Hello Kitty Nightmare Photo

You know that game where you concentrate on some serene scene or maze and then all of a sudden a scary figure jumps out and scares the bejesuses out of you?

Well, that’s basically how I feel when I open my email from Hello Kitty fanatics (except I cry afterward instead of laugh). The latest in the long series that has done this to me was this photo:

Hello Kitty nightmare photo

Of course, my reaction and my wife’s reaction to this photo weren’t quite the same. While I jumped back falling out of my chair (much like the guy in the video), my wife looked at it, tilted her head a bit wondering what in the world could have made me jump like that from such an “innocent” photo and said, “hmmmm, I think it’s kind of sexy.” If there was ever the tiniest little doubt that I was living in Hello Kitty Hell, it has now completely disappeared…

Sent in by rhonda who deserves to go sleepless until I quit having nightmares about this photo (which should be several months at the earliest) for ever thinking that sending this to me could be a positive action to take…

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  1. Well, this scares me in ways I can not describe (at least without turning this blog into an alt.sex entry!)

    Bottom line is it’s not sexy even to a bloke who would consider any or all of blindfolds, gags, earplugs, bondage, and spanking with the right woman.

  2. The only nightmare is your writing and your constant belittling of Hello Kitty. Men fantasize about Hello Kitty all of the time because they would love to be married to someone as cute, lovely and adorable as her. This is an expression of that fantasy and there is nothing wrong with it. If you can’t grasp that, you have no understanding of both men and women!!

  3. I can’t really see it cuz of the current connection that I have.

    I would recommend probably to stave off those horrid nightmares is to get some good hardcore pron mags. Yeah, it might make your wife mad, but she’s got to consider your feelings too. XD

  4. @darlame-

    you fantasize of having sex with a white teratous cat….. (that doesn’t really exist btw)

    Congratulations! reaching a level of gross not known by humanity since Mengele!

  5. Ok… Darlene.

    That was the most obnoxious, sweeping generalization I have heard to date. I REALLY DOUBT that most men want to sleep with a cartoon CAT! That really scares me… though what’s worse is that I am sure there are some that do… yikes.

    What I’m trying to figure out is if that’s someone’s funky arm in the foreground? Is that their hand? Can’t tell because the face is scary!

  6. Darlene, I am thoroughly convinced that you are an online persona that was created to stir controversy with readers of this blog, wheter by Sanrio or for your own amusement.
    You cannot be real, I refuse to accept it. No-one is that mis-guided, notever the Jonestown followers.

  7. @ moriyah

    Wow, for once, Catherine and I would agree, but perhaps not on the same premise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You know it could be Darlene’s other personality that splintered off that is the “fighter” personality. You know Sybil and Eve had those. ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. @andophiroxia
    It would make sense! The Three Faces of Eve is a classic. Though I haven’t seen Sybil, I’m assuming it’s a movie as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think HKHs blog draws some serious crazies like the person in the photo. Wasn’t there another artistic pic with HK’s image in it? Can’t find the entry.

  9. Why am I seen as the fighter? I am just voicing my opinion. You all take things so personally… I mean if anything the Andrea Dworkin attack was horrible….

  10. @moriyah

    Yes, these “fighter” personalities are often irascible, angry, irrationally attacking others and picking fights, then retreating back into a sort of whining victimhood when called upon their actions. I think Catherine is a classic case of a personality distortion torn away from the base personality of Darlene in an attempt to shield the broken child within.

    However, integrated they would probably be an immensely disagreeable person.

    Those movies were based off actual cases. It really intrigued me on how a human mind can adapt either functionally or disfunctionally.

  11. @andophiroxia
    You’re made of win. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s so hard not to say something when given ammo….

    It may be off topic, but I was reading about Sybil and I really want to see it now — but with all the scenes included.

  12. Caption time:
    When you start looking at your wife as Hello Kitty you been in Hello Kitty hell to long.
    When you fantasize your wife as Hello Kitty when making love then you been in Hello Kitty hell to long.
    If this is your wife’s idea of foreplay you been in Hello Kitty hell to long.

    As for Darlene,
    I can tell you not all men have fantasies of Hello Kitty, I admit it has crossed my mind. Yea I thought hitting on Hello Kitty but I feel Dear Daniel would be pissed if he find is Girlfriend been playing the field. Then again how old is Hello Kitty is she about seven then that say to me stay away that a kid or 34 (born in 1974)? (ok I got a weird sense of humor)
    P.s I do have the perfect mate for you Darlene, his name is Foxwolfie Galen, he will love your Hello Kitty plushies.

    * just let you all know I am not going to lie, while people like Foxwolfie Galen exist in furry fandom he is definitely a very small but sadly a very vocal minority. It simply the media like to distort things because sex sells.

  13. Sybil was messed up. Read the book about the case. It’s really horrid. However, the records have been sealed due to the confidentiality agreement between the psychatrist and Sybil herself, both of whom are deceased. But there is a book still in print I believe.

    Eve fascinates me, because I read the book and found out there was really not a clinical or environmental reason they could see why she split. But, I guess crap happens.

    Anyways, back to topic. Yes that freaking picture is twisted enough. I think of HK and little girls, not THAT.

