Hello Kitty Bikini Plush Nightmare

Damn, just damn (shakes head, tries to push image out of mind, feels ice-cream type headache invade brain and no matter what is attempted, the image won’t go away…)

I know that part of living in Hello Kitty Hell is the risk that something will show up in my email that will traumatize me for the rest of the day. On occasion the photo will traumatize me for the week. If it is really horrible, it may traumatize me for a month. I think this one is going to traumatize me for the rest of my life:

Hello Kitty bikini plush dress

There isn’t much that crosses my computer screen these days that makes me jump back in my chair so that it topples over backwards and I instantly want to sear my eyes with hot branding irons, but this did. Damn…someone tell me how I can make this image go away…

Sent in my Lauren who should have to stare at this photo every morning for the rest of her life before she starts her day for thinking for an instant that sending me this photo could ever be a good idea…

78 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bikini Plush Nightmare”

  1. wow she looks like she was tied to the bumber of the ugly truck with the ugly rope and then draged down ugly street for fifty ugly miles!

  2. Dude, that’s Amanda Lepore, the “Number One Transexual in the World”. I expect nothing less from her. Believe it, she does wear less.

  3. As Kara says, but only after having fallen out of the top of the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down! 😉

    I actually feel sorry for the bikini!!

  4. Oh, the humanity!!!!!!
    Aaaakkkkk, aaaaakkkkk,aak! (as I throw up my last 5 meals)
    I will never be the same after seeing this!
    Damn! That’s nasty!
    I was going to ask if that was a man or a woman, I guess it’s both!!!!
    WTF was that THING thinking??????
    Hell, even Darlene shouldn’t be able to find a way to defend this…
    Kara and Kitteh!!- Oh and you forgot being beaten by the ugly stick and the doctor smacking it’s mom for even having it!
    RuPaul looks positively smashing compared this heinous thing!

  5. OMG that’s a man dressed up as a woman…ugh.

    Burn my eyes please and then roll them in coconut and make lamingtons! Ewww…

    I feel sick

  6. Uh…
    I have been rendered speechless.
    This is the stuff that my nightmares are made of, especially in a mind altered state brought on by cough syrup. I am already down with bronchitis, now I have to try and keep my breakfast down…

  7. Mhkitty: I’m SURE darlene would find a way to defend this.

    Ughhhhhh….. I am all for people making choices, but man, are you sure they are exposed to the true consequences of their choices? Because somehow this person thinks it’s hot to walk around this way when it would even be hideous for even a young woman to be running around like this.

    It’s just….. wrong.

    I want to cry now.

  8. Hey now, lay off the transexuals. They’re not men dressed as women, they’re women, albeit somewhat unorthodox ones. They have the same rights as all women, including the right to have bad plastic surgery and dress up in hideous HK-themed outfits whilst wearing clown makeup. Dear god, I may hurl.

  9. Ha ha TeratoMarty… I was worried after the first three lines….then I saw the rest and breathed a sign of relief…then stupidly scrolled up again and promptly lost my lunch!
    Clay: what the heck does all this *WTFOMGDAIRYQUEENBBQ*mean ??? I think I get the whole Dairy Queen BBQ part but the rest???
    I’m so outta the loop man!!!!

  10. Shame on you Mr HKH. Unlike you who judge strictly on appearance, Hello Kitty doesn’t do this and it’s one of the reasons that she is loved by so many people. Hello Kitty doesn’t care what your sex practices are, what you look like, what your past has been or anything else. She loves everybody for who they are.

    You’re stupid to think that only people that fit your image of beautiful will love Hello Kitty because everyone loves her. You, on the other hand, make fun of people just because they love Hello Kitty which shows that you have no love or respect in your heart.

    At least she is willing to show her face and her love for Hello Kitty instead of being bitter and hiding anonymously behind a stupid, biased and unentertaining blog. It kinda shows who has more character, doesn’t it?

  11. And there’s the tool, oh wait I mean troll!!!!!
    Oh, Darlene…(shakes head)… I think you missed the point TOTALLY, it’s not really about whether that thing is pretty or not but about the lack of SELF RESPECT it takes to march one’s pale, skinny, nasty ass out on public with your pubic hair (and nads) showing!
    Nevermind the fact that that ‘outfit’ is probably that dumbest thing i’ve every seen, those are PLUSHES not clothing!!!!

  12. Between the post, these comments and of course good ol’ delusional, crazy-as-a-sack-of-vibrators darlene has to come top it off. I am cracking up to the point of vomiting over here. She really needs to take that crap on the road.

    This fits under my “Visual Abuse Law” and ranks right up there with Janice Dickinson. This person should also be arrested for a gross misuse of plushes, bikini’s, film (or what have you) and Kittys.

    Man or woman doesn’t matter cuz beauty might only be skin deep but UGLY is to the bone!

  13. @ MhKitty: It has to do with a WoW macinema done by a dude named Oxhorn (Go on Youtube and look up “inventing swear words”)

    @Darlene: *shakes head in disbelief*

    @Everyone else: Who here thinks that Darlene is actually some random 40-year-old man who gets his kicks from making everyone angry on the net?

  14. There are lots of possibilities behind darlene’s true identity, the scariest of all being that she is what she says she is. A person like that should not be real. Hooray for shallow gene pools!
    Point being I couldn’t be surprised either way, Clay, only saddened (to find out she’s real).

  15. i am officially over darlene…… i can’t let her annoy the hell out of me every time i get on here. bye darlene. seriously. go away.

  16. Actually I was laughing at what she said, considering that she found some way to defend this… and how utterly appropriate it was according to her personality or whatever she decides to put on the internet.

