Hello Kitty Pirate Zombie Tattoo

First there was the Hello Kitty zombie tattoo (and Hello Kitty zombie tattoo 2). Then came the Hello Kitty pirate tattoo. So was there really any doubt that eventually there would be a Hello Kitty pirate zombie tattoo (or should it be called a Hello Kitty zombie pirate tattoo)?

Hello Kitty pirate zombie tattoo

Either way, can somebody seriously please make it stop!

Sent in by aisling who has already punished herself far more than I could ever wish upon her for sending this photo to me by permanently placing these on her flesh…

112 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pirate Zombie Tattoo”

  1. Yeah, first!
    Okay so WTF was this person thinking???
    Does no one understand that at 70 years of age those will look more like bedsores than tattoos????

  2. Come On… It’s his or her body so who are any of us to judge on whether or not they get tattoos? I personally think the pirate one is cute. Besides tattoo ink and guns are much different now compared to what the ink and technique that 70 year olds have on them… So, unless you’re a Tattoo Artist, which I doubt, keep it to yourself. We all have or do something that other people disagree with.

  3. I like pirates and zombies… I really dislike these tattoos. I’m mostly trying to figure out what the carp is on the left side in the zombie one.

  4. The problem is most tattoo artist do not specialize in Hello Kitty, then again is should not be that hard.
    I seen better examples of good Hello Kitty Tattoos. The girl with the NIN Hello Kitty Tattoo.

  5. Um, I really don’t think the ink and guns have anything to do about what a tat will look like in 40-50 years…
    Skin gets wrinkely, no matter what and when it wrinkles it distorts tattoos…
    So let me get this straight… it’s okay for you to have an opinion, but when I voice one it’s wrong?
    I don’t think so…

  6. @ mhkitty06
    I never said anything about people not having the right to have or voice their opinion, I said who are you or I or anyone to pass judgement on someone who gets tattoos… It one thing for you to say You dislike the tattoos or you think your skin is going to look like crap when your 70, but it’s definitely not your place to say WTF was this person thinking… Once again I’m sure there are a million things we as people do that someone else has an “opinion” on it being right or wrong… Are you the person who gets that say???? I don’t think so….

  7. besides the theme of the tattoos…

    they are ugly.
    they are better done that the crappy muffin one… but… what the hell is that pink stuff on their heads?? and why get two?

    And i agree… i love pirates and zombies… and HK to some extent, but the combination….. just stick with one stuff at a time.

  8. @ mhkitty06
    I have to agree with you that the tattoos will look pretty flat and lifeless when they’re older. But I do have to say that anyone that has tattoos will have the same problem when they are older and their skin looses elasticity. We can be happy in the knowledge that something that is supposed to be cute and cuddly will wind up a globby mess in about 50 years. πŸ™‚

  9. @moriyah

    Those tattoos aren’t already!? I do have to agree with mhkitty here, what WERE they thinking? Did they even look at this guy’s flatbook to see how he drew? Geez. I guess they had a spare couple hundred to burn.

    Oh whoops I said a judgement/opinion. I guess I’m a mean person. πŸ˜›

  10. andophiroxia & moriyah:
    Thanks for the backup ladies πŸ™‚
    I for one know what my tat will look like when I’m older.. its pretty simple really so no surprises there…
    And yes, I too am getting burnt out on HK tattoo… which it why I sent Mr. HK about 12 links to more stupid crap I found on Google today…
    P.S. HK lovers out there, I’ll be adding a BUNCH of HK stuff I’m getting rid of on ebay… I’ll send links tomorrow!

  11. @ andophiroxia
    HAAHAHAA! maybe it was done for free just so they could take a picture and send it in to this site. HK fanatics are crazy enough to do something so stupid.

    Well, at least we can all be mean and judgmental together!! Besides, I thought that’s what this site was for?


  12. Awww.. It’s just so cute how girls get your frilly undies all up in knots and come in to rescue each other… Maybe one day I can grow up to be a lonely, over weight, miserable person just like you all, I can only hope…. Oh wait, was that mean??? No, no, no it’s just me being judgmental and classifying you by all the negativity that comes spewing out of your adorable fat cheeked faces…

  13. Are you angry because your personalities all assimilated Sara? πŸ˜‰

    As far as I’ve seen here, you’ve picked fights and started crap so honestly, you shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses.

