The Future of Hello Kitty Hell

It seems that there are a few blog readers that felt their lives were so pathetic that it necessitated them to involve themselves in my life by way of my wife. They felt compelled to email my wife time and again until they had convinced her that this blog was much more than a way for me to innocently let off some steam about Hello Kitty. They insisted that this blog was degrading to the evil feline and to all Hello Kitty fanatics, especially my wife. My wife confronted me about this over the winter vacation and has demanded that I abandon this blog.

Of course, the Hello Kitty fanatics didn’t stop just there. They have convinced my wife that once I have abandoned the blog, that it should be reinvented as a Hello Kitty Heaven blog to even out the bad karma I have thrown Hello Kitty’s way these past couple of years.

Does anyone have any good suggestions on how we might resolve this current standoff that might keep me from spending all of 2009 on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag?

161 thoughts on “The Future of Hello Kitty Hell”

  1. Here’s an idea: buy her the Hello Kitty Heaven domain, and teach her how to WordPress. Then, she can vent HER HK love, and you can vent your hate.

    Also, check your wife ‘spam fiter’ settings πŸ˜‰

    Take care, and keep up with the amazing blog.
    — scannie

  2. YAY! first comment.

    Anyway, I don’t think that this blog degrades HK as much as it advertices her. If I hadn’t come across HK egg makers I’d never own as much HK stuff as I do. ^.^
    Just tell your wife that this blog isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing and a “Hello Kitty Heven” would be nowhere near as effective.

    Where did the fanatics get your wife’s email from anyway?

  3. Nothing or nobody can ever degrade them more than they have already degraded themselves. (When they point a finger at anybody, three point back at themselves.)

    If you ever decide to abandon it (I hope not!) please at least hand it over to someone else.

    Karma? Eyeroll. Karma indeed. HK’s been throwing out bad karma for decades. Let that vapid entity suck some of it up for a change.

  4. Don’t end the blog! I LOVE looking at the weird HK stuff that you post… the fact that you have negative comments about it is your right. Your wife should be happy that you have attracted so many readers… I never knew about how much HK there was out there until you revealed it to me all in one site.

  5. I say make it another challenge like the plush for the orphan kids. If you win, you keep the blog and your wife has to get rid of her collection. If you lose, you have to give the blog over to her. It may be your one and only chance to escape.

  6. Hi there! I’m a HK big fan and nevertheless I love your blog, the way you write, your sense of humour and irony. Please, don’t shut the blog ever! If other HK fans are narrowminded, that’s not yor fault…

  7. Tell your wife honestly that it is a place for your opinion and even if you two are married, you are still entitled to your opinion.

    Then buy her a nice bottle of champagne, draw her a nice hot bath, sprinkle it with roses, and tell her that she is forever precious to you.

  8. i love hello kitty. LOVE IT! like, been to japan twice, left a huge space in my suitcase for all the hello kitty goods. i also HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. which is what this blog is all about. it’s obvious you’re annoyed by the whole hello kitty obsession thing, but it comes across to me as SARCASM.

    people emailing your wife like that is a. an invasion of privacy, and b. very junior high! are they actually adults? because if they are, they are pretty pathetic.

    i agree with the suggestion of teaching her how to blog and have “hello kitty heaven” i never got the impression from this blog that you ever disrespected her, in fact it’s quite obvious you love her very much, even her hello kitty obsession, but that you just think it’s ridiculous and wanted to write about all the crazy stuff out there. i’ve had a lot of boyfriends make fun of me about my hello kitty fixation, but they all admitted to thinking it was kind of adorable, and they all bought me hello kitty stuff at some point or another (one bought me the fender stratocaster, even though i don’t play guitar!!) please do not give up hello kitty hell!

  9. You should keep your blog. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right. Yours and theirs. Let them start their own blog. I am a Hello Kitty fan. I enjoy your site. I found it very entertaining. It sometimes gives me ideas on what I can get for my daughter for gifts. My question to them would be: If you don’t like my site, why are you reading it?


    Am I allowed to drop f-bombs in here? What about other 4-letter words? Because seriously, HK “Fanatics” need to get a life.

    Anyhoo, I totally agree with Bluefire. I love blurking (this is one of the few times when I de-lurk and comment) here because of what you write and the way you write it. Please don’t ever censor your opinion. It’s a free world.

    In some places.

  11. Some people have no sense of humour. I have to assume your wife is not one of those people otherwise she wouldn’t have married you, so just remind her that this site is just a bit of fun.

    I only discovered your site just before Christmas – please don’t close it down so soon, it’s given me and my colleagues a lot of pleasure!

  12. Degrading? Hardly. This is where I go to find gift ideas for my wife. Like tail pipe extenders. And firearms. This is the best unofficial Sanrio site on the web.

    P.S. The body modifiers are quite freaky and deserve the shame you bring to them. Degrade away!

  13. You know, I love Hello Kitty. I have a wallet in my back pocket right now and I’m thinking about making myself some HK waffles. I am A Fan.

    And I think that anyone who would email your wife saying that this blog, this awesome, funny blog, is anything but hysterical really needs to find a hobby. You love your wife. I really think that it shows through in the blog sometimes, too. But sometimes the things our people love (man, if I have to listen to the new Cynic album one more f-ing time…) make us shake our head but we tolerate it and we love them. This blog isn’t abusive, it’s funny.

  14. This blog is too entertaining to dump. Despite being a HK fan I frequently check in on your writing.

    Readers spewing verbal venom because their little pink feelings have been hurt is expected and often entertaining. However, personal threats are a different animal, and should be carefully evaluated — regardless of which stuffed icon they sleep with, nuts are dangerous.

    At least before dumping consider the HK Hell and Heaven. You might be surprised at the number of couples out there with similar “fights” who will share in your misery.

  15. Okay so I am a diehard fan of both HK and this blog, but the whining about ‘hurting the kitty’s feelings’ NEEDS to STOP!
    People who are writing your wife are stalkers and need to be stopped!
    Anyone crazy enough to write your wife trying to make you stop should be locked up for stalking- and have their heads checked- seriously!
    For heaven’s sake, it’s just a blog, people!
    IT’S. FOR. FUN!!!!!!!!!
    It’s called freedom of effing speech!
    If they can’t handle this blog tell them to ‘feck off’ and leave us who do love your blog the heck alone!
    We’re here to laugh at stupid things that people make/do with HK… if they can’t get with the program then leave us alone.
    I for one think you should give her a blog so that all the crazies can bug her- maybe it’ll make her NOT love HK so much πŸ˜‰
    Please keep up the great work and don’t leave us!

  16. To hello kitty hell bloke’s wife:

    Don’t believe the bad things those people are saying about your husband. He has always been respective of you in his blog. I am convinced by what he writes about you that he must love you very much. He does not share what you feel for Hello Kitty, and still he buys you all kinds of Hello Kitty items. I know he does it because he wants to see you smile. This blog is funny, original and interesting. A hello kitty heaven blog would not have so many readers, and worst of all his heart would not be in it. Better leave the making of that kind of blogs to the true fans of hello kitty. Those people who emailed you should try and make their own heaven blog, instead of trying to force your husband to do it. They are what is truly degrading hello kitty, because they’ve told you lies for their own ends. In my opinion Hello Kitty has enough sense of humor to appreciate the wit of your husband’s blog, and besides I am not sure that she loves those zombie versions of herself, either.

  17. to Mr. HKH;

    I’m sorry but your wife needs to not listen to random crazy people on the internet, but to really read the blog for what it’s for. I think you have mentioned that she peeks on this blog every so often and you know what? You’ve been actually pretty respectful to her anyway. You just let off some steam in a bemused annoyance or annoyed bemusement. What is wrong with that? I mean, can’t spouses have their own pet projects like her store?

    If I were her, I would question the fanatic stalkers that have somehow found her email and say crap about my husband. I’d believe my husband first before them.

    Don’t let go of this blog. If at all, it at least brought attention to some of the stuff that’s out there for at least a good laugh, and one more goal in the HKH fanatic’s life.

    Geez. People need to lighten up in general about this stuff.