  17. OMG that’s horrible, and wrong, and disgusting, and wrong, and terrifying, and oh so WRONG! Excuse me while I go rip out my eyes.

    m- “good ol’ delusional, crazy-as-a-sack-of-vibrators darlene”
    I laughed at that so much I almost fell out of my chair! Damn, you’re good!

  18. quote darlene: At least she is willing to show her face and her love for Hello Kitty instead of being bitter and hiding anonymously behind a stupid, biased and unentertaining blog. It kinda shows who has more character, doesn’t it?

    You mean like you? Your always bitter, and your always anonymously hiding behind this blog as well. You never give out a website. You have nothing better to do than wasting your life on a silly blog that you hate so much. Stop reading his blog if you hate it so much. If your life revolves around hello kitty so much that you cant resist coming here, why don’t you do something hello kitty related that you would absolutely love…. like making one of your big hello kitty dolls look like a guy so you can have sweet action in bed with it tonight? You DO love Hello Kitty that much, right? Even hello kitty would approve because you’d be making love instead of hate… right? 8D

    ….well in your sad, misinformed mind she would….

  19. Richard B, My issue with Darlene isn’t “her” hiding behind a pseudoneum and not giving out any contact details (let’s face it, I’m as guilty of that as anyone), but the fact that she isn’t prepared to engage in dialogue to back up her harrangues.
    Anyone else on here will at least answer a direct question when they read it!

  20. The thing that interests me about Darlene is that she never responds to — or even gives any indication of reading — the other comments. I can’t decide if it’s an indication that the troll is too lazy too actually go to all the trouble of carrying on a flame war, or if it means that she’s actually not a troll, but a poor, deluded child who desperately needs help.

  21. Amanda Lepore is a mockery of womankind … and so is darlene IF she is indeed a woman

    It’s like they were created as living satirical characters out of south park or simpsons, only everyone is in on the joke except them

  22. You guys crack me up!
    M- “good ol’ delusional, crazy-as-a-sack-of-vibrators darlene”…geez don’t make me pee myself! 😉
    Yes, I think Darlene’s hiding by not answering us, I think that maybe she’s afraid to answer questions because that would give away her identity… that of a 40-year-old-virgin-I-have-no-friends-so-I-have-nothing-better-to-do-with-my-time-turned-HK-freak!
    Or show just how unhinged she is!
    I personally think she’s: a few Buds short of a pack; you know; not the brightest crayon in the box, and; a few sandwiches short of a picnic…
    Let’s see anymore I can throw out there?????
    Nope, I’m done… back to work….
    Aaaannnnndddd, I’m out: like a civic at a drag race 🙂
    (thx KP)

  23. Once again m, your one-liners rule. Just by default your comments rock, just in case I don’t get around to directly posting to them.

    Yes and Mhkitty, you’re cool too.

    Yes and darlene is a$$.

  24. *blush* This blog is the best, everyone here rules (save the addicts and their Queen Darlene).
    Dude… what if she’s a crazy cat lady (think: The Simpsons) and instead of real cats… they’re all Kitty-chans! o.O

  25. Maybe she’s bought the freakin’ overpriced dolls and set them around her in her empty apartment, all staring at her with all the garishly pink and pastel kitty-adorned appliances and such around.

    I could totally see her doing that.

  26. Kitteh!! — Molecular Gastronomy is the scientific study of deliciousness. I have a slightly … mad … take on it, sometimes. Steampunk banquets, edible automatons, scrumptious sculptures, ominously bubbling hot chocolate… these are but a few of my plans for culinary world domination! Mwaha mwahahahahaha!

  27. um i think this “woman?” and Prez Hilton should get together and have a baby. LOL!!!!! oh god maybe not no…no……no that would be bad…nvm >.< oh lord *runs away*

  28. ok ok ok — what the ?!@@##?? that creature right there is RUINING hello kitty. I’m not trying to be mean or anything but seriously! take it off!! and like… put a big towel on instead. or a sleeping bag.

  29. Thanks Rebecca. That was one of my thoughts. The scientific side of Heston Bloomin(over-complicated)stal’s “Ultimate >Recipe<” series on the BBC a few months back then?

  30. I wasn’t going to drop a comment tonight. I really wasn’t.
    But I saw this photo of Ms. LePore and realized- here’s someone just as artificially sculpted-looking as Hello Kitty, draped in Hello Kitty. Really, this is a perfect meeting of minds.

    In that whole ‘I want to vomit until all I can see is red’ sort of sense.

  31. I’m simulatenously reminded of Cruella Deville (and her want of a dalmation coat) and an old video clip from the late 80’s where a dude had teddy-bear pants. I think it was “Bust a Move”.

    And this saying sprang to mind:
    “What has been seen cannot be unseen”

  32. I would date darlene (as logs as she stays away from knives) before I would go out with her(?) (check for the Addams apple). This is not right

  33. Hey, it’s Amanda Lepore. 😀 One of the Superstar Club Kids back in the day of Michael Alig, James St. James and Disco 2000. He/She is fabulous. (yes, literally. She’s one giant, horrid plastic sex change)

  34. wat the HK is she all about!!! aint NOTHING fabulous about mutton dressed as lamb- OR a Kitty for that matter!!!! put her too near a flame & she’d bloody melt!!!! are there any guys out there that’d get passionate with her?????

  35. wow………. and isn’t hello kitty is suposed to be cute? EW! this guy like ruined her image! Like ew! MY FREAKIN EYES! IM TO YOUNG TO BE BLIND! EWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  36. 1st off i would like to say wow i will never be able to get that image outta my head….and 2nd off i like to say i love how darlene says the hello kitty this and that like its a reall person….but i hear it at least once a day to so no surprise….

  37. Why would you let someone go out like that. Thats just ewwwwwwww and sick. I would never ever do that shizzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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