Hello Kitty Fanatic Song

I found this in my email box today – an original Hello Kitty fanatic song by Anna Joy. The song pretty much sums up what it’s like living with a Hello Kitty fanatic…

You can listen to the song at The Ugly Trannies Myspace Page (click the “Hello Kitty” on the player – warning: words NSFW)

You will probably have to read the lyrics to be able to understand it all, so here they are:

I can’t stop buying all that Hello Kitty s***
I cannot close my closet door, my drawers just overflow with it
And I will not take it back
I need it more than crack
If I can’t have that pillowcase then I will have a heart attack

I can’t stop buying all that Hello Kitty crap
I go to the Sanrio store and I know full well it’s a trap
‘Cuz it’s just so f****** cute
It’s just so f****** cute
I think that I have pooped my pants
I thought that it was just a toot

Posters coasters toasters rugs and mugs and keychains
(I want it all!)
Curtains tampons purses shirts and toys and storm drains
(I want it all!)
Panties bras and guitars, socks and shoes and t-shirts
(I want it all!)
Sanrio will make sure every last dollar hurts
(I want it all!)

I can’t stop buying all that Hello Kitty junk
It put it all in my backseat because I cannot close my trunk
‘Cuz it’s never enough
No it’s never enough
I’ll tattoo it on my labia
I have to have all of this stuff

Razors tazers lasers lite-brites dildos statues
(I want it all!)
Guns and ammo, crack and smokes and s***** tattoos
(I want it all!)
Posters coasters toasters rugs and mugs and keychains
(I want it all!)
Curtains tampons purses shirts and toys and storm drains
(I want it all!)

I couldn’t quit me all that Hello Kitty crap
So when I sleep outside the kitty store, I sleep in Hello Kitty wrap
‘Cuz I blew all my loot
My landlord gave me the boot
…but don’t you think this garbage can is hella f****** cute??

Posters coasters toasters rugs and mugs and keychains
(I want it all!)
Curtains tampons purses shirts and toys and storm drains
(I want it all!)
Panties bras and guitars, socks and shoes and t-shirts
(I want it all!)
Sanrio will make sure every last dollar hurts
(I want it all!)

It’s never good to start a new week with a Hello Kitty fanatic song, but at least it’s not the original Hello Kitty theme song…(warning, listen at your own risk – I’m telling you right now that you don’t want to click on it…)

I told you…

84 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Fanatic Song”

  1. That youtube video scared me… With t-that evil song. O__O

    The first two words were sung, “Hellooo Kitty….” And I stopped the video. xD

  2. geeez thats way too creeepy
    i dnt no if ill be able to look at hello kitty the same way ahhh seriously if i was gonna brain wash someone thats the song i would use
    but i dnt no why glancing back at hello kitty ….i just dont no if i can stop loving it…shes just so damn cute
    sorry wish i could not like her ahaha at least im not obsessed πŸ™‚

  3. Now that’s ugly! No I am not taking about the Hello Kitty theme.
    Given the choice between Ugly Trannies and the Hello kitty theme song I take the theme song any day. The Ugly Trannies gives new meaning parody gone horribly wrong. I notice you forgot your customary curse. Let me this time, to you Mr. HKH may you spend the next 30 days listening to only the Hello Kitty Theme song for inflicting my ears with this crap pretending to be music and to the Ugly Trannies my they be forced to use only Hello Kitty Instruments and a few pointers by Weird Al” Yankovic how to play and do parody. No I need to listen to some Mozart to get this crap out of my mind.

  4. OMG! I had to turn it off.
    That is the Sanrio Cult Brainwashing song.
    I’ve just been seriously song fu#$ed. Thanks, Mr HK Hell!

  5. Oh F&$@ing A !!!!!!!!
    What the HELL was that????
    What WERE they smoking when they came up with that?!?!?!?!
    This is what you play someone when they are tied to a chair, gagged, their eyeballed taped open to watch… and then once they are comotose they are then fitted with concrete shoes…..you get the rest …. bwahahahaha!

    MR. HKH… that was NOT nice to do this too us… though you did warn us… I really wasn’t expecting it to be *that* bad… until I opened it…. then all hell broke loose!

  6. I refuse to listen to the song as the lyrics were enough to make my eyes bleed. I would rather start my day off with a lovely sonata or some Imogen Heap… something that won’t make the ears bleed.

    I feel sorry to those of you who lost their brain to this song… if it could even be called a song. Crap those are terrible lyrics….

