Hello Kitty Burning

There is just something about this photo that I like:

Hello Kitty burning

I guess it’s just nice seeing the evil feline enduring her own Hello Kitty Hell every once in awhile (plus it shows a fantasy that I have on a daily basis, albeit on a much, much smaller scale)…

Sent in by Kate whose brother was behind this little bit of Hello Kitty destruction and who I owe a beer if our paths should ever cross…

Update: Video! Even Better

Thanks to andophiroxia in the comments for pointing this out and who also gets a beer on me if our paths should cross for bringing a double smile to my face today…

81 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Burning”

  1. I watched this video before and I sort of feel gutted.

    Not because I am tragically sad that HK burnt to death, but I bet that stupid paper thing probably cost him like $25 or so because Sanrio likes charging a lot of money for their cutesy stuff. I mean, I bought a stainless steel Kuromi business card case and it was $14, so that seemed ok, but some of the other crap like portable drinking mugs were $17.

    Of course I would love to see that retard darlene throw a fit. She’ll do so predictably… >:)

  2. Another few nights on the couch with the HK sleeping bag are in your future if your wife notices the picture or the vid MrHKhell LOL!

  3. Hurrrr. My sister brought my intarwebs fame!

    It wasn’t expensive. It cost as much as a bit of paper and the ink require to print it. The true price was the fiddly construction process.

  4. I’m the one who had the honour of holding the lighter in that video, and I can reassure andophiroxia that it did not cost any more than the effort of googling “hello Kitty papercraft”, the cost of the paper, and about FOUR HOURS of cutting and sticking.

    It was worth it.

  5. This should not be attempted indoors without proper Personal Protective Equipment and notification of the local fire authority. Toxic chemicals can cause hallucinations when airborne in the form of smoke, infecting others in the vicinity with cute, so use caution. Never burn your Hello Kitty collectables in close confined spaces and without planning an appropriate escape route.

  6. Great job with the website. I don’t like/dislike Hello Kitty but you really are doing a great website. Love the banner.

  7. @jenine – it’s not funny at all….it’s freaking AWESOME!

    I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised she burned at all. After all, a little fire shouldn’t affect the Devil, right?

  8. It shows your complete lack of character that you enjoy watching people torture and burn the innocent. This is how Nazi Germany started. People turning to hatred and abuse of the innocent. And you, Mr. HKH, are directly responsible for this. See what your nastiness has done? It has encouraged those to hate who would never do so if you didn’t have this stupid blog up.

    You may be proud of yourself at this moment, but history will judge you and being an evil person.

  9. Yes, because the burning of an inanimate imaginary cat is
    equivalent to the death of 6 million+ people, right?

    Obviously she’s a troll because truthfully? No one can be that idiotic.

    I think it’s time for some people here to grow up and realize that the thing that they are idealizing is NOT REAL.

  10. it is sad when a cartoon character is so exploited that seeing a video of it burning actually makes me smile. My salute for doing this without large cost to you moneywise.

  11. Hilarious 🙂

    And Darlene,should I suggest you to get a life? Because maybe you didn’t realise but this is a Hello Kitty HELL blog, so bashing the kitty is expected here and no it’s not evil, this blog is a public service exposing the wickedness and ridiculousness of Sanrio.
    When I see videos like this I think : Justice is served. Because the kitty’s attempt to rule the world and suck money out of us is not going to be completely sucessful as long as there will be such “Nazi” act (whatever this mean in this case)

  12. @ darlene:
    I love Hello Kitty a lot but c’mon do you remember how up in arms people got when PETA did their Holocaust/factory farming comparison? and that was even comparing it to living creatures! Do you really think that anyone should be comparing a piece of paper to the tragedy of what the Nazi’s did? You have some serious problems. I am going to just keep thinking you are a fictitious persona made up for this blog so I can more easily deal with you ignorance.

