Hello Kitty Kelly Clarkson Garter Belt

Hello Kitty on anything is a disaster in itself. Give that Hello Kitty item to a celebrity and that disaster only amplifies untold times. Kelly Clarkson x Hello Kitty is a perfect example. I’m not sure what I find more disturbing — the fact that a Hello Kitty garter belt exists or that Kelly Clarkson thinks that a Hello Kitty garter belt should be worn on her head:

hello kitty Kelly Clarkson garter belt

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Hello Kitty Birthday Party

I hate my birthday. It’s not that I care that I am getting a year older, but the fear each year of what my wife will do to celebrate it. It’s never a pretty sight and no matter how much I protest, she manages to slip the evil feline into the celebration in some way. The truth is that what she would really like to do is throw me a party like this:

Hello Kitty birthday party

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