    Funny enough the fat comment is hilarious. It’s done by people that have absolutely NOTHING to say.

    Thanks for calling us adorable though. πŸ˜‰

  14. Not picking fights nor am I angry.. Should I be?? I don’t think people that I don’t know from a hole in the wall should make or break my mood, wouldn’t you agree? I do happen to find it amusing to be the one on the opposite side of debates. I think there is always more then one side and I just happen to be the one across from your’s today. I don’t live in a glass house, and I’ve got a pretty good arm so I think I’ll just start working on my aim… And in my experience people whose lives revolve around food and have pictures of it all over their very public profile are usually over weight…. I don’t think it has anything to do with what I say, rather that I struck a very large nerve πŸ™‚

  15. @mhkitty06
    Your an idiot if you think “your” tattoo is going to look great when you get old. And, your getting burnt out by HK tattoos. WTF? Like butterflies and faries aren’t over done. What do you expect to see on a HK hater site.
    Get a grip.

  16. Cat Fight or should I say Hello Kitty fight.

    I hope MR. HKH doesn’t mind I get off topic:
    I am writing a post about one Star Wars fans misfortune in positing a negative review. My goal to contrast different fandom’s response to change and innovation. Furies tend to be open, SciF and Anime tends to be closed, (try to go against the Star Trek / Star Wars cannon and there hell to pave) but what about Hello kitty Fans. I also have other questions.

  17. @Sara Dane
    Your assesment of the 2 “ladies” (I use that word with reservation) is right on the money.
    ps: andophiroxia has a thing for calling people “split” personality. Don’t take comments coming from a self proclaimed “arteest” too seriously. hahaha

  18. Why is it that when people defend themselves, they are always accused of multiple personalities? Sara is right, the minute anyone confronts the whole lot of you, they are attacked. So, it is easy to “pick fights” when you are just voicing an opinion with this group. Blech!
    By the way Sara, I love that frilly undies up in knots, I think I am gonna borrow it.

  19. @ Andophiroxia
    I was just warning Sara Dane of your weird “split” personality issues. Who would even think such a thing, unless they have those issues themselves. I mean just read your blog thing. Your out there girl! If anyone can use medication look in the mirror honey.

  20. @ Sara Dane
    I don’t think fat chicks wear frilly undies. A better use in this instance would be “full cut brief”, no?

  21. Glad to see everyone’s acting their age here :]
    But then again this site is centered around hello kitty so I guess I must be giving it far more credit than it deserves…

  22. Whoa Momma!

    Back to the tattoo… I can only imagine how much it will hurt should they ever want to remove it. Are they located on the inner arm? I couldn’t tell, looks like it could be the thigh???

  23. P.S. i really miss the days when people weren’t arguing and calling each other names… there was something pure about this site back then. Now it seems that the comments are more important than the blog.

    Can’t everyone just shut up and enjoy the HK Crap from Mr. HKH? I would LOVE for that to happen…

  24. To all: I am a member of sci-fi, technology, furry fandom, forums for some time, since 1992. One thing I learn is Drama, fandom and online boards walk hand in hand.

    Now I might be giving away my age but was there a time only drunken sailors and women of ill repute got tattoos?

  25. @ Moriyah
    So it’s okay for you to back each other up, but not anyone else??? Is there some kind of HK double standard on this site that I was not notified of??

    “Well, at least we can all be mean and judgmental together!! Besides, I thought that’s what this site was for?”

    Those are your words dear, not mine…. Sounds to me like someone needs a cherry coke or a trip to Disneyland, or better yet a cherry coke while visiting Disneyland.

    @ Androphiroxia
    Yes HK is and does, kinda like how food does for you πŸ˜‰ Oh there I go with nothing to say again… I must work on my intellect!

  26. Man, screw all that other bs. Hello Kitty tattoos are played out already and everyone trying to get one of these combo tattoos is also playing that out fast and HARD. They’re ugly, unimaginative, uninspired and TIRED. And I friggin’ LOVE Hello Kitty (as I’ve stated many times). There’s a line and these people go above and beyond crossing it just for the SAKE of crossing it. All these tattoos do are INSULT HK and she’s not even real! And I don’t need replies about judgment and all that other jazz, it’s my opinion and instead of feeling sorry for this person I will just giggle knowing they will regret it some day. I’m satisfied with that. Horror is horror for a reason and cute is cute for a reason, combining the two does not make one the other and vice versa. There is nothing cute about these tattoos. Ugly is just ugly!
    Plus I’m poor! Seeing that someone has money to waste like this is like spitting in my face as I try to come up with money to pay my rent.
    It’s crap! XD

  27. [meanwhile, back at the point] πŸ˜‰

    I’m not keen on these designs either; there’s just a lack of originality about them somehow for me. This coming from a self-confessed fan of fan art.