  13. Okay, I’m not even going to try to spoof darlene’s comment this time, as I’m too freaking furious right now after reading it… Only someone with the brains of a rutabaga would compare HKHell with Nazi’s… I am German, my family moved to the states well before Hitler started his insanity. I take severe offense to darlene’s comments.
    Darlene, you should be ASHAMED of your comments, as well as your stupidity to even bring it up! You are a moron!
    I’m beginning to think you are over privileged 12-year-old who just learned about Hitler’s reign so that’s all you know to talk about, please, get a new hobby and stop talking about stuff you know nothing about!
    If I were Mr. HKH I would ban you for life!

    As for the video and all the ‘sane’ people’s comments, we rock! 😉

  14. Fire safety is everyone’s business darlene. As a Hello Kitty collector it is important for you to understand what could happen if you accidentally fell asleep with a joint burning, and it ignited your Hello Kitty bedspread. Videos like this are providing a public service.

    Trust me, fire related Hello Kitty injuries are on the rise around the world, and our sponsor was just doing his part to warn the world of the dangers of mixing flame and Hello Kitty. It could happen to any Hello Kitty fanatic, and I personnally don’t want to turn out on-scene to see a Hello Kitty collection fully engulfed (with a house wrapped around it partially involved). Imagine the dose of cute that would be unleashed on the world…the trail would encircle the globe three times. Wouldn’t Hello Kitty gladly sacrifice herself to save the life of a human being? Or did I become a firefighter for the wrong reason?

    Change must be demanded from Sanrio! Nothing says love and happiness like good old fashioned Nomex stuffed with asbestos!

  15. I wonder, does she yell ‘Nazi’ at every 5-year-old’s birthday party when the parents light and the kid blows out an HK birthday candle… freak.

  16. How about when they string up and bash an HK pinata? 😛

    @kate: Your family is lovely. Kudos to find an inexpensive way to go ahead and take your anger out on HK! People like Luke and Anya are quite awesome. 😀

    @kellyjanice: Yeah well, welcome to darlene’s world.;;; However, yeah what a great allegory you made!

  17. Nice! I’m surprised that so much work went in to making it, but at least you know how to make paper sculptures to burn. Next up… Hello Kitty’s friends!

    Darlene is a troll… a vial, disgusting, pathetic troll. I hope you read this you ugly excuse for a piece of crap… stop wasting our precious air and go live on Mars.


    lol, wow. like. whatev, lmao.

  19. man, you are the biggest whiner I have ever seen. If you don’t like Hello Kitty, fine, stfu and keep it to yourself. Devoting a whole blog to it is a complete waste of time. Do something important with your life. God, this is so lame.

  20. @Kitteh!!:
    Perfect timing!!!
    I couldn’t have said it better myself!
    I’d say that’s a little 12-year-old in need of a serious butt blistering!
    Lame? who ther hell says ‘lame’ anymore? Didn’t that go out with the ‘like’ phase?

  21. Thank you!!
    The only 2 people I know who’ve ever said “God, this is so lame” in the last several years still think Dawson’s Creek is “in”! I mean, unless you were in lust with one of the cast, Dawson was never in!! Actually, was it even in rather than tolerated if you were in lust with one of the cast?

  22. I wasn’t so much in lust with any of the characters as much I was in love with the idea of being in lust with anyone at that point in time when the show was on…
    get all that???
    I basically was the same as the character that Katie Holmes played…typical tomboy 🙂
    I remember when I was like 10, saying like a lot, but them that was the 80’s…

  23. @ andophiroxia:
    haha i actually love hello kitty, that is why my brother burnt it! But even I can’t understand some of the hello kitty stuff there is. Especially like the love hotel or whatever it was.
    That is just plain weird!!

  24. @kate:
    Yeah well, I’ve been noticing that by default almost anything from Japan seems on the face to be totally innocent, but dig down deep inside those layers, you’re going to find something horrible and perverted. Now, there are perverts everywhere, but Japanese perverts seem to take it to a different level.;;

    I’m going to take mhkitty’s literary school now.



