Hello Kitty Wedding Video

Basically the worst of my Hello Kitty Hell nightmares – the full on Hello Kitty wedding:

If anyone sees me in a situation like this, take out the Hello Kitty shotgun and put me out of my misery.

Sent in by a disturbing number of people — far more than should ever want to watch a Hello Kitty video, let alone a Hello Kitty wedding video.

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  1. That poor poor man. Only Darlene and maybe a 5 year old would want that wedding and if you didn’t then “your not comfortable with your sexuality” XD

  2. ..and he didn’t even get a kiss on the lips. Just a lingering creepy kiss on the cheek. I’m freaked out by this video.

  3. the bride looks so adorable! but the wedding is tacky! and whats with the paper work after the nuptials?

    i think i’m going to send this to my sister and tell her i want her to dress up as hello kitty for my wedding. lol.

  4. This looks like an MTV styled wedding. Maybe it’s how they do the video/filming.

    Strangely enough the bride looks rather styled, despite many HK-shaped baubles ’round her delicate neck.

    Oh yes, the sign too. Svarovski (sp) is quite getting overplayed.

  5. This is old news I get conflicting information that the couple had won this wedding in in a contest. It dose look like promotional piece. Now before you snicker the the person is a sucker, having some knowledge in a cost for an Asian wedding, I too would take what is given if it free.

  6. *shivers*

    Its amazing what people can do to get consentual and legal sex these days…
    She is really pretty… but she is missing the bow on her veil XD

    and,… is this vid korean or chinese? I can’t tell…

  7. I know weddings are for the girls… but I’d definitely kill my fiancee and hide the body if she ever wanted anything as retarded like this. I don’t care if she was some really hot asian chick or not.

    I feel sorry for guys that have have lost their manhood like this. I mean… what sane guy would ever stay with a girl like this?

  8. More info
    This getting more interesting or twisted depending on your view as I look deeper into this.
    From Various sources:
    “Also, while Hello Kitty does have stereotypically English attributes like a love for hosting tea parties, it would be unimaginable for the London Underground to play host to an officially sanctioned, legally valid Hello Kitty wedding like that held at the MTR Hong Kong station on Valentine’s Day this year. Almost unbelievably, Hello Kitty and her tuff-haired boyfriend, Dear Daniel, served as bridesmaid and best man, for good measure!”

  9. @andophiroxia:
    My dog’s name is bear so I may not want to lump him in with this guy.

    That has to be the funniest thing I’ve heard today!
    (laughing at my desk getting looks from coworkers)

    May the force be with you now and always! This is why I keep my HK stuff in the proverbial closet 😉

  10. Jesus. I am in such shock. This tops anything you have ever out on here. I even like hello kitty…but this isn’t just a piece of hello kitty merchandise that you could throw away or something. This is taking what is supposed to be the most beautiful day of your life and turning it into some creepy freak show. What kind of a man would put up with that?! I would hope my boyfriend would slap me before he’d let me do something like this, free or not.

  11. Hmmmm… I wonder who did the flowers? ‘Cause ya gotta figure someone with that kinda talent does more than HK boquets.

    Oooo! And remember this: everytime there’s a HK wedding, there’s two people in hot, sweaty HK suits vowing to hate HK forever. 😀

  12. @Catherine
    The whole thing was creepy from location to song to HK/HD attendants. I don’t know if I would do this kind of wedding even if it was free!

  13. Wait, what’s with the two his-and-hers mascots? Is Hello Kitty simultaneously acting as the best man and the maid of honor? Or is it a double wedding with Hello Kitty marrying…Hello Kitty?

    Help me understand. Or maybe it’s best that I don’t.

  14. @ A
    It’s HK’s male counterpart, Dear Daniel. He has the same head shape as HK, but- you’ll notice?- Fuzzier hair and no bow.

  15. i wish i could have this wedding.
    they got married at the MTR in Hong Kong. this actually came out a couple of years ago. I heard they won this wedding in a contest or something like that…. kind of surprised you just got wind of this. It is hellish.

    something no one has commented on….the dude’s name is HORLICK. HOR-LICK. he’s already got issues.

  16. WTF!? It looks like it’s held at a train station. I’m guessing it’s Hong Kong (hence the Cantonese). What’s up w/the song? Yes, she’s pretty but they’re insane. OMG, the Hello Kitty’s as boutineers and part of the bouquet!! What’s up with Horlick? As in the hot, milky drink? Bizarre!!

  17. Thanks, Liz.

    In that case, I actually find it even creepier. Hello Kitty is romantically involved with a clone of herself?

    Strange, strange. I don’t remember this guy being around when I was actually at the appropriate age to like Hello Kitty.

  18. Oh, and the reason for all the paperwork is that it was all on Hello Kitty paper… it was just the marriage certificate, which you see the guy notarize but it was HK so most likely part of the deal for the stunt.