    Oh and if anyone’s interested Aisling is a girl’s name (originally Gaelic).

  28. Oh my God, I’m crying. Those tattoos are the things I laugh at. The Zombie one is awesome though. xD

    @Sara Dane:

    *laughs* Oh Sara Dane, How pathetic you are.
    Your judging our opinions when you keep starting fights since day one. You contradict yourself so much I cry of laughter.

    By the way, ever heard of not insulting everyone elses intelligence? Oh you haven’t, that’s right.

    Besides, how would you know if we even live on food and a computer. WE have a life. You don’t because your insulting everyone just to piss off some people.

    Congratulations, you have won the biggest Hello Kitty Douche award~ =D
    Here’s a HK douche and an all expense paid trip to URANUS! Yay!

  29. Generally, if it comes under the category of “fan art” (tattoos, paintings, scarification, costumes…) I’ll offer an opinion based on what I think of the individual work. If it’s your tattoo, and I don’t like it, well unless you’re my SO it’s my problem like it’s my opinion, and you know what’s said about opinions, right? πŸ˜‰
    If it’s Sanrio licenced pointless marketting tat (HK bargepole [qv] anyone), expect a reasoned but negative opinion!!

  30. @Indiana: That’s our Girl!!!!! You rock, chickie!

    My my… how the mighty have fallen to making cracks about others… I just tell the truth instead of taking potshots at people. Well I’m sorry to say I am not lonely, fat, miserable or addicted to food (but just an FYI- I’d much rather be a bit on the hefty side like the nice girl in the corset, than a stuck up snotty brat who weighs nothing, is probably one tan session away from looking like a leather bag, thinks she’s better than everyone else and is most likely a trophy wife of some man who’s been cheating on her since day 1)… nor will I post my myspace page for people to stalk me at… and I’ve seen the proof from andophiroxia so save your ‘it’s not stalking to look’ I know her and even I don’t go snooping around her site!
    Just remember: Opinions are like a$$holes-everyone has one πŸ™‚
    Once again, I shall extend the invitation to any of you ‘ladies’ who’d like to have a face-to-face talk, I’m in the Washington, DC area and would love to debate the issues at hand in person…

    @Kitteh!!: Oh, they’re original all right…
    I know the point of a tattoo is to make a statement, and on the chance of pissing more people off I’m going to say the statement is ‘Whoever did this can’t draw…’ I can, to a point but I’m not going to start putting my work out there for all to see…I’m much better with a paintbrush. Or chain and crystal πŸ™‚
    Maybe I should do a an HK Wiccan, just for S&G’s πŸ˜‰
    BTW-Doesn’t Aisling translate to Ashley or something?

  31. @ Indiana
    I’m sorry did you feel left out?? I didn’t realize you would be insulted by things I was saying to the other ladies that were coming after me… Never once did anything about anyone’s intelligence come from my end, this merely started out as me saying who are any of us to decided whether someone should or shouldn’t have something.. Yes we are all entitled to our opinions and can think someone is stupid or ugly, etc… But that doesn’t give you, me, or anybody the right to say if something is right or wrong.. Your laughs and lame comments have no affect, sorry to disappoint… I mean HK douche, and you called me pathetic..

    Oh your so right, you’ve got me down to the “T”.. I’m extremely stuck up, and just love to go tanning… I do believe that the term trophy wife was coined after myself…lol So should I book my flight to DC??? I’m sure we’d be the best of friends… You know since you pretty much have me figured out already.

    I know the economy sucks right now and it is aggravating to think some people are out there busting their little tail bones just to scrap by while others who usually don’t deserve it are flaunting that they have money to burn on material nonsense… I like the way you defend your opinions.. You state your case well and actually have substance to carry it through..

