Hello Kitty Bruise?

It’s bad enough when your girlfriend encourages you to dress up in Hello Kitty stuff (same guy as in the photos below) and humiliate yourself, but you know you’ve reached new depths of horror when you begin to see Hello Kitty even when the evil feline is not there. Case in point – the Hello Kitty bruise:

Hello Kitty bruise

Everyone gets bruises and there is nothing special about this one you would assume unless you happen to be dating a Hello Kitty fanatic:

Hello Kitty bruise

She would encourage you to take out a pen and fill in the blanks until — tada — you have a Hello Kitty bruise:

Hello Kitty bruise

This was the explanation that came with the photos: “My boyfriend was hospitalized yesterday with severe dehydration. Today we noticed that his blood bruise from the IV site looked like Hello Kitty’s bow.”

At first I assumed the “we” meant the Hello Kitty fanatic and not the boyfriend (since my wife often uses inclusive words like “we” when describing her feelings of Hello Kitty when she should be stating “I”) and I was going to give the poor guy a break, but then a closer look at the photos bring up these questions:

Why is the guy drawing Hello Kitty on himself (with a Hello Kitty pen no less)?

How come he even knows how to draw Hello Kitty?

Why doesn’t he slit his wrists instead of drawing Hello Kitty on himself since this would be vastly less painful?

The only conclusion I can come up with is that he wanted to draw Hello Kitty on himself (shudders at the thought).

I suppose this is what happens when you give up the Hello Kitty Hell fight and decide to submit to the evil feline’s power. If anyone ever sees me do anything like this feel free to grab a Hello Kitty gun (any model will do) and shoot me. I would certainly appreciate being put out of my misery…

Sent in by Suzanne who obviously has created living conditions that are far worse than anything I could ever wish upon her for thinking it could be a good idea to send me these photos…

78 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Bruise?”

  1. Wow. Just when you think Hello kitty doesn’t give pain. Now it does….In a new sorta way. What’s next…Hello kitty casts or x-rays of broken bones with hello kitty? -__-

  2. He is drawing Hello Kitty himself because he has nothing to be ashamed of. he is secure in his manhood and not even HK tattoos all over his body couldn’t harm him.

    Drawing Hello Kitty around his bruise will make people smile every time they see it – that’s how Hello Kitty makes each day brighter and more beautiful for everyone. His girlfriend was really nice to give him this brilliant idea.

  3. OMG… I think this takes the cake….
    So, wait, he got the bruise, THEN drew HK around it… Okay that’s not SO bad… I thought that pic was him bruising HIMSELF so he could sport HK’s bow… I was going to call that insane… now not so much.

    So this is the one you took the picture of on the couch in your HK stuff… glad to know you two are still together ๐Ÿ™‚

    I won’t mention the brain washing going on here… (j/k Suzanne- all in good humor)

  4. marlene? what is this? darlenes robotic army of hello kitty fanatics??

    anyhow, the bruise is a little wacky. its hard to believe anyone could look at that and think *Hello Kitty!*
    but i guess it happens..

  5. Obviously this guy has not left the closet. It has nothing to do with brainwashing and everything to do with the fact that he LOVES HK.

    I agree, clean or crop before posting.

  6. Huh. Well that’s just… stupid. What’s worse are the comments it garners. Wait… I’ve got one:

    You’re weird for drawing hello kitty on your bruise. Enough said.

  7. Him drawing the hello kitty on the bruise was a bad idea, he’s encouraging his crazy girlfriend’s behavior.
    Any guy that is a hello kitty lover needs to have his manhood removed… slowly and painfully.

  8. I call thee Male Kittyler

    I just going to come out and say

    “We accept you! One of us! One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble”
    For me part furry lifestyler part I know I am touching forbidden fruit. Sleep tight MR. HKH

  9. First Mary as a grilled cheese sandwhich and now HK as a bruise??? I think is may be a little too drink the koolaid for me lol

    @ Catherine
    I agree at least fold the towel!

