Hello Kitty Bedroom

Receiving emails with Hello Kitty photos attached is disturbing in itself, but even more disturbing is the trend of people sending me photos of their personal Hello Kitty stuff:

Hello Kitty bedroom

Here is a simple question. Why in the world would I want to look at your Hello Kitty crap when I already have to spend the entire day looking at all my wife’s Hello Kitty crap? For all those that keep sending me photos of their Hello Kitty stuff, please be clear about the following:

1. No matter how Hello Kittified your room, house or life is, it’s still paltry compared to my wife.

2. I realize that it bothers you to no end that there is someone out there that has more Hello Kitty stuff than you, but I’m not going to send you photos of all my wife’s Hello Kitty crap so that you can see how much further you have to go to top her.

3. I will not go through the list of Hello Kitty things that you send to me and tell you which ones my wife has and which ones she doesn’t. I would rather go to the dentist and have a root canal performed without any anesthesia than do something like that.

4. I could really care less how much time it has taken you to lay out all your Hello Kitty crap so that you could take a photo of it to send to me. Instead of whining that your effort should get the photo posted on this blog, save yourself time and me the horror of seeing it and just don’t do it.

5. While you may think it would be fun to be the penfriend of some guy that bashes on Hello Kitty on a regular basis, the thought of that is one of my worst nightmares so please stop asking.

6. While you may think that I’m a complete (insert expletive of choice here) because I don’t use your photos on this blog or write back to you when you email me, think of this as me actually being kind. If I did either, you would be even more offended.

7. Your 1000 word essays to me on why Hello Kitty is great is a waste of both your time and mine. In fact, I read the first 2 sentences (if that much) and then hit delete.

8. Yes, I realize that there are other Sanrio characters that exist. No, I’m not going to make a blog about them, too, because you want me to “find obscure photos of these characters so you don’t have to spend all your time looking for them.” And no, I’m not going to send you another email explaining in more detail than my previous answer of simply stating “No” — which, if I might say, I thought was quite generous on my part to even reply with that.

9. No, I am not willing to help you find some Hello Kitty crap that you have been searching for for the last 10 years even if it isn’t listed on this blog. Since I’ve already made it clear that I’m not going to tell you where you can get the Hello Kitty crap on this site, I thought that this would be obvious, but apparently I still underestimate the common sense of Hello Kitty fanatics.

10. Your offer to send nude photos of you and your friends in exchange to find out where you can buy some of the crap on this blog, while inventive, would leave me on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag even longer than when I say bad things about Hello Kitty — therefore it’s not an acceptable trade no matter how beautiful you think you are.

Unfortunately, these are a typical monthly round of emails when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Photo sent in by Cangela11 who, among all the others who have contributed to the above list, deserves unthinkable torture for believing that it could in any way, shape or form be a good idea to send any of their photos or emails to me…

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  1. i’m sure your wife is a really nice lady, or she’s stinkin’ rich or something, because you do endure like the trooper you are! even in hell, that’s something to be proud of.

  2. You are the most horrid man around. All these people take time out of their day to email you and you show no appreciation whatsoever. They are the ones that read this blog and if you don’t treat them with more respect, they will all leave. Do you even know what “respect” means?

    You spend all this time making a Hello Kitty blog and then you won’t spend a few minutes helping people that have taken their time to email you. How selfish is that? It’s not like they are asking you to spend hours. You already have the information they want. It would take you two minutes and you aren’t even willing to do that. It goes to show what a selfish and immature man you are.

    I don’t understand why you think you are so funny. You aren’t. Saying mean things about Hello Kitty and the people that like them is not funny. You need to work on your sense of humor.

    • Ok… hang five here… you obviously miss understand the whole theme of this blog… it is called “HELLO KITTY HELL” which should be a pretty blatant explanation of what the site is going to entail. If a person is so obsessed with a non living childlike character that they feel the need to go onto a blog (made for those who don’t like the character) and try and convince the blogger otherwise then, they are the ones being disrespectful and forcing their opinions and preferances onto others…

      Do you go to muslim sites and try and convert them to Jehovah’s witness? It’s the same principle… If you don’t like the site! DON’T COME ON HERE!!! Mr. HKH has a hard time having to live with an obsession that isn’t even his without having to listen (read) to fans opinions and attempts at persuasion… It’s like posting nude photo’s of women on a gay site!!! Totally pointless and disrespectful to that community and their preferences!