  7. didn’t listen to the song… didn’t watch the video…. i’ll be okay in an hour or so…
    but one thing… there’s hk TAMPONS?!?!?! YUCk!!!!!!!!

  8. @moriyah
    Oh, c’mon…. You must experience the lyrics if only just for a second. Just listen for a tiny moment. It’s really funny…..(everyone’s doing it hahahahaha)

  9. “…and to the Ugly Trannies my they be forced to use only Hello Kitty Instruments and a few pointers by Weird Al” Yankovic how to play and do parody.”

    I would love some Hello Kitty instruments! Care to buy and send them to me??

    Thanks to Mr. HKH guy for linking me! I love Hello Kitty, but you people are crazy (and kind of dense for constantly pissing and moaning on an anti-kitty blog)!! Kisses!!



    Seriously, though…what’s with the little sax riff at the end? How does that go with the infernal hellishness passing for “cute” that characterizes the rest of the song?

  11. Now we know what was really in the Ark of the Covenant. Ok, we are not going looking for Tanis inwhere in the next 2 millenia!!

  12. @AnnaJoy:
    I’d say ‘it takes one to know one’, but that would be beneath me πŸ™‚
    The song was funny in a crazy-angry-at-the-world sort of way but a funny song nonetheless. You do realize that most of the time we are joking and just being silly, right?

  13. Okay last time posting…
    Has anyone seen the new HK stuff at Target lately????
    They have the latest installment of stuff in the $1 section, there are the cutest memo pads πŸ™‚
    (I know~ I fell off the wagon in a big way…)

  14. @mhkitty06
    Yes i noticed the same in the Target In Portland. It look like Target is getting out of the Hello Kitty buisness.

  15. I saw a HK ice pack. It’s in the pharmacy for $4.99.

    I am not joking.

    I couldn’t hear the song, but at the same time, I sort of don’t miss it considering the reaction here.

    I think I’m glad that my computer hates Myspace sometimes.

  16. @mhkitty06:

    I’m sure most of you are no crazier than I am! Har! I was mainly just referring to the people in the converse thread. That was something to behold!

    But thanks to everyone for liking (or disliking) the song!!


  17. Ha, I have a bunch of the icepacks from you guessed it, Target, that were in the $1 section from 2 years ago…
    @Acton: They carry $1 HK items once or twice a year…which excites me to no end… I buy all the little hair clips and stuff for my friend’s daughter who also love HK (thanks to me!).

  18. @ mhkitty
    I think I bought everything in that Target dollar section!!! πŸ˜€

    @ Catherine
    Be happy your boys are boys and not like this guy!! Or Stylist D πŸ˜‰ We can buy HK stuff for each other πŸ™‚

    I think the HK Tranny needs to take his HK tampons and stick them in his mouth!!! I’m with Moriyah on this one, I’m not even going to listen…

  19. Somewhere, some marketing guru at Sanrio is thinking….
    “Storm drains!! I can’t believe we didn’t think of it sooner. Now Hello Kitty will direct the overflow water with love so that it can return to the earth.”

  20. @mhkitty06:

    Don’t be scared, just use your Hello Kitty ice pack afterwards.


    Crap. I knew I should have copyrighted that one.

    Although some people are not grasping that this song is supposed to be teh funneez…and sending me messages asking if Hello Kitty tampons really exist. Um, no. Sanrio has not gone there…yet.

    But if they did, I would totally be first in line for some HK-themed feminine hygiene products. ForEVERS.

  21. @Catherine: Mine is a boy, too.

    I thank the Divine Powers that Be devoutly and often. It’s lovely to have a Bratz, Hannah Montana and Kitty-free home!

  22. @AnnaJoy:
    There are already HK Maxipads… I saw some on Ebay once… new in package, thank the Gods!
    I’m waiting for the tampons… I figure since they already have the pads, condoms, and tp, so why not more? I betcha somewhere in Korea there is bootleg HK gracing a ‘Summer’s Eve’ box! LOL! πŸ˜‰

    @Catherine: I thought we were going to drop comments from the last ‘issue’? Not going there, but just wanted to put that out there…

  23. @ AnnaJoy
    Not trying to pick a fight here, but I find it very rude of you to be calling us crazy and dense.. It case you didn’t know this site is about HK and people loving or hating her… What the hell did you think we’d be talking about??? I mean did you even listen to your own “song”, and I’m definitely using that term VERY loosely??? The only thing that is crazy and dense is you for making a comment like that…

  24. @Sara Dane,

    I know I don’t like you that much, and even though you make a valid point, please calm down.
    AnnaJoy seems nice, and was only probably joking.