  14. @darlene
    i do not know a single man who wants to marry hello kitty… how unmasculine can you get! Plus she’s a cartoon!

    MrHKH i think this photo is one of the scariest things i have seen!

  15. I have to say I am truly and DEEPLY disturbed by the fact that darlene actually thinks grown men like hello kitty… I work in mostly male environment and when I wear my HK T’s on casual Friday I get the whole ‘Grow up’ card tossed about a lot.
    And I’ve had three very manly bf’s that have not liked seeing me in my HK sleepsets and nighties…
    The only way I can see a man wanting HK is if there’s a female in a lifesize HK suit and you are a convention for that sorta thing… (just saw a special on Discovery and ‘shivers’… that’s not my cup’o’tea)… anyway I cannot see any man wanting a WOMAN to wear that unless he is pedo or has unnatural tendencies towards young girls… (don’t blast me that’s just how I feel!)

  16. Well, mhkitty I guest than mean I have no chance in getting a date. It throws a wrench into a they a rabid HK fan will do well going gout with a furry rather the mr HK hell. If noting else we would not be a position to criticize you. If you came here wearing HK gear to work I would not think anything is wrong. If I say just be your self.
    As for me was a con I saw a full Hello Kitty fursuit yes my first impression is is a women wearing the costume, is she available and over 30 and not some false presumptions of pedo tendencies and urban myth and go awful reporting about furries.
    Some notes
    I know of three other male HK fans all Gay. I am probably the only straight one and it linted to my plushie collection.
    I been observing you all and might do a write up on hello kitty fandom.
    I yet to see of or know of a Hello Kitty Fursuiter. (I just check the Japanese furry convection site there is one that come close)

  17. Darlene…Just sick. SERIOUSLY. That scared the bloody HELL outta me and you say “Men fantasize about this! =D”

    …..You are the most foulest person I have seen on the internet.

    Ill tell you how hello kitty was made? PAPER AND PENCIL!

    Im 13, and I KNOW how sick you are now. You are sad. Coming from a 13 year old girl….SAD.

  18. @Catherine

    I don’t know any British people. I know a ton of English people, some Scots, a couple of Irish and one Welsh guy. NO-ONE over here refers to Britain, just as I would imagine you don’t tell people you live in North America.

  19. Hnn, it’s looks plain disgusting. If HK is wholesome kawaii, then why degrade it with puerile imagery? Sure, there are HK bikinis, panties, etc but isn’t that enough for erotica?

  20. @ darlene.
    your comments amuse me.
    i am hello kitty obsessed,
    but who in their right mind would want to MARRY hello kitty?
    are you fricken serious?
    come on.

  21. That’s just wrong. So wrong in so many ways. And I won’t even comment on the HK-ridden disease that is Darlene, because that post would go on for hours.

  22. Catherine, yes I am British, and try to not let other people using their “English language” colloquialisms in blog posts bother me, unless they’re trying to make a joke that relies on a double meaning that works in some dialects and not others.

    Generally, just how ironic is it that I say “not sexy nightmare”, then Darlene spouts nonsense about how it’s a “dream come true” before anyone else posts?

  23. @Andophiroxia

    xD thanks for the agreement. But I cant believe Ive been watching this for MONTHS and never bothered to comment.

    xD Im lazy

  24. Thank you bonny lass; you have just proved again that, whenever you think Hello Kitty Hell just can’t get any worse, it does! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Darlene, you are really functioning below what is widely considered rational thinking for most of the human race.

  26. @Kitteh!
    “Generally, just how ironic is it that I say โ€œnot sexy nightmareโ€, then Darlene spouts nonsense about how itโ€™s a โ€œdream come trueโ€ before anyone else posts?”

    I don’t know, maybe she digs you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Kitteh!! and andophiroxia:
    Aaaakkkk… I have to say that is not at all funny… just think, she could turn to stalking you or something… I shiver just thinking about it!
    But then I guess you’d rather have her than Alfred after you, right!?!?!?

    Oh and darlene just tells herself that people like HK to make herself feel better… well my question is: If ‘everyone’ loves Hello Kitty, why does everyone hate her?

  28. MHK & Andophiroxia, I do have a vacancy for a personal stalker right now: I can pretty much guarantee that whichever of you I find cuter would get the job if you both apply, with photos! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Whatever works, so the HK anime schoolgirl, or the spray-on HK ninja bodysuit, or tee-shirt and jeans would be nicely inconspicuous around where I live…

    Incidentally, given Andophiroxia’s SO, you’d be front runner now anyway.

  30. hellokittyhell @ kittyhell.com is an invalid email address. If your going to white trash hello kitty then at least have the balls to back it up.

  31. HAHAHAHAHA! That vid was hilarious!
    The photo? Scary.

    And Darlene? Get a grip. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. In fact? Write your own stupid blog and leave this one alone!!

  32. Again, sex and Hello Kitty do NOT mix!!!!!!!

    It’s pretty much Hello Kitty Porn, except that it is much more disgusting than hardcore porn(which I have seen before, despite the fact that I’m a 21-year old woman)

    By the way, crack is whack and so is darlene


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