  32. @ Sara Dane
    book my ticket as well. hahahaha……
    But you would probably find DC boring since it’s so historical and they probably don’t have many tanning salons. πŸ™

  33. @ mhkitty
    One more thing Michelle darling, if you decide to have your life posted all over the Internet, private or not, your putting yourself out there for all kinds of critics and criticisms.. It’s hardly stalking if by clicking your name it takes you right to your profile blog thing.. Like I said before it’s no ones place to say whether anybody’s life is right or wrong, but if you can’t take everything that’s going to be dished you shouldn’t even go there. And the mighty don’t fall, they learn from what they’ve experienced and come back stronger πŸ˜‰

    @ Catherine
    your right all that historical stuff might make my trophy wife head explode!! I can’t take the risque of loosing my tan!! After all when all who have are looks to keep your cheating husband around you can’t afford to let them slip lol…. Maybe I should invite our new BFF to come my area where we know we’ll have easy access to all of our superficial needs πŸ™‚

  34. @ Indiana

    Ah well, they hate us so much they choose to continue interacting with us obsessively.

    Despite repeated insults from these people, they visit my blog obsessively and most likely google your nickname and anyone else that disagrees with them or calls them on their I suppose to find some personal information in order to intimidate them into silence.

    So what’s that say?

    Anyways, crappy tats. They look like decals, but if she’s happy with them more power to her.

  35. @ Andophiroxia
    I thought the whole reason people have blogs, websites, non private profiles, and what not was because they wanted people to read and look at them no?? I truthfully haven’t googled or searched anyone on here, the only stuff I know is what’s been attached through this site… I don’t like to insult but if I feel as though I’m being verbally attacked and ganged up on, which in this situation I cleary was, is it not only natural to defend ones self?? I’m not trying to drag this on any longer, it gets old fast.. I asking this stuff “nicely” not in an argumentative way.

    And I happen to agree with you (shock) I personally would not tattoo zombie HKs on myself, but if they dig it… Well rock on!

  36. andophiroxia, Indiana & moriyah:
    So how’s the weather where you all are? Here, its really nice, except for the wind, a few of the trees are already turning colors.
    I so need a vacation and I’m so not getting one anytime soon with work being so hectic… did I tell you someone stole my Chococat stapler off my desk?
    I’ve been looking in people’s offices for it to no avail πŸ™
    Seriously…who would DO such a thing… I mean I work with mostly men… which I must say is even more disturbing.

    Others, I will not name names:
    I did not call out anyone in particular with the generalization, I was pointing out the mere fact that others can make them too… yours was about as accurate as mine was, now wasn’t it?
    I really don’t appreciate you calling out my name on-line… but I do understand that by putting it out there makes it public…
    So saying that, you too should listen to yourself and follow the exact same advise you just gave me, people who send stuff here, knowing it will be posted and criticized have no leg to stand on when they whine.
    If you notice, most people comment on things people ‘do’ to themselves, not the way people are (ie- calling them fat or slobs from their pictures), people cannot help if they are certain body types and it was rude to say that about the younbg lady in the corset.
    We all have opinions, not all of them will be the same. So we all just need to get over it.
    I will ignore comments you make, and you can ignore mine. Deal?

  37. And one more thing: you were not the only one being ganged up on… there have been several times when you, C and B have all ganged up on one of us ladies.
    That is my last comment on the matter.

  38. @ mhkitty

    The weather is quite nice here and I love Chococat. Now wouldn’t it be funny if you worked in a office full of guys. But then he could have stolen it for his girlfriend. I have a Tare Panda, since I’m more of a San-X fan.

    As for blogs and such, yes there is public information. It’s like your address, public information. I believe it’s the INTENT that matters. So, even if it’s out there, the INTENT to do wrong is still wrong. Any amount of rationalization on the subject in order to make it “okay” is absolutely ridiculous. What I love is people calling me things they do themselves–it’s called hypocrisy.

    In short, I agree with you mhkitty. πŸ™‚ And well, I have taken steps in addition on my end to ensure it never happens with me, as I’ve mentioned to you. πŸ˜‰

    Nothing more needs to be said on it. πŸ˜‰

  39. right, like I said above, this stuff gets old.. Sorry if I offended you by using your real name.. We should all try and not gang up on each other, rather agree on our differences..

