Hello Kitty Cocaine

You knew that it was merely a matter of time. Was there really any doubt that we would eventually confirm that Hello Kitty is dealing cocaine?

Hello Kitty cocaine

This is what Guatemalan anti-narcotics police found when they seized 1.2 tons of the cocaine on its way to Mexico on April 13th. Now, this really should not come as a surprise to anyone. Cocaine and Hello Kitty display an awful lot of the same properties when it comes to addiction so combining them together probably seemed like the perfect move for Sanrio. If you have ever had to deal with a Hello Kitty fanatic in your life, you already have wondered if they were high on something whenever Hello Kitty is mentioned.

Actually, upon further reflection, this is probably the worst thing that could ever happen. Seriously, can you think of anything more Hello Kitty Hellish that a Hello Kitty fanatic on cocaine…?

First sent in by Jamie (along with many others after that), who all deserve unthinkable torture for thinking that showing me this combination (and thus showing that there are new depths to Hello Kitty Hell) could ever be a good idea…

59 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cocaine”

  1. What is wrong with you? I get a headache from all the rubbish you blog. Hello Kitty does not do cocaine!!!

    The only reason that there are photos of Hello Kitty on the cocaine is that drug lords know how much Hello Kitty is loved by every one. They are trying to use Hello Kitty in a bad way to sell more drugs and there is no way that Sanrio would ever approve of this. You should be ashamed of yourself for pretending like this is something Hello Kitty would support when she never would. It shows that you have no conscience and that nothing you say should ever be believed.

  2. This is just another scheme from Sanrio guys 🙂 They first associate HK with drugs, then they open HK rehab centers all over and take the world over.
    Now that’s a creepy thought huh?

  3. Darlene, I know you don’t read, or at least care, what anyone else says, but if a blog makes you ill, “STOP READING IT!!!”

  4. “I get a headache from all the rubbish you blog.”

    Darlene, I get a headache over the touchy-feely the-world-loves-Hello Kitty crap you spew!
    If you don’t like it here, then go far, far, FAR away, please!

    I wonder if all the Rehab Centers will be pink, red and white and have HK theme muzac playing all day & night…that’d send me right to the Hello Kitty funny farm!

    This makes me think of a pretty infamous song: “…Drivin’ that Train, high on Cocaine, Casey Jones you betta watch your speed… trouble ahead, trouble behind, and you know that notion just crossed my mind…” yeah, that’s gonna be stuck in your heads now ain’t it 🙂
    (sorry, it’s Friday morning here and my brain is revolting 🙂

  5. to darlene:

    I just want you to know its nice that you love HK sooooooo much and i’m sure she feels the same about you, IF SHE WAS A REAL CAT WITH A BOW AND NO MOUTH, unfortunately I’m here to inform you that Hello Kitty in no way has feelings or even cares about you she just an icon/ logo that got famous.

    Sorry (not really),

  6. OMG! This is so funny. I do love Hello Kitty (sorry), but this is hysterical. My boyfriend can totally relate . . . I sent him a link to your site to show him that he’s not alone. Maybe you should form some kind of support group! Keep up the great work!

  7. okay DARLEEN~!!!! u might be considered a mongaloid for likeing the character so much u refur to it as “her” like she can here you talking….?? i purchased a hello kitty lunch box in japan town a while ago, the box was locked with a key when i bought it so i had no idea of the contents….

    when i opened this little box, i found a necklace with a mirror inside of it, a tissue box, and a little air tight container for… what?? kitty earings??? i think not… i think the tissue box was for wiping my nose after i blew a line off of the pendant mirror.

    i did, it was great.

    u should try some coke and maybe you would see the light too..

  8. “This makes me think of a pretty infamous song: “…Drivin’ that Train, high on Cocaine, Casey Jones you betta watch your speed… trouble ahead, trouble behind, and you know that notion just crossed my mind…” yeah, that’s gonna be stuck in your heads now ain’t ”
    Yea it was. I had to go find my Grateful Dead album and listen to it.

  9. How did we go from Hello Kitty on cocaine to the Dead?

    Ahhhh, the Dead, saw em once with Duane Allman- met Owsley before he went to prison and had a fabulous time. You can hear the show I heard and read about it by clicking on my name.

    Cocaine is actually in COMPETITION with Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is far worse than cocaine- because it priced to fit ANY budget. Have a quarter? Buy a box of HK candy in Chinatown. Got 20 bucks? Get a purse. Got 10 grand? Get the solid gold Sanrio coins.

    You can’t start on cocaine without some cash. Hello Kitty – your change will do!

  10. @ManduhPanduh & jennster: Glad I could make you laugh!
    That was like the first dang thing that popped into my head after I got done laughing my bottie off 🙂

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  12. So this is what the worlds come to……. This makes me believe that:
    2.) Sanrio’s 5 Step Plan to World Domination.
    Step 1: Introduce Hello Kitty (done)
    Step 2: Make plushies and cute things to get kids interested (check)
    Step 3: Create cartoon and more products (worked like a charm)
    Step 4: Slap Hello Kitty and her friends faces on every product known to man,some . known to animals, create products that have to do with her and friends (almost Done

    We also must defeat Hannah montana in her conterdicting conquest (we might give . her britain and the UK though)

  13. If HK’s drug of choice is coke, Afro Ken must be into psychedelics – that would explain the multi-colored hair (unless he’s gay AND into tripping).

  14. “Comment from brien
    Time: April 17, 2008, 8:48 pm

    Hello Kitty has no mouth. But, she does have a nose.”


  15. Thats messed up hello kitty
    is even adored by drug dealers
    what a shame..wonder if they also
    haver Hello Kitty Weed…

  16. of course hello kitty doesn’t do cocaine darleen!!! she’s a cartoon character! even if she wanted to do cocaine… she couldn’t!

  17. Hello Kitty is a cartoon character. She is a 2D image drawn up by geniuses of businessmen who knew the best way to suck money out of pockets. Hello Kitty cannot “support” anything because she is not a living creature.

    And I really really hope Darlene is actually someone pretending to be the ultimate Hello Kitty fanatic, because the alternative would be too sad for the world.

  18. Going off the picture, i wanna know when HK became a gay commi?… i love her little Che uniform with the communist star in the back and to throw you off a little they have the rainbow like “don’t worry, whats in this package is fun and you’re going to love it”… sweet, where do i sign up?

  19. Wow. This reminds me of the time I had a tin of hello kitty altoids and my boyfriend snorted the powdered sugar with pink candy crystals left over at the bottom on a dare. xDDD

  20. Darlene, you give us a headache. unfortunatley, that doesnt mean you will stop spouting such rubbish as “loved by everyone” Do you even READ this blog? Wuite obviously, she ISN’T loved by everyone.

  21. It’s also a plausible thought, Cyn. Unfortunately. The Kitty-apocalypse is closing in.

    You’d be able to get HK LSD tabs, so HK DOES support drugs. She is a drug-fiend kitteh.

  22. if you dislike hello kitty so much why do you spend so much time researching her now i thinkl you like her more than your wife. and you can shove the coke up your fat #@$

  23. DARLENE you sound like an idiot… we are not stupid and we know sanrio doesnt support this one thing or others but who cares… its a blog about a guy that doesnt like hello kitty and his goal works he gets you(hello kitty fan) pissed off lol… you are an idiot darlene and I love this blog im a fanatic of hello kitty but this blog rules


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