Hello Kitty Safari

Well, I guess I can always dream:

Hello Kitty safari postcard
Hello Kitty safari postcard

I think it would have been more appropriate if she had been hunted down with a Hello Kitty shotgun, but then again, who am I to nitpick…

Sent in by Aein (via commercial archive) who deserves a beer on me if we should ever meet for bringing a smile to my face, but next time needs to invite me along for the hunt…

69 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Safari”

  1. NOOOOOO!!!!
    Not Snoopy!!!!!!!!!

    Bugs, NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Who’s going to say ‘What’s up, doc?’ now?????

    LOL! I have to say that is damn funny!

  2. The Hk head looks like an old potato lol… I agree with Catherine, how does the rat keep dodging the bullet (no pun intended)??? I think they need Hannah Montana’s head in the mix too!! 🙂

  3. This picture is just awesome… talk about making my morning! 😉 i love the fact that there is a unicorn skull in the foreground… no more rainbows kids!

    “Goodbye Innocence” indeed

  4. Props to Rebecca!! Those two pictures are really funny 🙂 Did anyone happen to read some of the postings under it?? Someone said the picture was rasist ROFL!!

  5. The more I look at the ad campaign I find it brilliant but disturbing it like saying good Goodbye Innocence and Hello Angst , Prozac ridden adulthood. I have some mixed feelings on adulthood vs attempt return to youth. I do not have any answers except to keep a hello Kitty plush in one hand and a furry sketch book in another.

  6. @Catherine:
    I too zeroed in on pinocchio in the background!
    That is TOOOO funny! The aliens and the robot from the 1980’s too 🙂
    @ Lucy, I agree about the eyes… and I’m pretty sure rabbit ears have no bones in them, they are like ours- cartilage… but these are cartoons so who knows!
    One question all… what’s with the Tree and and Witch in the second picture?
    Call me totally dumb but I have no clue other than the Witch being the Wicked Witch of the West, mabe???

  7. @ mhkitty
    The tree has me stumped as well (ba dump dump) and I’m pretty sure that it is the Scare Crow from Oz whose head is on that stick lol

  8. @Catherine: after I looked again to show some coworkers, I saw that it was indeed the scarecrow…
    @Sara Dane: How the HELL can that be taken as racist… I am SO not seeing it!
    Okay…so what am I missing here with the pencil crack?

  9. Oh, and in the original, whose legs are those on either side of the chick’s chair???
    I can’t figure that one out either!

    And where is Santa??
    Maybe that’s not Bugs Bunny, but the Easter Bunny!

  10. @ mhkitty
    I know!! How could anyone think that this was racist?? Some people lol… I think the feet are doll feet? And I agree I’d love to see the fat man strung up like Pinocchino! Let’s make our own picture and put the tooth fairy in a jar 🙂

  11. Right, and what does it say that you get what I’m talking about???

    Don’t worry it wasn’t a crack about anybody 🙂 Unless you to have short pencils 😉

  12. mhkitty: i think those shoes are Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Maybe a wee bit oversized, but then again… girl might have been a bit on the haughty side.

  13. the two African gentlemen in the picture and the style of the safari photo in general harken back to an era where wealthy whites could go into these peoples native land and essentially buy these people for the duration of their trip. the photo seems to be glamorizing the exploitation of native peoples. that why some people would see it as racist

  14. If paying someone with a different skin colour 3 months earnings for a week’s work is racist, then will some Aisiatic or Negroid type please make me a racist pay offer!? 😉

  15. it’s more like they got paid nothing by european standards or there services were traded by their older relatives or tribe leaders to do a months worth of servant style labor. it’s sad to see history is lost on today’s generation.

  16. I couldn’t have dreamed of anything so excellent after not checking out the site for a while! *Someone* deserved to get Bugs but shame on the ‘unicorn’.

    Red shoes? Dorothy? Alice? Random character from a fairy tale?

    Don’t we want one with Badtz Maru, Choco et al? A HK fan could photoshop that one 🙂

  17. Thank you Amy, no-one called my “young” for a while!! 😀 I’m in my mid-40s, and know enough economics to know that paying “rich nation” prices for goods and services in “poor nations” distorts and damages the poor nation’s economy.

  18. @ Catherine
    Tinkerbell not the Tooth Fairy 🙂

    @ Ando
    Yes let’s get rid of that little mosquito 😉 She was mean to Wendy anyway lol…

    @ Kitteh
    I like you, you’re sassy 😉 And from what I understand the 40’s are the new 20’s!!

  19. The history lesson aside, I get the whole Safari/Racist thing. What I was meaning was that itseems like a stretch to think racist, I guess. I mean yes, it was wrong to do what many people did back then, but lets not get into all that… because if we do why don’t we just go all the way and ask ‘Why isn’t Chococat as popular as Hello Kitty?’…and then all Hell-o would break loose!

    Yes, let’s get Tink 🙂
    Little insect sprinkling crap all over people!

    And back to the slippers, if they were black I’d almost think Lisa Simpson… I just don’t see how they could be Dorothy’s when she was not a cartoon…

  20. Acton, oh wow!!! Can I suggest that just bondage isn’t enough, and you need to go with blindfold and ear defenders too in that case!? 😉

  21. Oh $HIT!
    Are you kidding me?!?!?!
    That’s just wrong!
    No man should have to go through that!!!!!
    Poor man!
    New Question:
    Why have we not seen the pictures of her getting rid of 200 HK items!!!! Show me the pictures!

  22. Actually I was thinking more like using the room a la A Clockwork Orange (book and movie) where forced Alex DeLarge to watch violence in order to “reform” him.

    Ps. I remembered being told when I was in Japan, Love Hotels are not just for illicit tryst but used by married couples because of small size and multiple generation in the same home. Sometimes it the way the couple can get some privacy

    just kidding mr. HKH
    no you wife locked you in Puroland. 😀

  23. Haha, it’s good you got a kick out of it~

    However, in lieu of the beer, I’d gladly accept your wife’s unwanted Hello Kitty goods. 🙂

  24. I tell you, what I damn near cried when it reached 900~ something and then slowed down!
    I was on the edge of my chair and had it open for two days straight at work… surprised I wasn’t fired! 🙂

  25. Tink was already put in an airtight jar(please youtube Peter Pan- Disney), she didn’t die. Barbie is missing too. But to me hunting toys like they’re big game is extremely childish, so the campaign is giving me the wrong vibe.

  26. The tree in the second picture is the tree from Pocahontas. (the Disney cartoon?)
    The one she went to for guidance and stuff?
    I’m so sure that’s it… I can’t think of any other trees with faces…

  27. Ha. True Hello Kitty never dies.
    À SANRIO covert agent under the disguise of à French speaking curiouser and curiouser type.


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