  10. @marlene
    You are so right. A true man would be happy to do whatever his wife or girlfriend would like, and know that Hello Kitty is loved and adored by so many. I would make them happy to see such a happy face in connection with such a sad event, like a bruise.

  11. You know what? I’d do that. I’d draw HK on myself/my significant other–but I wouldn’t be at all offended if said significant other washed it off. It’d be for laughs, not for an undying love of HK.

  12. Nether; read my journal and you know why.

    If not, the short story is, I role play as a 6′ 4″ very sarcastic black bear who passion is politics and skewing liberals (i am a budding artist athro, and traditional) and hope with heath issues taken care of, future fursuiter. Yes I an a furry. Hello Kitty just got added to the mix and growing plushie collection I am looking for George White plush. I am known to wear my tail out in public now and then

    I am not psychotic or part of a cult, I do not like Koolaid. Even through I thought of starting the secret society of Male Kittylers with code word and secret hand shake. ๐Ÿ˜‰ did I say have a weird sense of humor. So If I am out there I have to say I plead no contest and deal with it.

    ps. in no way I am associated with [insert name]lene.

  13. @Acton “โ€œWe accept you! One of us! One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobbleโ€ For me part furry lifestyler part I know I am touching forbidden fruit. ”

    I don’t know what that means, but I am afraid. Hide the children

  14. Catherine @

    Ah yes the old myth that furries are Sex fiends a la Charlie Sierra India. I say we are no more or no less sexual that other segments of society and our conventions are rather tame but definitely does not tolerate pedophilia . Your children are safe, I also a bible believing christian.

    I do have a habit of using quotes from obscure movies to make my point. It come from Freaks a 1932 controversial “horror’ movie concerning side show preforms.

  15. @Acton
    Sorry, I am not an obscure, mid 20th century movie watcher.
    The quote was lost on me. Still, it is a bit strange.
    However, being a bible believing or a bible thumping christian does not exclude one from the pedophilia group. I am glad that your group does not tolerate it. (breathing a sigh of relief)

  16. I guess I should be more clear too bad we can not edit out own comments.

    I think the guy is a secret Hello Kitty fan or know what girl friend buttons to press. I think the scar thing a bit odd perhaps like me he has a sense of humor

    That I amused my Mrs. HKH obsession and Mr. obsession to find the latest Hello Kitty item to be offended. To me the big cosmic joke is MR. HKH is obsessed as much as his wife and a good writer to boot. The two are the perfect pair.

  17. why do we always end talking of anything else but the entry itself???

    but… in the end… i understand why someone would see his IV bruise like a HK bow….

    he WAS in the hospital… with dehydration….. so…. im guessing you still need some more of that IV no?

  18. I still like the idea of a HKH forum.

    For all those little things we want to chat about XD

    …. and what’s a lime light?

  19. @Suzanne

    I read you post about dressing him up. I stand corrected but a very good sport living about in hello kitty hell.

  20. Meh…
    Lime light… 15 Minutes of Fame…they’re pretty much the same to me…
    I have not seen the other pictures if there are some(my work wont’ let me connet to photobucket), but I don’t see any clutter… am I missing something here?

  21. the bruise isn’t so impressive, but now i know what to do when my fiance goes to the hospital. he always gets bruises from IVs.

    secondly, i don’t find Acton’s being a furry nearly as creepy as him being a republican.

  22. You guys make me laugh. “At least fold the towel.” There’s usually a pile-up of dishes in the sink! This was a *clean* day for us.
    My boyfriend did this for fun. I was grossed out by his big gross IV site, and he tried to make it less gross by pointing out that it was actually cute. He’s not gay, he’s not a secret Hello Kitty lover, just trying to make light of a very bad situation. (It was quite scary seeing him passed out on the floor bleeding from the head.) So… uh… ya… I tried to get him to do it in permenant marker, but he wouldn’t go that far.

