Hello Kitty Skeleton Butterfly Tattoo

What, exactly, is it with Hello Kitty fanatics, tattoos and combining things that never should be combined? (Plenty of examples for your torment). Let me introduce you to yet another one — the Hello Kitty Skuterrfly tattoo:

Hello Kitty skutterfly tattoo

You know those movies where the virus they were developing goes horribly wrong and terrible things begin to happen? I think that is what happened with Sanrio. In their attempt to develop the perfect Hello Kitty virus, they made some mistakes along the way which accidentally got out into the public. Sanrio wanted the virus to infect everyone so that they would want to get Hello Kitty tattoos, but somehow the virus instead infected the brain into thinking Hello Kitty combination tattoos were cool. Of course, we all know that when things like this happen in movies, humankind is completely obliterated which seems a pretty good prediction considering all the Hello Kitty crap out there.

Of course, my wife thinks that combinations tattoos are great because “they combine the love of Hello Kitty with the other things they love which shows an abundance of love.” The mere fact that I was able to to listen to my wife say that sentence without showing the least hint of physical illness (outwardly at least – I even managed a serene smile of acceptance on my face no less) pretty much is a telltale sign that I have lived in Hello Kitty Hell far too long…

Sent in by Crystal (warning – if you go to her site, turn off the sound on your computer – you have been warned) who I would suggest some horrible punishment to for ever thinking that sending me this photo could be a good idea, but seeing that she already has that tattoo, I’m not sure there is much more punishment that can be given…

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  1. This is very nice, just doesn’t look very much like Hello Kitty…
    But, that being said, I DO think it looks nice-so nobody give me any crap today!

  2. The butterfly bit’s nice sure; I’m not sure the HK skull isn’t too big relative to the butterfly (meaning I think it would look even better if the ear points were lower down the upper arm than the forward wing tips, the jaw line about where it is, and the rest of the skull and bones reduced in proportion).

  3. It was originally going to be a chest piece, but I think the arm was a better place to put it. I love it. Though it may not be exactly the hello kitty “shape”…ears to high or whatever… it works for me. He did a great job on the color too.
    Its def. not going to be my last HK tattoo. Thanks for posting! 🙂

  4. My brain is torn in half here. It looks great the tattoo, but on a certain level I feel sort of crushed and smashed inside.

    I makes me feel very many conflicting feelings….

  5. I think the tatt is awesome!

    Who cares if you would rather have it a different way or proportioned differently. It’s not on you!!!

    I’m sure the person who has it completely loves it and that’s all that matters.

    I think its very unique the way all the different elements were incorporated. I’m sure pink, purple, hello kitty, and butterflies are all her favorites!

    Good Work, sexy tattoo.

  6. Hello all, Crystal’s husband here.
    My wonderful wife has one flaw and that’s her Hello Kitty obsession. At first I thought it was cute but now it’s getting annoying. Last night she discovered this site and sat on here for over 2 hours, quite literally drooling. At that time, all thoughts of intimacy flew out of her head only to be replaced by images of a (albeit cute and cuddly) CAT!!!! I’m just waiting for the day she finds a hello kitty “massager”… then she will no longer need me.

  7. it is odd but not the worst thing I have seen someone stick onto themselves. I do agree that combination tattoos are getting too common really.

  8. I’m going to stick with my star tattoo for now… getting one to match my tramp stamp soon… will NOT be HK though 🙂

  9. The only thing worse than looking at Hello Kitty tattoos is looking at bootleg versions of Hello Kitty in awful combination with random s*** tattoos. I’m still a HK fan and I can’t imagine a better way to play out HK than to A: Get a tattoo of her & B: Get a tattoo of her that looks like her head was dipped in acid. Are you sure these are fans of HK getting these tattoos??

  10. Ok not my thing at all, I will stik to my little chinese character and lotus flower thank you very much, but I must admit the tatoo is well executed and has a great outline and shading.

    I like Hello Kitty to one extent, I’m not sure I would want her on my skin on a permanent basis though, and I’m not a skull and bone fan either.

  11. i do not have any tattoos and regretably my religion looks down upon it, but i like them and i think they’re cool. i won’t comment on my opinion of this one because i don’t like inciting useless fights, but if i were to get a tattoo i’d probably get like an optical illusion or symbolic image tattooed because it would give something to think about, i don’t like tattoos of just charactures, but thats about all i’ll say on the subject

  12. DUDE…your blog is highly amusing…and well coming from a HK fanatic…I feel for your wife!! LOL!! But I’m still in love with your blog too!! It’s just GREAT!!

    OH and the reason I found your blog in the first place….I was looking up HK tatoo’s because I’m scheduled to get one on the 19th!! It’s my Mother’s Day present from my hubby and kids…and guess what? My 16 yr. old daughter is getting a matching one on the same day!! I’ll have to send you pic’s!! I can hardly wait to torture you, buty adding to your wife’s list of HK tatoo’s she would like!! Our’s are going to be wearing cherry blossomed kimono’s!! I’m so excited I can hardly wait!! LOL!! I look forward to reading more about you!!

    Oh and have fun going to look at my site…my MySpace…it’s highly decked out with HK!! I design each of my HK layouts personally!! I LOVE IT!! More torture for you!! LOL!!

