Hello Kitty Candy

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell, you have to grab onto the smallest things to maintain your sanity…things like this Hello Kitty candy:

Hello Kitty candy

There is really nothing special about Hello Kitty candy and the evil feline has adopted making the sweet and sugary substance in her image in countless ways. That being said, I particularly like the placement of the candy stick on this one (since I have the urge to do this to Hello Kitty on a daily — if not hourly — basis) and think it would do wonders to the entire Hello Kitty image if all Hello Kitty items were to add this as part of a new design. Oh, one can dream — even when living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Marco who deserves applause for showing there is a way to improve Hello Kitty, but who also should be forced to eat this on a regular basis as punishment for reminding my wife that we haven’t had much Hello Kitty candy around the house which will undoubtedly mean I will be having a sugary diet next week…

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Candy”

  1. Is this a custom-made candy or something you can buy from a store?
    If that is made of sugar, eating such candy is definitely not good for your health. Maybe this is a plot from the evil feline to kill off people. But it doesn’t make sense as it would kill off HK fanatics but they are worshipers, which the evil feline wants to keep.
    I lost. Maybe I’m too tired to think right now.

  2. Well, you can always imagine crushing her sugary skull in your molars and then picking out the impaced remains with her toothpick, laughing insanely at the irony.

    Or you could just use a sledgehammer.

  3. i like how in the picture the blanket(?) on the back wall seems to be radiating some black malevolent forces away form hello kittys face

  4. LOL. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard because of someone’s blog in a long time!! Thanks for this.
    I for one sit on the fence when it comes towards my feelings for Hello Kitty. I mean she wasn’t really popular until I was an Adult. I used to see her all over the place in Spain…as such as I wanted to purchase items…but I wondered what I would actually do with them. Other than the pencils and such. Fast-forward a few years and my daughter starting making demands for this big-faced cat..

    Oh dear isn’t she just the cutest thing??? HK in all colors, all styles…all her friends…who could resist.
    I couldn’t, the kid ended up with all types of goodies..
    Oh but I have to admit somewhere along the line I ended up with a HK (an angel) she sits in my masterbed room. I know my husband secretly beat the fluff out of her every night!!
    Since becoming a teenager my kids obsession died off a bit…that was until just the other day. We saw a “tanned” HK….OMG…it is so adorable….$$$$$ …is going out the window as we speak…now the obsessions is in full force once again. Hence how I stumbled across your amazing blog….looking for that special piece…she just has to have!!! Keep up the fabulous work!!!

  5. You are my hero!

    Fortunately, my Kitty-Addict is my two-year-old … so I can still be selective and not destroy the bank with selections! One Hello Kitty pencil later, and my child is as happy as a clam.

    I can see future problems brewing however …


  6. They have these in the States… they are a marshmallow concoction covered in sugar… tastes like a marshmallow…so I don’t see the big deal…
    They are like $4 each too… talk about a ripoff!
    But yes, it is worth it to get to rip her head off with your teeth and devour her 😉

  7. Voivodling,

    There is hope for you! My daughter out-grew Kitty. When your little girl becomes a pre-teen, you may want to emphasize that Hello Kitty is for “little girls”. For a pre-teen, that should be enough to scare her off of HK for life.

  8. OR a great way to look at this picture would be Hello Kitty being caught in a giant spider web, preparing to be eaten by the giant HKH spider! hehehehehe!!!

  9. My husband actually bought this for me as part of my Halloween treat bag we give eachother each year. This HK candy is made of marshmellow and a hard painted sugary shell. I can honestly say that this was one of the WORST candy treats I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. It was gross and tasted really stale. Now if I were a child eating this crap, I might have a different opinion about it. It’s a shame though, b/c it was so cute. In fact, my hubby bought me 2 of them so that I could save one for my collection…

    @cinnibonbon: I went to Spain as a teen and yes, HK was everywhere. My mom got me into HK ever since I was 5yrs old and my love for HK never really stopped. I’m 31yrs old and I still buy HK stuff, but now it’s more adult themed items like the special edition jewerly, stuff for my kitchen, and yes, even the occasional pens and notepads. Even my adoring, loving hubby gets me HK stuff too! I’ve learned that no matter how old you are, if you love HK, there is something out there for you to buy. Your daughter is lucky to have a mom who will go that extra mile just to make her happy. Good luck on your search!

  10. we sell these at walgreens. they’re marshmallowy happiness. im having a baby girl and doing her nursery in all things hello kitty. its cute!

  11. I had one of those. I thought it tasted good. Though it is marshmallow I wonder what it tastes like after you set it of fire.

  12. I saw something like that in Spain, I never bought it though…I DID however buy a Hello Kitty head shaped marshmallow, but I ate it before I could take a picture of it 🙁


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