and apparently they have a large stable of Thai women boxers. I couldn’t tell from the photo of the DVD how many were wearing the shorts, but let’s hope only girls wear them!

  3. I think it suffices to simply say that there is something seriously wrong with the world that you are always saying lies about Hello Kitty. These shorts encourage girls and women to become stronger and self sufficient in their own protection. These show that Hello Kitty encourages girls to be strong and all you can do is make stupid remarks that fill your own ego. You should be ashamed for not supporting a worthy cause.

  4. liz – I’ve heard of the movie, and I saw the boxer himself/herself one time on a National Geographic documentary. She’d love these!!! 😀

    If anyone would wear these, they’re sure to inspire others to kick their boxers—while they’re still being worn!!!

  5. Darlene, what planet are you from?

    Martial arts like Karate and Judo are for self defence; Boxing (in any form) only works when your opponent agrees to follow the same rules.

  6. Elize – yeah, that movie’s actually pretty good…haha It makes me want to watch that documentary you’re talking about.

    and yeah… i’d so want to kick the boxers while they’re being worn….hahaha

  7. This is nothing to be disgusted at Sanrio for. Its just an HK patch (a counterfeit looking one at that) sewn onto boxing shorts. In a way, anything can be kittified with patches, paint, swavorski crystals, whatever. If Sanrio put this out, I’d think they lost their mind, but they like, didn’t. Just some fan did.


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