    And I think maybe one of your male coworkers stole your Choco stapler to give to their HK lady at home which explains why you can’t find it πŸ˜‰

  40. What makes me mad was that I had a matching Tape Dispenser and Memo Pad holder…so now I don’t have the matching set (pouts with arms crossed)…

  41. @mhkitty06
    look on the bright side, it gives you a perfect reason to SHOP!
    PS: Matching sets are so 90’s anyway..hahahaha

  42. @ mhkitty
    I agree Choco is much more low key then HK… He’s got more of an earthy feel to him. I was just in Sanrio this afternoon and they have some cute Choco desk accessories πŸ˜‰ and urban outfitter has some cute low key HK stuff that says don’t blame me I voted for HK, which I think would be cute for you since your near the mecca of all that…

    @ Liz
    I think you may be at the wrong site if you’re looking for POC tattoos.. Maybe you should start a site for those lover/haters?

  43. I swear, EVERY time I see those tattoos, I laugh. xD

    @Sara Dane,

    Attacking people from all over the world. Just to state, I’m 13. And you think I’m pathetic? I’m not pathetic, I’m very intelligent, Thank you.

    Oh and guess what? I love food, and I love my body. It’s just right. I’m not an anorexic girl, I’m average. Surprising? I bet you are. =D

    @Andophiroxia and mhkitty,

    I agree. I swear we have the same minds, because I was thinking the same. xD


    I’m glad you know I’m a girl. And Thank you! ^_^

  44. Indiana, for some reason I’d thought your real name would be Henry Jones Junior! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    All, at one time or another MHKitty has told me her age, height and weight, and sent me a photo. IMO she’s a nice healthy weight for her height, and has a body/skin texture that will make her feel like a woman and not like an outsize toastrack when some lucky man gets to cuddle her. I don’t mind any of you knowing this much, but if you want to know details of those data, ask her, cos I’m not telling!!

  45. @Indiana
    glad you love yourself and that your 13… You can say and feel however you like about me, all I can do is laugh at the thought of someone half my age telling me I’m pathetic… I had no idea you were a young bud

    At the “average” thing, well yes I am surprised… I would never consider myself average, and nor should any girl for that matter… We all have different and unique things about us that make everyone much better then average.. Maybe you’ll get that when you’re in high school? IDK I just would think someone with your “intelligence” would never say that they’re of average quality?

  46. Wow… what’s with the hostility all of a sudden?
    I don’t think that was neccessary, now was it?
    I wouldn’t call my self ‘tubby’, but then again I wouldn’t call myself super skinny either, I am 5’9″ and a size 8.
    I’ve been super skinny… people kept asking me if I was hungry…go figure πŸ˜‰

    Hmmm…. I like the sound of that shirt, I will buy it and wear it to go vote and maybe even get my picture in the paper!

    @Indiana: that is one cool name chickie!!!
    I love the fall… and hope its a nice one this year. I want to get upt the NE to see the leaves change and get some good pictures.

  47. Catherine, saying that I perfer girls who aren’t just skin and bone is a statement of my tastes: Only the most self-absorbed could take it as a personal attack, particularly when they should know I don’t actually know what they look like!

    Oh yes and I am under-tall. No, I don’t care!

  48. I didn’t call anyone specifically “tubby” I just stated that
    comments about being too thin hurt just as bad as comments about being too thick.
    @Kitteh, I didn’t take what you said as a personal attack. Seems you may be self abosorbed thinking I took your comment so personally. I was just making a point.

  49. holy crap. i waited two days to visit a new article while i was busy and i come back and see this? what has gotten into all of you? sara, lay off. look back at all of this. all andophiroxia said was “Is it just me, or I’m getting burnt out by HK combo tattoos? Overall, I don’t mind HK but man.” you verbally attacked HER. you started all of this. she wasn’t judging anyone. she made a note that there has been a lot of HK tattoos on here lately. big DEAL. it’s a tattoo andophiroxia obviously doesn’t want, but what does that matter.. you don’t want it either. i don’t think anyone on here does, but if they do, congrats to them. internet abuse is stupid. this isn’t high school. yeah, some of us are still in highschool, or just entering it, but that doesn’t mean all of the drama needs to be followed here. especially not from you. you noted that you were what, 26? twice indiana’s age.. and you want to start and carry on sh*t like this.
    just stop. its pointless.
    the girls all had their opinion and point.
    you started it, you made it into a huge deal.

