Hello Kitty Pro Wrestling

A sure sign that the apocalypse is upon us…The Kitty World Order:

Hello Kitty pro wrestling

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, in conjunction with Gente California and SANRIO Co., LTD., will present the first ever professional wrestling match for the Kitty World Order (KWO). On April 5, 2008, the cheerful Hello Kitty® and mischievous Kuromi® will meet inside the wrestling ring in a classic battle of The Good vs. The Bad. This match between these two beloved characters has been sanctioned by SANRIO Co., LTD. and PWG, and will be part of a live event that will feature PWG World Championship and PWG World Tag Team Championship title matches. The event takes place on Saturday, April 5, 2008 at 8:00PM at American Legion Post #308, located at 7338 Canby Ave., Reseda, CA 91335. General Admission tickets for the event are $20.

I would comment, but once again Hello Kitty Hell has left me speechless…

Sent in by Arlinora (via The Beat) who should actually have to get in the ring with these two for not only thinking sending me this information could be a good idea, but for also forecasting the sure demise of the world…

33 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pro Wrestling”

  1. I bet Kuromi will win. >:D

    “Evil will always win because good is dumb.”

    Kuromi will kick her a$$.

    I think they would get more people if all they wore was the HK and Kuromi mask and nothing else and were all oiled up.

    But then that’s just me and my purile sense of thought. >:P

  2. The only sure sign that the apocalypse is happening is that this blog exists and people take you seriously. The only people that should be speechless are us that have to read this drivel.

    Hello Kitty is loved by people who participate in all sports so why should this be surprising? And everyone knows that good always wins over evil. Hello Kitty in wrestling will bring thousands of new fans to wrestling. It’s a great thing and you should write that truth instead of this drivel.

  3. Darlene….kill yourself really…you need to do something with your life don’t you?…or..you need to confess that you are a fan of this blogger xD really i think so XD!!!

  4. I find this hilarious:

    “The only sure sign that the apocalypse is happening is that this blog exists and people take you seriously. ”

    Prime example being you? Maybe?

  5. i’m actually kinda surprised darlene was able to pull a word like drivel out of her powdered sugar filled craze and was able to use it in a logical sentence. she goes on to amaze me by not only using it once, but twice! good job. congradulatory half clap *cla-*

    now onto more interesting topics, i personally would not mind seeing some dark figure beating the crap out of hello kitty, but not for twenty bucks and especially not when the figure is on the same payroll. plus those little nubby fingers don’t seem to be able to cause much damage. i bet you couldn’t pop an eye out even with them being so unnecissarily large. maybe do it happytree friends style and give them weed wackers or something. then i might be more willing to fork over twenty bucks

  6. The words “Kitty World Order” are scary enough to me, no matter what it comes associated with. Makes me feel like the fear of being dominated by the kitty are real enough.

  7. The thing that I find disturbing is that the figures on the poster don’t look so much like Hello Kitty and Kuromi, but look more like Powerpuff Girls wearing Hello Kitty and Kuromi costumes!

  8. @brien: you noticed the PPG similarity too???
    Glad I’m not the only one!!!
    And phrase ‘Kitty World Order’ scares the crap outta me! See, she really is trying to take over the world…maybe Warner Bros. should come out with a new cartoon called Kitty and the Brain….
    ‘What are we going to do today Brain?’
    ‘What we do everyday Kitty, try to take over the world! Muah ha hahaha!!!!’

  9. I wonder what kind of fight it is… one of those Hello Kitty fanatics dressed up in Kitty costumes and going at each other? Guess it would be arousing…just kidding

  10. i have to say…. this is actually pretty cute..haha
    a beat down between the 2 cats??? in wrestling outfit???
    I WOULD WATCH THAT…hahahaha
    and i want to see some blood and black eyes.

  11. …the thing that scares me even more than seeing the words ‘Hello Kitty’ ‘world’ and ‘order’ in one sentence, is actually…
    …that one of my first thoughts was ‘But Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth!”

    I think I read this blog too often.

  12. This is beyond bizzarre. I personally would like to know how you talk the wife out of taking you to this one.

    Im praying this event will, miraculously, bomb.

  13. Oh wow, it’s Darlene again, commenting on another blog she claims is pointless to read yet is one of the first to comment, no doubt!

    Darlene, your obsession with this blog and possibly the writer is just as bad as his obsession with Hello Kitty merchandise- oh the mirth!


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