    So….Do you want some pepsi? I have some in the fridge if you want. *Gets virtual pepsi* πŸ˜€ A peace offering.

  25. @ Catherine
    Cute. But this half-empty box of Tampax Pearl Super-plus would beg to differ with you.

    @ Sara Dane
    I’m pretty sure this site is just about hating her, it’s just been co-opted by people who love her. Which is kinda rad in it’s own special way.

    Anyway, I don’t know, I just feel kinda stabby inside when people threaten serious hellfire and death to someone because they won’t tell them where to get a pair of shoes. Actually, I alternate between stabby and lulz at their helpless frustration. But that’s just me.

    And of course I listened to my own song, I listened to it in my brain a whole bunch before I wrote and recorded it. Basically, I like Hello Kitty a little too much, and I just happen to have a sense of humor about it. I would hope you guys do too (although some of us obvs take our Sanrio WAY more serious than others). Kitty would want it that way, you know. She’s all about love.

  26. @AnnaJoy
    Hello Kitty Fender Stratocaster Guitar, Pink and Badtz-Maru Fender Bronco Bass Guitar, Black
    Mr. HKH has a strict police about linking try googleing it.

  27. Ok, I just read the lyrics, but I think the song works as a satire for the HK sceptics, and as life statement for the HK fanatics.

  28. @AnnaJoy:
    I thought it was great a satire, though like I said, was a ‘little’ angry to me… I too liked Hello Kitty a little too much. I still have a bunch of stuff I’m currently trying to get rid of on ebay. Of course I have ton more stuff I may never get rid of πŸ™‚
    I too think it’s crazy to wish death upon someone for not telling you where to get something… some people need a therapist when it comes down to it!

  29. @ Indiana
    Don’t worry that was and will be my only comment on that.. I just didn’t think that was okay, but am not looking to get anything ryelled up.. I don’t drink Pepsi, but if you have an IBC cream soda I’ll take it!!!! πŸ˜‰

    @AnnaJoy & mhkitty
    I think I’m missing something?? What shoes are we looking for? That is something I may be able to actually help with… Score! πŸ™‚

  30. @ Catherine

    It does when the other half was used to stop the flow of my menses.

    “The Ugly Trannies” is a BAND name. When you look at the Rolling Stones, are you confused by them not being a bunch of rocks??

  31. @ AnnaJoy
    Its just that not many REAL girls would want to compare
    themselves to trannies. Band or not. Yes, It was terribly confusing when I had seen men instead of rocks….
    Probably the same thing would happen when I see “The Ugly Trannies”, no?

  32. Seriously… all that… over a damn pair of shoes people!
    UGH… I think that was waaayyy before most of us were here…. though there are some who posted that I recognize…

    oh, and I meant ‘psycho’ and not pshyco… darn fingers won’t type as fact as I want them too… darn HK keyboard!

  33. @mhkitty06
    Yeah I was kinda lost there. But, really find the damn shoes yourself. He HATES HK. Um, like he would really help spread the infection. Duh!
    And…tells me a lot about their taste in clothing. Tacky!!!
    He did you a favor (ding dongs) not telling you where to get the shoes.

  34. @ mhkitty
    Thanks for filling me in πŸ˜‰ I remember that HK series. It was HK and Mimi, I have some of the goods.

    @ Catherine
    Sorry, but I think the shoes are kinda cute in a punk rocky kind of way and could totally see a band chick wearing them…

  35. @ Sara dane and Annajoy,

    OOooh! I love IBC cream soda! and Diet pepsi! Be right back!

    *walks to fridge and comes back 2 minutes later*

    *gives drinks* there you go! ^_^

  36. This song is wrong! But for anyone wanting a cheap HK fix, yes, Target does put out HK merchandise at the front of the store in the dollar section. I’ve spent countless dollars purchasing all kinds of stuff including HK ice packs, HK printed ziploc bags, lip gloss, stickers, sticky note pads, ect.

  37. Oh, that is so precious! Who could NOT like that song? The way they sing “helloooo, Kit-ty” with the elongated “t”…it’s just like littttle angels singing it! Thank you for posting. πŸ™‚

  38. iknow she is just like chiyo chan in azumanga daioh
    Hellooooo kitty, come & play to day oh hello hello
    kitty come & play 2day
    I am cursed….

  39. Annajoy, love the song. not sure why people are getting hell bent over it. Some people can’t laugh at themselves I guess.

  40. OMGsh that is so incredibly stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 waht moron would write a stupid song like THAT!



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