Hello Kitty Baby Perfume

Sometimes when I see new Hello Kitty products, I think that Sanrio must actually be running out of things to Hello Kittify since there is no other explanation as to why some of these things are made. That, and the overwhelming focus that it’s never too early to indoctrinate the child masses into the Sanrio cult, is why you have products like Hello Kitty Baby perfume:

Hello Kitty baby perfume

I want to ask “why?” but cringe at the thought of what would happen if I did. Instead of understanding immediately that it’s a question that can not possibly be answered with a straight face or sound mind, Hello Kitty fanatics will spend hours explaining to me in all seriousness and with the minutest details, why Hello Kitty baby perfume is a wonderful idea. They will continue to do this until I agree with them just to get them to shut their mouth or, if I happen to be extremely lucky, an asteroid falls through the roof seriously injuring me and I’m hauled away in an ambulance to intensive care for the next 3 months, but away from the evil feline.

The company claims that Hello Kitty baby perfume is aimed at infants and toddlers with a fragrance of raspberry, hazelnut and violet. That’s like saying that Hello Kitty candy comes with “rich flavors” when everyone knows it will taste exactly like all other Hello Kitty candy: pure sugar. My guess is it really smells like pink bubble gum and contains a virus that permanently alters the brain to crave Hello Kitty (and if it doesn’t, you know that Sanrio is busily working on one that does). Just one more thing to confirm I’m living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in first by Ed (as well as many others via the scented salamander) who should have to wear this perfume on a daily basis for ever thinking that it would be a good idea to send me this photo…

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  1. Woah…I think it’s cute. But.. Baby perfume? Babies aren’t supposed to smell. (Exception to poop.)

    Babies are supposed to play, eat, poop and sleep! Not be smelling of raspberries, hazelnut and violet. I don’t mind the idea. But…still, kinda weird for a baby to wear PERFUME. Leave it to kids and adults. Not babies. >__>

  2. i can only imagine a hello kitty fanatic going too crazy with something like this and getting it in the infants face, thus in the eyes and mouth.
    it’d be torturous and possibly fatal if the infant chokes on it. horrible idea.

  3. I wonder if, when the kids develop allergies to perfume, Sanrio will come out with Hello Kittified antihistamines? Babies and perfume DO NOT go together!

  4. Uh…. Baby powder and wash are nice.

    Baby perfume isn’t. This reminds me of that story/urban legend I had heard of Marie Antionette. She had bought a farm, after she was on holiday and saw one. She thought farms were “cute” and “quaint”. So, her doting husband had one built on Versailles (I did see it) and I know that they did play at being farmers/peasants (per our guide).

    Well, the story goes is that after the farm was made, her whole retinue came over to see it and to experience it. To her dismay, she found that farms stink due to the animals doing animal things; like eating, pooping, being farm animals, you know. So, in order to make it beautified, they would dump barrels of colonge each day in the barn to mask the farm animal scent. Then they would be happy and play peasant family….

    This is the same principle to me regarding baby perfume.

  5. The bottle is ADORABLE, but it probably stinks.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with children smelling good. My little men are known for their signature scent’s and they each have chosen their own fabulous fragrance.
    Marie Antionette was a wonderful spender!

  6. Oh I don’t mind children smelling good at all. At least you know that their parental units are good at the upkeep. However, there is past a certain point of normal vanity that you can get to. It’s to an almost OCD level. We know it’s reality if you have children that you are never going to have a perfectly clean spic and span household. This goes the same if you have a pet. If you do, chances are you have trained your children well to pick up after themselves, you have a very dilligent housekeeper, or you have freakin’ OCD or your significant other does.

  7. I don’t think anyone’s suggesting that there’s anything wrong with “children smelling nice”. What we’re suggesting (or more than suggesting) is that in a World which contains fragranced baby talc and baby soaps, baby perfume is a totally unnecessary product.

    Actually, unless it’s a super expensive (chemical content, not sticker price) true perfume rather than a petro-chemical “parfam” then it’s not only unnecessary but potentially harmful, since there are people who have alergies to parfam and allergies are partly caused by repeated exposure to the allergens which cause them in early childhoood.

