Hello Kitty Skeleton Tattoo

There’s no escaping Hello Kitty even when on vacation, but those stories of unbearable torture will have to wait while I try to clear my email of 2 weeks of Hello Kitty crap sent my way. As I try to ease myself back into this nightmare that has become my life, I’ve chosen the least offensive of the many new Hello Kitty tattoos to make their way to my inbox – the Hello Kitty skeleton tattoo:

Hello Kitty skeleton tattoo

Now, I’m not exactly sure why anyone would want the anatomically correct skeleton for Hello Kitty tattooed onto them, but then we’re talking about Hello Kitty fanatics where nothing really makes sense. At least she doesn’t have a bow and most people would never realize what it was unless you explained it to them (I realized that I have fallen far too deep into Hello Kitty Hell when I knew what it was the instant I saw it – now how pathetic and depressing is that?) It’s even more depressing that I have to pick something this hideous as something to ease me back into Hello Kitty Hell posting since there is far worse ahead…which pretty much means affirms that it always gets worse in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Laura who has to wear this for the rest of her life which pretty much guarantees that she has punished herself far more than I could ever imagining something bad happening to her…

21 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Skeleton Tattoo”

  1. Firstly, I hope you enjoyed the vacation!

    Secondly, I still can’t see anything other than the site that makes this “HK Skeleton” rather than any of a whole bunch of other deform Anime (and some other non-Anime deform animation) characters with no skin or muscles on!

  2. EW! It looks lyk sumone barfed on her sholder! GROSS! If u’re gonna support the kitty make it look like A KITTY! hk is to cute for her skeleton to be so hideous……. it just looks lyk a terrible attempt to be differnt……well it is different……and repulsive ill give her? that but cum on my drunk kitty (lol) cud do better.NUF SAID…..Epic Fail!!!!PEACE?……………………?

  3. I think this is the first HK tattoo that I can look at without getting sick. The whole idea of HK stripped of her skin and muscle and a complete bloody mess…. well it just makes my day!

  4. @ Acton
    sorry- as are the eyes and puh hk doesn’t have penguin feet…. why r the feet going inward! PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH! DISGRACE OF THE KITTY!

  5. Were you really on Vacation or did you find a way to escape Hello Kitty rehabilitation Island.
    The skeleton doesn’t work, the eye and nose structure is all wrong.
    Look froward more goodies form you welcome back.
    Remember Male Kitty Fans are out there, you will join us resistance is futile you will be assimilated.

  6. Not even remotely close to looking like Hello Kitty anything.
    Why would you do that to yourself.
    If this is the best of the worst, I am sorta afraid of the future of HKH.

  7. At least she got it on her back – once she wakes up and realises what a mistake she’s made, she won’t have to look at it every morning in the mirror.

  8. WTF?!? First of all, how do you people get so worked up about how anatomically correct the skeleton of a cartoon character is?!? Plus, no one actually knows what the skeleton of Hello kitty looks like, no one has ever dissected her, since she’s not REAL!!!

  9. I have a print by a Portland-based artist that is just like this tattoo. Maybe the original artist should get all the credit for the great design.


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