Happy Birthday Hello Kitty! Ouch…

In celebration of Hello Kitty’s 34th birthday (kind of sad I have this information in my brain – by the way, aren’t cats supposed to die after 15 years or so?) I figured I should show what the evil feline means to me…

Hello Kitty scarification

Yes, having to live in Hello Kitty Hell is like having Hello Kitty carved into your skin with a sharp object on a daily basis. Now the difference between living in Hello Kitty Hell and being a Hello Kitty fanatic is that while anyone in their right mind would consider something like this extremely painful, the Hello Kitty fanatic thinks this pain shows some type of Hello Kitty devotion and smiles through the entire process:

Hello Kitty scarification cutting

So while those like me suffer the excruciating pain, the Hello Kitty fanatics move around the same world with a dull, intoxicated smile on their face. And while most people would be ashamed to have anyone know that Hello Kitty had left any type of mark on them, Hello Kitty fanatics are proud to display that they are owned by the one with no mouth.

So that pretty much sums up what it’s like to live in Hello Kitty Hell and I toast her on her birthday for giving me pain, humiliation and a lifetime of scars. And just think, next year it’s bound to be even worse…

Sent in by Stacey (via A little bit of everything…) who should have to suffer this ritual herself for thinking that sending me these photos could result in anything positive…

103 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hello Kitty! Ouch…”

  1. YAY! I am forever immortalized on Kitty’s birthday!

    Um. Through some freaky, scary, painful looking pictures, but still. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s gonna be a good day, scarification or not ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’m not impressed. The cut should be deeper. Why not carve hello kitty’s head into your bone? That’ll be way more painful and hardcore.

  3. Oooohhhh… I just moaned out loud when I saw that. That looks so painful… It just doesn’t look right… Like what a psycho HK serial killer carves into his victims before cutting off their heads or something…

    I just got the craziest idea for a murder story. Anyone else getting this?

  4. Oh, disgusting. I hope that in 5 years she’s gonna look at that and say what the **** was I thinking. Now, not only does Hello Kitty have her face plastered on every possible product in the world, but now she has people engraving her face into their own flesh. Tattoos are removable, to an extent, but this is there forever. Oh the horror…

  5. Reminded me of the dumb girl who carved the fliped B of obama on her cheek ….

    and… arent the ears a bit funny? why arent they round?

  6. Yes, I would trust that man to do that to me. Um, they make OR rooms @ the hospital sterile for a reason. Would you have a surgeon that looked like that even come two feet near you? I’d say not. Stupid girl, simply stupid. I can write my name in the dust on the floor. Gross!!! You probably don’t have health insurance and I will have to pay to heal your infection…..

  7. Everytime I look at that picture, and all the blood, and the skin all…..carved and muscle….my mind isn’t functioning.

    And my leg is itchy. =_o *twitch*

  8. some of us pay to get our scars removed, others think it’s fantastic to have a hello kitty shapped scar… uh baby baby it’s a wild woooorld….

  9. Comment from Kittycolin
    Time: November 3, 2008, 5:56 am

    ‘That will look amazing, love to see pics when healed.
    Well done Stacey, hardcore Kitty, you go girl!!’

    This from (I’m guessing) the guy with the HKs tattooed on his ASS?!?!?!?!? I think the ‘you go girl’ says it all… >:)

  10. Hello? Where am I? and how did I get this big bump on my head.
    Oh, from hitting my head on my desk after passing out.
    The horror! The horror!
    She may have a physical scar, but now I am mentally scarred after seeing THAT!

  11. @ Cat & Ando
    And you can bet your last dollar that they’ll be having someone take pictures so we can all make lovely comments about how brilliant they are ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Wait a minute…wasn’t HK created in ’76?
    And not ’74?
    Doesn’t everything say the trademark date is 1976? Wouldn’t that make her only 32?
    Because I was born in ’79 and I’m now 29… or am I missing something here?