    Girl, you are one of the dumbest I have ever seen. If you don’t like Mr HKH’s site, then don’t go there, stfu and don’t bother wasting electrons and space as no one will care about anything you say and will most likely mock you for it. Devoting any sort of time to anything that you supposedly don’t care for makes you so lame. Please do something important with your life; like driving and walking, and maybe even going to school. God, you are 10 years old.

  25. @andophiroxia:
    It is seriously perverted!
    Good comment to bethany, why do people visit sites if all they are going to do is moan about what subject the website is on! What I’m wondering is how did she even find this website if she didn’t look for it.

    Also, I do have another picture I could send in, it’s a drawing I did a while ago…..not as good as Hello Kitty burning but it has that sort of morbid theme 😀

  26. @Kate
    Thanks! Send it to Mr. HKH, I don’t think he’d mind… well, at least he would chuckle if he could. 😀

    I’d love to see the pic as well. Feel free to email me it!

    But yes, I wonder. There’s one thing commenting and disagreeing, but if you’re going to leave those supercillous comments like bethany did…at least make it original >:]

  27. Ha, ha… GO andophiroxia!!!!!
    That was like, awesome!
    I agree totally to the pervertedness of the Japanese.

    I too would love to see the picture…
    @andophiroxia, is she sends it to you forward it to me 🙂

  28. @andophiroxia and mhkitty:

    I did try to send it to andophiroxia but it said it wouldnt work, but i sent it to hkhell guy so maybe he will put it on the website 🙂

  29. MHK, odd you should say that about Katy Holmes’ character; she was the one that I (and most of my male friends) were in lust with! 🙂 If you weren’t in lust with any of the males, maybe it shows that you’re a bit younger than me?

    Kate, thanks for that. I like to see true fan art too, even if it’s pro-fan (for sense of pro) art about something I’m not wild about.

  30. @Kate

    Really? Wow, on my name has a link to my site. At least it should tell you, or you can at least copy the link location of my email account. Wierd. Try it again. If not, then we’ll try something else.

  31. Ando…, just to let you know the link works, and if it works through my work’s firewall it should work for most people.

  32. Thanks for troubleshooting. Well, you’re welcome to email me too Kitteh!!

    Sorry, Mr. HkH, maybe we could set up a chat forum? I really hate using comments for initial correspondence;;;; But then if you don’t have time, that’s all right.

    Thank you for your tolerance though. We love this site.

  33. Richard, you don’t think that little details like the facts are going to get in darlene’s way do you? 😉

  34. I think darlene and alfred should go off to an island by themselves and have their little way with each other until oblivion.

    However, I vote that they should get spayed and neutered first.

  35. “It shows your complete lack of character that you enjoy watching people torture and burn the innocent. This is how Nazi Germany started. ”

    hello kitty is not a ‘people’ + i’m pretty sure she’s not a german kitty either..
    although i really woudn’t be suprised.

  36. @darlene

    Nazi connected to HK burning?? hmm… well lets see… Nazi killed 6 million jews, who, by the way were REAL people and this video is about burning HK who is NOT REAL!!
    darlene… you have a messed up mind

  37. Darlene

    Why in Hello Kitty Hell would you even consider comparing the deaths of millions of jewish people (like Gene Simmons), to the very excellent…. Art of that video. May Hello Kitty feel the wrath of God, and be eaten by Hello Greyhound.

  38. -Laughs- wow that kinda cool
    i like this picture.. i wish i could
    do that to all of my sister’s HK stuff
    but life’s unfair..

  39. apparently whoever shot this video could burn $30 on a hello kitty toy but couldn’t afford to fork up the cash for something solid to set his camera on.

  40. @ J:
    No. Being the sister of the person who shot the video I feel I should be the one to tell you he built the hello kitty thing out of PAPER for FREE.

  41. Ah, vell vell the trees had to die for the paper…could it have been recycled? But, well, Japan was a Axis ally to Germany is the closest Hk gets to Nazism with regards to burns. Hitler revealed his intent in Mein Kampf for genocide. Burning an effigy, not in the same cat-egory but they are Hk happy bday sets.


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