Hello Kitty Volkswagen Bug (for sale)

It seems that the Hello Kitty VW bug that I mentioned earlier is currently up for auction on eBay:

Hello Kitty Volkswagen Bug

Hello Kitty Volkswagen Bug

Hello Kitty Volkswagen Bug

Of course, upon seeing this my wife wanted us to buy immediately buy it. While the mere fact that Hello Kitty Hell exists pretty much is proof that no God exists, some higher being was looking down upon me in that the Hello Kitty bug is located in Australia so that she can’t get it. I’ll take anything I can get when living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Katherine who deserves unthinkable punishment for scaring me to death in thinking that we might have such a car in our driveway for the few minutes it took me to realize it wasn’t in Japan or the US…

58 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Volkswagen Bug (for sale)”

  1. well hopefully whoever wins that car will torch it =]

    and has darlene overdosed on that pepto yet? lol im waiting for it

  2. i know i’ll probably jinx it by saying this but
    maybe its a turn around in hello kitty hell? it’ll all be over soon?

  3. sorry for the double post but the fact she can’t get it is an omen of turn around, not the selling of it because that wouldn’t make sense,
    and again sorry for double post

  4. Sigh… how can you two AFFORD such things? Do you have a high paying job, or are you horribly in debt? The second one seems more likely….

  5. Result!!! πŸ™‚

    For me in that it’s about as far away as it can get, without being launched into interplanetary space!

    For Mr HKH in that I don’t think it can be imported to Japan or the USA. As a Brit with interests in Japanese and US cars, I know something about personal imports (difficulty of).

  6. Wow, isn’t that the first time ever that Mr HKH is telling us where to buy a Hello Kitty item?

    I hope it’s just the cold making him loose his reason and divulge such an information. I myself don’t care about the car (plus it would be smashed and bumped in the crazy indian traffic), but now I think there might be a couple of HK fanatics reading this very blog who will check ebay and see where it is avialable and torture a loved one with it.

    On positive note, at least the car doesn’t look like it drove past a pepto bimol factory that blew up…yellow is a decent colour.

  7. Cyn wrote :
    “Wow, isn’t that the first time ever that Mr HKH is telling us where to buy a Hello Kitty item?”

    That’s because there’s only one HK VW Bug… So it’s better for him if someone else buys it X]

  8. I can’t get over the HK decal in the 2nd picture. She seems to be doing a reppuken with sushi rolls.

    I would say something that I hate the color of the bug, but I can’t think of it now…

  9. andophiroxia: “She seems to be doing a reppuken with sushi rolls.”….
    Ha ha ha ha!!! Too funny!

    I KNOW I’m going to watch this on Ebay just to see how much some yahoo is willing to pay for it.
    I hate Bugs in the first place so this is a double whammy for me…

    This disturbes me:

    This, I might have to get (and ok, I will go back on my ‘no hk stuff in my car’ credo…):

    Anyway, I hope she doesn’t get shafted and that she gets what she wants out of it.
    Good Luck Katherine.

  10. I hope you get run over by the car Darlene, OH and do us a favor by not repeating your self about how hello kitty is trying to spread joy from her special new beetle.

  11. RSKS: Wow, do I sense a little hostility there????
    I second you…but knowing her, she’ll be the one to buy it!

  12. to MhKitty: Um well Darlene could spread joy like an auto hitting a skunk at 70mph and spreading its fetid guts around along with getting cooked on its catalytic converter and having the smell effuse out like a mustart gas cloud.

    By the way, what does Mh stand for?

  13. ‘M’unchkin as in my cat and then ‘H’ello ‘Kitty’…..
    It’s also my ebay name, as I sell HK stuff too!
    And P.S. my cat will NEVER wear a HK head either πŸ™‚

  14. good to know you won’t torture your cat Mhkitty πŸ˜‰
    i have to say yellow and pink on a car? ..doesn’t sound good already, and it definitely doesn’t look good at all to me

  15. extremely happy for you.

    good thing it’s in australia, eh?
    LOL~ it would be even MORE hk-d cause your wife would move all the accessories into it, wouldnt she?

  16. oh my gosh i saw this like last year it was driving down the street next to me on the way to a party

    this was in australia by the way

  17. No, it’sjust her name, she a pretty little tiger stripe tabby.
    Name story: She was only 4 weeks when we got her from the pound, she was the only surviving kit, the whole bunch had been left by the side of the road in a box….I still wish I could find the schmuck who did it and shoot their a$$ (yes I am an animal fan-not like peta though)!
    Anyway she was like 6 oz. and had a tiny body and huge head and even bigger ears… it was a tossup between Munchkin and Yoda!
    She’s now 15 years old and is a healthy 9lbs.

  18. MHK, just read about Munchkin. I’ve got other ideas about what to do with people who do things like that with animals. String them up, but not by their necks, by more, ah, sensitive parts of their anatomy!

  19. Yeah, she was soooooo little we kept loosing track of her in the house, she’d find the smallest hiding places!
    The scariest part was that because she was so small people were afraid to adopt her becuase they were sure she’d have health issues… she was 48 hours away from being put down when we got her.
    I was like 13 and wrapped myself around a pole outside an refused to leave if my mom didn’t adopt her πŸ˜‰

  20. if i said i would drive the pink hello kitty piece of shit ghetto car you posted, you can bet your ass i would drive this one!

  21. Oh, Alfred are you going to cry now???
    Yeah I’m a big a mouthed rude bully… what exactly is your point?

    Nester: If you have a spare $18000 you can own it!

  22. I am like a Hello Kitty Fanatic… i think she is so cute and i dont understand why anybody wouldnt like her… Which i think that this car is like sooooooooo Cuteeeeeeeee i would totally drive a car like this… which of course the effect of me driving a car like this might be that none of my family members nor friends would want to ride with me since apparently that would embarrass them… OH WELL i think is the cutes thing anybody has seen…

  23. I don’t really like the bug. but because it has Hello kitty on it and it’s so darn cute I would buy it if I could.

    i want this car so bad. i been dieing for a yellow bug since i was in 1st grade and i love hello kitty more then anythign in the world, so it lyk my 2 favorite things put together! OMG! I WANT IT SOOOOOOO DADDDD



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