Hello Kitty Dracula Vampire Tattoo

Although I find it quite disturbing that Hello Kitty tattoos exist at all, the sheer number of Hello Kitty tattoos that are out there (and even more frighteningly, get sent to me) takes disturbing to a whole other level. The latest in this line of disturbing body art is the Hello Kitty Dracula tattoo:

Hello Kitty Dracula tattoo

I don’t understand what the fascination is with combining Hello Kitty with something else as a tattoo (then of course, I don’t understand combining Hello Kitty with anything, or merely Hello Kitty in herself, so I guess that makes it all a moot point anyway…) All I can say is that this tattoo is somewhat appropriate with the mix since Hello Kitty’s main goal is to suck the lifeblood of all those who happen to live with a Hello Kitty fanatic…

Of course, my wife loves it and has added it to her growing collection of tattoos that she wants (it’s now simply a matter of time before I come home to find her first tattoo which will undoubtedly lead to her entire body covered in tattoos of the evil feline). That is something that is not being looked forward to in Hello Kitty Hell at all…

Sent in by jasmine who deserves to have a Hello Kitty Dracula suck all the blood from her body for even thinking for a split second that sending this to me could ever be a good idea…

Update: When it rains, it pours…Brian (of Hello Kitty Jesus tattoo and Hello Kitty Darth Vader tattoo fame) has also recently done a Hello Kitty vampire tattoo:

Hello Kitty vampire tattoo

71 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Dracula Vampire Tattoo”

  1. Okay sorry to 2x post, I just had to be first 🙂
    So this is one of my LEAST favorite tats shown here… it is a bootleg HK, the head isn’t even right, the body’s too long, her legs are too spread apart…. someone stop me….
    Sorry, I don’t mean to upset the wearer but the artist, hopefully not the wearer, could have taken a few extra hours and make it look authentic…

  2. > … make it look authentic…

    Talking about the authenticity of the Hello Kitty of the tatoo???
    Well, it will gives Sanrio another avenue to make more money.
    Sanrio will regulate all Tatoo designers claiming it is to protect the authenticity of any Hello Kitty Tatoos.
    Tatoo designers are to be licensened from Sanrio. Violators will be tortured with Hello Kitty torture goods …

  3. Brien, I like your style.
    Did you design this or was it brought to you?
    the only thing I would have changed was to make Dear Daniel….maybe you should give making a HK Bride-of-Frankenstein a try 🙂
    P.S. you remind me of a friend of mine who has to point everyone’s grammar errors out- that’s a pet peeve of mine…but I understand.

    andophiroxia: I agree at least make it look good!

    yetanotheranonymous: If they did that, they’d have to go after all the knock offs from Taiwan too! It’s too much effort for them 🙂

  4. Why would my hell kitty tattoo have to look authentic when the point is to make it my OWN!!!
    Everyone here is just too ANAL and have to let go of a few things.
    oh yeah and that other tattoo isn’t cute at all.

  5. p.s.s

    I’m seriously starting to think Brian copied my Tattoo idea and tried to make it HIS OWN.
    he just posted his not that long ago on deviant art!!


  7. Jasmine, I think your tattoo looks good, but I keep getting distracted from your shoulder by your rather cute face! :>

    Brian, yours looks pretty good too, but has a different vibe to it.

  8. Jasmine, there´s no need to get all that upset! You sent the picture here yourself, right? Well, in that case you should have considered a few things:
    – There is a possibility that mr HKH will blog it.
    – People might comment it (and probably will)
    – Everyone won´t like it
    – They, too, will comment
    So, if you can´t handle the critisism, maybe you should consider keeping your pictures for yourself?

    As for the picture, I agree about the legs being to far apart. It´s a really cute tattoo, though. But I prefer Brian´s, as it looks a bit more Hello Kitty-ish to me.

  9. Helene: Thanks for the backup 🙂

    jasmine: Sorry to piss you off but, yeah, what do you expect? Not everyone is going to like what you like…(gee, does this ring a bell everyone??? I swear I said this before to uh, say maybe DARLENE!!!)
    Hon, don’t take what we say the to heart, to each their own, I’m sure not everyone likes my tat and some have told me. Beauty is the eye of the beholder, just remember that and you survive.

    Jasmine, one question: How are we supposed to see that she is flying? I´m sorry, but I can not find any flying clues at all.
    “if you cant see that god help you”
    Well, God must be busy with something else at the moment, ´cause I still can´t see how your tattoo-cat should be flying.
    If jasmine won´t answer, can someone else explain to me?

