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Mornings are never a good time of the day in Hello Kitty Hell since I never know what Hello Kitty themed food might show up in front of me. To combat this, I usually get a cup of coffee and sip it while reading the newspaper to prepare myself for what Hello Kitty food may appear before me. Until this week I always assumed that my coffee would be evil feline free. That is no longer the case since my wife has seen this photo and has set her sight on perfecting Hello Kitty coffee:

Hello Kitty coffee

There is something very wrong in the world when a guy can’t have a cup of black coffee in peace in the morning. I don’t know what is worse. That my wife is going to try and get me to drink a frothy, sugar filled coffee when all I need is caffeine in my system or that Hello Kitty will be staring at me before I’m fully awake. I have a feeling that mornings are going to be quite frightening in Hello Kitty Hell in the weeks to come…

Sent in by Linda who should be forced to drink nothing but these from now on for thinking it could in any way be a positive thing to let my wife see this and help her get the idea that Hello Kitty coffee is something that would be fun to make…

Update: Apparently one way to ruin a cup of coffee is not enough…

hello kitty faces on coffee

Sent in by jinny

Hello Kitty latte coffee

Sent in by Xenaspanky

82 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Coffee”

  1. I know how to do that, but I’m a gentleman so I’ll not say.

    What I will say is that no even half-considerate person would try and inflict cappacino (sp) on someone who has a genuine preference for black filter or espresso.

  2. That may not be so bad, but I’m a girl.

    And after a while, maybe you could have fun with it by sucking off half her face to ruin the symmetry.

    Eh, who am I kidding? If you want your coffee black, it should be well enough left alone.

  3. Ahh, I actually like the thought of drinking hello kitty, and peeing it out hours later, to then flush the toilet. xD

  4. if this was taken at a store or restaurant I never want to go there. First the coffee, then the hello kitty in the plate behind it. I kind of puked just now. >_<

  5. Oh, come on guys, it’s just a stencil with what looks like cinnamon… you can easily swish your spoon in it about once and lo-and -behold it’s gone!
    And the plate, just use your eggs or whatever that is on the plate and wipe her out…

    And yes Capuccino is a nasty and vile drink… unless you put like 3 oz of sugar into it πŸ˜‰

    I hate to say this, but I have grown addicted to looking at the store shown to the right of the screen… there are a few things I really want (and have asked for a gift certificate for my b-day or x-mas). The image where they show the little bento molds like Kitty, Bunny and Teddy are too cute…okay really someone hold me back…smack me around a little….HELP!?!?!?!?

  6. I was specifically not saying how to do it! Partly because if I wanted strong black filter (like any time I want coffee) and you gave me capuccino, you’d be risking ending up wearing it!

    I know I’m not the only one who publicised the “Help get rid of 200 items” entry on other sites!

  7. “Ahh, I actually like the thought of drinking hello kitty, and peeing it out hours later, to then flush the toilet. xD”


    You are indeed a warped little child…. That’s absolutely brilliant. > πŸ˜›

    The force is strong in this one….

  8. I know, I just couldn’t help it πŸ˜‰
    (Smiles evilly)

    I had it once at a Italian place for a business dinner… I almost spat it out, but could not without insulting the customers…so down it went…
    I cleaned the entire 1st floor of my house that night and didn’t get to bed until sometime around 4am!

  9. Lummie! That sounds like the result of feeding my usual (in good Italian places) double ristrettii to someone as light and slim (relatively speaking) as you MHK!

  10. @Mhkitty

    I totally know what you’re talking about!! Some things… just too cute!!! Pull youreself together, you’ll be okay.

  11. You are so unappreciative. Why don’t you make your own damn coffee instead of complaining about the coffee that your wife makes for you. It seems to me that if you aren’t willing to get up and make your own, you should keep your mouth shut. Your wife takes the time to make you breakfast and all you can do is complain. Typical man. Maybe if you learned to show some appreciation to your wife and the readers of this blog, you wouldn’t have to complain so much.

  12. The coffee is the least of my issues. Just give it a swirl or chuck it end of problem. I would have more of an issue going to that cafe (on my own). The just so much Hello Kitty I can take at one time.