  18. Make it into a Hello Kitty Hell/Heaven Blog. You can have the devil HK and your wife -the angel HK.

    I love HK and I love this blog. It is all in fun!!

  19. Ok, I think you need to tell your wife that the people that sent her those e-mails are jealous of her having so many HK items and shutting the blog is their way of ending “their pain”. When you in the other hand tell the world about everything she buys or “can” buy and in a way help HK fans to be informed on what new HK item appears. If the blog was degrading in any way then they wouldn’t be reading it and asking ALL the time where to get those items. Jealously I tell u!

    Happy New Year! I hope it helps!

  20. you can’t be serious. i really really hope you are joking. if your wife loves HK so much that she is willing to chose it over her husband, then i don’t think that it is the blog you should be concerned about.

  21. i hope your wife relents… i neither love nor hate Hello Kitty but i really like your blog. it’s funny, witty and you are always respectful of your wife’s obsession. if your wife forces you to stop, it will be a sad day on the internets.

  22. You could try to point out to her that this blog attracts a much wider audience than a Hello Kitty Heaven blog would. The only people who would read a Hello Kitty Heaven blog would be HK fanatics. Here, however, we have both HK fanatics (even the ones who emailed your wife apparently don’t find it unbearable to read, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have read enough to find a way to obtain your wife’s email) and those who are just dumbfounded by the amount of HK crap manufactured worldwide or simply enjoy your writing.

    I would tell her that a HK Heaven blog would just be preaching to the converted, whereas this blog exposes new people to HK. Even if they do come here to laugh at HK fanatics or grieve for humanity as Sanrio comes closer and closer to achieving its goal of world domination, there is a slight chance they might fall in love with HK and become HK fanatics themselves. Who can resist an HK banana cover or tombstone, after all? Or you could even tell her that there is always a chance that you yourself might finally succumb to incessant pressure from HK fanatics and proclaim HK your lord and master. And I’m not just going out on a fantastical limb with this, either. A prominent atheist blogger, the Raving Atheist of, has just converted to Christianity and is now the Raving Theist. A large part of his blog was dedicated to venting his frustration with the way fundamentalist Christians try to impose their inane beliefs like creationism on everyone, and the blog and his activism attracted record numbers of theists he would not have otherwise met. And what do you know, they finally got him even though before he seemed to understand quite clearly that theism is an unfounded assumption. So you could very well end up converting to HelloKittyism.

    I understand that even considering these possibilities probably makes you feel like you’re descending even deeper into the pits of Hello Kitty Hell, but if you fail to give your wife a convincing argument, you will have no outlet for venting your frustration at all.

    Finally, I would tell her that your blog is a haven for closeted HK fanatics like myself who secretly want to accumulate piles of completely useless HK junk but can’t bear to admit it. They pretend they are here to make fun of the addicts when in reality they come here to indulge their secret fantasies of having a whole room in the house furnished with nothing but Hello Kitty merchandise. If this blog is taken away from them, they might resort to desperate measures.

  23. I have a great love for HK and I don’t feel this is an insulting website. Whats the big deal? My husband and I enjoy reading your blog and hope that your wife respects your right to express yourself. I would never ask my husband to stop a blog even if it was dedicated to me and my hobby of shopping for I am just one of those wives who has her own hobbies and are grateful that my husband has his own interests. I also think its completely normal how you feel-Most men hate the girly hobbies of their wives and you are just expressing it on a blog-your blog is in no way inhibiting Sanrio from getting their money from customers so really we must ask the question…Whats the big deal? Good luck!

  24. I agree with “scannie.” Ask your wife if she wants to start her own HK blog and offer to help her set it up. That would be a fun way for you two to battle online without bringing it home. And I’m sure she’d enjoy it, too.

    As for me, I LOVE your blog, and I’m even a Hello Kitty fan. Your entries are hilarious, and it’s fun/disturbing to see just how far Kitty mania can go. It would suck if you took it down.

    Hope you had a good New Year!

  25. You gotta be kidding! Nooooooo!!! This blog cannot close!!! What do these people have in their stupid little monkey brains to stalk your wife like that??? No, this cannot be, I’m a HK fan but I love this blog and have a great laugh with it! And anyway, ending a blog doesn’t put and end to one’s thoughts! Keep it up, please!!!

  26. I don’t find this website to be as bad as the enthusiasts say it is. I actually got a few of my Hello Kitty Friends to subscribe to this and bought my wife a few gifts based on what I’ve come across here.

    Why don’t you just change your wife’s email address? Either that or do what another commenter suggested and give her her own forum to display her Kitty-love.

  27. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that people were able to locate your wife’s email address or that she is actually listening to them. You have every right to say what you want in this blog and hopefully helps any frustration from leaking into your relationship. Everyone needs an outlet and your wife should understand that more than anyone as her outlet is an obsession.

  28. To be honest, me and my wife are huge Hello Kitty and Sanrio fans. We have a lot(not as much as your wife) of HK and Sanrio products in our house.

    That said we both love your blog! So many things we didn’t know existed in the HK world. that your blog shows us. It also shows that while we like HK, we aren’t as crazy as some people.

    I like the previous comments idea of giving her hellokittyheaven.coma and letting her share her love for HK just so you can keep HKHell up.

    Anyone who feels the need to email your wife on how “Horrible” this site is really needs to get a life or just go the way of Megan Meier.

  29. The blog must not end! I do like Hello Kitty, but this blog is like a reality check to keep us Hello Kitty fans from going over the edge. If this blog is gone, I fear that many extreme kitty fanatics will not realize the error of their ways and will fall into buying all the useless crap Sanrio produces. How to make your wife understand that too much of anything is bad, I have no idea. Maybe you could start obsessing over something manly and see how long it takes her to get annoyed.

  30. Please don’t end the blog, it makes me smile and a twisted way, which is only good.

    If a few individuals cannot take criticism, then they shouldn’t be allowed out to play with adults. And if your wife is going to make your life hell purely because you do not share her inrerest then she needs to take a long hard look at herself as she is putting her marriage to a man she loves beneath an interest in something that is not real.

    She has already shown she has a sense of humour after taking up your Orphanige challenge. She knows she has the love of her husband, and his tolerance for her collecting, so why must she listen to the poison dripped by strangers who really need to get out and learn some social skills as well remembering the manners their mothers taught them.

    So end the blog? Don’t you bloody dare. πŸ˜‰

  31. The funny thing is I send all the links from here to my friend who loves Hello Kitty and she loves it.

    Also maybe a ball check is in order. Reach down and grab them to make sure they are still there. She married you probably knowing you hated Hello Kitty, she needs to accept that!

  32. Dude, I am a Hello Kitty fanatic and I LOVE this blog. You show me all the crazy things I don’t need… and, to be honest, a few things I wish I could find here in the states. So please, hate the haters and keep posting.

    PS– Women love flowers and chocolate. Just a hint.

  33. Each person has his or her own escape, a way to deal with the stresses of there life. Now your wife finds joy in masses of smiling hello kitty, you find that like most there can be too much of a good thing, or just to much of any one thing. This is your escape. No one could truly know what you go through in your life, so for others to interfere in your personal argument with your better half isn’t the brightest idea.

  34. Oh, I’m a HK fan, but this is beyond ridiculous…this is like the time that BigAl2K6 of Youtube posted a video where he killed a sprite of Naruto and the whole population of Narutards on YouTube had a hissy fit about it, and he was even getting death threats over, and SO many people were complaining, that he had to disable comments on that video……OVER A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Listen all you Hello Kittytards, HELLO KITTY IS NOT REAL!!!!!
    And invading someone’s personal life IS BEYOND THE LINE!!!!!!!!!

  35. Embrace the Kitty and all will be will.

    But seriously I am very disturbed and Hello kitty fanatic interfering in your and wife’s personal business. I feel you as much as you wife has brought this on to you. Negative or Anti-( fill in the blank) sites be it Portal of Evil, LOL Furies, and this one has a nasty habit it blowing up in the owners face. Frankly both of you need marriage counseling, I hope you see the warning signs. You need to back off and she need to realize she should cram Hello Kitty down you throat and both of you should acknowledge each other side and find something in common that does not involve hello kitty. I would not stop but I would tone but criticizing the item but not the fan. My gut feeling is if thing goes to where I think it will you will not have worry about the sleeping bag, you will be out with a decree of divorce. This would be a tragedy for both of you.