  11. lol. jeez, I didn’t want mine added to the blog. I just thought it was funny. Sorry jasmine I was just agreeing with what Mhkitty said. I firmly believe in getting what you want how you want it. As long as you’re happy with it thats all that matters. Yes I posted it on deviant the day I left the comment, thats because usually I only post most of the hello kitty tattoos in my myspace album because I’ve done 11 of them so far. I did tattoo it 2 weeks ago though. And hey, I’ve seen way worse. Its hard to tell from your picture because its a little blurry but your tattoo looks technically decent (lines don’t look blown out, etc.).

  12. @ helene: i think its because of the legs possibly…..

    me: i think Dracula is way better for a cool tat in stead of a kittified version.

    Hey! Dracula HK sucks! just like *cough* darlene *cough*

  13. based on art work skills the first one is pretty good and the second one i think he knows what hes doing.

    (srry for second posting)

  14. Ooooh, I see! It’s not as I’ve always thought; “spread your wings and fly” but instead it’s “spread your LEGS an fly”!
    Thanks for enlightening me! 😉

  15. RSKS & Helene: OMG, you went there!!!Effing hilarious!
    Brian/Brien: can you please send a link to your HK tats you’ve done, I’d really like to see!

  16. I didn’t get upset, only because all my letters are capitalized that doesn’t mean anything.My sleeve is not done so i i guess it does look out of place.When i got it done i didn’t have a picture of hello kitty i only had a pin i bought at HT and it was a SUPER HERO hello kitty and thats how the legs looked so yeah.Thats the reason the legs look retarded.
    i thought it was funny i don’t take criticism to heart especially went its strangers at a hello kitty blog…

    love peace and hello kitty


    god’s busy with something else

    erm. i always have not had anything to say about hk tattoos.

    jsut that i’ll never get one. lol

  18. Brian: Yeah, don’t have myspace so can’t see anything unless I log in…. no biggie… your page is mind-blowing though- and for those of us with any form of ADD- a killer 😉
    I’m from Ohio, though don’t live there anymore… Cinci all the way dude!
    If I’m ever up that way maybe I’ll swing by and let you stamp me 🙂

    And I forgot in my last post to say yes, Helene, god’s always busy!

  19. 2 helen / mhkitty (who seem to go hand in hand)

    you are annoying me with your smart ass remarks and criticism. Who made you guys tattoo experts?!
    id like see with the balls to post a picture of your face and tattoo on a website just to see how much you’d like someone crapping on it.

    ANYWAYS both tattoos have their cute qualities about them..it’s individual kitties
    and two different versions of a kitty dracula, to each their own.



  20. @queenofpain… I never claimed to be an expert, just someone with taste…and yeah I’m a smartass, what’s it to ya???
    You’re the only one to have complained so far, everyone else thinks we’re great (well except darlene, but she’s insane anyway so she doesn’t count)… so it sounds like your the odd woman out.
    And anytime you’d like to meet in person and discuss tattoo qualities, I’m outside of D.C.!

    Anyway back to real posts:
    Brian, did you see the link to the Evil kitty on the next thread? That would make a SWEET tat!!! Can I hire you to draw one out with a bigger pitchfork? It should be a really dark pink and not red. I’ll send my email to your myspace page.

  21. I don’t know. Tell me, please, who made me a tattoo expert?
    And if I get to choose, I’d much rather be a smart ass than a stupid ass.

  22. what a bunch of dumb broads i have a feeling both of you are 40 year old ladies trying to be young by going to a hello kitty blog.That feel oh so tuff by talking like if they know what great taste is!im sure im not too far from the truth!
    i To think YOu two should post your tattoos here so WE can see how much of “great taste” you both have.
    i guess shes not the odd woman out and im pretty sure other people think your annoying behind a screen as well as real life

  23. Oh, my… what big words from such a little ‘girl’…
    You really need to stop contradicting yourself by being a brat one minute and sucking up the next…
    ’40 year old dumb broads’ huh? For your info I’m 28 and my tat is of a starburst- NOT hello kitty. My next one will be of a sunrise all over my upper back, and NOT Hello Kitty. Nor will the one after that…
    Maybe when I find the one I want I’ll get one.
    I’ll have that same response to you as for the queen… Come on out to DC and we’ll talk face to face there hon…
    I talk tough because I am tough, I don’t act like a highschooler by saying thing like this: ‘im pretty sure other people think your annoying behind a screen as well as real life’….sounds real mature to me.
    I’m not going to sit here and spar with you over the next week cause that would just be a waste of my time.

