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It’s never a good sign when I receive emails from numerous readers about something Hello Kitty, but it’s even worse when the publicity department backing the evil feline also feels that sending me a press release is a positive thing to do. Thus was the case of the new Hello Kitty music CD that has been released with cringe inducing song samples to make you feel like you want to vomit for the rest of the day (warning – don’t listen. You’ll never be the same…):

The promotion department seems to have a slightly warped view of this CD. This is how they think it sounds:

SANRIO, Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of “Hello World”, the first-ever Hello Kitty album…The album will offer 11 tracks of original pop tunes, performed by a number of up & coming young artists. The result is an upbeat and perky compilation that reflects the life-embracing mood of the Hello Kitty brand.

This was basically the reaction that my wife had and she is determined to get a copy for her collection, although I think my reaction of wanting to immediately end my life is probably how the majority of people who listen to it will feel. In fact, after a few seconds I was wishing that someone would simply run their nails up and down a chalk board as that would have been so much more pleasant to the ears. Of course, nails on chalk board would actually mean that I had somehow escaped Hello Kitty Hell…

Originally sent in by Rachel (followed by way too many others including the Sanrio ad people) who should have to listen to this album everyday for the rest of their lives as punishment for thinking for even a moment that sending something like this to me could ever be a good idea…

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  1. Holy Crap… I think I just died a little inside. You gotta admit, the cover for the cd is kinda cute. BUT the songs… o__o

    and darlene, just before you write ANYTHING, please don’t even start on your rant about Mr.HKH’s masculinity and how your gonna bring up something about him not caring about his wife.

    We DON’T care. Understand?

  2. Ok, in the context of what it is, it’s listenable.

    It’s just a group of singers that sort of try to sound like different highlighted musical artists of other genres: Gwen Stefani, etc wannabes.

    It’s not absolutely horrible, but I can’t justify spending any money for this unless it’s like a buck.

    Wow… the cover is quite cute but I have to agree with Catherine on the Gwen Wannabees… for some reason the B-A-N-A-N-A-S songs keepes wanting to pop into my head when this plays…
    Wow… It does sound more like a Disney Channel Movie/Show soundtrack than something REAL people over the age of 18 would listen to.

  4. I can think of worst Gangsta Rap and Death Metal comes to mind. Some tracks are listenable but not my taste in music. Tracks 4 and 5 grate me. I would grow tired by over positive lyrics in the same.The Lyrics remind me more of Contemporary Christian Music in excessive positive messages. One need to listen to the “Blue Note” now and then.
    I am amused Sanrio sends you promotional literature, the should send you free copy of the CD for all the free promotion you are giving them.

  5. The promotions department obviously thinks you’re a valuable marketing source for them. Congratulations for spreading Hello Kitty Hell on Earth.

  6. Honestly, what is the big deal? Of all the things Sanrio has put out over the years, this isn’t something to get all up in arms about. It’s obvious that is for children. The songs are kiddie driven pop, reminding me of those Disney groups that put out music such as the Cheeta Girls, Hanna Montana, those High School Musical kids, Kidz Bop, ect. This cd would be totally appropriate for those little girls in the 4-8yr group that adores HK. It falls right in line with that demographic- happy, positive, simple, and clean for the kids that want it and for parents that don’t have to worry about it being an issue. If this cd were around 10yrs ago, I would have bought it for my little sisters.

  7. @sanriobaby,

    Yeah, your right. This isn’t as big of a deal as that HK urinal target, I can tell you that.
    But HK has gone overboard with new items so much, you’d think that they would’ve made this years ago.

    (Btw, have you seen how many things there is in Target of Camp Rock and Hannah Montana? It’s scary. o_o)

  8. I guess I don’t watch enough Disney Channel but this ‘music’ makes me want to poke my eardrums out, is all kiddie music like this???
    I’m actually thankful for once that I’m already half deaf!
    The music came on yesterday at work and people were looking at me like I was crazy…

  9. Looking at the titles of the songs, I think Sanrio wants to “mimic” or allude to songs that were either hits or popular. For example:

    “Come On Come On” – That’s a title of a Don Bondies(sp?) song,
    “Getaway” I think that’s a Mariah Carey song.
    “Hey Yeah” – Very similar to “Hey Ya” by Andre 3000
    “Get this Party Started” Pink wrote a song titled like that.
    “I Smile” Similar title to “Smile” by Lily Allen.
    “Hello World” Well, that’s like ten million songs labelled like that.

    Mind you, these songs here are not like the ones I listed. I know other artists have similarly titled songs, but knowing the marketing whore Sanrio is, I wouldn’t be surprised if they picked similar-titled songs in order to sell as many albums as possible.

    “Hello World” makes no sense. It sounds like one of those Applegate cult recordings.

  10. Achtung! The collection for your anthems is in! Please ask vote and tell me which should be the anthemn for my beloved Purlin, Purmany!

  11. Yeah, I saw this CD preview thing on the Sanrio site a few weeks ago… I listened. And though some of the songs are more then obnoxious, I do think this is a great CD for little girls… Better for them to listen to this stuff then some of the crap on the radio No???

  12. Ok, I will admit this cd is crap. But like someone already said, the lyrics are more age appropriate than some of the garbage on the radio for kids. But then again, most popular music is horrible.