  36. Disregard last post

    Embrace the Kitty and all will be will.

    But seriously I am very disturbed and Hello kitty fanatic interfering in your and wife’s personal business. I feel you as much as you wife has brought this on to you. Negative or Anti-( fill in the blank) sites be it Portal of Evil, LOL Furies, and this one has a nasty habit it blowing up in the owners face. Frankly both of you need marriage counseling, I hope you see the warning signs. You need to back off and she need to realize she should NOT cram Hello Kitty down you throat and both of you should acknowledge each other side and find something in common that does not involve hello kitty. I would not stop but I would tone but criticizing the item but not the fan. My gut feeling is if thing goes to where I think it will you will not have worry about the sleeping bag, you will be out with a decree of divorce. This would be a tragedy for both of you.

  37. I love this site. I found it by accident while looking up HK cake ideas. I’ve never seen you use this blog to be disrespectful to your wife and whoever said otherwise ought to be ashamed of themselves for lying. As for the accusation that you “disrespect the kitty”…I seriously doubt that the cartoon minds. Instead of viewing this as an attack on HK, I view this site as a general criticism on the capitalism of the world.

  38. The idea of setting her up her own blog could work, but I have a similar idea that I think would work. My idea would be for you to set up some kind of method so that she could run an online version of her store (if she isn’t already). Then, on this blog you could just put links at the end of your posts that lead to the page to buy the product form your wife’s online store. Considering the amount of traffic this place gets, and the fact that most of it is from either Hello Kitty Fanatics or people closely related to them you might be able to get her a ton of new business this way.

  39. I think you should suddenly start having an odd obsession with something your wife doesn’t like, the joker [batman]? or something along that line. Start collecting random things, and show her how it is for you to have to live with something you hate so much.

    If she wants a Hello Kitty Heaven, she can start one herself, it is her opinion, and this is yours. Never give it up!


  40. really?? come on!

    This site lets Hello Kittly Lovers and Haters know so much about Hello Kitty. And all the crazy Hello Kitty stuff.
    The people that say that this site degrading to HK have problems. Big Ones.

    Just let your wife read some comments that people leave to this post. People want to keep seeing new posts.
    You should let her know that people fined more Hello Kitty things to love because of you .

  41. as a long time reader and a hello kitty “fanatic” this is the first time i have felt the need to post a comment. 1. How crazy does one have to be to track down your wifes email address? 2. it’s your blog, you can post whatever you want. 3. It’s the internet people, if you don’t want to read about how insane Hello Kitty can get, then move on to a different website…i mean seriously, these people have to be clinicly insane…nothing is forcing them to come to HKH so they should just back off and head over to to calm themselves down

  42. Please don’t let this blog disappear into digital heaven. Even as a Hello Kitty fan myself, the originality and humor with which you skewer especially the really “out-there” HK items makes me smile. I’ve also never taken anything written as being degrading or disrespectful to Mrs. HKH – so the internet trolls can stuff it. The only thing here is the type of joking comments that you’d expect any husband or wife to have towards their spouse’s obsession… but funnier than what most people could come up with. I’d actually love to see “he said… she said…” blogs from both Mr. and Mrs. HKH – that could be a lot of fun to write… and read!

  43. Maybe you could set your wife up with a temp email address, and encourage all the fans of the web site to write her, hopefully with a more balanced and not so nutty view on how HKH is a force for *good*, not evil!!

  44. How about you help your wife make her own blog and she can rant about how much she dislikes your hello kitty hate, and show some HK love…but you have to link to it on your blog.

    just and idea πŸ™‚

  45. I think that your blog is a great outlet for you while being a great information reservoir for the rest of the world.. you cannot get rid of the blog!!
    I think that the previous comment about having the Hello Kitty Heaven domain and having your wife have the opposing view is a GREAT idea.
    Just adding my 2 cents…

  46. I ADORE Hello Kitty. I’m the kind of fanatic that squeals whenever I come across anything that is adorned with her visage. I have a toaster, rice maker, watch, clothing, toothbrush, flatware, cookies, etc.


    I also ADORE this blog. I know that my obsession is unhealthy at times, but acknowledgment is half of the battle! It’s also always good to be able to laugh at yourself.

    Tell your wife that I, and a lot of other devoted Hello Kitty fanatics that I know, would be sincerely heartbroken if this blog shut down.

  47. i too am a huge hello kitty fan and love your website. i mean, come on, my email address ENDS in (try explaining that on a job application). this blog is not so much about hating hello kitty as it is laughing at the ridiculous items that sanrio can slap kitty’s face on and sell millions of. This blog is about laughing at ourselves and our own sick consumerism. i agree with others who post. set your wife up a safe account (btw how the F* did they get her email anyway?) and let her read the things that people say. I don’t know if she can read English well (i gather from your post that u live in japan and she is Japanese) but i am willing to write her on your behalf IN Japanese FROM my hello kitty email account.

  48. My niece (three years old) loves Hello Kitty, yet it boggles my mind that so many adults love her, too. “Grow up,” is what I think of those folks. I’m ambivalent about HK, but I really enjoy reading this blog. I hope your wife learns to love your HK-venting for what it is, a great read!

  49. This news is very upsetting, indeed!! I haven’t read the blog in a couple of weeks, and then I got all excited to revisit just to find out that 2009 could be the end??

    I am one of those said Hello Kitty fanatics and I enjoy following this blog immensely. After all, aren’t our differences what makes the world go ’round? You just have a to have a sense of humor about these things. And those other HK fanatics need to leave your poor wife alone!

  50. Tell your wife that Hello Kitty Hell is reverse psychology for some people because the world gets to learn about wacky Hello Kitty items taking over the world – and let her make her own Hello Kitty Heaven blog =p

  51. I’m an HK fan that just found your site a couple of days ago. You should definitely keep doing your blog simply because you are a hilarious writer!!! Very funny stuff! πŸ™‚

  52. If she really makes you sleep on the couch, that’s a big old sign of lack of respect and emotional control.

    Let me ask all the ‘Kittyfans’ this – if this blog was written by a WOMAN, decrying her husbands love of, oh, say tools or NASCAR or Budweiser or the like, and if the husband in this case made the woman sleep on the couch if she spoke out against his tools or racing or beer or what have you, and continued to push NASCAR stuff into her face, or made her hold his tools for him, how many of you would be RAGING about how the man is oppressing the poor woman and how he’s EVIL and HORRIBLE and ABUSIVE?
    Hypocritical much?

  53. Hello Kitty Hell’s future is bleak …
    I know logic doesn’t work with fanatics.
    Only I can think of is that you can set up “Hello Kitty Heaven” domain for her and make a bet. If “Hello Kitty Heaven” get a higher blog access in this 2009, Mr. HKH will accept the destiny and shut the HKH web site for good. Otherwise, Mrs HKH stops complaining.
    This should be very interesting.
    I think you, Mr. HKH, will win the race as you have a very good sense of humor.

  54. I agree with yet another anonymous’ response. I think that is a great and fun idea!! See if the HK Hell or the HK Heaven gets more traffic and/or comments. Make it a competition.

  55. Ok, I’m a Hello Kitty fan, but not a fanatic. For instance, I have Hello Kitty speakers, but I’m upset at the poor quality. I don’t make my male dog wear Hello Kitty collars, but my female dog has one. I would have come up with something bad to say about Hello Kitty so the orphans could get Hello Kitty stuff (would saying that BadzuMaru could beat her up count?) And honestly, I think some of the stuff and some of the fans go overboard, and your blog is absolutely hilarious. But I have to admit that if I wanted a toaster, I’d want the Hello Kitty one and my year seems to go better if I have a Hello Kitty calendar – it just makes me happier!