  13. This is really gross and no one should hate Hello kItty this seriously I mean even though they hate it, Hello Kitty isn’t even real or alive so i think all Hello kitty haters should STFU. Cuz it’s really pissing off.

  14. If HK lovers would be content to love HK as an Anime, rather than as a highly pointless and sometimes utterly inappropriate marketting theme, then there’d be no need for this blog.

  15. @kitteh!!

    Exactly what I was gonna say.
    There is too many pointless HK stuff that you might as well call Paperweight.
    Make stuff useful or entertaining, or don’t make stuff at all.

  16. That’s the thing; something like HK paperweights I could live with. They’d be no more pointless than any other ornamental paperweight.
    I was thinking of the HK shoulder (yeah right, with that shape ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) massager, the HK bikini model, several different under-specced HK laptop computers, HK lady’s intimate apparral…

  17. honestly, i dont think hello kitty’s creators would be to happy to see the morbid display of affection, i can see tattoo being fine, as i can always be removed later, but thats bodily harm and purely nasty… heck why dont you get cat ears implanted inside your skull, or get claws surgically imbedded in your hands cause hunnie you need some serious help, ive been obsessed since i was 4, but I would never do something soooo revolting !

  18. I have been away for a while and really tried to avoid the incredible levels of stupidity that people will go to for the evil K but in this instance this person has gone to far for even a healthy drug habit to explain.
    I have seen some weird shit in my life but this brainless Wombat is going to have this scar for her entire life. It is not like a tattoo that can be removed with a Laser or even a small scar that can be explained by a trip down LSD lane, this is just ( Insert what ever you like here )!!!!!!!!!
    for once in my little rants on this page i just cant begin to explain this persons mental illness in a few words.
    I will say this to her, Prozac or Lithium should become your good friends, they are really dieing to meet you !
    Good luck with the Hepatitis C and i hope the find a cure in the near future.

    **Astounded at the STUPIDITY**

    That is some Tramp Stamp!

  19. Good grief… Just because everything isn’t white and shiny doesn’t mean the studio’s dirty or anything. People who do scarification usually are very careful about a sterile environment – they’d get into serious trouble otherwise. If there’s an infection, it’s usually because the person getting the scar doesn’t properly care for it afterwards.
    It’s really quite safe, those people know what they’re doing. (And a decorative scar – though “decorative” is definitely open to discussion in this special case – is *meant* to be for life, just as tattoos usually are). I understand it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s neither sick nor insane or dangerous, nor does it mean the scarification-ee has ‘issues’, is mentally ill or needs help.

    If it weren’t for the HK-motive, that is… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. @Elya

    Wow, you seem to know exactly what you’re talking about. Past experience?
    Anyway, I agree. I don’t like the idea (I even get woozy at the thought of a permanent tattoo) but I’m not going to go past joking (see my last post here) or commenting on how weak my stomach is and attack them or call them crazy. If anyone cares enough to know my real opinion, I think it’s an artistic outlet that should be appreciated. A bit extreme, maybe, but as long as they’re both cool with it, it’s a clean and sterilized area, and the cutter knows what they’re doing, I’m good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. @_@
    I don’t know if I should be in morbid glee to see that demon cat bleeding…or in utter shock that someone in their right mind *I think* actually did that….the second option won out at first to be honest though..eek

  22. Uhh
    rivulets of blood are not cool…..
    and the fact that it’s for an anime character is just bloody freakin’ bizzare.
    i bet she regrets it a year from then. or even a few weeks actually.

  23. eww gross. ugh. who would want ‘the one with no mouth’ ( i like that phrase) one there leg for life. see wat kind of pain hk pust one through. geez. its gross. i bet darlene has nothin’ to say bout this one. heh heh. unless she already HAS a huge hello kitty scar on her leg. i wouldn’t doubt it.

  24. thats nice if you want the scar there for
    the rest of your life… hello kitty is
    the cutest thing ever it would just
    get annoying for whenever i you would
    go swimming or something because people
    would ask about and question it so fucken annoying!
    anyways i am thinking about getting two dimonds
    below my stomach on my sides =)
    sound good? =O

  25. Oh my Lord. What in hell could’ve possibly been going through that bright pink head of hers? Quick! Let’s splash some alcohol on it! Before it goes numb!