      So get off your high horse and if you don’t like it… don’t read it…

  3. Actually, Darlene, he’s completely in the right.
    @I *RESPECT* him for not caving and giving everyone who asks the answers they want.
    @Because we are not paying him, he must render no service, which is basically what you are askinghim- he is NOT ‘Ask Jeeves’!
    He is not ‘obligated’ to tell anyone anything, otherwise, he might be ‘obligated’ to tell you that you are a complete and utter idiot!
    @Also, I think he’s not just funny, he’s hilarious!
    Someone as small-minded as you couldn’t see humor if it bit you in the arse!
    Now, put that down on the ground, sit, and spin; there you moron!

  4. I fail to see WHY you hate it while people are sending you stuff for your site that thrives on people sending you stuff. You have to be ignorant to everyone who sends you emails, and they are clearly helping your site.

    I do not know why your wife doesn’t see some of the things you posted. If you were actually editing these posts, then you would see how disrespectful you really are to your wife. I am really not trying to be rude, just pointing out how rude these posts really are.

  5. I really and truly hope that 10 is not something that happens often, because that frightens me in ways I thought not possible.

  6. wow lol. nude photos.

    you have my support. lmao.

    darlene.. darlene.. just give up…………….
    i agree with mh kitty.

    lmao. seriously? its his blog. he can write wh atever the heck he wants to.

    btw, mr. hkh, i support you, 100%.

    darlene. get into the real world. im not sure if you’ve been living in a toilet for the majority of your life, but its a high time to get your head out of that toilet, and that stick out of your ass.

    get with the program. geez. its a i-hate-hk-blog.

    duh its all about bashing hk on the head =.=

  7. You are the most awesomest man around. All these people take barely any time out of their day to email you a bunch of crap and you do the right thing by telling them over and over again, even though you know they love hello kitty too much to get it. They are the ones who have too much time on their hands and if you don’t give them what they want, they will still keep asking, and that is sad and pathetic. Do they even know what “don’t send me this crap, this is an anti hello kitty blog” means?

    You spend all this time making an Anti-Hello Kitty blog and they still dont get the clue that this is not a hello kitty blog, and that this is merely a way for you to release the stress of your day. How stupid is that? It’s not like they cant just google or ebay this crap. You can’t get through to them that its not you who has the information they want. You would literally have to ask your wife, and it’s understandable that you aren’t even willing to do that. It goes to show what a selfish and immature bunch they are.

    I don’t understand why people come across as you being funny. Perhaps its the way you respond to this crap you get in emails. Saying truthful things about Hello Kitty and the people that like them is not funny, but its not like you need to work on your sense of humor to give them the truth.

  8. You’re being offered NUDE PHOTOS in exchange for Hello Kitty information?! Good grief!

    mhkitty – save your typing. If she’s for real, darlene never reads the comments after hers.

  9. Oh a mockery of darlene! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Plus a video of Rick Astley. XD

    But yes, I guess an occasional reiteration needs to be said considering that people go nuts when they aren’t acknowledged.

  10. To darlene(the insane one… yeah, I know she never reads other comments, but whatever) : Why would he have to show respect to people who obviously don’t even respect themselves? Come on, nude photos for HK…

    To darlene(the sane one) : Damn! Rick Rolled again…

    Anyway, nude photos? Damn, you’re becoming an effin’ rockstar!

  11. Tracy, you appear to be ignorant of what the word ignorant means. Ignorance is lack of knowledge. HKH demonstrates no lack of knowledge or understanding in his dealings with his readers. He knows perfectly well that exactly what he posts is what gets him traffic, and that if he keeps going as he has been, he will keep getting traffic. How does he knows this? Because it works!
    He is not being “ignorant to” anyone, because ignorance is not in how you treat someone, it’s in what you (don’t) know. You can be ignorant of things, though, as you are clearly ignorant of the social phenomenon of blogging and of how to use the word ignorant.
    Given HKH’s consistent tone, which reads as exaggeration for humorous purposes, I’d say it’s very likely that his wife is actually perfectly aware of this blog and its tone, and is probably amused by it. If she wasn’t, the marriage would probably already be over.

