Hello Kitty Circuit Board

Today, two confounded IT technicians wandered into my office and handed me a drawer from the new rack that they were installing. Printed on the circuit board was….

I cringed with despair when people started to make Hello Kitty computer mods. This sickness only increased as manufacturers began rolling out mass produced Hello Kitty laptops (and another and another), but I figured that it had to end there. Seriously, what else could Hello Kitty really do? But, alas, as has been well established here in Hello Kitty Hell, the evil feline can always do more. For those of you not yet thoroughly convinced that Hello Kitty plans to place her face on every single product in the world, I present the Hello Kitty circuit board.

Hello Kitty circuit board

Hello Kitty motherboard

Now, not only do I have to worry about Hello Kitty being on the outside of my computer, she’s secretly Hello Kittifying the parts within as well. The worst part is that it won’t end here. I took one look at this and thought, “you know, it’s just a matter of time that computer motherboards are all made in pink with Hello Kitty’s face across them” — something I have no doubt that Sanrio is already in the process of developing and one more sign that there will never be an end to Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by E in Paris who deserves to have to suffer through unspeakable torture for not only thinking that it was a good idea in any way, shape or form to send me this, but also for instilling a dreadful fear of what I may find inside my computer if I ever have to open it up…

28 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Circuit Board”

  1. Teen girls are going to try to open up their Hello Kitty Laptops, just to see the hello kitty circuit board, then they’ll end up breaking it, and getting over charged by idiots for repairs…..

  2. @.@ oh dear… and just when you thought they’ve finished with computers…
    …pink motherboards?? well I guess it will help with identifying it… maybe..

  3. What you DON’T know is that Sanrio has sneakily installed a virus in those motherboards that, when you type in Hello Kitty, everything becomes Hello Kittified.

    Evil, man. EVIL.

  4. i’m kinda tempted to crack open my laptop and see if i find any cursed devil markings like that inside of it, but i like my laptop too much and am afraid to see if its actually there, so i will just continue to live in blissful ignorance and just pray to god that its not

  5. Who would be dumb enough to crack their laptop open to see if it’s hello kitty branded inside, this must be one of the most ridiculous item I have seen on this site with the HK rocks and the banana case.

  6. it wasn’t in a laptop – it was in a rack drawer that our IT team is installing for the new bay.

    BTW, HK is on all 40 of the drawers… scary.

  7. Okay since Holy Crap is already taken, I think a ‘Holy Snipes’ is in order…. I’m truly scared now!
    I agree with Liz, who the hell is ‘Mandy’?

    Also, folks, not only will the boards be pink but all the little dodads souldered onto it will be in the shape of HK’s face!

  8. This is to guarantee that your computer always will provide little Hello Kitty-faced icons on your pink Hello Kitty-decorated screen, all to the sound of the Hello Kitty themesong playing annoyingly from the loudspeakers. LOUDspeakers.
    If anyone finds out who Mandy is, please tell us all! I’m sort of surprised it didn’t say ‘Darlene’…

  9. You completely misrepresent how everyone would react to finding this. This would be the best surprise to find ever! it’s great that Hello Kitty is always inside all of us. Even when she appears not to be around, she is always with you. That is why everyone loves Hello Kitty.

    Why do you always have to badmouth everything? Can’t you ever say anything positive? The people that read this are tired of you saying negative things and not telling the truth. It’s getting so annoying.

  10. “Even when she appears not to be around, she is always with you. That is why everyone loves Hello Kitty.”

    really….that’ very scary!!…you freak!!! really DARLENE!!! you most die like hello K!!!! xD

    P.D: I like Chococat XD!!!

  11. i see in a not so distant future an OPEN hostile takeover of the global world. and we can all now know where the computer virus to eviscerate (yes i know i probably didn’t spell that right, i’m too tired to properly go check it up no matter how simple it may be) all our precious data files will originate from while they roll out the fluffy pink carpets on the stairwell to a global hello kitty hell…
    i think i’m gonna enjoy my last few years. anybody got a smoke?

  12. ‘it’s great that Hello Kitty is always inside all of us.’ -darlene

    So….what Darlene’s saying is that she is a factory-made computer enhanced cyborg?
    That expalins A LOT.
    @Jesse- see what you did, you said her name and she came! Shame on you!!!! (he he)
    @ghost- as scary as that sounds I can picture a horrid furture like the ‘Terminator’ movies, only all the robots are HK & Sanrio charaters come to kill all the humans!
    Damn! Forget the smokes, anybody got a really big bong????? πŸ˜‰


    im willing to bet all my money on paypal that Darlene has branded every single blog on this website with her completely retarded comments!

  14. You should install that card on a Pentium 75mhz era Compaq Presario. They had the Predator’s head silk screened on there. That should keep the kitty in line.


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