    To your wife, it’s clear to anyone who reads this blog with comprehension rather than looking for reasons to hate it that your husband loves you very much. Let him have his little hobby. This is his way of finding and sharing joy in Hello Kitty and it works for people that otherwise wouldn’t get that joy! Also, anyone tracking you down on the internet to complain about your husband is a stalker and potentially dangerous. You shouldn’t take advice from any of them. But maybe you should make him put an ad for your site where you sell Hello Kitty stuff on his page where he tells people he won’t tell them where to find the stuff he features on his page.

  56. NOO, I love your site the way it is and I love Hello Kitty. I even have two tattoos of her. Your wife needs to understand stand that this blog isnt that bad at all!! She shouldnt care about all the crazy people out there, she knows she LOVES hello kitty. No need to change your site. I really hope you don’t turn this site into another Hello Kitty heaven site, because there is already about 3,000 of those.
    I Love HK and your site.

  57. Make her THIS deal: You’ll give up this blog forever… IF she gives up Hello Kitty forever.

    Not so easy NOW, is it?

  58. Love your site. I’m not a Hello Kitty Fan-atic, nor am I a hater. But I look here because you are a very entertaining writer, and I look for ideas for my fiance who is a hello kitty fan.

    I know you love your wife so you are torn… I agree with those that say you have been very respectful to your wife on the blog…. she just needs to read the whole thing to know that.

    I think they idea of sharing the blog is an interesting one. It however may be a solution that neither will be happy with, though I’m sure we will be able to tell which posts are hers and which ones are yours…

    ultimately if it comes to saving your marriage…. that is the most important in my opinion

    if the blog goes away. you will be missed.

  59. IP Ban the offending users from the site? You should be able to get it from the comments. That way they can’t harass your wife. Have a heart to heart with her. She married you, she loves you, if you talk to her about it calmly that you need a hobby too and that the images are funny and harmless fun. She’ll understand. Either way, IP Ban. Self-righteous Internet twerps are clearly not intelligent enough to handle e-mail.

  60. Yup, burn the Kitty sleeping bag. πŸ™‚ Seriously there are some weird people out there and they love to use the anonymity of the internet to bother people they wouldn’t dare to approach in real life, I am sorry they have been bothering you and your wife because I love your blog (as a Kitty fan) and even though I have only just recently discovered it I would miss it if it went.

  61. I’ve been reading faithfully for a long time now and would hate to see this blog go! I for one don’t adore hello kitty, but i dont dislike her! I find the large amount of hello kitty merchandise a little bit baffling! I really hope your wife would believe you, her husband, and not some other person on the internet she doesnt even know. I have never seen you say something negative about her and i feel that if she can’t let you let go of your negativity towards HK online that she isnt giving you any way to let it out. Wouldn’t she rather you put it on here than complain to her?

  62. I really can’t believe that anyone would be pathetic enough to track down your wife and e-mail her… You have never been disrespectful to your wife on this blog! It’s very clear that you love her to pieces because not very many men would put up with her level of obsession… And I really hope she realises that. While I’m sure her virtues outweigh her HK vice, it would be frustrating for anyone to be in your position! Like other people have posted before this, if you had a huge manly obsession she didn’t like then perhaps she could understand you better. I’m not saying you should suddenly develop one, but perhaps try and explain to her what it would be like if you did.

    Here’s what I think you should do: make the e-mail address of the retards who have been stalking your wife public in another post and allow them to feel the wrath of the many many fans of your blog, many (I daresay even most) of whom are HK fans themselves. Then let your wife read the replies to this entry. There hasn’t been anyone who has said they believe you don’t love your wife, or that you have disrepected her… And everyone will happily vouch for the fanatics that mailed her’s insanity.

    Seriously though, I’m still reeling over the fact that anyone could really be that twisted. Sometimes I wish the laws regarding the internet weren’t so lax. Maybe you can get them for defamation of character? If you have kept the e-mails then I’d try and sue to be honest. Sick buggers.

  63. Seriously, I’ve been collecting HK since I was 4. And I love this site. You have to have a sense of humor about everything, or else life isn’t worth living. Do whatever you can to keep this site up. Seeing all the absurd HK stuff from around the world makes my day, and seeing it from the point of view of someone who isn’t in love with her makes it all much more interesting. Let her start HK Heaven and duel. That would keep the naysayers happy. Hell, I’d look at it. But don’t let this site die just because some people got their panties in a knot.

  64. And I don’t want to involve myself in your affairs, but if your wife would really believe some strangers from the internet over you, then maybe she needs a reality check? These are deluded, pathetic people and as soon as she realises that everything will sort itself out pretty quickly. There are nutters in all walks of life, including HK fandom it seems…

    I know it’s hard to think badly of a fellow HK fan, but these people are so far south of normal they probably need to be put some kind of secure facility. I think they have a lot of problems they need to resolve if they spend their time trying to hurt someome’s marriage because he doesn’t like Hello Kitty…

    Also: If you Google ‘Hello Kitty’, this is the ninth website that comes up. That suggests that this website gets the ninth most traffic out of all the websites that mention Hello Kitty on the net. And how many of those visitors have decided to e-mail your wife? A handful. A handful of unwell individuals who I recommend get comitted.

  65. Hi like hello kitty a little myself.
    I love your blog.

    Your wife, as well as the HK whiners just need to chill.
    The blog doesn’t hurt anyone, it actually entertains tons of people.

    Seriously, your wife sounds like she’s being far too controlling. She can’t MAKE you sleep on that couch in the sleeping bag. Get to a hotel and tell her until she stops the childish BS over something marketed towards women and children. You’ll be spending time not feeling like you can’t be yourself and have your own opinions.

  66. Hi, throwing my two cents in. Venting about the excesses of how much Hello Kitty stuff is out there is a good thing *.

    Back in the old days, your obsession abandoned you. In other words, the well ran dry, the fad became passe’ and they stopped making and selling stuff with that “character/tv show/movie/sports icon/rock icon/blah-blah” and you got on with your life somehow. You were forced to “get over it” and “grow up” to quote well meaning parents who didn’t understand what you were were into– but collected dishware sets and rooted for their favorite sports teams.

    That’s not happening anymore. With the advent of the internet, if you need your (whatever your obsession) fix, there’s a website for it. There’s communities of other addicts to to talk with–and to viciously attack outsiders who disagree with them.

    Quite frankly, I’d like to see more fun and positive “anti” sites like yours that are in the “Gah! Look what crazy stuff they’ve done now!” vein and inject some much needed sanity into some other fan communities.

    *For the record, I own a few–less than 10 or so Kitty items, mostly clothes from the past ten years–4 or 5 tees, one pair pajamas and a pair of shoes (which is how I found your amusing site looking for the right size.) I bought them because they’re appealing in some other way than just Kitty (for example, one tee is a funny 80’s rock icon parody, those sneakers are Goth Chic with little skulls and roses, one tee I only bought because the color goes well with my new jeans.

  67. Um, not to make light of Candy’s comment but I’m a woman who loves NASCAR so I guess part the pointed failed for me πŸ˜‰
    I get what she says, but as we ALL know women bitch about everything! Anytime, anywhere!
    A woman doesn’t need a bolg to bitch, whereas a man doesn’t want to appear less manly by complaining…
    I really don’t see a problem with what he does and yes, women have been oppressed for centuries but I think the comment might have been a ‘bit’ of a low-blow.
    This blog is done out of fun, people need to stop making it into a male/female thing.

  68. I think those ppl who send those email to your wife is wrong in first place. These people just take harassment to another level. I am a big HK fan and indeed I showed my bf pick on the HK wedding and now forcing him on a pre-honeymoon trip to decide which HK wedding he prefers.
    This is not your only hell, it is someone else paradise as well

  69. Let her have her own, competing blog and see which one garners more readers.

    Also, make her read the comments–most of your readers are HK fans!

  70. If your wife is seriously considering listening to random people who are crazy enough to track down her email address and try to interfere in her marriage for the sake of a blog that they think insults a cartoon character, then it sounds to me like counselling is in order.

  71. Has your wife read your blog? Because if she has she should clearly be able to see that it is neither degrading to HK or herself. I can’t believe that she would choose to believe a couple people who emailed over her own husband.

