Hello Kitty For President

It seems that Hello Kitty fanatics aren’t satisfied with Hello Kitty merely being a cultural ambassador and want her to be more. So is it really a surprise that there would be a movement to get Hello Kitty elected as president?

While Hello Kitty fanatics (like my wife) think this would be a wonderful idea that would bring a lot of happiness to the world, I’m not sure that the masses would really like to join me in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Acton (via tsgnet) who should have to be the evil feline’s campaign manager as punishment for thinking that sending something like this to me could ever be a good idea…

32 thoughts on “Hello Kitty For President”

  1. First! I claim your comment virginity for Spain. Anyways, It actually took me a second to notice that it was a shop. If she did win though, I’m sure she’d get assassinated! ^^

  2. That’s a fun little video. I have to admit, I plugged a few names in there just to see how they looked on the side of the bus and the old lady’s tramp-stamp. Just out of curiosity, how did you get the video to embed?

  3. made you look.
    Sorry Gus, I am first in line for the vice president position (runnin on the furry ticket). I could see if Carl Rove is still available. It is a interesting program especially the bus getting the prospective right.

    Actually I am going to write her in for Oregon 1st congressional district since the the self center twit faked on the Republican party.

    (PS disregard previous message, email address is wrong)

  4. I’m not worried about having to live under HK for president. She might pass the ’45 or older’ stipulation, but I don’t think she could qualify as native-born.

  5. Look at all the presidents in the world so far and tell me honestly: wouldn’t Hello Kitty be much better?

    She doesn’t have half the amount of stupid quotes that the US president does.

  6. Darlene might have made sense one in her life or I do have a low opinion if some presidents.
    Hello Kitty may not work out age and nationality would be a big problem, she would be better than Obama and Bidden.

  7. Oh, come on!
    I’ve seen this so many times it’s no longer funny! (Well, maybe a little bit…)
    But it will make all the more sense when I wear my ‘Don’t blame me I voted for HK’ tee!

  8. Reading all your comments are hilarious!


    But wow! That was an interesting vid- for a sec I thought it was real ^^;; Then I saw a glitch =.=;;

  9. I’ve stumbled onto your blog a few times… but today, after reading a friend’s blog where he mentions a guitar sporting the cat-who-shall-not-be-named I did a search for that accursed exhaust pipe and found your blog again.

    I enjoy this heartily.

    I share your pain, although I don’t live in HKH myself.

    I refuse anything pink or sporting the likeness of a bulbous headed feline to enter my home and as the only female in residence there are no issues with this decree…

    I hope, for your sake, that you at least have a corner free from the-cat-who-shall-not-be-named… Somewhere to rest your eyes that is free from torment… How you can live with all that in your home is beyond me, we need to get you a cooler sleeping bag…

  10. It’s all well and good fictional characters get written in ballots for political offices but really, isn’t Hello Kitty technically Japanese being created in Japan? Isn’t there a stature that says something about being born in America to be even considered for president? xD

    Why not Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny?

    Bugs Bunny would be for lowering Taxes on all Acme products and Mickey is Pro- happy endings.

  11. That would be another 9/11 hello kitty style, i wonder if Obama would beat her,why not the ones who are not world dominators like bugs or mickey, not an evil feline, in fact, if hello kitty was president, anti-hellokitty people would be sentenced to slavery which by the way is deadly


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