Hello Kitty men

I’m off for two weeks of vacation which for most people would mean a nice relaxing time, but for me it means having to figure out ways to avoid Hello Kitty in places I’ve never been before. If life has dealt you the unfortunate hand of living with a Hello Kitty fanatic, you already know they have a radar like sense of homing in on anything related to the evil feline.

Anyway, while I’m gone, I thought I’d throw up some of the 500+ photos sent to me that are just as bad as anything I’ve listed on here, but which haven’t gone up yet simply because I don’t have enough time to write about all the Hello Kitty crap that is out there. You can imagine what I would write about it (or you can write it for me in the comments) until I get back. Why don’t we start off with Hello Kitty men:

Hello Kitty men

Seriously, you though that Hello Kitty would limit herself to Hello Kittifying women?

Sent in by far too many people that definitely have way too much time on their hands that they would ever come across something like this…

31 thoughts on “Hello Kitty men”

  1. Welcome to the Hello Kitty hit list.

    All successful hits must be marked with the face of she-who-should-barely-be-mentioned-to-Mr. HKH.

    HK Hit man of the year: darlene

  2. You are definitely right about Hello Kitty fans! My boyfriend is seriously pissed that every vacation is centered around trying to find Hello Kitty stuff. We’re leaving for Toronto in uh… 2 hours and the itinerary is basically that. Go to this store to find HK. Go to that store to find HK. Heheheheehehe.

  3. I’m almost certain that this is supposed to be some sort of artistic statement about the ubiquity of inappropriate marketting.

  4. She could have at least made the boys have Dear Daniel heads…Geez.. I told you fat head pandemonium would be striking soon!! For her next show it will be people faces with a HK body πŸ™‚

  5. i don’t even know what to say about this one.
    my first thought was, ‘ they could of at least made it look a little more real ‘
    but then i thought some more and realized its HK and this is about as real as the hell is going to get.

  6. Her evil plan on emasculating men is finally complete. HK MUST have a world full of pastel and rainbows, and chracters made into rotund little things.

    This is the first preliminary army of her HK men.

  7. Caption Meme Time:
    “Your Kittydale strippers”
    The proposed entertainment at the defunct Hello Kitty Convention.
    How Darlene sees her B****es

    When I saw the title I froze, we been outed until I saw the picture. No wonder I despise modern β€œart”. This looks like a cheep piece by an Andy Warhol wannabe.

    PS. was a this part of the 30th anniversary Hello Kitty Art exhibit?

  8. Okay, so I really think outtie belly buttons are ICK!
    (But no offence meant to those who have them…)
    And PULEEEEASE, pull up your damn pants! Sheesh!
    These aren’t art, these are posters from a skate meet with HK heads dropped over top in photoshop πŸ˜‰
    Dumb and without thought or talent.

    @Action: this could not have been, they would have to be considered art first!

  9. No photoshop this time. there a shadow under face of first two pictures these are masks. As an budding artist I try to keep in mind interplay of light a shadow in my life drawings. By looking at the shadows, The light source is coming head on and higher the the head. In addition the lighting on the first picture is different that the rest; a bit warmer.

  10. omg!! That is simply hilarous!!! Seeing HK disfacing these artworks kind of reminds me of the artists ‘ Banksy’. Anyone hear of him? His stuff is actually really really amazing.
    [hes got a boook at Barnes+Noble in the arts section]
    This photo reminds me of his stuff.He’s known for political grafitti I guess or more so street grafitti.

    haha nice photo but very funny.

  11. This is not art & please no-one utter the name of Sir Warhol on this page. He had talent, vision & insight- even though he did laugh all the way to the back- but difference is it was magic!! That STUFF is just eye pollution!!!!! Sad thing is there are people out there that think it’s….. interesting….

  12. WHO MAKES THESE! i love em and i will pay a hell load of money to get them….does anyone know the artist?

    and what ketteh!! said “I’m almost certain that this is supposed to be some sort of artistic statement about the ubiquity of inappropriate marketting.” i think is a very well said-not everyone understands “art” but because you dont like it doesn’t mean its bad!

    and dude that made this site-the artist should be credited for his work


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