  72. Remind her that there are few people who would put up with an obsession so extreme that giving away 500 things hardly dents their collection. If all you ask in return for your patience with how her feelings for a cartoon character effect your life (not to mention bank account), she should show your feelings the same respect.

  73. Another hello kitty fan here, and I really mean it, I just love her, we even born the same day (1st. Nov.), I just born 10 years later.
    I don’t think this blog degrades HK, it’s hilarious, you have a great sense of humour, and I have found out here things I didn’t know they existed.
    Just let your wife read all this comments of us HK fans.
    Don’t close the blog!!!
    Greetings from Chile πŸ™‚

  74. LSFH. Your wife needs to get off her high horse. You hate Hello Kitty, and she knows it, yes? Why can she fill your whole house with the feline you despise, and you can’t have a simple blog complaining about it, rather than physically taking everything away in one big load? At least your happy in some of it. I love this blog; and she needs to realize that things are gonna happen she doesn’t like. She doesn’t OWN you. She CAN’T make you do anything. And if you have to sleep on the couch in a hello kitty sleeping bag — substitute it for a blanket or something. She can make you sleep on the couch, but she cant make you use a hello kitty sleeping bag.

  75. I’m with ohgodno. Get your own obsession and make her put up with it. Not just looking at it, make her make the financial sacrifices you must have had to make for her addiction. I bet she’ll rethink this when it starts cutting into HER spending money

  76. One other thing. Consider this: If it came down to a choice between you and Hello Kitty, which one would win? I suspect Hello Kitty. If that its the case then it would be clear what little regard she has for you.

    From what I can see in this blog she could care less about how much of an imposition upon you her Hello Kitty obsession really is. If you marriage cannot exist without Hello Kitty, that is a big problem.

    Also ask yourself this: Do you really want to spend the next 40 to 50 years surrounded by Hello Kitty? Seriously. think about it. Day in and Day out for the rest of your natural life waking up to a Hello Kitty alarm clock, brushing your teeth with tooth paste, eathing your meals on Hello Kitty plate and using Hello Kitty utensils and going to bed in a Hello Kitty bed?

    Good luck!

  77. who do u think your fooling?????


    everybody has ALWAYS known that this is prohellokitty page, because you make money out of it
    the ad on the right is not the only giveaway
    and now that you have lots of readers, its the perfect time to drop your maks and show your true colors
    givme a break

  78. Well, you yourself have said on this blog that the people from Sanrio tend to mail you stuff directly about Hello Kitty, so they obviously support the blog.

    And it does serve to allow hello Kitty fanatics to find things that are Hello Kitty that they normally wouldn’t. A lot of people who would normally get no enjoyment out of Hello Kitty get enjoyment out of Hello Kitty Causing you Suffering.

    So Really You’re like the Saint Peter of Hello Kitty. Denying Association with the Evil Feline, but still spreading the word of the Demon Cat to the unwashed Masses.

    See? Even when you win in Hello Kitty Hell, you lose.

  79. Now what is the most disturbing to me is that there were enough people to protest about this blog in the first place, and went as far as invading your wife’s privacy.
    But we live in a sad world nowaday where most people can’t read past the first degree, in a world that has gone so annoyingly politically correct that one assume that a husband making fun of his wife hobby is disrespectful. it seems that in the past few decades people have had their brain turned to much and cant recognize good writting, and what humor is all about.

    Do not discontinue this blog, those who are irked by the content would do better to remember they have a choice NOT to read it and that no one is forcing them to read it. The vast majority of people reading you blog and commenting regularly seem to be part of that rare species of people who recognize quality writting.
    As for myself, I like Hello Kitty, not a fanatic I just think one or two cute item here and there is fine, and I find your blog hilarious for showing how insane HK products can be, makes for a refreshing read indeed!

  80. I find it sad that these “fanatics” are involving your wife. I love your blog and am a big Hello Kitty fan. My husband has been so understanding about my obsession with Hello Kitty and I love him for it. None of your posts ever degraded your wife. Just your disdain for Hello Kitty everywhere in your household. I hope you keep up your blog.

  81. It was ironic, we actually slagged the “D” Name That Ends in “E” That Will Not Be Named many more times than anyone else that has been mentioned or has come here on this blog, but that was because “she” is a complete retard.

    However, the aforementioned person did provide a great punching bag for everyone to slap around though. πŸ™‚

    I wonder if someone thought that your wife was that person even though you answered it in the FAQ section. (However, I have noticed people don’t do their research properly before they spew their crap.)

  82. Would be nice if you continue with this blog, I myself like HK, but also enjoy your blog, and don’t take any of the content personally!

    Hope you continue throughout this 2009! Happy New Year!

  83. i just want to add another for the general tone of the comments above. It’s just HK and I’m sure your relationship is bigger than that. Hopefully this process is helpful for you and your wife to put this in a different perspective. I agree with many others – both your wife and yourself will go nuts if you pay attention to every comment and email – and some of these emails can have some ill-thought- through logic or rationale.

    I don’t want the blog to end cause I find it fun and fascinating! But you need to decide if the blog works for you both – there is no need to philanthropic about this blog.

    perhaps a new hobby you can do together would work?? any suggestions?

  84. I’ve been reading your blog since I found it on Friday or New Year’s Day in the US. It started because of a movie here that’s due to debut on January 16th called “Mall Cop”. He puts on a Hello Kitty band aid and when I did a search your blog came up. I’ve started at the beginning and missed some as I wasn’t quite sure how your blog was set up.

    While I find it amusing I do understand your pain. I like monkeys, but not to the point where I have to have everything monkey. My boyfriend totally understands this and is OK with it. I have a word or caution and that is don’t ever take your wife to China or Hong Kong. The reason why I say this is because there are a lot of imitation items there that aren’t “official”. By that I mean there are clip on watches that have the Hello Kitty face on it and might have different colors and or glow in the dark. Yes, your wife would have to buy all of the designs because she has to have one of each. There are items that you might have seen or not even seen before. An example is a headband with pigtails attached at the side and have a head cover (like a triangle but with the 90 degree angle facing the end of the hair not at the scalp. Sorry if I can’t give an accurate description, but I don’t want to post a picture for I fear your wife might have “Hello Kitty” sense.) It’s simple and not an “official” item, but it had the Kitty on it and she’ll want it. This would be found on streets that are sort of made for tourist as well as the many indoor mall-ish type places they have.

    I too, understand what it’s like to see things that are Hello Kitty. Whenever I go to a certain mall it amazed me to see a bicycle in there with Hello Kitty on it. Also, when I was searching for Phi-Ten items and saw Hello Kitty. They really do know how to market everywhere. Even a competitive place that sells to kids has Hello Kitty in there. Seeing Hello Kitty items on TV on a show on E! with Kimora Lee Simmons because she had the debut of the jewelry at the store even made me go WOW. It’s invaded a hip hop style store which also caters to women.

    Good luck with you wife and honestly had you not mention that the 1974 design looks like she’s flipping you off I would never have noticed. I feel for your pain and I would never do this to my boyfriend ever. The worse I could do is just decorate everything with baseball items.

  85. Is it me or there’s a TON of HK fans who just love your site more than the ones that hate it… go for the majority!! XD

    I probably mentioned already, but I used to like Hello Kitty.. when I was a KID. XD As I got older, she just seemed to take over a whole load of products and fart-knows-what (as you’ve posted), which really sucked because I liked the other characters more, especially Badtz Maru, but I don’t see him much anymore. πŸ™ Meanwhile, Hello Kitty is practically on EVERYTHING and… there’s just something about that that concerns me… and frightens me… very much.

    Seriously though, this is your site, if not your means of escape… ok, scratch that–more of a way to rant as much as you want about Hello Kitty, and after reading up to this point, damn! you seriously have EVERY god-given right to rant all you want. It’s not like you’re holding some DESTROY Hello Kitty by all means campaign, y’know? And you’ve warned those extremist-HK fans before about their whining already. They, like always, just took it to another level by crying to your wife about it. God, what babies.