  8. Okay, so as long as all the right testing has been done on this then I can’t see a problem other than babies should smell like babies…talcum power and slobber πŸ™‚
    I guess if it has been deemed safe and a parent wants to make their child smell like a small adult, then it’s their decision, no matter how bad others may find it.
    I personally would not be putting perfume on my child until they are at least 5 and old enough to ask for a little Tinkerbell spritz πŸ™‚

  9. What a great idea… start putting the chemicals and crap in our babies bodies early on! Good population control idea HK!

    I always thought that babies smelled just fine after a baby bath and some love. This is just sad and I can’t believe that HK actually made this product. Then again, this IS HK we’re talking about and nothing is safe from their clutches.

  10. I think I would kill my mom if I found out she was crazy enough to spray something like this one my when I was a baby.
    That perfume stuff is just plain disturbing, even if it is safe.

  11. I used to use baby cologne… for me….
    it smells nice…..

    and i have some hk cologne somewhere in my bathroom… its not so stinky.

    …. help!

  12. darlene II, are you supposed to be imitating darlene and PRETTY much try to think of what she’ll really say in her brain? Well the simple and short question is “Are you against the real darlene”

    If so, then I’m with you, if not and you’re just here to get attention, sigh.

  13. I really am not a fan of babies, so I kind of liked the idea of baby perfume… But on the other hand, it kind of squicks me out (which is why I sent it here).

  14. Ahum. In my mommy’s words:
    You have to flaunt how wrong you are, don’t you? This perfume was made for babies to enjoy the sweet scent of Hello Kitty’s joy and happiness made into liquid in a small, cute bottle. Every family with a baby should have one!

  15. Is it just me or do others find it quite sad and disturbing that people have come to the point that they think it’s fun to adopt darlene’s name to post (darlene II and daughter of darlene).


    By the way, I thought that baby powder was enough to keep babies from being stinky.

    But then again, Sanrio will do ANYTHING to make all kinds of useless crap.

  17. i don’t know about this guys. i’m all for hk perfume (i have some for adults) but babies are supposed to smell like babies. maybe some scented baby powder but not perfume. and it’s true that babies get irritated by such things so it’s just not a good idea. it was cute though!

    there is already a lot of cool hk stuff for babies. enough for me to create a nursery. i’m psyched! if i don’t have a girl….i don’t know what i’ll do!

  18. MHK, my sis works in the bio-medical field and has taught me a little about statutary medical and cosmetics testing.
    All it does is determine whether or not the product causes objectionable side effects in a typical population, and in the case of medicines, what all the possible side effects are. It doesn’t test for “likelyhood of causing or exascerbating an allergic reaction in someone who is already sensitised” largely because doing that incurs a “danger of death”, and that’s generally considered unethical in the Western world (yes really πŸ˜‰ ).

  19. Exactly… which is why Sanrio stores in the US will most likely NOT be carrying this… and I bet if you asked a Pediatrician, they’d gasp and call child protective services.
    (Well maybe not, but I bet you’d get a big red mark on your file.)
    Anyway, as cute as it looks, I really do not think considering how sesitive children’s skin is, that any sane person would want to put this on a child… my childhood friend has a huge scar from something her mom put on her when she was little (she was an AVON lady). Try telling her that this stuff’s safe πŸ™

  20. @darlene wanabes.
    correct, i definitely agree with you.

    people should just be posting by there name, as then we will all learn to recognize who you are with consistant posts.
    darlene isn’t cool, and we don’t need more of her.
    just be yourself and say what you want to say with your name.

    on note of this topic..
    it is really said that we are going to try and put chemicals and fragrances that could be harmful into poor babies who have no say. :[

  21. Never in a million years would I do something so horrific to an innocent child!

    Plus, I was reading the lastest Macy’s catalog and there was freakin HK clothes in there! Is nowhere safe? Can I not escape this dark evil? My sister needs lunch made for her and I agree to make it and then she hands me a HK Bento box! I’m thinking that I was totally set up and yet, having already agreed, I cannot say ‘no’. Everywhere I turn the Cat of Evil is staring at me, taunting me, waiting for my will to break. I will not succumb, the Dark One will not consume my soul! Be strong HKH and know that you are so not alone in this.

