Hello Kitty KKK

It is well known that Hello Kitty feels the need to be a part of any and every group out there even when she is not welcome. It appears that sometimes she doesn’t realize that there are probably groups that she really doesn’t want to associate with as evidence of the Hello Kitty Klu Klux Klan:

Hello Kitty KKK

Hmmm, maybe the evil feline is just showing her true colors — underneath all that love and cuteness is raging hate against everything that isn’t just like her. It would certainly serve her right to be in a Hello Kitty Hell which worse than mine…

Sent in by Ryan who I’m not sure whether he should be punished for sending me something that is sure to result in me sleeping on the couch in the Hello kitty sleeping bag or rewarded for showing the evil feline for what she truly is…

87 thoughts on “Hello Kitty KKK”

  1. Wow, this might be the picture that puts darlene in the funny farm!
    Maybe this is why you never see HK and Chococat in the same place… hmmm

  2. This bad as the Heil Kitty stick. Very poor digital drawing.
    Still Mr. HKH I think you reached a new low by equating the β€œevilness” of Hello Kitty by using a real evil and racist character. You make Darlene sound reasonable in comparison. No sleeping bag for you mister. You should be put into the Hell Kitty tend for a week and thee days of Hello Kitty Snack and water.

  3. I don’t know, is Hello Kitty white enough to be in the KKK? I Get the feeling that they wouldn’t be the most… receptive group to Hello Kitty. What with her being Female, and Asian, and a Cat. And the whole Invading America business…

    I have to Say, The KKK is the one group that probably Would get better if they accepted Hello Kitty.

  4. I started snorting a bit with laughter. However, I was thinking of Dave Chappele’s sketch of him being the head of a KKK group—a blind black man that is.


    That’s true, I haven’t seen Chococat and her together, unless they’re heavily segregated. πŸ˜‰

  5. You have some serious issues! How dare you say bad things about Hello Kitty like that! The only raging hate that exists is in your heart.

    Hello Kitty is willing to try and put love into the heart of anyone. Who needs this more than people in the KKK? She is trying to change their hearts and make the world a more loving and peaceful place and you try to make it like this is something evil. You should be ashamed of yourself!

    That is a sign of the true love and kindness of Hello Kitty. She will try to get into the heart of anyone to make them feel good. That should be celebrated and encouraged. You are walking a thin line and people will start to leave this blog very soon.

  6. @ andophiroxia

    FYI: That was not Ogre in Blazing Sladdles. Blazing Saddles character (mongo) was played by Alex Karras, while Ogre was played by Donald Gibb.

    Both awesome Movies!

    Oh, and i love the racist kitty who won’t be seen with that rotten Chococat LOL.

  7. HK kitty has turned to a new low. And now prepare for Indy’s responses to darlene’s rants! =D

    TODAY’S TOPIC = Hello Klu Klux Kitty.

    “Hello Kitty is willing to try and put love into the heart of anyone. Who needs this more than people in the KKK?”

    Oh, um….We’re talking about the KKK. You say they need love for the sickening things they do to another race?

    …..WTF is wrong with you?!

    “She is trying to change their hearts and make the world a more loving and peaceful place and you try to make it like this is something evil.”

    WHAT. Do you REALLY think shoving a Hello kitty doll up their face will realise that they’re freaking douchebags and are gonna have no-one’s respect if they don’t stop? Everyone wishes that could happen, but that is not gonna happen.

    REALLY darlene, think.

    …..And that’s all the time we have for Indy’s responses to darlene! Bai bai! =D

  8. @Seth

    You’re right. I took a look back into it and yeah, he wasn’t in that movie. Donald Gibb was somewhere playing basketball I believe. πŸ˜›

    But it was still a cool movie and well, I could see Ogre punching a horse still.

  9. ………………….


    You have officially blown my mind. And I thought the HK hanpanda did that!