    It’s already been said, but I’d go for the wife making her own site to praise and worship Hello Kitty all she wants on her own space. She could go for that. πŸ™‚ I hope it doesn’t come to you abandoning your site, because it’s AWESOME! So awesome that even fans of HK love it too (not sure if that’s a good thing, but support is support… ^^; ).

  86. Make your wife a Hello Kitty worship room and imprison her there and spend your whole life trashing Hello Kitty by dumping her in a subway train(throw her into the door before it closes) but make sure media does not catch you doing that or all the HK fanatics will go to your house and strangle you.

    Also, you can bury all her hello kitty stuff in your neighbors garden at night or send her HK stuff overboard if that is you live next to the sea, then you can.

    There are tons of HK fans especially my cousin who i even got an HK panty for christmas because she demanded for it, UGH!. My cousins room is even flooded with HK and i cant stand it, even her mother disapproves her collection.

    Lets kill Hello Kitty and may this blog live forever!

  87. How sad these fanatics are trying to poison your wifes mind about her own husband. And over a novelty toy no less! How sad. Ask your wife how well she would deal with you developing a burning desire to collect all things Star Wars? I’ll bet it wouldn’t be long before she’s starting up her own snarky, sarcastic Star Wars Hell blog! lol

    You know what i think? if the shoe was on the other foot and it was you with a 500+ piece (and endlessly growing) Star Wars collection… well all that crap would be out by the curb by now and if you complained about it you’d be out on the curb too. A woman can only take so much of that crapola! ; )

    How would she feel about deluded Star Wars fanatics writing in to you. Trying to convince you that your own wife is being disrespectful because she only snarkily tolerates your obsession, instead of embracing it? And when they know next to nothing about your real lives too?

    I only just found HKH last night, but i’ve read alot of it and i’ve yet to read anything about your wife that amounted to anything other then sarcastic humor about her obsession. Evil Sanrio and the truly over-the-rainbow plain-ol-nuts fanatics seem to be your real targets. Your wife doesn’t seem to be any of that, from what i’ve gathered she’s just got a good healthy obsession that lets her relax and enjoy the silly things in life!

    I’m tellin you if you developed a Star Wars obsession that rivals her own she would have a harder time dealing with it then you do HK. I mean WTH why are you the bad guy when it’s Sanrio who corrupting HK’s innocence by marketing HK vibrators for little girls! lmao, They’ll whore her out to anyone who will cough up the licensing fees!

    Why don’t you two head on over to the Hello Kitty S&M suite at the Osaka Adonis Love Hotel, it’s twisted enough you would both enjoy it! Make up and screw all these haters who think HK borders on being a deity! They’ve got more issues then either of you two combined. ; )

  88. Sorry to post again back to back, but i just read Jenchan’s 9:02pm comment and thought kinda profound. She has a very healthy attitude about her obsession and probably life in general!

    “i too am a huge hello kitty fan and love your website. i mean, come on, my email address ENDS in (try explaining that on a job application). this blog is not so much about hating hello kitty as it is laughing at the ridiculous items that sanrio can slap kitty’s face on and sell millions of. This blog is about laughing at ourselves and our own sick consumerism.” – Jenchan

  89. It’s always distressing to hear when folks try to divide married folks. Married doesn’t mean agreeing on everything! It’s obvious that many people who love HK get a huge kick out of this blog, come on, what fun is life if you can’t laugh at yourself sometime? I always had the impression you loved your wife, and through her hobby were able to bring laughter to many other people.

  90. I LOVE Hello Kitty and I LOVE your blog. I think it’s great. I say let your wife have her own Hello Kitty blog and tell her not to listen to nutcases. Just the fact that these individuals have contacted her about your blog should be the blue light kmart special crackpot sign she needs to ignore them.

  91. There’s a difference between having a healthy interest in something and being blindly obsessed by it. Your wife has an interest in something, a strong interest, admittedly. The people who have emailed her calling for the closing of this excellent blog are obsessive fanatics, who should be ignored as the one-eyed idiots they are.

    From what I can see, your blog works as much an advertisement for Hello Kitty as it does as entertainment for those of us who don’t see what the fuss is all about.

    Good luck.

  92. Do not end this blog.

    Anyone who objects to your writing style is an obscessive. I mean, I’ve admitted to liking some of the individual works and the closest I normally come to “doing cute” is an ex!

  93. oh wow! as much as i love this blog if it’s affecting your life like that by all means stop! i mean, i love HK and i am definitely a fanatic, but people emailing you like that is really messed up. and to the point of stalking your wife! that’s madness! even for hello kitty fans! it’s really sad it’s come down to this when this used to be such a fun place but then i had no idea people were being stalker-ish about it!

    i will miss this blog very much. it’s definitely my favorite. but you must do what you must do! you made it to let off some steam and laugh at all the randomness of hello kitty. if it’s not going to be fun for you (or your wife) then it’s worth it to let it go.

    i will definitely be keeping tabs (in a total non creepy stalker way) with your new blog because despite whatever your new will be about i’m sure it will be interesting and funny cos that’s just how you write. i wish you both luck.

  94. I’m calling BS on it!! MHKH is just trying to move his time to his new website. Noboby scouted out Mrs. HKH’s e-mail to save her from this horrible Blog. It’s BS!

  95. I am a huge Hello Kitty fan and I do not find this site degrading. I take it in the spirit of fun in which it was created. Shame on those people who saw fit to trouble your wife like that.

    As a ‘real’ fan of the feline that you fear, I would say that they disgraced her farther than you ever could because it is obvious that your love your wife very much since you are actually very supportive of her hobby. Kitty would not want to cause trouble in such a relationship (it certainly hasn’t hurt her bottom line one bit!)

    In my opinion, the best olive branch you could offer your wife would be to post where Hello Kitty fans could purchase these items that torment you so. I am sure that Sanrio would like the free advertising. πŸ˜‰

  96. I’m sitting at work eating lunch out of my Hello Kitty lunch box and drinking water out of my Hello Kitty water bottle.
    I’m not obsessed with Hello Kitty, but I think she’s cute and happy.
    And, I LOVE your blog. I think it’s incredibly funny. I share your posts with coworkers often.
    So, I guess what I’m saying is, it’s possible to like Hello Kitty and see the humor in the stunning amount of commercialization of the image.
    Good luck. If this blog isn’t able to continue, I’ll be really sad!

  97. I’m a Hello Kitty fan and I love this blog! It’s relatable and I can see it’s a great way for you to let off some steam. I have yet to see anything that is harmful to anyone, if anything it helps with your sanity. This is my plea to keep this blog alive!!!!! It’s great fun and it makes some of us examine our own HK addictions. Thank you for always having some words of wisdom πŸ˜‰

  98. don’t be such a pushover. you have your opinion of hello kitty and she has hers. she needs to learn to respect that you don’t like hell-o kitty and you should respect she does. And turning this blog into hello kitty heaven is the STUPIDEST idea EVER!!!

  99. I have never been offended (or even been in danger of being offended) by anything Mr HKH has written on this site, until now. For someone to email a stranger and defame her husband, and cause such tension between them, is going way beyond the bounds of propriety.

    So, they don’t agree with your opinion? Well, boohoo. I don’t agree with people folding back the jackets of books as they are reading, but so far I have managed to control myself. Everyone is entitled to express their opinion, and this blog is a harmless, entertaining way of doing that. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this site, but I have always enjoyed it. I see it as a way for Mr. HKH to vent his frustration, but I also enjoy the social commentary on the pointless consumerism of our society.

    Viva HKHell!

  100. One more thing.

    Could people PLEASE stop posting about how Mr HKH is pussywhipped, etc. How can anyone comment on his relationship with his wife based on the information given in this site, or even think they have the right to? Mr HKH has shown many times that he loves his wife, so what right do a load of strangers have to disparage that?

  101. I kind of taken by the response here, we are talking about having out little entertainment at MR HKH marriage expense. The big problem is the premise of this blog is a response to his wives’ obsession rather that absurdity in Hello Kitty Fandom. I bet she feels this is more of a personal attack. I hope he can change things first leave his wife out of this or he need to stop, it not worth a divorce.

