Hello Kitty Pikachu Tattoo

They just keep coming. Hello Kitty alone is reprehensible enough, but placing her on your skin with other supposedly “cute” characters just takes things to a whole new disastrous level as can be seen in this Hello Kitty Pikachu tattoo:

Hello Kitty Pikachu tattoo

The only positive thing I can say is at least she didn’t make a Hello Kitty Pikachu combination tattoo (the scary thing is that there is probably someone out there doing it right now…). Obviously, that dagger in the background is there so you can slit your wrists and put yourself out of misery at having to even contemplate someone would want a tattoo like this. Of course, my wife views it all in a completely different light. “Hello Kitty and Pikachu together are sooo cute together” which pretty much sums up the Hello Kitty Hell I have to live with on a daily basis…

Sent in by Kim Jong Kill who deserves a special kind of torment for thinking that putting these two characters together holding hands rollerskating in a tattoo and then sending a photo of it to me could ever be a good idea…

49 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pikachu Tattoo”

  1. I still can’t believe that you are so insulting to all the people that send you photos. You are going to be playing a different tune when they all realize what a beast you really are and stop sending them. Then what are you going to do? It’s a matter of time.

    It would be nice if you used the knife and put us all out of our misery having to rad your absurd blogs. Everyone knows all other characters want to be with Hello Kitty. It’s a privilege. Pink, Hello Kitty and roller skating all go together well making it a wonderful tattoo.

  2. I want to get really drunk and tattoo this on someone.

    I just want to. Maybe we can get darlene all doped up on Pepto so we can tie her down and I could tattoo her dumb a$$.

    Gimme a bottle of Jack and I’ll do it. I don’t have a tattoo artist’s license or whatever they need. Screw it.

  3. Oh, yes, Mari, they do…

    You know, the more I look at it, the less it looks like “real” tattoo. Reminds me of those “child-tattoos” that wash off after a while. I suppose this is for real, though.
    There’s just too much going on in the picture, like three different tattoos put together on top of each other. And all the colours!!!

  4. @Brian: God Bless you for saying you’ll never do one of these!

    @Helene: I was going to say it looked like a fake one from a gracery store vending machine but I don’t want the wearer/artist to get all pissy with me again…

    @andophiroxia: I’ll help hold her down!!!!

  5. Please tell me this is a fake one!!!! The kind that wash off after a few days, because I don’t see how someone would do that to their skin and live with it the rest of their life!

    Man when you plan on getting a real tatoo you think about it (I know I did) and if you think you really don’t get stuck with such a thing. HK is a cute character, one a few random items NOT on the skin, and pikachu???? Ugh! Could it be something more ugly that that?
    Between those two cartoon the world is surely dominated, that’s what’s going to happen the day Sanryo and Nitendo decide to merge.

  6. ITS MIMMY Because the bow is on the opposite side to kitty’s! Kitty’s bow is on the right side not the the left side, so this person got a really bad quality tattoo with MIMMY & Pikachu! haha… πŸ™‚

  7. That’s an ugly tattoo- it isn’t very well done either. The cat’s eye is all wonky, the lines are too thick, and the sword looks like it’s drawn by a sailor-moon obsessed 12-year old.

  8. That really is a bad tattoo.. My mom has one on her ankle which is pretty poorly done too. I plan on getting one though in honor of my mom! Really, I love Hello Kitty, but my mind hasn’t been warped to the point of buying my boyfriend anything Hello Kitty related… Unless I was playing a cruel, cruel joke. But you can rest easy knowing that whenever I beg and plead to buy some Hello Kitty item, he refuses… One more HK fanatic deprived of her sweet fix. I’m currently unemployed (curses…), but when I find work, that’ll alllllll be changing >:D I’ve met Hello Kitty in person at the Sanrio store at the Mall of America. THAT was a little scary.. You poor man. Hopefully I can buy out your wife’s Hello Kitty stock on eBay as well πŸ˜€ I’d love that!!!

  9. ow, those colors don’t match up at all, it hurts my eyes, and i don’t recall pikachu having such weird looking fingers.
    hmm i just checked and he does, must be the one inch thick lines everything is traced in. maybe if they keep making the lines bigger they can eventually block the whole thing out like a giant censor bar and purge the world of that evil clash

  10. ‘and the sword looks like it’s drawn by a sailor-moon obsessed 12-year old’
    ha ha ha ha rotflmaohms!!!!!
    Oh, must.come.up.for.air…..
    (sigh) that was a good one πŸ™‚

  11. Wow. Three of my favorite things in life are Hello Kitty, Pokemon, and roller skating. I did not know that their powers combined could equal something so hellish.

  12. …guaranteed if they had a follow-up tattoo, it would either consist of Hello Kitty shoving/tripping Pikachu, or impaling Pikachu on that sharp blade back there…

  13. I think it looks kawaii. Not one one for a tat unless it’s well hidden. Sanrio had Hk with Paul Frank’s monkey Julius, also with Blue’s Clues Blue, Tokidori, and proposed a limited run with Tweety Bird from WB.

  14. wow
    pikachu AND hello kitty
    double the cuteness !!!
    not so sure about the knife though =S
    still it definatly put a smile on my face =D
    best tattoo ive seen in ages !

  15. WTF!!!!!! why would anyone in their right mind put hello kitty and pikachu together. her eye is messed up anyways, and the bow is on the wrong side. really? come on now.

  16. I’m surprised hello kitty isn’t holding a knife ready to shove it in pikachus back…seeing as shes trying to take over the world, it seems fitting that she take out the competition…

  17. As well as she has been drawn onto this persons skin (there are an abundance of TERRIBLE depictions of Hello Kitty in tattoo form) I sadly have to say, this this is NOT Hello Kitty. Once again (If you’ve read any other of my tattoo comments) this is Mimmy, Hello Kitty’s sister. This just proves the stupidity of some Hello Kitty fanatics.


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