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I’ve started to get quite a bit of random email recently, so I’ve decided to start a new theme called “Sunday Mail” where I will be posting what I receive during the week for all your reading pleasure:

I love HK (but most of her stuff is ridiculous!!!) and I’m sorry what your wife is putting you through. You’re a strong man! Anyway, I work at a store called Altex where the registers are fully functioning computers. Everyday I come into work I check your website to see what’s new in HKH. It has now become a “tradition” of sorts for the guys I work with (I’m the only female amongst 10 men) to follow me to my register to “see what’s going on in Hell today.” And if they don’t catch me when I first walk in, they stand next to my register until I pull up your website for them so see. I know if they knew I was e-mailing you they’d scream, but we totally love your website!!! -the Altex Crew

Hmmmmm, this is quite disturbing and simply confirms that no matter how much people want to look away from a car wreck as they pass by, it’s impossible to do…

Hello mr. Hello kitty hell! I was just wondering…Do you own any hk items? Not your household items, but I mean YOU bought it.. xD Hello kitty computer mouse, hello kitty strawberrys or even a plushie.. I’m sure all of your readers & such would like to know! – Raine

Why in Hello Kitty Hell would I ever buy crap of the evil feline for myself? Have you even read any of the posts in this blog???

HI! I sent you an e-mail (twice) from my work e-mail 😛 I usualy send you stuff from this one… anyway, I’m Absinth on your blog. If anything that we sent you are worthy of being mentioned my friend will be astonished… she believes that you will never pay attention to our e-mail… I know Paula is wrong! Wishing the best far away from the HK sleeping bag – Absinth

mentioned…be astonished

First off, I would like to state, that I do not care much for hello kitty, and I absolutely LOVE your blog, it’s hilarious. Anyways, I started to ponder something recently. You hate Hello Kitty, specifically the products of the feline, however, through your hate, haven’t you become an accessory to her fiendish world-take over? Because of Hello Kitty, there is now a comedy themed anti-hello kitty news site that regularly reports on the products of hello kitty “Hello Kitty Hell” So, in a way, you’re an accessory of Hello Kitty, and an object of your hate, and pain. – Jesse

Great, like I really needed another reason to kill myself….

Hi, long time reader of your blog, I too have been living in a Hello Kitty Hell, but my girlfriend has taken things a little too far. I should of known from the beginning that dating a Hello Kitty fanatic would be different, but not consuming every single part of my life. I too have been though all the clothing, the bracelets, rings, wallpaper and just about anything else that you could imagine. Also, saying anything about Hello Kitty is almost always grounds for some sort of punishment, ranging from the traditional kicked out bed for the night, to the i-am-not-talking-to-you-for-a-week. The other day I had gotten into a disagreement about putting Hello Kitty bedding down on our bed and for some strange reason, she didn’t get mad, only brushed me off and didn’t talk to me for the rest of the night. However today after I got home from work, I had found the sheer hearted revenge that could only come from a Hello Kitty fanatic. I went to use my new laptop that I often use for work and lo and behold there she was for all her glory, Hello Kitty, super glued onto my computer. I can only say this will be the last major argument we ever have….because now I have to figure out how to get Kitty off my machine…..I’m glad to see that more people are put to suffer at the ever changing hands of Hello Kitty than myself. Thought I might share. – Logan

Hello Kitty Dell computer

Welcome to the club – it only get worse…

hello i just read all the posts under the hello kitty tattoo tag, and i think mine should be on it as well 😛 mine appeared on bmezine mod blog but people thought i was trying to slander hello kitty and IT’S NOT TRUE i am a 100% hello kitty lover and the vagina face and dickhead came from a traditional japanese book! i love vagina, penis and hello kitty. so put them together and there you go! they are on my inner arms. =D love your blog! – Cici

As hard as it may be to believe, there are some Hello Kitty photos that are even too disturbing for me to post here…

30 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sunday Mail”

  1. I have to agree FP and Stacey- what in the hello kitty hell is wrong with that person???
    It’s people like that make normal people who just happen to like HK all look like freakin fanatics!!!!
    I’m thinking that HK Straightjacket might start looking like a good idea for her!
    Lord knows there is enough wrong with people who get atomically correct parts tattoed on their bodies- but to add a ‘mainly’ children’s caracter too- now that’s just wrong on SO many levels!
    That being said I’m 28 and a huge HK fan, not quite a fanatic, and considering my second tat to be of HK, but even I would think a person like that is just a bit scary…

  2. And Raine- are you NUTS???
    Have you not read the blog right or something?
    If he hates it, WHY would he have anything of his own???

  3. You are really a mean spirited man and you deserve the hell that you live in. Why do you feel it’s OK to disdain the very people that like your blog? They write to you and all you do is make flippant comments to their emails.