    An obsessed Hello Kitty Fan and enjoying every minute of it.

  102. I think a lot of your readers come here to see Hello Kitty items they don’t already have. I know that I do. Then I become determined to find said goods to purchase. So, I think you are helping Hello Kitty more than hurting her. Maybe your wife can start the hello kitty heaven blog, and tell everyone where to find your hello kitty hell items. =p

  103. If you stopped doing HKH then I would never get to see wonderful things like today’s HK Death Cake or HK Burning from last year. First person was right—just get her the HK Heaven domain and everyone will be happy. And it’s a whole lot easier than wasting a room for a Hello Kitty S&M suite in your own house. Though if it makes you both happy…….

  104. Please do NOT stop this blog!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Hello Kitty, I sleep in HK pj’s, I am in med school and spent a ridiculous amount of dough on a HK pc (which is old and slow and cannot be used for patient care planning, only for taking to class to take notes on, so I had to buy another pc) and I use my HK flash drive for my class notes which in essence entrusts the most important part of my life to HK…and this blog is so cute and funny…it in NO WAY demeans HK, and this is coming from someone who spends ALL my time studying and working and I rarely leave comments, but I love this blog BECAUSE I truly love Hello Kitty…please don’t stop, it is not demeaning, it is a great compliment to HK, who is cute and fun and classy and secretly LOVES all the attention.

  105. Remind her how many email syou get from people wanting to BUY things they see on your site, and then doubly remind her this is probably a small fraction of the total number of people who get inspired to go on their own and buy some of the gear featured.

  106. just to add to the others to say i read this with my HK loving girlfriend, and we both love it, it is not derogatory to your wife or her hk obsession or hk in general.

    keep up the good word.

  107. I see in a neutral light — it provides a rich database of kittified items, gadgets and other stuff (costumes, cosplay, you name it), not only for entertainment, but also as a reference, as a list of which HK items exist(ed). It is of good value in any case.

  108. Oh my friend: please, please do not go away. Can I tell you something? I have never spent a second of my life thinking one good or bad thought about Hello Kitty. (I feel sort of silly even saying that… DO people really, ah, think about ‘her’? That hurts my brain a little to imagine…) So as not to lie, I will say that whilst in China adopting my babies, I remember seeing HK items in the stores and noting their innate, cartoonish “cuteness.” However, I never seemed to be intercepting any special telepathic messages from any of them while I was shopping, so maybe I’m just not one of the chosen ones… who knows.

    But I digress. What I want to say is that I may not know Hello Kitty, but I do know funny, and you, my friend, are funny. I literally stumbled on this blog accidentally about two hours ago, and I’ve been sitting here ever since holding my sides with laughter at your take on life with Kitty. I find not a note of meanness in it: in fact, it feels to me like a very healthy take on what could be a tedious daily grind for someone not entirely enamored of the cute little beast.

    I live with a funny husband: he writes for the Onion, has written for the New Yorker, Bill Maher, and other humor outlets. As I said, I know funny. Through our ups and downs, we have always LAUGHED. His take on life usually cracks me up, and often, I’m his side kick. I get a kick out of it. I don’t take offense. It’s funny. HE’S funny. I appreciate it. I have a sneaking suspicion, my friend, that if you let this outlet go, your married life will lose some balance. DON’T DO IT. She has Kitty: you have your blog. It’s a beautiful pairing.

  109. I read your blog for one reason: entertainment.

    It’s fun for me to see the crazy things that come out with hello kitty on it. However, a blog could easily be done with other icons. Have you ever seen how much Star Trek junk is out there? Or Star Wars?

    If anything, this blog has created in me a heightened Hello Kitty awareness that I didn’t have before. Sure, I smile and laugh when I see a hello kitty product somewhere, and I think of this blog. But think about it. Smiling, laughing. A new post on Hello Kitty Hell always makes my day.

    And now I see Hello Kitty wherever I go. o.0

  110. Perhaps you could buy some software for your wife and the other critics to download to their computers. I hear Life 1.0 is pretty good for being a version 1 software. It uninstalls obsession 9.3, pathetic 4.5, and nosy 3.2, thereby cleaning up the system and making it run much more smoothly.

    Please continue blowing off that steam and having fun with Hello Kitty. I was introduced to you through my fiancee, who is a major HK fanatic and she really enjoys reading your posts. And right afterward, we head to the local Sanrio store for some retail therapy.

  111. Tell her that they’re taking you way to seriously, that you enjoy this blog, that you love her and would never lie to her about something she cares about so much, and enforce that this is an innocent way to let off steam?

  112. No, don’t abandon HKH. You’re fighting the good fight against invasive corporate presences. Besides, my girlfriend collects the stuff, and it’s better for me to come on here and laugh than to fight the urge to take a bat to her collection.

    I’m sure your wife will understand that a few misguided fanatics are misinterpreting the intent of your blog and it is in no way an attack on her.

  113. Keep the blog the way it is. I love seeing the crazy stuff. I love Hello Kitty, but not to the extent your wife does. BTW..I would love to see the healed art of the girl who had the scarification done.

  114. Your wife needs to stop listening to the fanatics. I know your blog was originally intended to vent your frustrations about “the kitty”, but if anything, it has helped other kitty fanatics.

    I look at your blog for new Hello Kitty items….to annoy my husband with πŸ™‚

    Tell her that the blog is helping, not hurting, the kitty fans and to ignore the idiots who email her.

    Keep up the good work…..I mean, keep up the kitty bashing..hehe.

  115. I echo what many people have said already. I am a HK fan and i love you blog. I tell all of my friends who are HK fans to read your blog. Your wit is a rare talent and it would be a shame to lose that.

    OH.. speaking of which, there’s something i’ve always meant to send you that shows how evil that feline is. Sending by email

  116. I love Hello Kitty…nevertheless, I am not above poking a little fun at myself. I drag my boyfriend into the NYC Sanrio store, but I still visit this blog. Additionally, I actually think it is a rather good way to find out about interesting Hello Kitty items. Tell your wife that true fans will ignore criticism and take away the good from this blog!

  117. I love hello kitty……..I’m not obsessed but if I had the money to be obsessed I would be! Lol….but this site is pretty cool…everyone has an obsession with something.. For example my boyfriend is obsessed with trucks…..and I love hello kitty so we all have our weird little hobbies n such. This site is entertaining and also very informative to the many hello kitty items out there.

  118. i really hope you’re not abandoning ship here. i just found this place and i LOVE it. the hello kitty death cake will be posted on my blog tomorrow. everyone needs a way to vent, there are worse things you could be doing with this “frustration”

    also, like many of the other posts have said, you’re not really causing harm to the rediculous name of hello kitty, but adding fuel to the fire.

    a lawnmower?!?! a tram!?!? really? qtf?

  119. I LOVE this site. I am a Hello Kitty fan but I feel there is a limit to what should be Hello Kitty-ized.

    You could argue with your wife that your site actually promotes HK because I’ve found things on here I didn’t know existed.

  120. I love Hello Kitty, having lived in Japan at the beginning of Heisei, and this blog is a lot of fun. I own my fair share of items, but honestly some of the stuff out there is way overboard. One word people: b a l a n c e ! Tell okaa-san to lighten up about the blog. If this is the worst thing you do, then she’s a very lucky woman and she shouldn’t listen to people trying to BLEEP up her marriage to you! Gambatte-ne!

  121. I like hello kitty I guess maybe a little, but I find some of your blogs ridiculously funny. Why in the heck did interwebers think they should try to screw up your marriage.

  122. this blog is not degrading to her or kitty, if anything it just shows that the only one being degraded is you, being forced to live in hkh. no male, no STRAIGHT male could stand being bombarded from everywhere with pink and sugar cute. it just shows what a paitent considerate guy you are just to put up with it, and this blog is a truly justifiable way to vent the frustration. im female and all this hk madness kinda scares me.

    as for the future of this blog. id strongly advise against terminating it. becouse for every fanatic there are three anti fanatics that find some bit of joy from your rantings and should it disapear only to be replaced by a p.r. site for the feline, her your wifes email box would become a less friendly place.
    she should just be happy with her hk collection and let you have you own space.