  12. Well, I haven’t been commenting that long, but from now on I’ll probably not say much about Darlene, due to the fact that s/he doesn’t even read the new comments. And so I will only comment on the HKH blog, not Darlene.

    Anywho… I could not stand to watch that TV in that bedroom. Just the TV alone scares me…

    (about rule #10, are you for real?!)

  13. Somewhere a village is missing its idiot. That idiot must be Darlene.

    And that bedroom needs to be set on fire or something, cause that’s making my head hurt just looking at it!

  14. LOLROFHMS again! And that is why I keep reading this site!

    If anyone actually knows who the real Darlene (not the one with the weblink under her name) is, copy this to her, with a note of where you found it and who said it!

  15. To reiterate #10, please do not send nude photos to the blog author in exchange for Hello Kitty information.

    I, on the other hand, would be happy to help.

  16. Oh, my goodness!!
    I damn near spit out my Starbuck’s Vanilla Steamer….

    Village Idiot…..LMAO!!!!
    Sane Darlene!!!! You Rock!
    Brien…be careful what you ask for 😉

  17. I, too, am a huge HK fan, yet I find this blog to be absolutely hi-lar-i-ous. When I see postings by this other darlene, I am secretly afraid people who know me will think it is me as I have most the HK crap mentioned on this blog…..and if I don’t have I am out looking for it. Keep this comedy going…I can’t get enough of it.

  18. *yawn* darlene (the president of the association of morons who are brain-washed by the hello kitty that lives in their minds) can’t you say anything new? Do you realize how friggin’ nuts you sound coming to a site about hating things and then demanding it to do the opposite? This is what the blog is for… sigh… why won’t you burst into flames?
    Tracy, the site was started because of his wife’s obsession not random people sending him e-mails, they simply add to the hell, they know what they are doing when they send in their stuff. Just as you have a right to say what you want, so does our host and I have to disagree with you, IMO, the ignorance would lie in the people sending them in and NOT expecting to get blasted by this blog. It’s been said before also that he must love his wife more than he hates Hello Kitty and this is simply a creative and funny way to vent his personal torment with his wife’s obsession. What goes on in their marriage is none of our business but if you want to look at it that way, I’d say this is what comes from having an obsession that drives your partner mad. If she gets to go mad with her collection then he’s entitled to vent.

    To our host: gawd damn you are one funny m.f.

  19. p.s.

    This is one of the tamer rooms I’ve seen!

    and RSKS : Yes, darlene is like Kathy Bates in Misery and Alfred is like Ned Flanders.

  20. I believe that photograph was actually of an exhibit having to do with the systamatic submission of japanese women within pop culture i.e. hello kitty has no mouth.

  21. Actually MR. HKH, I think you could have a future in Political Comic Strips or heck even Comic Strips in general, find yourself a person to draw stuff and you’d be bigger than Garfield! (Though you might have to tame the cursing- oh, wait that’s me…)
    I’d buy the Sunday funnies if you had a comic strip!

  22. Wow. Seriously? Hello Kitty people are wacked. Loco in the cabeza.

    Oh, and, um, Darlene? Get a life. Preferably one with a sense of humor in it. The dude who writes this blog can post whatever he wants – He thinks this crap is funny, and SO DO I.

  23. I could send you a picture my bedding that will send you to HK hell. I know a few guys that have Hello Kitty bedrooms.

  24. I ggogles HK to find a bedroom set for my 4 year old and this came up. Man, this is awesome! You are a riot and I feel for you. My S-I-L has done to my brother’s house with SpongeBob. It is all disturbing. Glad you can turn a little money from your pain.

  25. Though the room in the picture is already pretty filled with Hello Kitty stuff, I am sure your wife has even more. I wonder how she finds the time and money to buy so many Hello kitty related furniture and collectibles. If you are the one paying for them, then you really have my respect.


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