    How are you doing on the toy drive by the way?

  22. I’m not sure, but she’s got a scar kinda like those people with the reddish-purple birthmarks… she was out of school for weeks… I’m not sure what it was but she was like 5 or 6 when it happened… I rememebered because my mom refused to buy any more Avon from her and she made the newspaper and was let go from Avon…

  23. @andophiroxia:
    I know exactly what you mean… my ex’s mother was a distant ‘relative’ of Mimi off of the Drew Carey Show… it was embarrassing to go anywhere with her! Once she had her gastric bypass though, she did a more natural look.

  24. Well the bottle is uproariously cute to me, but baby perfume? It may be cute for like you know special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anything a baby would be invited to that was an important thing, but not on a daily basis o.O

  25. The perfume is marketed for babies, or more realistically, children, but anyone who wants to smell sweet and not use anything heavy can wear it.

  26. Baby perfume is not a new concept, when I was a kid they used to be Barbie perfume and other brands.
    What most parents who fall under the spell of buying such crap do not realise is that they are paying cheap cologne almost the same price as their designer perfume just because it’s Barbie, Hello Kitty, and god knows what.
    The bottle might be cute, the stuff in it is way over priced!

  27. Wow. I was raised being dabbed with baby perfume up until I was 10 when I started choosing my own. Had my mother known there was a Hello Kitty one, she might have tested it out on me. I attribute my Hello Kitty obsession to her. She started my HK, My Melody, and Bad Badtz Maru madness.

  28. parents who put purfume or makeup on children are bad parents

    perfume on adults is bad enough, why subject poor innocent babies to the stuff?

    I do not wear purfume as I am allergic, so much so I get adverse reactions to being in close proximity to idiots who drown themselves in the putrid crap

    anyway, my point is, pefume is unnecassary in this day and age where we have such things as showers and antiperspirant

  29. Fragrances go hand in hand with memories. I as a child was given a fragrance that became the most endearing gift i had recieved. The fragrance will transport me to feelings of that time so very special to me. Just like a music, we wear in our very souls. I agree that in todays world and all the chemicals out there, we must be wise in our choices.

  30. It doesn’t make you smell like a baby ( if that was the case you would just have a bottle of baby crap), it supposedly gets rid of the new baby smell. Which I don’t get,because who goes around randomly sniffing babies for no reason?
    random dude sniffing babies: That one smells like crap, that one smells like crap, oooh, that one smells like mouthless cat!


  31. i have this perfume …my bf bought for me πŸ˜€ hihi …im sorry who hate hell kitty …but i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kitty do much …hahaha

  32. I dont have hello kitty baby cologne but I use magic baby baby cologne. I agree with the person that fragrances go hand in hand with memories, but also I think hey it is cute that my lil one can have a cologne like mommy and daddy have a cologne. Look we buy baby wash that smells of lavender and stuff right. So really what does baby cologne hurt. I think some people just need a excuse to gripe about something. When I was a kid my Oma(grandma) use to dab 4711 cologne on me and to this day I love the scent and remember it well and the fond memories with it. So now there is cologne specifically for babies. Well why not?? I personally love dabbing cologne on my baby after his bath. Heck I might try out hello kitty cologne. And to the person with the friend that has a scar from a avon product. Well like adults some kids have allergic reactions to things and some dont.


  34. Please do your research before you write an article, this fragrance was not released by Sanario, but by the Koto Parfums company in France.

  35. for god sake i think its a cool idea and any way most baby products r perfumed. i think people r going 2 put i part of there body no were there face.

  36. Well, it’s my first time to get into a website like this.^v^A friend of mine love HK, she only want others to give her HK stuff for her birthday, she is terrified to see these pictures.I think there’s no need to invent a perfume for babies……


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