Hello Kitty Build A Cake

If you live in Hello Kitty Hell, eBay is by far the worst website ever invented. Not only did it make my entire Hello Kitty Hell possible, but it constantly brings more of the evil feline to my door on a daily basis such as this Hello Kitty build a cake set:

Hello Kitty cake

Once again my wife is going on her Hello Kitty food kick where she thinks it would be a great idea to have all our food Hello Kittified. This, of course, is a nightmare within Hello Kitty Hell, not to mention a heart attack waiting to happen. Combine that with a Hello Kitty fanatic on a 24/7 sugar buzz and it’s far worse than you can ever imagine.

In the past the only thing that has saved me from the most horrendous gastronomic hell possible is my wife’s concern about her weight (if someone can invent a product that convinces Hello Kitty fanatics that Hello Kitty makes them fat, you would have the undying gratitude of every person living with a Hello Kitty fanatic) and I have my fingers crossed that this will once again be my ultimate savior. Even if this ultimately plays out, it still means several more days of Hello Kitty food like this which in itself is Hello Kitty Hell…

56 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Build A Cake”

  1. looks like cookies…. I do not think it will actually hold up if it is made out of cakes…

    Interesting product. Never would have thought that stuff like this actually exist though…..

  2. I don’t know… It doesn’t look too bad. I mean, at least it’s not Pink right?

    Maybe my judgment’s clouded because I’m sorta hungry right now, but the Concept of Build a cake, although a bit bizarre is kind of neat.

    Would be better if the Cake weren’t Hello Kitty, but in this particular case it doesn’t seem so bad. I mean, you can enjoy Biting the head off Hello Kitty right? or eating her limbs and rendering her a lifeless torso. It could be fun.

    Although, if all your food looked like Hello Kitty… that might be a bit creepy.

  3. Well look at it positively, at least you can eat Hello Kitty and rip her head off, which should give you a little satisfaction in your misery.

    I should get something like that to make homemade doggie biscuit for my dog and enjoy seeing her chow the kitty down πŸ™‚

  4. I think this cute, which is why I sent one into him too πŸ™‚
    I mean this would be a cute thing to give a HK lover, right?
    This is one of those things that could be deemed usable, but still kinda useless unless you really have a reason for it….

  5. You know, eventually Sanrio is going to market a large enough variety of healthy foods that you’ll have no way out.

    Bask in the fact that the healthiest thing she puts out is a banana for as long as you can.

    (I don’t think I could actually utter the above sentence with a straight face in any other context…)

  6. even if you did eat that Hello Kitty cake (which look like a cookie) that fact she’d be inside you would be very disturbing……

  7. hmmm i guess you could get a little joy out of eating the kitties head and all but still too much work to make a dumb hello kitty cake/cookie

  8. Come on, guys. If many people are positive about this product, there is little room left for darlene to defend the product.
    But I have to admit that this product is something hard to criticize.
    Of course, things would be different if the cookie is pinkish one.

  9. Well, as far as being Pink, that’s a matter of what cake mix you use. at the very least the cake cutters (cookie cutters?) are pink.

    Still, as long as he doesn’t have to actually make the cake then eating it wouldn’t be so bad would it?

    Worse comes to worst he can always use the thing to make Hello Kitty Baked Alaska. Seems like a fun food to set on fire.

  10. Hello Kitty aside, that cake mold is actually pretty awesome. Great conceptualization!

    <3 Hello Kitty anyway. (I’m a modest fan, no fanatic here)

  11. u can at least limit your hkh by saying how too much hk limits your exercise & movement & thus take years from your life.

  12. this is a cookie cutter…
    i was actually thinking about getting it…haha…
    and it comes with the shape of winnie of the pooh as well :p

  13. tell her the cake is to pretty for you to eat and you fell like eating it will be wrong for your conection with kitty.

    kitty geeks dont hear anything you say as long you say that the cat is cute.she will love you even more for respecting and not eating the kitty cake.jajajaja

  14. Since Darlene has not commented on this yet, I think I’ll do her comment for her.

    “Blah, blah, blah, HKH is a bad man, blah, blah, blah, HK is awesome and godlike, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, other repetitive and useless comments, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

    Well, did I get it about right? LOL

  15. you forgot the “any real man would be proud to eat hello kitty as she will fill you up with with love and happiness”
    ^^ rofl

  16. OMG, you guys are too funny!!!

    “Worse comes to worst he can always use the thing to make Hello Kitty Baked Alaska. Seems like a fun food to set on fire.”
    ROFL!!!!! Awesome idea!!!!!