  19. Dear Daniel…wtf? Why does there have to be a male counterpart? I like HK, but I am learning waaaay too much that I really didn’t need, nor want to know.

  20. That makes as much sense as HK being sold to men as a fashion statement. They seriously are selling images of HK targeted towards guys. At least Dear Daniel would SLIGHTLY make more sense.

    No, and I’m not kidding about that.

  21. oh, sad.. someone else has the same name as me on here. :[ i guess it is time to be a tad more creative.
    anyhow, staying on topic.. if this wedding was won and payed for i guess thats understandable.
    but either way, they both look like they couldn’t be any happier.
    :] i guess i’ll have to show this vid to my fiance. he knows i love HK but not THIS much!. 😀

  22. I only made it through 40 seconds of that video – it was creeping me out too much.

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought ‘Horlick’ was an odd name.

  23. Dear Daniel is her “boyfriend”. So, I guess in order to not appear quite so obviously emasculating, it seems to make more sense to sell HK with her boyfriend’s image, instead of HK.

  24. Sheesh. I know weddings are expensive, and asian weddings more so, but isn’t it the responsibility of the bride’s family to pay for it? In which case the man really doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter anyway.

    I’d say that I hoped this guy’s girl had her fill of Hello Kitty post wedding, but Since HK is like Crack Cocaine I’d doubt it.

    Poor guy. Poor girl for that matter. Having a pair of anthropomorphic silent cats following you down the aisle on your wedding day is enough to creep the hell out of anyone.

  25. @ mhkitty06
    I think Badtz-Maru is officially a penguin. But I am with you, he is more crow like.
    Either way, this wedding is still officially creepy.

  26. Hmmm… a penguin… ah okay then… I guess that would explain the white tummy then, wouldn’t it? 😉 (duh, me…he he he)

  27. I can’t stop laughing, my hubby has no words and yes, the HK overkill is creepy. But, there is a very tiny part of me that did find some of the decorations pretty, such as the bride’s bouquet and sign in book. The goom’s boutineer was overkill and having HK and DD as your wedding party (in total costume) took it to levels that the very defintion of creepy can’t fully describe. At least the bride was beautiful.

    On a personal note, I too won my wedding a few years back and although I didn’t (nor would ever) have a all out HK wedding, I did sew a HK charm onto my garter belt so that I had something extra special on my wedding day. When you enter these types of contests, the winners who accept the prize don’t have much input about the decorations and such, so who knows if the couple wanted everything with HK on it. I guess one can’t complain if it’s for free…

  28. @mzdeedeelicious & binks…
    See~ I thought that too, since I could have sworn I remembered seeing somewhere that he was a crow….
    But then again they have several cats so why not two penguins?

    @Sanriobaby: I agree with the creepiness factor…

    Though I can imagine this is what a Furry wedding looks like but on a much more massive scale 🙂 That might actually be cool…maybe…

  29. I had spent a decent amount of time seeing and reading a good amount of articles on this site and is obvious that you are truly living a miserable life.

    Now I truly wonder…

    If living with your wife and no offense, but her extremely sick obsession of Kitty, puts you through hell every single day… WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU STILL MARRIED TO HER O_O???!!!!!!. It doesn’t make any freaking sense!!!!!!!, or you are plainly sadistic, or your wife is beyond godly hot, (and still with that is not worth the amount of pain, abuse and mental suffering you go through), or deep down inside you are equally obsess with the cat as your wife is… or just maybe… do you prefer to be with a crazy Kitty worshiper that been alone? o_0, or do you really love her so much you prefer to live in Kitty hell for the rest of your life knowing that if she had to decide between her obsession and you she will probably pick up the fictional character over yourself? -_-.

    So yeahhhhh…, no matter in which way you look at it, it just not logical. Here you are talking of the Kitty fans living in there none existing illogical world, but obviously you had been submerged on it for so long it seems you had lost grasp of reality and any common sense all together.

    And before you even ask…, or even your wife about it…, nope, I am not a Kitty lover/fan/worshipper or whatever you want to call it neither a Kitty hater, I am plainly neutral about the whole cat thing, (even though I have to admit I had my share of Kitty pencils and notebooks back when I was in middle and high school, plus the random Kitty presents from friends…, not really a creepy super collector now, what I bought or got I used it and that it…, but a lot of the stuff I saw in this site were way over the top messed up and freaky; not so much some of the things on there own but the blinded defense of the Kitty worshippers was the most frightening part of all actually -_-). So at the end, no matter how much I love a person, if I see that this person cant considerate me too on my wishes and desires as I considerate them in theirs and see that they are more involved in there own obsessions and vanities… yep… is time to walk away. Sorry, but truly needed to take that out of my chest after reading all those articles and seeing what you are living through; your wife in that aspect should take you more into consideration the same way you deal and manage with her Kitty craziness…even thought I cant help to say that is kind of your fault as well for not being completely sincere with her of your dislike of the freaking cat XD.