  13. The morning coffee ritual is sacred and to screw with that is to screw with the fabric of reality, even time itself! If anyone so much as put HK near, in or on my coffee I would throw it in their lap. Lesson learned for HK’ing my beautiful (and don’t forget sacred) morning coffee.

    speaking of which…

    /walks to espresso machine

  14. @ Catherine
    I agree, coffee is far from something to be considered sacred… Well, I guess maybe if your one of those recovering addict types who now have weird OCDish behavioral patterns… Which I guess in that case would be the fabric of a pretty pathetic reality. Oh right, and don’t forget sacred!

  15. Okay, so did anyone actaully see in the above article where Mr. HKH makes his wife make him coffee?????
    I didn’t see it ANYWHERE is the article!
    I did see the phrase: ‘I usually get a cup of coffee’. Which sounds to me like he can get his own ‘damn’ coffee!

    Darlene- you are a $@#&ing liar, you keep bitching that Mr. HKH says all this sexist stuff when YOUR the one interjecting all that crap… you know I really think you need help… I’m not teasing anymore… you seriously need help… like a Phsyciatrist who knows how to deal with split personalities because it sounds like you are a VERY confused woman with a inner man lurking just below the surface….
    Seriously. GET. HELP.

  16. @SaraDane
    Hahahahahahahahaha – so true, so true

    I think the coffe is seriously cute.

    I think I agree with Darlene today. HKH get your own damn coffee and you would not have to worry about the vile HK coffee problem.

  17. @MHK
    If you are truly in HKH as you say then the first thing you see HK in the am wouldn’t be your coffee it would be your sheets, or your boxers, or toothbrush, etc.. I call BS on your HKH…….

  18. @moriyah – “to screw with that is to screw with the fabric of reality, even time itself”
    If your morning ritual is tainted the fabric or reality and time is somehow changed? I think you must have a screw missing somewhere. And, my, my such hostility over a cup of coffee.
    And you people say Darlene needs a strait jacket.

  19. Didn’t sound “facetious” when you stated….
    “If anyone so much as put HK near, in or on my coffee I would throw it in their lap. Lesson learned for HK’ing my beautiful (and don’t forget sacred) morning coffee.”

  20. I like a good cuppa joe.

    I like quality coffee and I have preferences with the coffee.

    If you guys are thinking the morning ritual is OCD and weird within itself, you should look at this:


    Civet cat coffee is where I draw the line. Maybe HK should market that as her coffee so fanatics and uber conisseurs themselves can spend about 100USD+ to have not only a pound of poo coffee, but one with a cute, mouthless, pink cat branded onto the packaging.


  21. @ moriyah
    from what I’ve seen of your previous postings you weren’t joking and your wit has much to be desired…

  22. @ Mr. HKH

    Possibly maybe tea would calm you down? Also, I found out there’s no HK -shaped teabags, nor has she bioengineered any other types of tea leaves to turn it into the HK pink.

    Also, tea gives you more of a steady lift. Not as rough.

    Better yet, HK hasn’t really infected the tea biz yet…

  23. How can you be frightened by the sight of Hello Kitty? You know she loves you and wants you to begin the day in a good mood. She has no bad intentions whatsoever.

    You should be immensely grateful to your wife for giving you the opportunity to start your day with Hello Kitty.

  24. @andophiroxia “Kopi_Luwak”
    that is just GROSS
    it did not appear to be “facetious” but rather hostile; ergo the comment that I made. Haven’t you ever heard the expression “there is truth in jest”. I am sorry if you are offended.
    Besides, why can YOU be “facetious” and not I ??

  25. @andophiroxia & moriyah:
    Ladies, looks like we got another live one here πŸ™

    Anyway, I swear the poo link was enough to kill my appetite for weeks to come…
    And I have to say, I hate coffee in any other form but a Vanilla Frapachino (sp) so I can’t relate, but I DO get mighty testy if someone were to take away my chocolate….

