Hello Kitty Portable Body Fat Meter

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell, one of the worst sounds you can hear is the doorbell. That is because there is a 99% chance that whoever is ringing it is doing so with the intention of adding yet another piece to the ever growing mountain of Hello Kitty crap that has already found its way into your house. Today’s doorbell ring did not disappoint.

It’s already been well established that Hello Kitty has produced more than her fair share of completely useless gadgets, but it doesn’t appear that this will in any way stop her from producing more. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the Hello Kitty portable body fat meter exists:

Hello Kitty body fat meter

Supposedly by gently pressing on the two silver buttons with your fingers, this device will let you know your body fat. As should be no surprise, in their marketing of it they spend 90% of the time explaining how cute and fashionable it is rather than what it can actually do and this was reinforced by my wife whose squeals of “kawaiiiii” are still reverberating around the house.

This fits perfectly into the Sanrio marketing plan. Hello Kitty produces all kinds of sickly, sweet food which the Hello Kitty fanatics buy and consume so that they then need to get Hello Kitty exercise equipment so that they don’t gain weight. This, of course, would be a great way to produce more income for most companies, but for Sanrio it is a major disappointment. Thus they have to invent the portable Hello Kitty fat meter (which doesn’t actually work, but possesses the cuteness that Hello Kitty fanatics can’t resist) so that Hello Kitty fanatics can be even more paranoid about their weight and purchase yet more Hello Kitty exercise equipment (because there is no way they are going to give up eating their Hello Kitty food). Just par for the course in Hello Kitty Hell…

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Portable Body Fat Meter”

  1. Finally a product that is valid for this site. I can see those 30 year olds sitting there with their HK stuff not realising that they are past the age where you really should be playing with HK wondering just how fat their asses are.
    What a great product …..

    ** Evil Laugh*** Ha Ha Ha

  2. What the hell is body fat meter? And how can it actually tell how fat you are just by you pressing two silly buttons with your fingers? I can’t believe people are buying this!

    I thought a scale was good enough to tell me I’m fat, I don’t need to have such a crappy thing (which I think is far from being :”kawai” anyway)

  3. Just what society needs… another machine telling us if we’re fat or not. Sheesh… it’s amazing what marketing will do to a soul. Like take it all away.

  4. It’s really sad to think people will put down thier hard earned money for something as laughable as this item is. It really goes beyond reason, but then again, HK fanatics will insist that not only does an item like this work, but vital to their collection. It’s stuff like this that allows me to bring up a great point to my husband whenever he complains about my HK collection… At least the stuff I buy actually works, in spite of all of it’s HK cuteness.

  5. @sanriobaby : I hear on that! My roommate was flabbergasted at all the HK stuff I unpacked… but made the comment that ‘Hey, at least it’s all usable crap!’ Like my HK wafflemaker, popcorn popper, phone, keyfob hanger, fan, etc… unlike this that yes, will most likely break asap!

  6. plus those things aren’t even accurate, it works with inputting some data so it can calculate things and then measure your pulse or something and determine your body fat percent or content, we use them in my gym but the teachers say they aren’t very accurate at all and there are more accurate ways of telling that i didn’t pay attentiont to because i didn’t care. so its pointless from the get go and just becomes more pathetic the farther along it goes, like why portable? so you can carry it in your purse and remember everytime you open it exactly how much of you is fat? i would not like to buy anything that insults me whenever i set eyes on it, i can only see this as a gag gift for someone you really don’t like

  7. hey hello kitty is not evil its awesome ok im scene n i like hello kitty yah soo weird they make this stuffff its going overboard but no think like that becus u dnt noe how much muney they r making

    -ps:ur kinda rite though but dont b hating on hello kitty jk lolz


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