  26. What is wrong with this? I think it will look great when it heals, and it wont get infected. Hello Kitty would never infect anyones leg, because Hello Kitty just wants to make people happy everyday. This girl has every right to put hello kitty on her leg, I think its adorable.

  27. It makes me sad to see people beat someone up over their choices. You can’t control the world, for those of you who are trying. While I do not agree with the cutting art form, some people are very into it. Emotional attatchments, etc. While I wish it were something more meaningful scarring your flesh, Stacey, I will not judge you for it.

  28. I agree with Liz… “Like what a psycho HK serial killer carves into his victims before cutting off their heads or somethingโ€ฆ” *shudders*

  29. Liz, I laughed so hard at your comment.
    Murder story?
    Yes, yes, I should write a short story about a crazy HK fanatic (ok, every HK fanatic is crazy, so scrap that ‘crazy’), who kills her whole family and I shall name her….
    Let’s see…

  30. i actually know this girl, and its not stacey. she just sent it in. scarification is a legit body modification industry. just research it on the internet, those of you who have been under a rock for the past 20 years might actually learn something.

  31. I took these pictures. I’m not even sure where this Stacey person found these pictures of my friend. In any event, I’m not impressed with said person posing as someone cooler than them. It’s really lame.. lamer than any body mod ever invented.

  32. what makes me laugh is the fact that you americans are so quick to judge people just because of body modification……tattooos are ok but if it’s something outside that OMFG!!!! they are a freak…..your useless country was based on prudes which is why no one in the world has use for you…..the girls who are leaving comments are fat and clearly jealous of the hot chick in this pic…..

    take the twinkie out of your mouth get some lipo then talk…..until then STFU you stupid ignorant prudish hicks…….

  33. TinaBoBina:
    Um. This is Stacey, and no, that’s not me. I never said it was, and this entry never says so, either. In fact, it clearly implies that it’s NOT me, by stating that I should have to suffer through this process for thinking that sending in the photos was a good idea. And if you’ll actually *read* the text, it links the site where I found the pictures. Sorry that you’re “not impressed” with how “lame” I am, but I just like Hello Kitty, body mods, and this blog – and never pretended anything different.

  34. Why would I bother reading something as pointless as this entry?
    It’s lame to take someone else’s pictures and write pointless drivel about what you don’t like about what someone else has done in the first place.

  35. I too also know this person and agree with TinaBoBina. You guys really have nothing better to do other than bash a fictional character all day long, and hide behind your screen names writing blogs about things you don’t agree other people are doing in their real lives? it’s pathetic… i also hope you realize it’s illegal to post picture of someone without their permission, and that those photographs belong to the photographer and people in them and you are breaking copyright laws by posting them.

  36. That is the coolest creation I’ve ever seen in years besides all tattooing and piercings. <3
    But okay back to my main point…
    Whoever that wrote this article did not receive those photos from the owner "Carmen Monoxide", it was stolen from her personal Facebook. ^^ What friends are for? Huh huh!?!??

  37. Stacey, I did not judge you until …after I read your last post. Did you realize that this is a Hello Kitty Hate site? For the love of Hello Kitty itself why on earth would you send in the pictures here?

    The posting of this page not only playing against the laws of copyright, let me enlighten some of you before the more out there whom has the stereotypical thinking of all North American kids are all plan idiots.
    “Moral” rights are also protected under Canadian copyright law. Moral rights include the author’s right to be associated with the work by name, or pseudonym and the right to remain anonymous, and include the author’s right to the integrity of the work (that is, the author’s right to stop the work from being distorted, mutilated or modified, to the prejudice of the author’s honour or reputation, or from being used in association with a product, service, cause or institution).
    Copyright may be registered in Canada at the Canadian Copyright Office located in Ottawa/Hull. While registration of copyright in a work is NOT required in Canada, registration DOES provide benefits to the copyright owner.
    And as well as integrity right?

