Cupcake Tattoo

Hello Kitty tattoos are bad. Hello Kitty food is bad. So it makes perfect sense that a Hello Kitty fanatic would combine the two to produce something awful like the Hello Kitty cupcake tattoo:

Of course, my wife loves it. She took one look at it and said, “It shows Hello Kitty in all her sweetness!” Then she turned to me and said, “Don’t you agree?”

When you live in Hello Kitty Hell, that is the worst sentence that can ever come out of a Hello Kitty fanatic’s mouth because as soon as it does, you have already lost. There is absolutely no way to win. If you agree, then it tells the Hello Kitty fanatic that you like Hello Kitty as much as she does and encourage her to continue her obsession. If you disagree, you end up on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag. It’s never a good sign of what’s to come when you start a new week in a Hello Kitty sleeping bag…
Sent in by Kimberly who deserves to have someone try and take a bite out of her leg for thinking even for a second that sending something like this to me could ever be a good idea…

Update: When a tattoo combination like Hello Kitty x cupcake doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean you should give it another try to make it work, because it still won’t…

hello kitty cupcake tattoo

Sent in by Mel (via Stacey Martin Tattoos)

51 thoughts on “Cupcake Tattoo”

  1. I have nothing to say to this one. Seriously. The shading is all off on it too. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if they used a lot less black in on it, but maybe it’s the diabetic shock talking here.

  2. Wow. *Puts hand on Mr.HKH’s shoulder* I feel so bad for you. You can never win in these wars.

    A cupecake tattoo. *sigh* It’s still living on. When will it end. -_-

  3. It looks like an airbrush tattoo to me. It could just be the lighting, but it looks like the ink is kind of faded off the edges. I haven’t seen many tattooes done like that.

  4. I think you’re right Emma. That’s even more annoying, because it is possible to set up an airbrush so you don’t get visible feathering.

  5. That is one ugly, incomprehensible tattoo!

    Thank goodness it can be easily removed. It’s a process called. amputation. I think the doctor can be found that will do it for free……

  6. I like to idea of a cupcake tattoo, dislike the HK head in there… ugh. Oh well… hopefully this person is settled with their new tattoo and then don’t regret it!

  7. Let’s hope it is an airbrush tattoo… then maybe if it was tacked on this person’s arm in a drug-induced stupor, they still could wake up and realize the supreme error of their ways and scrub it off.

    But it most likely is a 14-year-old girl who couldn’t get an ID fake enough to have a real tattoo put on. I hope she never gets one. There should be laws against this kind of thing.

  8. Ugly ugly ugly ass tattoo.

    It doesn’t even look like a cupcake, just HK peeking her head from a high-neck cardigan or something.

    It seems fake… plz… let it be fake.

  9. I got to love you all, Lets see what is more amusing the tattoo, MR. HKH obsessive drama or his wife obsession. I can not decide.
    I been lurking around HK cyberspace, the tattoo is legit. I would say need work but better than what she got on her other arm. The big question Kimberly why post it here or is this just amusing game to see MR. HKH go bonkers and his witty curses upon the poster.

  10. HK looks like she’s having an epileptic seizure. Or is terrified of something. Maybe someone showed her a mirror……….

  11. I agree with all of you guys it is a poorly done tatoo, I won’t go on making fun on what is pictured because I know tatoos are very personnal choice (as for myself will never get a HK tatoo even if I find a few tid bits in the house cute) but this one is very very ugly. I hope that it’s a fake tatoo, but then it could be a real one, and gosh I would check what the tatoo artist does before agreeing getting under the needle because a tatoo boo boo stays for life and cost a way too much money for such a poor result…and even more money to have it rectified by someone qualified.

  12. oh boy. that tattoo is poorly done, i agree with all of you. the idea of it could be cute, maybe temporarily, but this is just sad indeed.
    those socks are HK as well, and i do have a pair.
    now i am ashamed to wear them as i will think of this photo when i do.

  13. Correct answer: yes dear ad some constructive criticism, and (try to keep a straight face)
    immediately change the subject.
    Shalom in the home is maintained.

  14. I am in love with hello kitty, I know get a better line bitch. I was out looking for a better pic of the hello kitty vibrator and this brought me too you. I am so freaking glad, say hi to your new stalker.

  15. Oh, crap.

    Another deranged Hello Kitty fanatic.

    Mr. HKH, your Hello Kitty Hell just got even worse

    Everyone else, beware!!!!

    Soon the evil feline will be on EVERYTHING around us!!!!!

  16. @ghost
    Sorry Gus the site is utterly disgusting and just vindictive bullying. I could not read no more than 1/4 the way through.
    No mention at all on HK
    The truth be told Darlene is a troll (he/she) probably left once we stopped responder to her.

  17. Acton, if Darlene was a troll, she wasn’t a very good one. Yes her initial postings were inflamatory, but a good troll does respond to direct replies. I don’t have a link to support this, but I read a posting about dieticians on a site with some known feminists on it.

    I related a true tale about how my sis’s consultant endocrynologist (also prof of same at local Uni) had asked her if she wanted to see the dietician. My sis replied “No; it would be a waste of my time.” and the consultant responded “Thank goodness for that. Dieticians are a lot of silly wee girls who know nothing!”
    Predictably, the feminists started flaming the consultant for his sexist attitudes, only to be floored when I pointed out that the consultant in question is a woman! 😉

    Now, that’s a good piece of trolling!

  18. Ghost, if there’s anyone who doesn’t believe in the existance of “psychological bullying”, 10 minutes of that blog should convince them otherwise!!

  19. Okay so I pulled this from the site above:

    Rachael: Why did you lock the bathroom door?
    Me: for privacy?
    Rachael: are you afraid I’m going to come in there?
    Me: no, just a privacy thing
    Rachael: yeah right, you don’t trust me
    Me: How did you know the door was locked?

    Is it me, or does he have a VERY valid point?

  20. @ghost
    That site is awesome entertainment. I think everyone has had some type of Rachel in their life… though I just can’t understand why he would keep that crazy around!

  21. This is just stupid… It doesn’t even resemble a cupcake! I think it looks like HK is going into a meat grinder, only we can’t hear her scream because she has no mouth XD

  22. As I’ve said before, I’m a HK fan and I even own a sticker of this same HK cupcake and with ALL that, this is still ugly. What’s the story on the unecessary outline adding to the hideousness?

  23. awww i actually think the 2nd one is really cute! the first one is off for some reason. i think it’s b/c i can’t imagine a cupcake shaped hello kitty. the second one looks more like a cupcake adornment.

  24. That first tattoo is probably one of the worse tattoos i’ve seen in my life!!! But look at their other tattoos, clearly an awful, cheap artist. The second one is actually a good job, except the kitty head is too shaded.

  25. here is absolutely no way to win. If you agree, then it tells the Hello Kitty fanatic that you like Hello Kitty as much as she does and encourage her to continue her obsession. If you disagree, you end up on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag. Thanks a lot for posting.


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