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There is not much in this world that I would consider a worse form of torture and torment than having to sit through something like this Hello Kitty fashion show:

While my wife would view attending something like this close to heaven, I think I would need to carry around the sack full of the Hello Kitty barf bags just to make it through the first few minutes. It’s painful enough having to watch it on a video, let alone imagining what it would be like attending live. Of course, my wife is already frantically searching to see if there are other Hello Kitty fashion shows planned for the future — which means that my life could soon dive much, much deeper into Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by kttops who really deserves an extra special horrifying punishment for 1) making me sit through that video 2) upon seeing it, convincing my wife that not seeing a Hello Kitty fashion show will mean her life has somehow lost all its meaning 3) Thinking for even a fraction of a second that it would be a good idea to send me something like this…

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  1. I need a Hello Kitty barf bag after reading this blog!

    This video proves that you are not a real man. All those women are every man’s dream so if you would get sick around them, then you have no real concept of beauty. This might explain why you don’t like Hello Kitty since since you have no taste. You should be thrilled that you wife would allow you to go to something like this since any real man would want to go.

    Every blog you make shows that you have no idea what you’re talking about and that your bias views show you have no credibility at all in making comments about Hello Kitty. Do us all a favor and learn to only blog photos and keep the words to yourself.

  2. The best thing about Darlene is that she’s probably contributing money to the author of the site, by viewing his ads. Ahh delicious irony, Pepto Bismol flavored.

    The video doesn’t come up for me, and I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing. 😉

  3. Wow…..
    A couple of those models really looked thrilled to be there didn’t they 🙂
    I liked the HK devil shirts…that should be my tattoo!

  4. You poor, poor man! At least I could stop watching when I got bored (like after two minutes). Some of the clothes were kind of cute, but sitting through a whole fashion show, Hello Kitty or not…

  5. Wow, did you guys see the one with the superhero-ish blue dress… ummmmm, okayyyyy…
    Now, the blue tank with thew Andy Warhol-ish print was awesome…and the blue-checked country-western shirt wasn’t bad either…
    Now the two-toned tyedyed shirts with the rinestones ROCK ….
    But I have to say I’m not understanding the ones with the tufts of fur on the belts….its almost like they are wearing a little piece of HK on them… although MR. HKH you might like that 🙂
    I just have one question, how does she blow kisses at the end with no mouth?

  6. i couldn’t sit through the video. nope, not even 1/4 of the way. and they only just slapped on hello kitty as a tiny logo.

  7. I can’t even bring myself to watch the first bit of it. I feel for you, HKH, for having to watch the infernal thing and then listening to your wife go on and on about it.

    And Darlene, you keep talking about how “we” all love HK and hate the author of this blog. For the last time, there is no “we”! There is only you, who has apparently taken one hit too many off the old HK crackpipe.

  8. I’ve not watched the video, but if these are typical “size 0” catwalk models, they’re not this man’s dream! I prefer women with curves!

  9. As much as I am a fan of Sanrio products (I make clothes with modified characters – Imagine Hello Kitty blowing up a tank) I have to say that some of the stuff on here takes the whole HK thing waaaay to far. I mean, pageants, TV’s that aren’t worth the money, yogurt makers? why the hell would I need a yogurt maker with Hello kitty creepily staring at me as I made yogurt?

    I feel for the author, yet in a way, I think this is his own small way of actually appreciating his wife’s fanaticism with that small cat.

  10. Yes, I know, this is Hello Kitty HELL, but I do like Hello Kitty. I also have a good sense of humor and like to make fun of HK as well.

    But even I can’t watch that crap. Does anyone else find it hilarious that about a quarter of the way in apparently the glorious Kitty has chopped off and dyed some bits of other furry animals and tied it to that girl’s waist? Almost looks like a bunch of albino ferret heads. *shudder*

  11. I wasn’t able to watch more than about 20 seconds of this. The models I saw just looked like preteens playing dress up.

  12. I’m in fashion and I couldn’t watch it. it was not fashion it was tired merchandise. i did like that accessory they wore on their hip, it looked like hello kitty scalps!

  13. That was so crap. Clothes were ugly, not very well coordinated, and models were over-sexualized. Hello! HK is about being cute, and any resulting sexiness should be the completely innocent sort. You can tell this fashion show was done by westerners, not Japanese, because of how poorly coordinated the show was (both fashion wise and overall.) Japanese might have a screwed up sense of style but you can bet your mother that they’re ugly socks match will match everything right down to the designs on their fingernails.

  14. The shirts are cute. But I enjoy Kimora Lee’s bling more when she is on the “CAT” walk with her daughter Aoki and Ming. They do have hello kitty merchandise as well, just not overdone.


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