  50. Okay let’s start a new topic… This one is old!! Yes we ALL have differnet body types, and yes it hurts ALL of our feelings when someone makes rude comments about it. How about blonde, brunette, or spicy red heads πŸ˜€

  51. @ britty
    I don’t think you read the sequence of the posting correct maybe?? I’ve already “laid off”, so no need for you to guide me in that direction… And my dear I think maybe you should read your own post… You’re continuing the blabber not me.. like I said I had no clue the girl was 13, if I did I would have never even gone there… All I said was she (like I think every girl should) should hold herself on a higher note then just average.. Why are you now “attacking” me? I’m wanting to move on to something else, but then people like you come in and stir up the ambers.. I don’t get it

  52. @ mhkitty
    yeah I bought the shirt, I could resist myself! And I’m not even American so I can’t even vote for anyone lol πŸ˜€

    BTW I think 5’9 and size 8 would be considered very much on the slim side πŸ˜‰

  53. Sara: TY.


    Those were Sara’s words, not my own. This is what I said :
    Plus I’m poor! Seeing that someone has money to waste like this is like spitting in my face as I try to come up with money to pay my rent.
    It’s crap! XD

    Tattoos cost money, even ugly, played out ones. Sometimes even hundreds of dollars (even a small one plus tip is a good little chunk of cash). Right now seeing people have money to get tattoos is painful, it’s not a need but RENT and FOOD sure enough are! So to see someone have money to spend and use it for something as silly as this just adds to my frustrated situation. I’m not saying ppl getting tattoos are laughing in my face or doing it to spite me, it simply SUCKS TO BE ME.
    It’s also not just tattoos. If I see ppl wasting money on stupid sh*t in general, I start feeling like a starving child looking into a McDonald’s dumpster full of wasted food.

    In the end, I wish Sanrio would come out with their own flash. Maybe THEN the HK tattoos would at least look right!

  54. GO m!
    I agree, Sanrio needs to come out with a line of ‘tasteful’ tats so that people can get some that are more original to HK’s look… ‘IF’ I were to every get one I would use a temp tat like what comes in the children’s birthday cards at Target to use as the basic design…

  55. mhkitty:

    That’s a good idea too! Once upon a time (before it was crushed into the mud and defecated upon :P) I wanted a HK tat. A simple one in a rare design (which happened to be my favorite and still is to date! MAN I HATE ALL THIS PINK) and I to this day have a friggin’ sticker I was saving to use for the stencil. It was the perfect size, too.

    What kills me most is that HK was mainly a stationery thing back in the day (yeah, I’m old) and even though her reign of terror has expanded to other items, stationery, stickers and notebooks still exist that are all great sizes, shapes, colors, etc. for use in making tattoo stencils. Even as a base desgin. They all love HK so much but not a one of these ppl owns one flat picture of HK to take with them before spending money getting something permanently inked on their bodies??
    Oh, and for anyone wondering, I never got my tat for two reasons (before the shower of awful tats emerging that is): never had the money and when I did I just didn’t trust not even the best tattoo artist to do it. I know quite a few of them and alot of them see it as a crap tattoo that’s simple so sure I’ll take someone’s money,. Unfortunately b/c the design is that simple it’s that much harder. (This does not include those artists that did HK tats well nor does this imply all of them view it this way, just alot of the ones I happen to have met in my journies. I’ve also seen good work by some of the artists I’ve met.) All in all, I’m glad I listened to my instincts and don’t have a permanent reminder of regret!

  56. @m:
    More power to you for sticking with your beliefs and staying true to your ideals.
    My tattoo, which few here have seen, has personal meaning and is constant reminder of my beliefs.
    Here it is:
    The stars number the amount of people I have loved and lost in my life, the swirls connecting them are the ‘ties that bind’- meaning family ties and emotional ties. I know I didn’t design it, but it ‘felt’ right. I will be adding to it as years go by so it will stretch across my back more and I will be adding a sun for rebirth.
    To some it is just a ‘tramp stamp’ but to me it is a way to carry those I love with me at all times.
    I am currently designing my next one and will shortly be going with my ‘sisters from other misters’ to each get one.
    For my roomie it will be her first.
    My new one will be a rememberance of my grandfather and will replicate the one my mother has, so it will honor her also.
    ~I know, a little heavy, but what else can you expect at 11pm on a worknite πŸ˜‰

  57. @mhkitty06

    Wow…. That was deep. I don’t mean that sarcastically. I tend to emphasize more with that position than just getting drunk and getting one. However, there’s a certain merit to that too. πŸ˜‰

    Nah, but your story is touching.


