Hello Kitty Cheeky Tattoo 2 (NSFW)

Sometimes I get up, open my email and realize that it would just be better to crawl back into the Hello Kitty futon and sleep for the entire week. This is the problem with Hello Kitty fanatics. They do things like get a tattoo of Hello Kitty on their ass and then send me a photo of it completely ruining my eating for the rest of the week since I can’t keep any food down. But that is not enough. They just can’t seem to leave something so horribly wrong alone. Instead, they feel the need to double the horror by taking what is already a sign that all is not right in the world and moving it to an entirely new level. Even worse, they feel compelled to send me a photo of it:

Hello Kitty cheeky tattoo 2

Someone, please, take a laser and burn this image out of my mind. It’s going to haunt me for years to come…

Sent in again by Colin who has obviously inflicted a lifetime of pain and humiliation upon himself — much more than I could ever wish upon another person…

75 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cheeky Tattoo 2 (NSFW)”

  1. Oh for the love of gods…

    Can you put a link next time? why put the photo in plain ass sight???

    the only thing near to something positive of this is that the tattoos are well made… but poor tattooer… im guessing he or she is getting an early retirement after this.

  2. And to think I liked the one on the left as a sticker… I WILL be burning them tonight…

    That is just wrong on SO many levels…

  3. Tell me why you guys are thinking that this is a guy’s butt not a chick’s butt.
    I need to be educated ( so that I won’t make a mistake in the future encounters).

  4. @yet another anonymous:
    I’m going out on a limb here but I’m saying that’s a guy because of:
    a) the butt fur (and pimples)
    b) the muscular build and no female like waist/lower torso
    and c) look at the arms- those are man arms/hands…

  5. a lady’s ass is a little fuller, rounder on the sides, and this guy is obviously tensing to make his ass seem a little nicer. i wonder if they’re just fake ones… i wonder if he’s every gonna get laid after getting those tattoos, gay or not… sad…

  6. WTF is wrong with this guy? He obviously has A$$ issues, among other mental problems.

    @yet another anonymous
    I think you need to go back and look at this. Make sure you click on the photo for a clarifying view and make your own assumptions.

  7. How many girls butts have you seen that look like that?
    Your hanging out @ the wrong place if that is the case.
    There is no “va-jay jay” attached to that.

  8. I see the point.
    Yes, his hands are definitely guy’s hands.
    I just couldn’t understand why a guy wanted to have such tatoos in his butt.
    I think I just hoped that this was not a guy’s butt.
    I guess I was in the denial stage …

  9. Hi, I’m not really a huge HK fan, and I think your website is funny. HOWEVER, can you please not put asses on your page. An “after the jump” link would be nice, so that when I pull up your page at work, no one will be able to see an ass. Thank you.

  10. Maybe this guy really wishes he had his own “kitty” which is why he tattoos them on his butt… To fool the entering subjects lol


    You know what, I don’t even want to call him a Guy. o.o

  12. Congratulations must go to Acton, a wise and astute man!
    I love my HK tattoos and i am extremly proud of them, and yes pulling a moon to any Kitty haters was kind of an amusing offshoot from that, well observed.

    As to the ‘ Hello Kitty…guy…butt…gay’ thing, well i have other tattoos including celtic knotwork, an ankh and a devil as depicted during the middle ages… so by that logic am i an ancient briton, egyptian christian 500 hundred year old devil worshiper????

    ‘The world is big and we are small’

    Enjoy life, be kind and bake cookies!!!

  13. Dear Catherine, thank you for your ‘hypothesis’ for which i would love to reply, and when i find it, i shall!

    Please clarify, hypothesis, case closed…at odds surely?!

    Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  14. @Kittycolin67
    I never referred to you as gay and after your reply i lift my threat of moving you picture. I think send you but in the last post was poor taste. This one I will let slide. I do warn you about send insults like that to MR. HKH, he has a knack of twisting them around to serve his own purpose.
    Do not mind Catherine you should read what she thinks about me as a furry lifestyler.
    If we really want to undermined Mr. HKH I say we guys send pictures of us and our hello kitty collection to his wife and to a buycott on her store.