    You continue to alienate the people that visit here. Your ego must be huge to think that this will not make a difference but all you do is show your immaturity and ill nature.

    You should just admit it to yourself. You’re only popular because of Hello Kitty. The thing you hate is the only thing that gives you any recognition. You are the saddest man in the whole world. sad, sad, sad. And it will be even sadder when nobody ever visits here because you don’t have the common decency to respect those that read your blog.

  4. Would that tattoo be considered “Hello Hermaphrodite”?

    Btw, acetone (aka nail polish remover) makes superglue come off. Good luck!!

  5. Work laptop + super glue + Hello Kitty = Hello Curb, and Hello New Girlfriend.

    Sorry to be mean to my own gender, but there it is. I don’t care how much you like something or how pissy you are — you don’t screw with anyone’s work equipment. Period. End of story.

  6. I think that CiCi and her tattoo have gone way past the HK straightjacket. What she need is to be locked away in the HK insane asylum for all time. (And she can take Darlene with her her.)

    Seriously Darlene, your comments have gone from annoying to just plain pathetic.

  7. ditto. Darlene, you seem to love popularity for being an anti-HKH poster, yet you ignore the perverse comment about the “Hello Sex Kitty” tattoo?

    pathetic is as pathetic does, dar.

  8. I hope the owner of that tattoo shows up and sends the picture to whoever is interested (like me). May look horrible, but now that you mentioned it, I’m curious!

  9. You’re such a tease, now I want to see that tattoo too!

    You realize, but making a regular mail day, you’re going to get that much more mail 😉

  10. why don’t you do this , design a ‘toon dog and call it “goodbye doggie”…
    it would be the antikitty to combat the evil ‘creepture’…
    hell , you might just end up having 50k + products of your own to market…

  11. If nothing else, maybe the owner of the tattoo can post a link to the image, for those with morbid curiosity, and for the protection of us to want to keep (somewhat) virgin eyes.

    **is still trying to scrub out the mental image of a tattoo where one guy got two legs tattooed on the inside of his arm, turning his pit hair into a woman’s hairy crotch**

  12. Yo Darlene, he respects us, that’s why he hasn’t told you the shut the hell up yet! So there I did it for him… do us all a favor…lose this address!

    On another note, I really have no need to see a Hello Kitty Penis/Vagina/tattoo…ick!

  13. Logan, I agree with Krystalle. I have a friend who’s girlfriend would destroy his stuff, when he was angry. Now he’s married to her and is only allowed to see and speak to certain “approved friends”. He’s also been forced to give up all of his hobbies, except for the one that he does at home.

  14. Hello, there, HK Hell Man. Just writing to inform you that you have a fan in Italy. You and Darlene, of course: the first thing I do after reading one of your posts is scroll down the page and check her awesome comments. Rock on girl! XD

    And yes, PLEASE, someone, anyone, post a link to that tattoo pic. I need to hurt myself.

  15. Oh, please…..I can’t believe someone is encouraging Darlene. I think Darlene is probably a young girl who doesn’t understand this site and the best thing is to ignore her. Or she might be someone who thinks they’re funny but they just aren’t.

  16. Logan: I “professionally bling” items with crystals all of the time for people, and your girlfriend did a crap job on that, it’s all crooked and looks crappy. That was wrong of her to mess with your stuff. Go and buy some Goo Gone and a Exacto knife and put a little bit of Goo Gone on a cotton ball and dab it on where the crystals are and carefully scrape or pop the crystals off, that will get them off without damaging your laptop. Then dump her and get a new girlfriend that respects your stuff. I’d say call me, but I’m married.

  17. *evil grin*

    My BF bought me some HK items because I like pink (and we are in Japan afterall…she’s *everywhere*). The look of HORROR on his face was pricess when we were out shopping & I paused to look for a couple of minutes at an HK kiosk. One of those “What have I done?!” looks.

    But rest assured, I’m not going to turn his life into HKH. (The HK-fans will probably want to smother me with evil pink happiness but … I actually like Monokuro Boo better)

    (but that doesn’t stop me from looking at the HKH page to see what products exist. it’s one of the best reference pages out there…) 😀

  18. BWAHAHAHA OMG Those HK tattoos were so funnily disturbing XD OMG that girl who has it has gone cuckoo. I am a Cat-a-holic, and I’m quite tame in my HK collection, I only have the massager and I have Stickers of HK, but I mostly have other cat items too, like a Blue Kitty-bank, a Cat Paw key-guard, and more! I like Cats in general. Most of the items I see are either Funnily Disturbing, or things I want, so yeah, I am quite tame with my HK obsession.


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