    What does the owners to those pictures which is the pretty face in the picture and the sexy who took those pictures wants to do? Have this report to the site manager? Take it to the next level report this to the BBB and have this site shut down and fine? No, they are sitting back and laughing at those who doesn’t understand life. Take pitty on those who ignore their own problems in life and jumps into the business of others to make themselves feel satisfied of being their pathetic self.

  38. Scarification define beautiful, the most original scars came from soldiers who saved our countries, parents who worked hard for their kids, mothers who gave birth to kids, etc. Whoever that would think of using Scarification signified creative, fun individual whoโ€™s not afraid to enjoy life.
    Clearly you are the definition of stupid. What other people get done and enjoy are none of your business, don’t look at it when you don’t like it. Here’s a thought, spend your time on something you should be doing. Try picking up a book, in your case maybe 2 or 3. But, whatever you don’t do is entirely up to you.

  39. The thing that I find scariest about this scarification is that it’s not well done. The lines are all shaky, and it doesn’t look like “Hello Kitty” – it looks like a bootleg Hello Kitty off of knockoff merchandise. It looks all wonky, the ears are perfectly sharp, the bow looks weird…and I’m a little scared that I can notice all these little differences.

    P.S. I have a My Melody tattoo ๐Ÿ˜›

  40. People are extremely stupid. Well let’s see how the scare looks in three years . . . well, it’s infected, your skin is rotting, and it’s all thanks to your stupidity.

  41. People are extremely stupid. We’ll see how you look in three years . . . well, if you will get older, wrinkles, trip&fall and break something, and it all thanks to the karmas of making bad wishes someone.

  42. ok i have been a huge fan since i was little and im saying something that i thought i would never say… this is too much… there is no way in hell i would do that i have HK tattoos but scarification… are you serious NO WAY

  43. everyone has a own opinion, i don’t like it if i would lay there but if you love it i’m ok with that

    i just hope you’ll never regret that, you love hello kitty now, doesn’t mean you’ll like it for ever

  44. @Neomonia “everyone has their own opinion” we’re not savages on this site and respect proper English ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. Hasn’t anyone ever heard the expression, “To each their own?” I know the guy who did the scar piece. He is very skilled. He is 100% clean. He is very obsessive regarding the cleanliness of his tools. He disposes of ALL needles and scalpels after use. He is more experienced than any piercer/modifier in Canada. He offers more services than the average piercer. He is well known in Canada and the US. Other piercers want to learn from him because of his reputation. I’ve known a lot of people to get work from him and if anything ever did get infected it was at the fault of the client for not taking proper care of it. He takes trips a few time a year to other provinces and states and spots at tattoo/piercing shops. He is very picky regarding where he goes. They have to have the same cleanliness standards he does. He is also a very educated person biologically and otherwise. People wait for him to travel to other provinces and such to get work from him including myself. As for this specific piece. I love it. It’s not even close to his best piece though. Whomever stated the lines were shaky the quality was bad has no idea what they are talking about.
    As for your hating on the Scar piece. It’s really no different from a tattoo. Who cares if they hate it in 5 years. That’s their problem, not yours. This site seems to be full of pessimistic close minded people who troll sites just so they can pick people apart. I always wonder if it feels good to pick other people apart for their individualities. Does it make you feel better about yourself? Whereas I stumbled upon this, you bunch clearly look for things to be negative about.

  46. When I read this article and saw this “Stacey” person taking cred. First thing that went thru my head was “That’s Carmen…wtf?”

    Stacey = Fake.

  47. OKay so from reading some of these comments im mad! its this girls choice to get this so if you dont like it dont leave a hatefull comment calling her a brainless wombatt that just makes you look like a bitch! i think that if someone likes something then let them do it and you just stfu! (:

  48. I’ll have to post a picture of my scarification…I have Daniel-Hello kitty’s boyfriend on my calf ๐Ÿ™‚


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