  15. Hi Acton,
    i apologise if you thought i had a problem with you because i really don’t and i am sorry if my post offended you, that was not my intension.
    My post was to wrap up some comments from other posts.
    I bear no hard feelings and i wish you well. πŸ™‚

  16. Perhaps, it is a guy because his name is colin?

    In Any case, to the dude who started this blog. I feel for you I really do. I have some friends who are Hk fans and being around them while they pull out their sticker books is bad enough. If you are insured i suggest burning down your house. then once you have the Insurance money divorce your wife and run for the hills with the money to start constructing a device that destroys all things hello kitty.

  17. @mhkitty06
    tattoo boy is the guy from previous page who used the term “you go girl” regarding the dumb a@@ who cut HK into her leg. Now it makes sense why he has HK tattooed on his cheeks!!!! πŸ˜‰

  18. The real question is how one can find a tattoo artist willing to do this on a man less it truly just about the Benjamins.

    There some aspects of one Hello Kitty Fandom that should be kept private.

  19. @Acton: For once, I agree with you. πŸ™‚

    @Catherine: Yeah I pointed that out in one of the other threads… scary ain’t it?

  20. disgusting arse. cute tats. id suggest….forearms instead? hello kitty is supposed to be cute…. not on a rear and covered in pimples. ick.

  21. Bwahaha! That is actually the nicest shaped male bum I’ve seen in quite a while, that’s why I felt the need to comment on this blog entry. It’s a really nice shape, ahaha. Am I the only one who thinks that? o_0!

  22. Oh dear Jebas he got the matching one >.<

    Why…WHY would a man brand himself TWICE with this like he’s sanrio’s prized bull!? D:

  23. I think it is a cunning lure to bed the HK fanatics. If they really feel the all-consuming need to possess anything with HK’s image emblazened on it he’s going to have the crazies lined up for his ass. But the guy must really be feeling the sexual drought if he aspires to sleep with anyone with *that* much of a HK obsession.

  24. Amazed, you may be right, but I’d take one look at that and point and laugh and not in a good way and that would be the end of that.

    Not to mention, there’s no way I’d ever want a guy who’s less masculine then I am, and if I won’t get HK on my tooshie, he certainly should be HK free. (Talk about a new question to have to ask on top of the STDs. “Do you have HK Tattooed on you anywhere? Yeah? Oh…you know what? Uh uh. NEXT!”)

  25. well i think all those comments r rude n stupid haven’t ya eva heard if ya got nothin nice to say then shut ya gob …. i actually think it takes mega balls for a guy to get not just one but 2 hello kitty tats on his butt and put it on the net for everyone to see so way 2 go brotha !!!! even if it is a bit gay mate good job man !!! πŸ˜› xox

  26. There are no words.
    I simply can’t stop grinning and laughing.

    Maybe i should send you pics of my hello kitty jewelry, or my hello kitty 360 face plates or the hello kitty phone i just ordered.

  27. omg omg omg ewww that is gross who in the right mind would do that and then take a pic and show it to people that is sick sick sick

  28. “i wonder if he’s every gonna get laid after getting those tattoos…”

    He would if I had any say in the matter! It’s hot, I like that butt and would definitely touch it and no I’m not a dude.

    Nice! *thumbs up for Colin, plus a wink-wink* Yeah.

  29. Why not? It looks funny. Everyone has a butt, no need to pretend the look of it is more shocking than that of your own.

    I bet he’s the only guy around (maybe the only one on this planet?) with such tattoos, so that makes him special, and these days standing out of the crowd is damn hard. πŸ™‚

    Plus, one can indulge in “spank the kitty” games for now… and when the guy gets old and gets a hairy butt, it will turn to “hide-and-seek-Kitty”…


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