  123. Hello Kitty is meant to inspire joy, not divorce. This is a sad situation indeed.

    If the time and efforts required to maintain the blog are seriously interferring with family or job, then maybe it’s time to consider adding a volunteer assist for the grunt work.

    I personally would consider it heavenly to live in a Hello Kitty sleeping bag accompanied by laptop, broadband connection, and a huge bank account to acquire more worthless pink gadgets, Kitty-related or not. Of course this philosophy also means I’m in need of serious counseling and medication in a lock-down facility.

    Since you appear to have a wife, a life, a familiy, etc, etc, who are in need of your attention, I truly hope there’s a compromise out there that eases the pressure on the Mrs. and you while still providing Hello Kitty Hell news that so many of us look forward to. In other words, I hope there’s a way to have our pink cake and eat it too.

  124. As much as I love HK, I’ve always been ambivalent about the cuteness, HKH makes it much more palatable, please keep up the good work!

  125. hey, mr. hkh, ur blog rocks, so don’t give it up!
    i agree with scannie, make a hk heaven blog. ur wife and darlene can totally partner up, there’ll be way too much hk to go around, she’ll b happy, and u too!

  126. Have your wife run the website, you continue with yours. The battle between the two of you increases visitor interest, increases page views…….

    If you discontinue this blog you’re out of your mind…

  127. I love this blog! I do not hate HK but I do understand the overdose that can happen. I have been in the Sanrio stores and feel like I am being force fed cotton candy every second I am in there.

    Your venting is not a hate for HK as much as a “I can’t believe they make ____!”

    Your posts are also VERY funny and expressive.

    Now if you made a HelloKittySucks page yes I would say that is wrong, but kitty hell is absolutely perfect. You are surrounded by these things and you have no idea what tomorrow will place on your doorstep. I think it very appropriate therefore to be called kittyhell.

    Your wife is listening to those she does not know. She knows you much better than any of us. If this was a real issue she would have said something a long time ago.

    It is also perfect that this is a man’s site. The women tend to deify HK while men read about muscle cars. This site is a perfect reaction to the onslaught of HK items being pumped out as fast as manufacturing processes allow, with no end in site.

    Your page is perfect and adored. Don’t change a thing.

  128. Stick to your guns! There has to be a counterbalance to all those Hello Kitty crazies out there. Do whatever it takes.
    Start by marking your territory around any computers you have. If your wife accuses you of peeing all over the place tell her Hello Kitty did it.
    Adjust your computer system to reject words like “Cute” and “adorable”. You’ll have to be resourceful at every turn!!

  129. I just checked out your other blog. It confirmed my suspicion that you are a very nice guy and your wife is lucky to have such a sweet , indulgent husband. I wish you both much happiness.

    And I hope those people stop bugging her because I would hate for Hello Kitty Hell to end.

    Hello Kitty Hell is one of the best blogs I read regularly.

    1. You are funny! You have a great sense of humor.

    2. I love Hello Kitty , if I need surgery, a doctor with a Hello Kitty helmet and Hello Kitty scalpel would be chosen if one exists.

    You have inspired me to give more compliments and this comment is your compliment. Thank you so much for providing such a fun blog.

    I don’t contribute to many causes except for families of fallen heroes and Loren Coleman’s Cryptozoology museum but you have inspired me to take a look and challenge myself to do more.

    Hey, you can post all of the ugly weird Hello Kitty stuff you want, you will never dissuade those of us who love the kitty.

    But it sure is fun to read and look at Hello Kitty Hell.

    Great to read about it from a man’s perspective as well.

    I would have never known about the Hello Kitty vibrator if it wasn’t featured here.

    Someone named Hello Kitty Vibrator has over 5000 friends on myspace, myself included.

    So please keep up the good work. Inspiring us to be better people and giving us an alternative outlet for Hello Kitty fanaticism.

    Love your wit! Hello Kitty fans are not all sappy sweet, we are smart ,we appreciate sarcasm and we think cynics are cute. Because we know deep down that you are jealous of Hello Kitty and sooner or later she will completely rule the world.

    Thank you so much,


  130. why do all these fanatics take this so PERSONALLY? really, they should get lives, and stop reading a blog called hello kitty HELL if they love her so much. IT’S JUST A CARTOON CAT!!!!!! FIND SOMETHING WORTHWHILE TO BITCH ABOUT!!!!

  131. Hey I just started subscribing yesterday!!
    You can’t end it now. If you do, please wait
    a year before deleting it so I can look through
    all the archives.

    By the way I collect Hello Kitty figures and i
    think the idea behind Hello Kitty Hell is funny.

  132. All i know is that you, inventor of completely unnecessary disturbing and stupid website, are an idiot. And by “idiot” i mean that your website hello kitty “hell” is the biggest waste of time I have ever seen somebody spend their life doing. I was actually shocked to hear you had a wife, which implied that maybe you do leave your computer and interact with other, maybe semi-normal human beings, therefore proving me wrong in thinking that you are equivalent to a 2 legged donkey, good for absolutely nothing. So, you are just an idiot. Also, your idiot hands and arms extend a bear hug to any person that has ever shown suuport of you or any of your useless thoughts. In case you do not understand, all your “fans” are also idiots, maybe even more so than you.

  133. do NOT give up this blog!

    Please, I have turned so many onto this blog, because we actually adore HK AND have a sense of humor!!!!!!

    please, Mrs. HKH, don’t listen to the fanatics!

  134. I agree, give your wife a blog of her own.

    Then advise her that people on the internet are crazy and stupid and that one man’s dislike for the kitty is not going to hurt the Sanrio franchise in the least bit considering they’ve got MILLIONS of life long fans that will keep buying for as long as they keep producing the merchandise. That and that she’s probably being convinced of this by people in the 12-20 age range since most of your die hard dissenters seem to have the literacy of a middle school student.

    In nicer terms of course.

    We all like you Mr. HKH and we even like the Mrs. HKH because without her you wouldn’t have made this site and we wouldn’t have some place the laugh about the silly things people will buy if it has an adorable character on it.

    That or offer to buy her some HK item she really wants in exchange for being able to keep the blog.

  135. Im a big hello kitty fan, but you cant end kitty hell! its so damn kool. plus heaven is for wimps and posers.
    Its fun to rat on something ud die for, for once ur life.

  136. let me start by saying my brother found this sight and sent it to me i love hello kitty but with saying that i love this sight boyfriend said i could do the whole house in hk as long as it made me happy,i said yeah no. love not that much.don’t stop what your doing it’s healthy.

  137. I stumbled across this site with the open letter to your daughter. Granted its a sad letter, but it was all sorts of funny! (come one play the DVD one more time!) anyways you have to keep Hello Kitty Hell going! Its what i use to make my friends feel better and forget about their stress by showing them the most random things i can find on the site!


  138. I didn’t read all 150+ comments, so forgive me if someone already suggested this. I don’t know if you are still looking for solutions, but if you are, I know what my solution would be. As the husband of a mild HK fan myself, the solution seems pretty straightforward. You get one blog post credit for every HK item she buys. If she doesn’t buy any, you don’t post. If she buys 10 HK items, you are allowed to post 10 articles.

    That way the whole things stays completely reciprocal, and if your wife ever is truly convinced that the blog is disrespectful, all she has to do to stop it, is never buy another HK item again. Of course we both know that in reality you will get a backlog of blog article credits so huge there will be no point keeping track after the first month πŸ˜‰ It takes a lot less time to buy a Hello Kitty item, than to write about it.

  139. i know why dont you stick a gun to your head and pull the trigger after telling ur wife you think shes the dumbest person alive for thinking that hello kitty is “adorable”

  140. I love hello kitty and i love your website too. I dont think its disrespectful to kitty in any way shape or form. I think your funny. My idea is that u give your wife her own blog and site where she can share all the wonderful things that are hello kitty. Or maybe you can just tell us where to get all the hello kitty stuff on this site. Whatever u do keep this blog.


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