Hello Kitty Comic Strip

Yep, this sums Hello Kitty up pretty damn well…




I know that they have Hello Kitty ash trays and Hello Kitty Zippo lighters, so Hello Kitty cigarettes really aren’t that much of a stretch – Sanrio probably already has them in the production pipeline and they will undoubtedly come with substances that produce further Hello Kitty addictive behavior. One more thing to dread that will only increase my Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Jon, who deserves a beer from me if we ever meet for showing Hello Kitty for who she is so well…

48 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Comic Strip”

  1. That’s so damn funny. Hello Kitty cigarettes. That gives me an idea for an irreverent Photoshop.

    Oh yeah, first.

    I kind of wonder how much this will piss off darlene. Tee hee.

  2. Yeah, darlene will not be happy….
    That’s cute, real cute 🙂
    I have a zippo (unfilled and never used) but I don’t smoke… it that bad?

  3. Mr. HKH, I’ve been meaning to ask you…
    Where did you get the kick A$$ banner for the top of the site created??? It looks great! The fire looks real (maybe cause it is?)!
    I’m not a graphics or photoshop wiz so I have no clue…

  4. This totally distorts Hello Kitty, just like your blog. Can’t you grow up and be an adult for once? People buy Hello Kitty stuff because they love Hello Kitty, not because she forces us to. We want it, just like everyone wants it. Because people want it proves that Hello Kitty is loved by everyone.

    Hello Kitty would never make cigarettes that were bad. They go against her helping people with a healthy life. If she did make cigarettes, they would be good for people. So this comic is completely false and mean.

    Why don’t you spend your time doing something productive that we can all appreciate rather than writing these terrible falsehoods that everyone can see through? I’m waiting for the day when you finally admit that Hello Kitty is good, you show some appreciation for your wife and you have even one positive to say.

  5. C’mon darlene, where’s your fire, that spirit, that righteous indignation?

    Come on let loose all your bile on injustice and anger on how this mean man goes and disses Hello Kitty. Please, just don’t hold back. Say a few bad words even. That might turn on Alfred.

    Tell us your feelings.

  6. @ darlene: darlene have you ever read the post Mr. HKH wrote about the hello kitty love hotel??
    once you see the handcuffs on that bed I don’t think you’d be convinced about hello kitty being such a nice innocent cat anymore..

  7. Thanks Mr. HKH.. I guess I hadn’t gone back to the right thread…

    @Darlene: Nothing is what it seems, the truth is out there, HK makes you think she’s all cute and cuddly and cares for you, them SMACK! she gets you addicted like cigarettes do and we all start sounding like you!
    Maybe they make a patch for it…
    I do know one sure-fire way to quit her….get a life!

  8. Well, Darlene, you just confirmed WHY you won’t leave… I suppose this is small breakthrough, but if you want us to understand ANY of your reasoning, you must actually tell us WHY you think everything about HK is great and and blessing to humanity. Your going nowhere with your constant bantering and bashing of HKH. You obviously don’t realize how stupid you make yourself appear to be.

  9. I feel this a lot with Hello Kitty. I also feel it a lot with every other famous cuddly thing over the world! Pokemon, gotta Buy ’em all.

  10. Perhaps if you smoke an unhealthy HK cigarette, you could compensate and eat a healthy (hell-thy?) HK fruit, like the sad and sorry little brownish plastic-wrapped banana posted under HK food.

  11. Hello Kitty wouldn’t sell anything as unhealthy as cigarettes? Tch. Well, Sanrio has stated that they will not make, endorse or license any Hello Kitty cigarettes. But that didn’t stop them selling me a Hello Kitty cigarette case (pictured).

    Oh and I drew the cartoon, so direct your hate at me.


  12. roflmao! that is awesome!

    hello kitty doesn’t give a damn about a healthy lifestyle Darlene she just wants your money.

  13. Once again, Alfred you’re a complete and utter IDIOT!!!

    Jon: Sweet Cig case! I have two from Hot Topic that are hard with an acrylic HK cover, I’m actually going to be selling an extra one in my ebay store, it’s chrome and black. I don;t smoke but they make great business card cases, since I can also fir my mini HK pen inside too 🙂
    BTW: GREAT job on the cartoon! See you and MR. HKH should team up to do a weekly installment of HK in Hell for this blog!
    Helene: in case you haven’t read the last thread, we’ve been challenged! NFW!!!!

