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You really don’t know Hello Kitty Hell until a true Hello Kitty fanatic is in your presence on a daily basis. Imagine, for instance, that you had a co-worker that was a Hello Kitty fanatic. You might be saying to yourself, “oh, I know someone that likes the evil feline” but they really aren’t a Hello Kitty fanatic unless they have decorated their desk like this:

Hello Kitty desk

Imagine having to look at that desk every day you come into work. Now imagine that kind of Hello Kitty coverage over your entire house and having to live there 24/7/365. That is what I live with. My wife calls it Hello Kitty Heaven (and after seeing this photo has decided that we just may need some more Hello Kitty in our house), but I imagine that if you are part of the population that hasn’t been served the Hello Kitty Kool Aid, you get an inkling of what Hello Kitty Hell is like…

Sent in by Cinomed who should have to work at a desk like this for the rest of her life as punishment for thinking for even a split second that showing me something like this could ever be a good idea…

Update: If someone in your office is proud of their Hello Kitty cubicle, it might be time to look for a new job:

hello kitty cubicle

Sent in by Sibel

64 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Desk”

  1. Even the Shrine of St. Elvis (IT person’s office) where I work is not this intense. I take a grim satisfaction in the fact that a desk set up like that would not be allowed anywhere in the company I work in.

  2. Ok, so how DID they get the drapes up in the middle of the room? Don’t tell me that they allowed her to do that?

    Maybe she’s HR and they needed to find her cubicle. A lot of people make the HR person’s office “noticeable”.

  3. Wow!
    Not even my cube has THAT much Hello Kitty!
    Sad thing is, I have BOTH of those towels shown- BUT they are in my bathroom…
    HA! I beat her though, I have the HK mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor cover and keyboard cover…so maybe I DO have as much as her….

  4. I’m pleased I don’t have to live with it, but I don’t see a whole lot actually wrong with it other than that the nets would drive me scatty in 5 minutes flat. My desk is where I put stuff I’m working on/with.

  5. HK mosquitoes are very dangerous … When they sting you, you will get infected with the HK fever, which makes want to buy every hk item in the world and …………
    Hold on, that sounds familiair! /*LOL*/

  6. Thank goodness that my office is predominantly male… I would hate to have to look at something like that everyday. The thing that kills me is that it’s not at all put together well. The drapes are stupid and the material hanging off the desk?

    Everything SCREAMS tacky here.

  7. wow!
    much kitty love here my dreser in my room looks just like that i was actually gonna send yew a pic of it but i decided that i wouldn’t put yew through that unessasary ‘torture’

  8. @acton and webwanderer

    It is a bit cluttered perhaps she put all her hk stuff on the desk for the pic? Oh well still cute! The disease knows no race either…… black, white, asain, mexican all have succumed to her cuteness………. I caught it at an early age……no one is safe not even on an ‘anti’ kitty site….*pertends to shiver* lol

  9. @webwanderer

    To late for me save yourself. The fever knows no gender bonds.

    Nice to work in a office where she could get away with it. No harm except perhaps too cluttered loose the drapes.

  10. Hmmmm I actually have to wonder if that’s where I work.. considering the shape of the desk area, the phone, the orange plastic/paper draped over the side/walls she has…., the chair…

    I wonder.. Mr HKHell.. any idea the location (even just city state would help) that this was taken?

  11. Um… I already have all the Ornament Collections from every year, from every store dating back to ’04…and even some from before that.

  12. Walmart has Red, Blue, White, Pink, and Purple ones…
    along with traditional green.
    I saw a place online that had 3′ trees in a RAINBOW of colors… Orange, Yellow, Fuschia, Teal… now that’s out there πŸ˜‰

  13. wow color trees n kitties…. I want a silver treee @mhkitty06 yeah i know there are other colections of kitty ornaments unfortunatley when they came out i was still living with my aunt and she said i was to old to lyk hk I was lyk HELLO? yew can NVR be to old…..

    @ Ando-

    no actually that treee wud be pritty amazing especially with lyk neon or metalic-(spl?) ornaments btw

    Is Christmas the same in every country? Also, does ne one no where i can get hk wrapping paper? *hopeful*

  14. That is not even remotely cute. Totally tacky & waaay too cluttered! I need my desk to actually work on and all that crap would drive me insane.

  15. @ andophiroxia and Indiana

    I really want a black AND pink tree with no HK crap in site! Target rocks for the colored trees this year…

  16. @Indiana and emily and moriyah

    I found a black tree made out of tinsel at Borders–along with black velvet glittered reindeer. That looked kind of cool. Then they had a woodcut tree with Russian ornaments.

  17. That poor woman never grew up. She’s gonna be stuck wanting to be a princess for the rest of her life…

    …a princess with whiskers.