  26. Careful… God forbid you say anything wrong….
    The troll comments should start rolling anytime now.
    (take it from me)

  27. @ andophiroxia
    Why on this great green earth would anyone want to drink that?! Ok, so the wiki entry was detailed, but I couldn’t get past the roasting paragraph.

    @ mhkitty
    Off topic: A friend of mine loves chocolate so much that she can smell it from across the house. If she finds it, she claims it. Taking it away is dangerous to our health! πŸ™‚

  28. @Chayo: Right the first time!

    Yeah thats like me, I have stashes all over the place.. people liken me to a crack addict with my chocolate πŸ™‚

    I revise my comment- make that TWO live ones πŸ˜‰

    @Jaime: in my first comment I stated it was done using a stencil held over the drink then having a powder (ie cinnamon) sprinkled over top.
    Stencil kits (normally used for cakes) are commonly sold at craft stores but just about any washable stencil can be used…
    I have a memopad cover that would be about the size of this ‘art’.

  29. @ Binks and moriyah

    Yeah it is. The worst part is that seriously people pay about $100 for that sh!t!!! They claim the stomach acids digest the tannins and whatever that makes coffee harsh.

    I seriously don’t give a crap about how it is gentler and more aromatic or whatever. It comes out of the other end of an animal.

    Case closed!

  30. @Indiana

    Btw, the little child comment was not meant to be deragatory, it was just to illustrate that someone of your age has already displayed great skill and must become a padawan in evility…

    Join the dark side…


  31. Not what i would want to see as soon as i wake up either, but then again beside the face of the evil feline it looks good lol

    Also, for all that is holy Darlene get some help or a life OR SOMETHING

  32. what a waste of coffee. I enjoy stuff with creamer true enough but it is wasteful to put stuff in just for looks plus makes making it the perfect flavor more tricky. Just means that if HKH gets his coffee out of a coffee pot like most people then he should keep getting it out straight.

  33. I’m just glad that I drink Pepsi instead of coffee!!!!

    But if Pepsi were to get Hello Kittified, I think we’d all be screwed


    It would take a LOT more than psychiatric help to tame the darlene…………it would be best to just lock her ass up in a windowless cell and permanently destroy the key

  34. for the HK fans who dont know how to make stencils: i will make you a HK stencil for your coffee but it will cost you πŸ˜›


  35. @andophiroxia

    Good lord I will eat cup of Natto shaped in a form of Hello Kitty before I drink that ……………………………. crap.

  36. @andophiroxia

    I never thought it was a bad comment. I thought it was brilliant. πŸ˜€

    I’ll join if there’s cookies. XD

  37. one more reason not to like coffee that much, the problem is that this appear to have been done to a cappuccino which is the only coffee I might drink.
    But then a good swirl of the spoon in the cup will get rid of kitty real fast.

  38. Guys, I’m now confused. Some of you say “a good swirl of the spoon in the cup will get rid of HK”, but only by getting rid of the milk foam, which is the whole point of drinking cappiccino rather than filter with added milk (NA cream).

  39. @Indiana

    There are. Lots of cookies. Then there’s chocolates (choccies) and I think soda too. Also chips/crisps. Lots of butter and syrup as well. πŸ˜›

    Would it be truly the dark side if we had to diet? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  40. @andophiroxia :
    Oh snap, there’s chocolate too, then sign me up too!
    Oh, wait, I’m already there!!!!!

  41. That’s a horrible thing to do to coffee! I would not drink that HK-infested crap if my life depended on it.

    And what’s up with all the Darlene sound-alikes? Don’t tell me that delusional freak has cloned herself…

  42. Drink the kitty and she will be inside you forever and ever and ever.

    on another note I do not think this is a stencil but the some bariastas drawing the kitty by pouring the foam and using sticks to draw hello kitty.

  43. @Action, nope we’re right its a stencil held over the plate and coffe with, what I’m thinking is cinnamon sprinkled over it. It’s an old trick used to decorate cakes.
    You tell its a powder and most likely sprinkled/dashed over it by looking at the plate.

  44. I think you should think positive as a way that you can get some revenge on Hello Kitty- just like what you did to the toilet paper XD


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