  14. Helene: man that little brat is getting on my last nerve, now we’re 40 year old dumb broads…
    Does the insanity never end?

    Oh, and Alfred called me rude!!!!
    Awesome!!!! I’m so proud!

  15. My wife is from Taiwan. As I’m sure you can guess, because of this Hello Kitty plays a large part in my life, whether I like it or not.

  16. mhkitty: Yeah. Let’s just not waste anymore time or energy on her. BTW, your bracelets on ebay are really beautiful!

    Brien: outraged, outrageder, outragedest??? Took me a while to figure out the story on your blog, great fun!

    Will the HK cigarettes make HK smoke clouds?

  17. Brien: haha ha!

    Helene: I have a ton of stuff that I’ve just been too friggin busy with work to add. I work mainly with Swarozski crystals. I’ve actually beem trying to find a good HK bead to ‘cough’ make a HK necklace so I too can hop on the moneymaking train.

  18. Darlene- “Hello Kitty would never make cigarettes that were bad. They go against her helping people with a healthy life. If she did make cigarettes, they would be good for people.”

    Darlene, you’re a complete and utter moron. For one thing, there is no such thing a “good cigarette”. They’re all gonna be bad for you. And your sainted Sanrio may not make cigarettes, but they do make lighters, cases, and all sorts of delightful cigarette paraphernalia. Stick that in your HK blunt and smoke it!

  19. Jon, thanks for that cartoon. 😀

    Eize, given the way we feel about Darlene, perhaps she should hold her breath, for maybe 10 minutes? 😉

    MHK, you’re not alone in owning a lighter and not smoking. I actually own 2, a cheapo that I use for lighting candles, and a Zippo knock-off with an F-14 Tomcat logo on it, that I bought for next to nothing because of the logo.

  20. [Hello Kitty would never make cigarettes that were bad.]

    yeah, and pigs fly, darlene! If a cigarette was good, it wouldn’t be a cigarette it would be a fruit stick!

  21. The cigarettes that you can see in the picture of my Hello Kitty cigarette case above are DJ Mix cigarettes and are lemon flavour. You just know that when Sanrio eventually get around to making cigarettes, they’ll be flavoured similarly…

  22. Speaking of Hello Kitty smoking paraphernalia… has anyone found a hello kitty bong???

    Jon: I think they’ll either be Strawberry or Kitty Litter flavored….oh wait, thats what a normal cig tastes like 🙂
    Sorry, I know people are smokers and I like cigars… I just couldn’t resist that line.

    Kelly: Crap that was funny ‘fruit stick’ HA!

    Kitteh!!: I also own a crapload of NASCAR lighters, in of course Mark Martin! But I’m waiting for a really nice HK lighter and then I’ll buy it- and maybe actually fill it with lighter fluid…

    Mr. HKH: I think I may have one thing you wife does not: Hello Kitty electric Votive Candles in Plastic HK Votive Holders… I will have to take a pic and show them off, they were a gift from another HK loving friend.

  23. poor chococat, has to live in hello kitty’s shadow. that evil cat! grrness!

    darlene…do you ever quit? if you don’t like his blog then leave…its that simple.

  24. Darlene totally distorts Hello Kitty, just like her comments. Can’t you grow up and be an adult for once, Darlene? Darlene buys Hello Kitty stuff because she loves Hello Kitty, not because shes forced to. darlene wants it, just like no one else wants it. Because Darlene wants it proves that Hello Kitty is loved by everyone.

    Hello Kitty would make cigarettes that are bad (duh). Darlene goes against helping people with a life. If darlene made cigarettes, they would be good for people. So darlene is completely false and mean.

    Why don’t darlene, spend her time doing something productive that we can all appreciate rather than writing these terrible comments that everyone can see through? I’m waiting for the day when you finally stop posting comments dalrene, you show some appreciation for your life and have even one positive to say.

  25. Hello Kitty brain washes you with cartoons and a cute logo.I once watched a Hello Kitty cartoon and then I bought Hello Kitty underwear for no reason.I dont like Hello Kitty alot but she will brainwash you to buy her stuff because she is just evil and plans to take over the world.All of her friends have been hypnotised to obey her.And what about poor chococat?hes not evil but he is still left in the shadow.There is no such thing as a good cigerette but Hello Kitty just wants to rule the world she dosnt care about that she will just suck her horns back into her head and pull a cute face to make you buy her stuff.She will also say she will be your friend if you buy her stuff


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