  10. Guess that’s why she’s known as kitty “white.” LOL. Just kidding…awwww man, I love hello kitty, why you turn her into a hate monger? πŸ™

  11. I love your blog because I get a regular laugh. I do feel bad for you and the pink kitty nightmare that you live in. I also look forward to darlenes rants. They are snort inspiring.

  12. I hate to say this… but I sorta agree with Darlene. Even if she seems to be saying that Hello Kitty joined the KKK to spread her message of peace and love.

    I do have to admit, that the people in The KKK would probably be better off if they were Hello Kitty Fanatics instead. From a Purely societal point of view.

  13. umm, does everyone here think Darlene is for real? Come on…no one is that insane. She/he probably just writes all this stuff to see how people react, and throw a fit over the ridiculousness. I doubt it’s even the same person that posted the very first time. Anyone can say their name is Darlene to mess with everyone.

  14. [coffee on monitor moment]

    I have to agree; the KK are one body that could only be improved by becoming HK fanatics instead!!

  15. Really, although the KKK is a terrible group to be associated with the photo is no different then making HK Freddie Kruger, or a Pirate or Jesus. Same dumb crap….

  16. @Brit: Happy B-day to us then! Mine’s the 3rd too!

    The drawing is extremely badly done but it is *kinda* funny when you think about it. Although HK is WAYYY more accepting of others, I mean come on, she hangs out with Frogs, Dogs, Penguins, and even a Raccoon!
    I still think Darlene needs a straight jacket, but oh well, what harm is she?

    @Ando: Dave Chappele’s skit was AWESOME! That is one of my favorites! It was hilarious!

  17. ‘You are walking a thin line and people will start to leave this blog very soon.’

    Kay you go first…and the rest of us will follow:)

  18. Darlene has been predicting the death of this blog for over a year now. I think the Urban Legend I created where if you type her name 5 times in a row she appears behind you and strangles you with the HK garotte has more chance of coming true!

  19. @Brit

    Happy birthday!!!

    I LOVED the two Americas gay skit. Especially the one with the gay KKK dude. I LOVE CHAPPELE for doing stuff like that.

    Yeah, kind of like Bloody Mary. However, I think she would just bodily violate you with an HK massager…

  20. @mhkitty06

    Yes, I saw that movie called, “Jack Frost” (not the one with Michael Keaton, but it was a cheesy horror flick). Anyways, the snowman “does the deed” with one girl taking a bath (disguising himself as bath water) until she does.

    No seriously.

    What’s even worse is that he did a bit of a pun with Christmas arriving early.


    They say he beat her head against the wall until she dies, but um…… I doubt it having seen the movie.

  21. You couldn’t even restrain yourself from posting this? Come on….

    I feel sorry for you Americans that get a laugh at this picture. Face it, its just another sad story in your country’s history. Thank god for the Underground Railroad and for the families that got out of the USA. Sorry for the ones that staid, murdered, raped, sent back to Africa with nothing but English beatened into them.

    Nice picture I always thought your web site was cute but apparently you’re a juvenile!

  22. To Darlene:

    Are you mental?!? You say that she is trying to change their hearts and make the world a more peaceful place. And yet, there is clearly a burning cross in plain view right behind her. I don’t know if you noticed this, since it seems to you that anything Hello kitty could never ever be bad. why don’t you stop being so rude to Mr. HKH and stop thinking that everyone has to like Hello kitty, because in reality a lot of people would never be caught dead with anything hello kitty!

  23. Ando, I actually took it from Candyman!!

    Ando & MHK, you pair apparently know more about horror films than I do. Not surprising really, since it’s rare for the genre to scare me, so I mostly don’t bother.

    Amelia, what are you on? Most of us got a laugh out of this, and took it as ripping on the KKK as much as anything else.

    Cierra, too right. Ok, in the cases of some of the fan art I might be voluntarily “caught alive” with it given the chance 😈 but not so with the Sanrio merchandising tat!

