The Colbert Report: "It Makes You Poop Hello Kitties"

When Stephen Colbert endorsed Barack Obama on The Colbert Report, he made the distinction that there is a difference between endorsing and supporting :

There are plenty of things out there that you can endorse, but not do anything to support. For instance, in Japan, I endorse a very popular energy drink called Pow Yong Power Jogging now juice. But I would never drink it. It makes you poop Hello Kitties.

You can see it at 4:55

It’s a deep, dark day in Hello Kitty Hell when Stephen Colbert would consider endorsing anything that makes you poop Hello Kitties (over even mention the evil feline on his show…), but far worse is that Sanrio has probably latched onto this idea and is trying to figure out a way to really make it happen…

Sent in by Matt who should have to drink that stuff and suffer the effects in the bathroom as punishment for thinking even for an instant that sending this to me could produce any good…

20 thoughts on “The Colbert Report: "It Makes You Poop Hello Kitties"”

  1. Though the skit was funny, I don’t think this is something that makes for a good HK debate on HKH… That is unless this site is now Hello Kitty Hell and Politics??? It didn’t even show one HK.. There is plenty of other useless junk out there with HK on it for this page 🙂

    And one small little note.. The word Politics, lets break it down…. Poli- meaning many, and Tics- meaning blood sucking insects… That’s all I’m sayin’ 😉

  2. A a Christian Politics is indeed the oldest profession. When God confronted Adam in eating eh forbidden fruit, the first thing he did was to pass the buck and blame the woman. His disobedience brought forth sin and politics.

  3. @Kitteh!!: I can send in all my Cross-stitch patterns if that will make you happy!

    @Sara Dane: LMFAO… that is SO true! Good one!

    @Acton: Holy Crap that was funny!

  4. ya. i heard that. thought it was wonderful. only if the poop was colored like her…like a candy coated hk poo.


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