    Sorry I meant to say I misread you. My apologies on that.

  58. Yeah, I tend to blabber that late at nite πŸ™‚
    Basically, my point is, I put months of thought into that tat and what would be eventually added to it… so it’s not just “Oh, that’s cute, I think I’ll get it.” after an hour at the tat parlor… not to say I didn’t need a few drinks the night before to pep myself up for it (I have fear of needles so this was a BIG step for me)! πŸ˜‰

  59. @m
    Sorry your having $ issues. We’ve all been there to some degree and that really sucks! I too want a simple HK tat just her little face but am reluctant for the same exact reasons you stated. Geeeez… You read my mind. I have many little pieces of paper and stickers about that are the perfect size and design for my little HK tat, but not sure who to trust.
    I have to agree w/ my BFF andophiroxia (it’s a joke wasn’t being mean) with the deep tattoo. I’m glad when a tatto has a purpose and not just chosen out of a book at random. You go girl. I have 2 tiny tatt’s letter “R”‘s for my hubby of 18yrs. I suppose that’s enough meaning in iteself.. hahaha….. πŸ™‚

  60. Wow!!! Things sure have become quite personal lately! It’s silly to make such an issue about things when this site is about the hatred/love/obsession of HK.

    In keeping with the original topic at hand, I don’t care much for these tattoos. I personally like the simplicity of HK alone, not paired with other themes. I don’t think that the tattoos are symetrical in size and placement and don’t represent a true likeness of HK. But if the owner is happy…

  61. mhkitty:

    I feel you. HK was one of the less meaningful tattoos I’ve ever wanted, but it was still a symbol of something I’ve always loved since my youth and carried on into adulthood along with my love of Japan and cute things. It worked! LoL too bad it doesn’t anymore!

    Your tattoo is beautiful, meaning or no (and at least it means something important to you and was well thought out!) I also have an affinity for celestial themes. It wins either way!

  62. Catherine:

    Didn’t mean to neglect you! There are plenty of good references but apparently most people rather say screw ’em! Thanks for your kind words as well.
    HK may seem delicate and simple but that makes it that much easier to see all the flaws. Circles and straight lines seem simple too, but very few are successful at drawing them perfectly!

  63. Well, Hot Topic had the pirate kitty’s awhile back, and after Potc 3 came out, Sanrio had a line of piratical HK. For “potc” heads, it’s pretty cute. Rob Zombie seems to like piratical themes as well, cross culture crossover I take it?

  64. why is it that the tattoo blogs seem to have to most heated arguments? Whoever got this tatooo kutos to you for having the guts to get tattooed

  65. After a short break, Silent Bob is back to insult the really really stupid……… a.k.a Hello Kitty Fans.
    Where can i start ???
    How about the simple concept of ” why would you paint something on your body that you wouldnt hang on your wall?”
    And lets not forget about the regret, that is the thing you feel when you finally come down off what ever you were on when you did this dumbass thing……
    People should have their limbs removed for this sort of thing!!!!!!

  66. Uh, gut/initial reactions – kinda cute tats, kinda gross on your knees.
    SBob – I reckon this person’s wall is COVERED unless at home/rented/not allowed accommodation.

  67. WTF!!!!!! you guys are fighting over stupid things really very mature!!! how old are we 10???? Hope you guys dont have kids if you do what a great example you are setting for them

  68. hey they are my tattoos and i can’t even decide whether i love hello kitty or not, which is why 1 is a zombie and 1 is a pirate because i definately am obsessed zombies and pirates

    they are shiny and red due to vaseline and due to it being took on the day it was done

    i drew the tattoos and i am happy with them, they are on my body so get over it

    they are in proportion because i traced the same picture when i drew in the extra bits

    and because it is not easy to see where they are, they are positioned above my knees on the back of my legs

    so when i am old no one can see them!

  69. OMg people are always saying what about when you get old
    who cares by that time i wont even know my name so why not live in the moment when a tat looks cute who cares what its gonna look like when your older you’ll have the memories and no be saying what if…

  70. not all people get fault lines in their skin when they age my gma is like 75 and her skin has a couple wrinkles her skin is still smooth no lie so it depends on genes as well


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