  24. @ Amelia… Please don’t feel sorry for us “Americans”
    We happen to be the best country in the world. No worries. Every country has their idiots. Seems you can count yourself for whichever country you reside. πŸ™‚

  25. @Catherine: Village idiot alert! πŸ˜‰

    @Ando: OMG, I saw that movie… talk about Cheesy…
    Yeah I want to go see Quarantine this Friday… those don’t bother me too much… the ones like SAW and crap like that just make me sick not scared.

  26. mhkitty06..You saw the Chihuahua movie? My 6 yr old wants to see it I offered him $50 and a the new Lego Batman game for PS2 so I wouldn’t have to go… I hope he goes for it.
    Quarantine looks creeeeeepy. Perfect date movie.

  27. Well, it’s not like it was just the Yanks who thought this was funny. I’m Scottish, and thought it was a joke aimed at the KKK.

  28. @Kitteh!

    Yes! But if you laugh at something representing the KKK or at least lampooning them in anyway, you somehow show your support even though it’s laughing AT them, not with them. Yes that logic makes sense totally!

    /heavy sarcasm btw.


    Argh. No Chihuahas!!! I’d take my kid (if I had one) and just would show him something cool—not that crap. Or I’d ground him. Or something. πŸ˜›

    Funny enough horror movies freak me out in general. However, if it’s like forensic stuff, it doesn’t bother me a whit. I’m weird.

  29. @Ando: I know what you mean… I usually eat dinner while watching Bones…Ahhh David πŸ˜‰

    @Catherine: NO! I didn’t see the movie, just the trailer for it and the stupid song gort stuck in my head…

    I HATE Chihuahuas! Nasty little rodent-like dogs… πŸ™

  30. I’m usually hard to creep out, so most horror doesn’t get me, but I’m nigh on impossible to gross out, so splatterfests are a waste of effort unless you do something unusual and actually clever with them. I’m quite capable of showing down whilst watching CSI (pref Vegas), but don’t usually see Bones for some reason.

  31. “…She is trying to change their hearts and make the world a more loving and peaceful place and you try to make it like this is something evil.”

    She’s made Hello Kitty sound like Ghandi or some international peace promoter. She’s a character not an advocate.

  32. @ Catherine
    Kohls just opened about 10,000 stores. Maybe one opened in your area. Want to go shopping?
    Get over yourself sister!

  33. Oh Gosh.
    I hope this doesn’t offend anyone! πŸ™‚
    And that no one is a member of the KKK.

    Darlene will freak. I am suprised she has not commented yet.

  34. I don’t think this image of Hello Kitty in KKK clothes is appropriate. Maybe you don’t care, but people had suffered because of this symbol.

  35. hopefully one of those people will be you darlene!!!! i dont understand why you say you hate this blog and then continue to comment!!!!!

  36. one of these days……
    darlene’s gonna be reading ur blog and shell read sumthing rlly rlly bad (by a HK fanatics standards) do some annoying, weirdo commentating and just drop dead from stroke she got from trying so hard to defend hello kitty…. sad how she hasnt got a life so she replaces her lonliness w/ hello kitty “preaching” isnt it?

  37. It’s Ryan who should be stuffed into that pinata and beaten with the 2×4 for creating and/or sending this monstrosity, Darlene should merely have a brain transplant to see if we can cure her of the advance retardation she is suffering from.

  38. ah, come on, she is Japanes as Japanese people invented her… And her bio says she LIVES in London and travels alot… Her father does work for a trading company so maybe they got posted there…

    er, yeah, sounds as though I’m talking about reall people, lol.

    Maybe HK thought it was a cute outfit and is completely naive and unaware of the fact she is wearing a KKK outfit…

    Or maybe the artist was taking the mick…

    after all, at the end of the day *gulps* she is *braces herself* just… a … picture…

    can’t believe I admitted that…

  39. darlene has real issues man this picture is just not right….. I am a hello kitty fanatic. I mean come on I scared my boyfriwnd by thinking the hello kitty themed low rise underpants were the cutest things in the world.(well they are pretty cute) and I mean i am not saying darlene is a bad person but frig take a chillpill and take a ride on the sanity train.
    get over yourself!!!!


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