Hello Kitty WinAmp Skin

You know it’s going to be a Hello Kitty Hellish week when something like this happens. I should know by now. Never, ever let a Hello Kitty fanatic borrow your computer. It will always result in something horrendous. After letting my wife use my computer over the last couple of days while hers was getting repaired, I went to listen to music this morning and this popped up on my computer – A Hello Kitty WinAmp skin

Hello Kitty WinAmp skin

Even worse, the Hello Kitty theme song had been downloaded onto my computer. Unfortunately, this is nothing unusual when living in Hello Kitty Hell…

17 thoughts on “Hello Kitty WinAmp Skin”

  1. This is why you really, really need to set up individual accounts for each family member on your system. And possibly set up some kind of Anti-Kitty-Proxy which dynamically removes references to the words “Hello Kitty” from the incoming HTTP stream. Unfortunately I don’t use Windows, but you might want to ask the anti-virus software makers if they can put the Mouthless One on their list.

  2. Unfortunately, all I can do on this one is laugh…I’m so sorry HKH! I know it’s hell for you, but this one was pretty funny… 🙂 Nothing but love for your blog!

  3. Oh, man I need to get that!
    Don’t think I won’t be emailing your wife through her ebay store to get it either 🙂
    Man, I’m sorry, if I were your wife I’d at least have the decency to not make you go though all the Hello Kitty Hell…but I still think you should get an equally annoying hobbyas payback…

  4. ugh- constant reminder of your pain. I would just DIE from having to see a pink (yikes) hello kitty (yikes yikes) skin each time I listen to the music on my computer (i.e all the time)

  5. AAAAHHHRRGGG!!! I know it’s easily fixable, but this shows a complete lack of respect for your property!

    Your wife should be forced to dress as a Goth and listen to Industrial Thrash Metal for evermore for even thinking that it was a good idea to bring this skin to our attention!

  6. I think I would hyperventilate if someone did that to my computer. I used to go and randomly change background images on my husbands computer just to mess with him and I put some crazy stuff on there but I would never consider putting something pink and/or Hello Kitty on it. UGH!!!

  7. What can I say; Im a hello kitty fan, but I couldnt stand the colour choice of that skin.

    I just turn away from my computer now, while I play the theme song. Japanese version is the best 🙂


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