  17. I would’ve known someone as ignorant as you would try to make something delicious AND cute look like crap. Hello Kitty was made to remind people how sweet life can truly be, in anyway possible. if you can’t accept that, keep it to yourself.

    And bear_1, just because i dare to stand out and be a HK fan and proud instead of you clones who agree just so you won’t be mocked by others doesn’t mean i say useless things. Take a dose of individuality and call me in the morning.

  18. Have you noticed that you keep coming over here screaming on how this site sucks and/or how horrible it is and no one really cares about what you say because you JUST MIGHT NOT be taken seriously as a result of you being obsessed with this site that mocks Hello Kitty?

    I would call that the definition of insanity.

    I am actually surprised that you responded directly to ONE of the people involved here. You must have grown some hairy nuts underneath that pink petticoat of yours finally. Or perhaps it’s that HK passive-aggressiveness of yours of being a wonderful wife always reminding, always reminding, cackling about the virtues of Hello Kitty.

  19. I’ll be damned- Darlene actually responded to something one of us said! Has HK hell actually frozen over? Or did I just strike whatever HK-encoded nerve no one else has been able to? πŸ˜€

    And Darlene, you DO say useles things, because you never try to come up with any kind of intelligent argument, but say the same things over and over and over again. And most of those things have nothing to do with what we’re talking about! And for your information, I was oppsed to all this useless HK crap long before I found others that were. And how exactly are you being an individual, what with all the other Sanrio-loving crazies out there?

    And P.S.- The ONLY reason I’d ever call you would be to tell you that men with HK straightjackets are coming to take you away, so there! πŸ˜›

  20. oh
    bear-1, i must solute you, you actually made the darlene monster respond to a comment about her, i’m awestruck

  21. I don’t think that was the real darlene. She never responds to anyone and her name is darlene II. I dread the thought she has a twin out there.

  22. Darlene II does show some relationship to the original. I mean, I said something positive about the concept, and that got totally ignored.

  23. darlene II:

    I would’ve known someone as ignorant as you would try to make something crappy look delicious AND cute. Hello Kitty was made to remind people how empty, vacuous, and devoid of meaning life can truly be, in anyway possible. if you can’t accept that, keep it to yourself.

  24. darlene II (and maybe Alex):

    o.O Since when has the PRETEND picture (NOT EVEN A LIVING CREATURE) to make RICH MEN RICHER been imbued with divinity??

    (To review; HK was made by MEN. These MEN manipulate a FEMALE character to give THEMSELVES a horrifically huge amount of MONEY. I think this means HK represents sexism, imperialism, and capitalism in its worst form)

    If a pretend drawing, that never lived, makes life bearable, then may I introduce you to Cymbalta?

  25. I think MIZ VTPPGLVR and a fw others above are angry uptight woman and men. Get over it. Hello Kitty doesnt cause liver failure. She makes people happy in a puree and simple way. Anyway Capitalism is STILL the basis of American society, if you HATE it SOOOO much, get out. Or float on a boat in international waters and get eaten by a shark. he he he

  26. @VTPPGLVR: Actually, the creator of Hello Kitty is a WOMAN… the sexism I don’t get…the rest I agree with:)

    And guys remember; there are three ‘Darlenes’…. the good, the bad, and the insane….you pick which one is talking above πŸ˜‰

  27. There are three: Darlene, Darlene II, and Darlene (whose name appears in red) she’s the sane one we like. They’ve all appeared in posts over the last two months.

  28. MHK, the fact that HK was created by a woman doesn’t mean that the majority of Sanrio’s marketting and licensing departments (the ones I have issues with) aren’t salarymen!

  29. MHK, I’m down with that. I just wanted to remind everyone where my issues actually lie, and it’s not with the Anime I’ve never seen (and feel no great desire to see).

  30. There’s a book called the Hello Kitty Billion Dollar Phenomena which could make the haters weep. The Sanrio founder, Tsuji, based Sanrio on 2 American concepts, Hallmark and Disney. He worked hard on American licences to get Snoopy for the Japanese market, and later hired a female designer out of college to design Hk. She did inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s feline sketches. Good old Walt gave us Disneyana. Franchising everything, who hasn’t seen Mickey Mouse sheet, luggage, stationey, and theme parks globally? Also, there is a another Japenese cat called Doraemon which is pretty popular. Hello Kitty doesn’t have a tv station like Disney’s ABC.

  31. Ya know… your wife can make it a low-fat cake… Because she’s the one making it and therefore she can put whatever ingredients she wants in it right??

    Oh dear if she comes to that conclusion of what I came up with… >.>;;;

    Ok I better keep my mouth shut in case your wife sees my comment

    But whoa… Interesting…. Would be funny if Hello Kitty was chocolate cake XD


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