  13. Nope, I don’t have any tattoos, but my brother is a coloring book and I quit going out in public with him when he no longer resembles my brother but an ink blot.

    That said, meh. I don’t care for this one. She does, and good on her. It’s interesting and for a change I’m happy enough to be able to look at a tattoo and no have to pick it out from the gobs of other ones trying to capture the same space. This is certainly better then the zombie HK posted a while back.

    I will let someone else touch the fact a parent is getting their 16 year old kid a tattoo.

  14. Dear Elle,

    WHAT???????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “MY BROTHER IS A COLORING BOOK.”

  15. Yeah, don’t know what else to call it when there’s more tats then skin. I tell him that, and he laughs and shows me his newest one. What’s worse, I intro him as “This is my bother, the coloring book.”

  16. Alfred,

    I hear Darlene is located under 1st base in Yankee Stadium. She’d like to have you sit in the front row at seat 209 for you to meet her. She and Hoffa would love to have you there.

  17. Syko:
    My deepest Symapathies for you dude….btw- there already IS an HK massager… you can find them on the right of this site in the link to the store…

    I too will not speak of the 16 year old’s parents letting her get a tattoo…except my mom would have bitchslapped me if I’d gotten one at that age!

  18. @mhkitty 1st comment

    i’m 16… and yes i would probably get disowned if i was found to have a tattoo… and it being hello kitty wouldn’t help

  19. @Puppy: Ha aha ha!
    I wasn’t allowed to get my ears pierced until I was 10 🙁
    My mom had to sneak to the mall while the Super Bowl was on! He he he…
    Sad but funny part is, my mom got her tat b4 me… midlife crisis and all….she gets a BMW Roadster and a tat on her chest!

  20. @mhkitty
    i couldn’t get my ears pierced until i was 13 XD
    and the only way i got that was because i refused to let my hair be cut [my parents want me to have short hair >_>] my mom’s only valid reason for not letting me get the piercing was because she got them when she was 17.

    your mom’s tat isn’t of hello kitty though, is it? 😛

  21. Becky, are you saying that no-one’s opinion on a piece of art except the artist (and in cases like the the “canvas’s”) is valid? It’s not like “I think…even better if…” is negative!

    Crystal, no I don’t have any tats. I don’t see how that disqualifies me from commenting on them as an art form though.

    Krissy, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!? Most of the tattooists I know refuse to work on anyone who under 18 or drunk!

  22. Well it’s so nice to see you all have an opinion on how I allow my child to have a tatoo, but it’s not something we have gone about doing lightly….she’s actually rather mature and intelligent for her age….and I have PROOF!! You see…she will be a senior in highschool at the age of 16!! That’s this fall!!! And she’s taking college level Biology right now and is getting a B in the class.

    And I’m not the parent that over reacts to a tatoo…in fact she already has her lip pierced and I took her to get that done as well!!

    And me personally…I’m an artist and I look at the art of tatoo as a great way to express what is important to you and who you are. My daughter is following in my pursuit of art as her career….and actuallly will be attending an art school after graduation from highschool so she can pursue a career in being a tatoo artist.

    And us getting our HK tatoo’s is a time for us to bond not only over our LOVE OF HK, but our love for each other and the love our Japanese heritage too! I’m half Japanese (I was even born in Japan) and my daughter is a quarter…and well….I’m here to enjoy further torture of the writer of this blog. And really I didn’t write further to get ya’lls approval for my decision to allow my daughter to get her tatoo…I’m writing to explain how important it is to both of us that we’re getting them!!

  23. I have nebbur been aybil 2 proff-rot Krissy! 😉 Oh and I have a Mr Kettle for you on line 2: something about visual spectrum reflectance.

  24. @ Kitteh!!:
    Did Hooked on Phonics work for you?
    I almost snorted laughing!

    Don’t take everything we say seriously… we just like to pick 🙂

  25. @ Krissy:
    I’m actually not against it…just I wouldn’t get a HK tattoo
    plus, I’m not rebel enough to get myself disowned that way XD…ah the asianess

  26. I think that it’s really a cool tat.

    Anyone can pick a standard HK design out of the book and have it look just like every other HK tat on every other HK fan. I commend Crystal on creating a design that represents her as well as her love of HK.

    I just don’t get the need for some of you be such dicks about it and post mean comments. Saying it’s not your cup of tea is one thing but lamenting “Why God why!?!” is just flat out rude and being an ass for ass sake.

    Seems like some people just have way too much of an attachment to a cartoon character that you can’t allow for a bit of variation on the design and just appreciate the artistic value of it all. It doesn’t have to be a perfect replication of a the image. That’s what getting a tat is all about.

    Anyone looking at it, even people who aren’t HK fans, would know that is what it represents.

  27. Angie, let me explain 2 things to you:-
    1) The name of the site is “Hello Kitty Hell”. Amazingly enough, that means it’s a site aimed at people who actually don’t like HK!
    2) If you post your piece of fan art (be it a drawing, tapestry/cross-stitch design, tattoo, scar or something else) on the Interwebnet, you are effectively soliciting opinions on it. If you can’t handle the prospect of some of those opinions being negative, you should probably go elsewhere!

  28. Now this is a tat that symbolises all that is right in the world. nothing pleases me more than representing HK as being DEAD.
    Good tat. not cute but kinda nasty.


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