  18. This has gone TO far. This poor woman is just trying to express herself and all you do is ridicule her! Shame,shame,shame! My father once told me the only way you can live a long, healthy life is with Hello Kitty in it. You all need to go pray to hello kitty and hop she does not shune you from her wonderous kingdom of goodness and joy. All hello kitty ever wanted to do was to be kind and loving to all spirits. This woman will be well rewarded when she dies and goes to heaven where HK is the true ruler unlike most of you…the woman with be given pink happy fluffiness and so will your wife and everyone else will all be jealous!

  19. OMG- so went to Target this weekend and saw the new batch of HK mini appliances…
    Along with the toaster, alarm clock, popcorn maker, water dispenser and hair dryer, they have a Cereal Dispenser and a 3′ Gumball Machine!

  20. and of course they have like 4 different kinds of phones and cd players and whatnot…

    @emily hello kitty’s truest fan: Target (if you have any) does carry it… or party supply stores do too… or check out ebay…

  21. @mhkitty06

    ebay n target will do but i’ll have to go to Jonesburo. Well neways CANDYCRAZE has some gud HK candy my fiance ttly got me all of it im so exited because there now selling hk everywhere and up untill recently the only place in my podunk town yew cud find hk was at hot topic btw u’re pop corn machine link is pritty smexi……….


    That sounds yummy….. They have black X-mas trees at WalMart- it was small tho…..


    my lil cuz has a hoodie she got in branson that has hk’s face on top it’s ttly cute…….maybe i’ll send a pic! lol

  22. You are all correct ugly tacky desk. Obviously the girl has no sense of style.
    Yes a black tree would be gorgeous, if done properly. Get the tree (real) flocked with black flocking (if that is a word)
    and then decorate to your hearts content. Use black boas as well, they would be gorgeous on a tree.

  23. a couple years back at wal-mart they had Hello Kitty Christmas trees………… i just remember cause there was a Disney princesses tree next 2 it that i wanted it mustve been “99-’00 though cause i grew outta my disney princess phase at like the age of 5

  24. @Susana

    well……not exactly anti-kitty it just shows how ppl do EXTREME things in the name of hk but yes the kitty bargains…..that is pritty ironic….. I wish hkhell wud put up anthr post i’m tired of this tacky desk……..

  25. @ darlene 3
    wow u’re dad’s a hk fanatic? KEWL…..also we’re not saying her love of hk is wrong just that she disgraces hk by having such a clutterd(spell?) colection. If she really lykd hk she would put the towels in her br, the table cloth on her table the pink canopy in her room, and instead of tin cans she would have hk’s sleek office supplies. SHE may be trying to show her love of hk but she does it very poorly. That’s all i’m sayin

  26. LOL That’s epic indeed xD although putting useless items in there seems a bit too much xD (AKA not office use items like the blanket)

    My Brains Hurt after reading this blog for awhile…Ill never see hello kitty the same way again D8!

  27. @emily hello kitty’s truest fan
    Darlene is or beloved HK troll and tormentor. We are not sure he/she is for real.

    Black Christmas tree: Did Christmas gone goth or Black Nationalism raised its head.
    I prefer a real tree, 100% natural, and I will buy some HK ornaments.

  28. Um, saw the black tree at Walmart… I could see doing silver and white ornaments and stuff on it, but honestly don’t think I could stomach a black tree…
    I have two green trees (2′ and 4.5′) and a 3′ purple tree… all with HK Ornaments! (Oh, yes, I said HK Ornaments!)
    I will send in pictures soon πŸ˜‰

  29. btw….. it’s not funny to joke about hk being god an angel maybe……. but that go’s into idolism…..not right…..i’m all for atheism(SPL?) but ppl who worship hk ….dumb….and trust me i love hk but she’s not a god she’s an adorable cartoon….

  30. @ emily hello kitty’s truest fan

    You’re so totally right. Now that I take a look at it I realize that this desk is a Tacky display at best.

  31. @emily hello kitty’s truest fan

    you can get hello kitty wrapping paper at walmart and target in the birthday wrapping paper section for sure and i think at walmart you can get christmas hello kitty wrapping paper

    i dont rlly even like hello kitty, i just have an (almost) photographic memory so I remember stuff like that…. i also figure that so many hello kitty lovers come to this site i might as well make SOMEBODY happy….ive decided ill make at least 1 person happy everyday and i figure if i tell the HK lovers where to find HK stuff im filling my make-person-happy quota for the day

  32. Having her cubicle draped with the bed canopy is not nearly so disturbing as having a piece of crap Avaya phone sitting on her desk. You know we love your site for all the other cool HK stuff we never see anywhere else, right? πŸ˜€

  33. I vote Hello Kitty for President!! She’s got so much supporters and she doesn’t even have a mouth to pursuade…Talk about leadership…LOL!


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