  13. @mhkitty06
    Yes, Kiddy music is like this a bit. o_o

    Ugh….and don’t get me started on Disney music. x__x Too much HSM, Camp Rock and Hannah Montana these days. I think there’s more of that then Hello Kitty…And that is the scary part. O__O

  14. It just shows that with the right marketing you can sell any old crap, not only take peoples money, but aslo make them think that their lives have somehow been improved by acquiring said crap……

  15. I’ve already suggested deporting Hannah Montana (note that the critical point here is that you have to deport people to somewhere, as well as from somewhere).

  16. Okay so Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus or Metro Station?
    Both are Billy Ray’s kids…
    He’s got a 20-year-old son singing about gettin’ some… and a 16 year-old daughter singing about dating a guy and 7 things she hates/loves abotu some guy…uh newsflash…she 16!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Actually, make that all 3, and his missus too! I don’t mind C&W (there’s not many music styles I don’t like at least some of) but have an intense dislike of his performances!!

  18. …I can’t decide whether I should be happy Sanrio remembers who their target demographic should be, or sad that I have more music to avoid than the dreaded THEME SONG.

    Thus, in my confusion, I shall post a link to a collection of strange stuffed animals.



  19. @Magic Smoothie,

    Hmm, let me check…….HOLY -Beep- CRAP! O__O; Is that…..a HK collaboration DOLL? *screams and faints*

    h-he’s…..e-e-everywhere. I’m scared. o_o

  20. You made me look, and:-

    Sir Robin encountered a man with three heads
    And each one had something to say
    As they argued about who would slay the brave knight
    Brave Sir Robin he did run away, oh, away
    Brave Sir Robin he did run away

    [Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about
    And gallantly he chickened out
    Bravely taking to his feet
    He beat a very brave retreat
    Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin…

  21. This is some total crap. I want that weird Hello Kitty jungle cd that came out a few years ago. Never trust stuff coming from Nakajima USA!

  22. XD I’m actually rather fond of Hanpandas. I’ve got a NyanPan! Only a small one, though. I wish I could find a KangarooPan! There’s also a GloomyPan floating around somewhere, but I still haven’t found it for sale.

  23. @MagicSmoothie

    Ok cute idea. However, due to me being twisted, I would just hack a couple of plushes in half and sew them together with BIG BLACK thread so they at least resemble at the seams Sally the Rag Doll or Frankenstein.

    Does that make me a bad person? No, I don’t plan to add any real animal entrails. I DO want to keep it hygenic and well, still cute.

  24. ….had to make myself a nice big serving of babys-eating-puppies death metal after that mess T_T

    *maybe if you’re lucky the cd will be sealed and your wife won’t open it when she gets it XD*

  25. I think mr HKH needs to have kids, then his wife will lose focus on her hello kitty mania and instead focus on the kid. Someone told me that most japanese women 30 and over think HK is cute but wouldn’t actually *collect* it. So maybe your wife is a little bit weird…or she has too much time on her hands….trust me, when she’s throwing up in the toilet bowl morning after morning, the last thing she will want to look at will be hello kitty!!

  26. That quote is actually from Spamalot rather than Monti Pithon ik den Holee Grail (Norwegian spelling as I remember it, well apart from not doing the ores correctly), but it’s pretty close to a direct quote from MP&THG.

  27. I have not seen Spamalot, but have seen the Holee Grail and loved to watch the Flying Circus as a kid…
    My parents let me watch the BBC… yeah Dr. Who!!!!!!!!

  28. I credit Dr. Who for not making me take drugs.

    Not seeing the Tom Baker ones in continuity and just because of the Daleks screeching and yelling “exterminate” in an OCD and manic fashion kept me away from drugs in general.

    So ends my PSA. 😛

  29. They should just stay away from the hip-hop sounding songs Like #4 and especially #7:
    “Got my hair did, got my nails did”…

    WHAT THE F&%K?! I am disgusted.

    #9 sounds like they’re trying to breed hello kitty stoners. I can just see them now, smoking pink marijuana in rhinestone rolling papers.

    #11 sounds like a 14 year old girl recorded this in her bedroom.. *shudders*

  30. aww… you guys are mean, leave the fluffy one alone! i think the cd’s cute and will appeal to kids… and 22 year olds like myself who ought to know better…

  31. All the songs are terrible, exept for ‘I Smile’….that one is standable…it almost sounds like something Utada Hikaru would sing almost….But thats it.

    They should make another one, with real artists….possibly Japanese Ones. They know Hello Kitty.

  32. well i love hello kitty but i don’t really see the big deal in this bcuz it’s very generic. I’m suprised it is just cumn out but really it snot somthing to fall out over….

  33. Get over it!! It is perfect for 5 year old little girls such as my niece. It is a good thing they don’t bother with comments. It wasn’t made for a number one album like Brittney trying to come back just for something to add to the Hello Kitty Phenomena that never left! Brittney can never catch HK!

  34. can you ppl please get lives?
    you’re dissing a cartoon.
    Hello Kitty brings joy to others, just because you’re too dead inside to enjoy her like the rest of us does not mean u should make idiotic websites like this.
    i imagine your all adults, so effing read a book if you don’t have enough time to fill your day. jeez!

  35. I see your point about this making a HKH persons life miserable but hey I can’t wait to show this to my boyfriend he he he. I must admit I am a complete HK fanatic but I only liked track 1 and 2. track 5 was creepy a bit but hey still cute!!!


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