Hello Kitty Antibacterial Soap

When I go to wash my hands, the last thing that I want to see is Hello Kitty. It looks like I will no longer have a choice in the matter with the introduction of Hello Kitty antibacterial soap:

Hello Kitty antibacterial soap

I have a very simple question. Is it at all possible to classify Hello Kitty as bacteria and use this soap on her? I mean, we already know that Hello Kitty is trying to kill us…

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  1. I’m kind of waiting for the obvious pro-Kitty comments about how Hello Kitty, being the completely real and non-fictional entity that she is, wants us all to use her soap to be fresh and clean and happy. Just like the (again, entirely nonfictional, living, beating) heart of Hello Kitty!

    I’m just saying…

  2. @Jason

    Maybe all the round shapes she embodies…. Like a teddy bear.

    No seriously, they took a study on this and found that baby animals seem to have all the same traits: poportionately big eyes, chubby bodies, etc. Somehow it invokes the nurturing instict or something. It seems to be the same for humans. That’s why teddy bears look so different from bear cubs.

    So yes. I guess we humans respond to circles and round things.

  3. Jason,

    I tried staring at the soap to give you an answer (think I’m losing vision) yes baby’s in most mammals have larger heads and it equals cute but not for the evil one. I think maybe there is a hello kitty link I’m missing as she is a cartoon and I can’t really feed or nurture her. maybe the bow connects with a part of crazy peoples brains. 🙂

  4. Hmm that’s interesting.
    I have many different definitions and categories of cute, but I just can’t fit HK into any of them. But I suppose that I have rarely any found character that’s anime-ish and that’s not a human cute.

    @ jo
    Ya I can’t see how people have real feelings of love for something that is drawn and isn’t even human lol.

  5. I can imagine an HK fanatic using this and then it burning the skin and stinging the eyes because it’s made out of crap that really bad for your skin/body. Ugh. Well, HK can and will market anything…

  6. I think it’s a case that holds a hard soap inside. The case is okay and I doubt the soap inside is nothing special. I perfer to have a Hello Kitty soap dispenser pump, so that I can fill it with my favorite Bath and Body Works hand soap instead.

  7. LoL, another useless product! Hooray!
    It’s hard for me to spend money on things I could even think about considering useful featuring HK like pens or pencils. But something like this? It’s called a jack.
    I’d have more respect for the creator if she came to my house dressed as HK and put a gun in my face, asking for my cash.

  8. This is made from the fat of those who lost the Kitty War…@Jason..Some volk like das kitten because she is chibified, look at the Powerpuff girls, they also have large heads with just thumbs, and stump legs. Also kawaii culture, which is anything cute [kawaii] such as Pokemon, Disney, etc..kinda girly girl stuff..also manenki neko..good fortune cat!

  9. Eh I guess I’ll just never be able to understand it lol. If HK fanatics wanna see something actually cute, they should go watch Bottle Fairy, Ichigo Mashimaro, or Pita Ten. 😀

  10. I’m unsure of the actual contents inside the package, antibacterial soap is such a farce to begin with.. But I do think the box and container are cute looking. It’s nice to see HK looking kind of old school and not so pink and flowery.

  11. hm…the box it comes in is adorable…i’d rather use that soap than hello kitty toilet paper.

    at least its useful, you know? antibacterial soap isn’t as bad as headphone charms or that stupid foot warmer.

    It’s got a purpose, and goes away when you use it enough. Considering hello kitty’s got her face on a rifle, this isn’t the worst thing you’ve posted.

  12. I boycott antibacterial soaps at home because bbacteries are what makes one immune system strong.
    But this one looks actually cute, and for once it’s not pink!

  13. @mimi

    Well, it’s really whether the product is any good or not that’s important. I once bought some HK mini pens and they weren’t so great.

  14. In the first place, “anti-bacterial soap” is something of a tautology; all soaps kill some species of bacteria (mostly the ones you commonly find on your hands).
    In the second place, actually effective soaps against the few nasty species you might find on your hands, such as E-coli 0157 are all soft gel types in pump dispensers, not hard soaps.

    Accordingly, this is more pointless marketting tat, even if it’s a good hard soap.

  15. @Kitteh
    Thank you… Just use good old soap and water that should get rid of whatever is on your hands, and if not your hands shouldn’t be where they were 😉

  16. @Shelley
    Regular sopas kills gemr, but not all germs, those anti-bacterial ones kills most of the germs, the bad guys as well as the bacteries that are useful to us. The only place I expect and wish to see a specifically labelled anti-bacterial soap is in a hospital.

  17. @Cyn

    well I work at a Denny’s and we use anti bacterial soap, good idea in my opinion because nobody likes selmonilla or food poisoning. I have always used anti bacterial soap ever since I was a little kid and I have a kick ass imune system. I never get sick and if I do I’m over it like that. I relize that some bacteria is good, like the bacteria that is naturaly found in our digestive systems. So ere is my next quesstion for you because this is really an interesting subject and i would like to understand your point better, What kind of cleaning products do you use for your home?

  18. Shelley, I agree with the use of anti-bacs in catering and healthcare. That doesn’t mean they’re not overkill in a home environment though. (check back to Aug 26th comments)

    “I never get sick, and if I do I’m over it like that” – newsflash, girl; most, if not all, of us can say the same about the food poisoning and “flesh eating” bacteria that anti-bac products are aimed at!

    Answering your question, other than the most “kick-@$$” toilet cleaner I can find, I never use marketted anti-bacs for home cleaning.

  19. @ Cyn and Shelley
    Did either of you happen to read what Mimi posted that this indeed is not anti-bac soap but facial cleanser with acne prevention, so no need to debate 🙂

    On another note, I like the Clorox Green Works line of cleaners, they clean well, are enviro friendly, and smell good… They are not anti-bac 😉


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