  30. This is a contest from the Hong Kong MTR station (subway/ metro) One “lucky” couple can have their “dream” wedding inside the station, with hello kitty as your bridemaids and dear daniel as your groomsmen.

  31. Comment from mhkitty06
    Time: August 21, 2008, 11:05 amBut he scowls a lot…that is if a crow CAN scowl…

    Badtz Maru is a penguin!

  32. i mean i love hello kitty but not that much that woman is crazy!! and that man better had not thought of this awkward much 0.o im not that crazy and i love hello kitty

  33. OMG… 0:38 is just disturbing… I’ll have nightmares tonight where those human size hello kitties chase me and try to murder me.

  34. Ahahahahahaha.

    That’s hilarious. I love the music that goes along with it. It sounds really serious business and lovey-dovey and then there’s a giant creepy Hello Kitty like RIGHT THE HELL THERE.

  35. OMG!! This truly leaves me speechless, but each to their own… I am getting married in less than 2 weeks and am going to have panic attacks that the florist will put hello kitty heads in my bouquet!! why would you ever think that was a good plan???

  36. hey it’s japan what would you expect? i bet the next big thing will be a pikachu wedding. the hello kitty thing is cute but WAY inapropriate for the ocassion btw.

  37. What a pink disturbing colored wedding ! I guess it’s china not japan but either way i think the future husband really didn’t want this (at least from his look i can tell that).

  38. I just had to swallow my own vomit. dont worry, if I see anyone in that situation, out comes the shotgun, and I either kill the wife, or kill every single peice of hello kitty memorabeilia in the place.
    It can be a hello kitty DEATH themed wedding.

  39. yer ill admitt i do like hello kitty but seriously i can asure u all i would NEVER, EVER, EVER have a hello kitty wedding!

    so lame and obbsessive

  40. Yeah, I love Hello Kitty to hell, but this is just too much.
    Hello Kitty slumber party? Yes, maybe. Hello Kitty wedding?? A flat out NO. And I so DO NOT wanna get married at a friggin’ bus terminal! They should have saved up and gotten married at Hello Kitty Land in Tokyo (yes, it exists), if they were such fanatics. -_-”
    Nice dress though, and her husband was cute enough (n00b enough) to agree to the wedding plans(:
    Hello Kitty wedding cake, anybody?

  41. It’s HK- as in Hong Kong, and in the train station, as many have stated before me. The decor etc was there for a while & you could go take photos – I’d recommend a few drinks first! Lots of HK (Hong Kong) people have odd English names like Coke, Water, Fire – even Kitty! When a colleague answered the phone one day and said “Hello Kitty” the whole office erupted.

  42. I usually get a little choked up at weddings. Hell, I got a bit teary-eyed at my own.

    I REALLY cried when I saw this…

    However, I can see one possible benefit of being married to/involved with a Hello Kitty Fanatic (HKF).

    I hate shopping for gifts. I hate thinking about shopping for gifts. I am a horrible shopper for gifts. I dread any and all of the various “expected” gift giving occasions that the Corporate-Powers-That-Be have foisted upon us over the centuries… Mothers Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, etc….

    Here, however, is the beauty of the HKF wife, lover, sweetheart, babycakes…..they are incredibly easy to shop for!!!!

    You can get them ANY HK trinket, bauble, chachki, fluffle or what-have-you and they will be in HKF 7th heaven!

    My current GF is a Catophile. And while she isn’t a full blown HKF, she still gets pretty goofy when it comes to HK. Her B-day is coming up in May.

    Today, I went to the local Target over my lunch hour and “window-shopped” some potential HK panty removers er….presents.

    OMG, it took all of my strength and fortitude to not buy anything today. And it was On Sale 20% Off!!!

    This may be the BEST B-day shopping I’ve ever endured!!!!!

    p.s. I’m not an HKF. My cat Bella has 1 small plush HK PEZ dispenser that she likes to beat down on from time-to-time. I found it carelessly discarded laying in the gutter.

    p.s.s. I am thinking about converting my currently orange and rather bland and not so cute radio-controlled Monster Truck into a raging pink HK Monster Truck Of Cuteness. If and when I get around to doing this, I will be sure to send you a picture.

    p.s.s.s. We are really counting on you Mr. HKH! You may well be our last bastion of sanity

  43. I’m a girl, and I can tell you: WILL…NOT…HAPPEN!! I will NOT have a wedding like that!! I’m perfectly comfortable in my femininity, but I don’t need something so…cheesy!! ugh…Hello Kitty in moderation:fine. Hello Kitty in every aspect of my life??:gag.


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