  23. Hello Kitty is creeping me out more and more each day!!!!!

    I think it’s about time I shoot a video of myself taking a pin and sticking it in the butt of my biggest Hello Kitty plush………it’s time Hello Kitty gets to feel the pain she inflicts on Mr. HKH

  24. We were at the movies and while we were at the concession stand, he whispered to me that he didn’t feel good. I didn’t think anything of it because I knew he was hung over. I walked away from him to get a straw and the next thing I know, he’s on the floor, seizing with a pool of blood coming from his head. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and had staples put in his head and was put on an IV for dehydration. Let this be a lesson to you all: drinking alcohol is dangerous even if you DON’T drive!

  25. has anybody noticed “marlene?”
    or “sharlene?”
    hmmm… are they just other personalities or “darlene?”
    me thinks so!

  26. Lucy and MHK, “the limelight” is an old theatrical term, referring to a very powerful spotlight used to follow the principal action (or star) in a crowd scene.

  27. @Suzanne
    way to find the fun in a bad situation… Hopefully, you’re as intelligent as I’m assuming and you know most of the stuff on here is out of jest… Sounds like you and your BF have a good balance. Hopefully he has learned a valuable lesson about the horrifying effects of alcohol.. If not, I say next time you draw HK with permanent marker all over his whole body!

  28. @Kitteh
    “Limelight” was also a dance club in Manhattan, from the early 80’s into late 90’s.
    It was an old church turned into a night club, it was pretty cool.

  29. @Kitteh!!
    I knew what it was, but thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was being a bit facetious, considering the tone of the remark ๐Ÿ˜‰

    God Lord hon, how much did he drink???? He seems a little on the skinny side (no offence meant) so maybe he shoudl cut down a bit… or next time you go drinking you make him drink a glass of water after every 2nd beer…

  30. Thanks Catherine. I think my reference is a hundred years or so older than that in the original use, and actually pre-dates electricity!

    MKH, etymology is one of my many minor hobbies, and I took Lucy’s query seriously. If anyone’s interested, I can probably dig out a link to the original photochemistry.

    Suzanne, MHK has a point. If you pass out as a result, you have drunk too much for you! Fortunately for me, I get to the “throwing up” stage before I get to the passing out one!

  31. I have no idea how much he drank. He just said he was just drinking from like 10pm to 8am, and then didn’t drink any water after. Then we woke up the next day and went to Family Fun Center and then the movies and then it happened…. so… ya. He’s re-thinking his lifestyle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. @mhkitty:

    There IS a god….. *sniffles* THANK YOU! *cries*

    *hugs everyone* A dream come true!!! *cries harder*

    P.S = does Darlene really HAVE a daughter? O.o

    Ouch…Wow. I feel sorry for you guys. I mean…wow. O_O

  33. Ah, so she DOES have split personality disorder…
    Anyhoo… Doesn’t just about everyone get bruises like that all the time?

  34. “Ah, so she DOES have split personality disorderโ€ฆ
    Anyhooโ€ฆ Doesnโ€™t just about everyone get bruises like that all the time?”

    I like barely ever bruise. You have to hit me pretty hard to get one on me. No that is not an invitation to try. ^_^

  35. Suzanne, as it happens I have done something similar, but I didn’t faint. I went to see a film, and went to sleep about 10 mins in. Maybe he didn’t actually faint, but just go to sleep and fold up as a result?

  36. as a child i wasn’t a hello kitty person, more of a my little pony girl..but now reaching the age of 17, i’ve seen enough hello kitty creepiness to last me the rest of my life. and darlene, marlene, parlene whoever you are today…you are, a truly obsessive person O.O

  37. does NO ONE know that this is not a regular bruise, it is a TRACK MARK from injecting heroin?!?! i work with people in addiction recovery and have seen this EXACT SAME mark all too many times- it takes a truly sick heroin addict to make his track marks into a “hello kitty” and act like its funny. these images need to be removed.


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