  24. jasmine, what happened to your other comment? Was it erased because of the seriously foul language? Anyhow, I read it, and that made me decide not to take this discussion any further. I have no intentions on wasting my time arguing with someone that incredibly immature.

  25. I didn’t see anyother comment, I guess I should be glad… I haven’t taken my meds today so bad things could happen 🙂
    Anyways, I’m done with this thread, onto the fashion show!

  26. mhkitty: lol, I just found the picture. Sure, it would be no problem drawing it with a bigger pitch fork. I’m actually in the process of drawing an angel, demon, and bondage hello kitty for another client.

  27. I’d like a Hello Kitty japanese baseball tattoo, something like Hiroshima Carp or Softbank… 😉

    I like brians tattoo the best, the other one is not hk its a chinese ripoff hello kitty…fancy spending the rest of your life with a rip off job on your arm, it’s like having a japanese symbol on your arm which you thought means happiness but actually means “f&$k off”.

  28. Brian: Angel, Demon, BONDAGE!?!?!?!?!
    I MUST see!!!!!!
    Maybe I’ll like the bondage one…..

    Kelly: LAMO!!!! I actually saw a person who had that done, only theirs said ‘Stupid’……that’s why you make sure to google the damn thing first…duh!

  29. Kitteh!!!: I’m thinking of all the naughty things I can make Hello Kitty do… I mean seriously, what else can kitty ‘do’ for you? Maybe HK as a naughty nurse… ;P
    Brian: We could have a field day with this! You could make GOBS of $$$$!
    Yeah, I need help and I know it…

    I once saw a hello kitty that they made to look like Michael Jackson, she had a ‘fro’ and a silver glove on one hand, and the red jacket! It was like the greatest thing I’d ever seen!

  30. Brian: Pleeeease, let us see the bondage-kitty when it’s done! That’s if your client doesn’t mind, of course… I talked to my husband about it, and he suggested making S/M kitty t-shirts, one S and one M (nooo, I’m not talking about sizes).
    Could be pretty cool,going clubbing in our two black tees with greyish-silvery prints and her bow decorated with pink crystals.

  31. LMAO! Nope, cause then we’d all have to turn ourselves in for having issues…

    Maybe we can market HK ‘Freaky’ Temp tats and such, and your t-shirts of course! Idea:
    We should take the best of the blog ideas here and take the best quote from each: This one’s would be “HK says: Spread your legs and fly!”
    HAAAAAAA!!!! Frigging great!
    Props to you for that one, girl!

    Kitteh!!!: My halloween costume this year will be me as a Naughty ‘Manga-type’ School Girl- I found the best HK thigh-highs and pigtail holders for my outfit! It’ll sure beat my Evil Fairy costume I got from HT last year… Everyone in DC saw my bum!

  32. MHK, that’s exactly what I’m talking about; an adult woman running the extreme edge of micro-kilt, push-up bra, blouse worn to expose cleavage and midriff, and tie round neck, but not closing neck of blouse! Or naughty nurse, policewoman (with at least 2 sets of cuffs)…

    Brian, thanks. 🙂

  33. Brian: Holy Crap!!!!!!
    That’s gotta be the best thing I’ve seen in like forever!!!
    Okay, so now I really want to see what you can do about an HK as a naughty schoolgirl!!!! You can put that on my bum! You are so very talented!

    Kitteh!!: I was going more for the tucking the tie into my boob crack…whatcha think, too much??? I found a HK patch from HT I bought a few years ago and I’ll add that in place of school logo.
    I will def. post a pic when I get it done, I was using the outfit from ‘Hit Me Baby, One More Time’ only a tad sluttier 😉
    (Of course my idea of slutty and the other girls I say at Fright Night in DC were two TOTALLY different types…was still covered whereas some were not)
    Smooches, ttfn!

  34. Brian: Thanks! Your Kitties are so amazing, and this one is, by far, my favourite! 🙂 (Although I think the stormtrooper is pretty cool too!)

  35. ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh i have missed so much .. and stephen you cracked me up XD

    @ mhkitty he was talking about kimberly

  36. i though she was being rude so i clicked on her ‘link’ and it turns out she is the one who has it bad because not only is she pregnant but poor girl lives in MISSISSIPPI.

    i dont know which is worse

  37. Oh, sweet baby jesus!!!!!

    See, this is why I don’t get a myspace page… I like my privacy… though I think I need to start one so I can show off all my HK crap…

  38. Hot Topic did release a Hk musicbox, snow globe, stationery, and journal with Hk in goth with bats. There is also a Dear Daniel as Dracula, and Hk as a vamp for a Halloween line.


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