Hello Kitty Nude Drawing (NSFW — or your sanity)

Sometimes there just aren’t words… (the art image may not be safe for work and it is definitely not safe for your mind or future sanity — I seriously advise that you click away now, go to some other site and enjoy the entertainment that they provide, because if you choose to reject my words, the image is going to haunt you for the rest of the day, week, month and year. You have been warned…)


Why? (shakes head in defeat realizing that Hello Kitty Hell has somehow just gotten worse) While some may fantasize about Hello Kitty in this way I think I’m making a pretty good guess in stating that the vast majority of people who see this will wish that it could immediately be erased from their mind forever. I certainly wish it could…

Sent in by Elena who deserves to be surrounded by this image everywhere she goes for thinking that sending this to me could be a good idea in any way, shape or form…

171 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Nude Drawing (NSFW — or your sanity)”

  1. You have a serious masculinity issue. Why would a woman’s body freak you our so much unless you had masculinity issues. This is not surprising seeing all the lies and falsehoods you keep repeating about Hello Kitty.

    This is a wonderful drawing showing the true femininity of Hello Kitty. It is something that any girl could be proud of and just gives a new perspective to the character that everyone loves. Maybe if you took some time to understand art, you would understand this. But since you’re a backward hick that only deals in negativity, that is something that will never happen.

    Would you just give up and stop writing the drivel that nobody wants to read?

  2. @sansicarus holy crap your right!!!

    @darlene you are taking this stuff WAY too seriously. not to mention, you tell him to stop writing stuff no one wants to read, and yet you read it. Is hello kitty standing over you with a gun forcing you to read it? No. So just don’t. It’s not that hard.

  3. @Catherine: lmao

    If you do the Escher magic eye trick, it looks like a cartoon dog face (breasts are eyes, arms floppy ears etc) wearing a Hello Kitty Head as a hat!

  4. Yikes! Some people are just strange.

    @sansicarus – rofl

    @ Darlene – I am sure that MrHKH does not have a problem with the female form. It’s just that Hello Kitty’s female form should not have tits and bush. Just saying…..

    @ Acton – I don’t even want to know how you know about the Manga kiddie porn. Or why.

  5. ohmyGOD. >-[ Direct quote.

    There has to be something ewwww about sexualizing cartoon characters aimed at elementary school age girls.

    As for d@rlene, she’s got to be a troll of some kind or other. No one can say things like that and be serious while having enough digits to operate a computer.

  6. I kind of am staring at this that two things don’t make a right.

    On a technical aspect, good melding of two elements, both unrealistic and realistic. On another hand, this is a freaking CARTOON CHARACTER, AND ONE AIMED AT LITTLE GIRLS.

    In a way, maybe this person should be a concept artist for Silent Hill—they need more whory nurses.

  7. Darlene, you need a shrink big time!!!!!!! And for the love of god, stop posting on this site if you like hello kitty. We all don’t like it.

  8. @ Satan wears pink

    I think there are a fair share of HK fans on this site, but most of them have a sense of humour. Unlike Darlene, as you point out.

  9. @Binks
    Good lord Gus not every person who know about child porn or the sex trade is a fraking pedophile. I can read. FYI I was in a Japanese youth hostile maybe in Matsumoto and picked up a maga magazine and lets say I was shocked.

  10. “Would you just give up and stop writing the drivel that nobody wants to read?”

    Who else thinks Darlene is probably one of those people who goes for brunch after church but refuses to tip because they think the server shouldn’t be working on a Sunday?

  11. @Binks and Acton (but mostly Binks),
    You don’t even have to read it, or live in Japan, to be aware of Anime pron (sic) (no pun intended), or even that some of it involves images that North America and Europe would consider “waaay too young for that sort of thing”. It’s called “being aware of the extreme fringes of your hobbies”.

    The picture itself is of a very wrong subject, but the draftsmanship is excellent.

  12. I’m surprised that a self-proclaimed Hello Kitty lover such as darlene approves of Hello Kitty being depicted in such a way. Any real Hello Kitty fan would see that this picture is totally degrading.

  13. mmk, so this is my first time commenting. but i have been a silent reader of this blog for some time now. ive had plenty to say about the things posted on this site, but never felt compelled to share them. until now. OMG! who in their right mind (HK fan or not) would actually enjoy this? to anyone who hates HK, how appalled are you? and to anyone who loves her, you should be offended that she is presented here in such a vulgar way. and then to darlene….your effin psycho. i highly doubt that mr.HKH has masculinity problems because he doesnt want to ogle an innapropriate drawing of a cartoon cat that was aimed to entertain little girls in japan. sorry majority rules, you suck.

  14. OK, an anthropomorphized cat is unnatural to begin with. But visually, it’s easier to accept a clothed anthropomorphized cartoon cat because a) we’ve gotten used to cartoon animals over the years and b) some of the anatomy is covered up. When we see the whole thing with a mouthless cat’s head on a semi-realistic human female body, that really highlights the freakishness, that’s why it looks extra creepy.

    @Indigo: no, I don’t think Darlene would go to church, she sounds like a raving radical feminist.

  15. thats it! DARLENE, ARE YOU JUST AN ATTENTION WHORE OR WHAT? no person anti and especialy for, hello kitty can possibly think that this is an exceptional visual in any way. hello kitty a cartoon originaly meant for children drawn as a nude woman. what next if some one finds a film of hello kitty blowing micky are you going to praise that on high? and as for drivel no one wants to read obviously you dont read any of the comments here to SHUT UP! thus making this little rant pointless. but one can hope. hello kitty hell blog is a lot more entertaining than you are.

  16. @ leslie mower: Okay, um. If you are insulting Hello Kitty fans, then that’s just rude to stereotype. I am one, but I don’t obsess over it. It’s just got some neat stuff. I come on this site because yes, I do have a sense of humor. Get one, Darlene. Not meaning to be rude or anything, but.. You take HelloKitty to the extreme. Lighten up. And I agree, this picture is quite disturbing. Good quality as far as the artist’s skill goes, but what kind of pervert has Hello Kitty fantasies? *shudders*

  17. Oh, Hell, I WILL be rude to darlene…
    Hey Moron! She’s a CARTOON CAT! Therefore, she should NOT have human parts… I think THAT was the point Mr. HKH was really making…and of course the only way you’d get was if I came over there beat you over the head with it!
    Now, for the Love of GOD, GO AWAY!

  18. I have to admit I looked for darlene’s comment on this right away, wondering how she could possibly put a positive spin on this travesty. Being deeply delusional takes skill, which darlene has in spades.

    I’m thinking if HK was portrayed as a jack-booted Nazi thug marching in lockstep with the Hitler Youth, darlene would rhapsodize about how HK shows how she “plays well with others” and is “working to build a community.”

    Don’t ever change, darlene. You’re great entertainment value.

  19. darlene,

    you’ve obviously got problems as many have pointed out before me. the fact that a cat has breasts and nipples and a belly button should be alarming especially if it’s marketed to children. i find that very inappropriate.

    you preach like you’re the almighty one and should have the absolute and final say regarding what someone is trying to express. if someone were to photoshop hello kitty as hitler i’m sure you’d say “oh mr hello kitty hell, can you not see that hello kitty didn’t want to be hitler. she just wants to spread her love all over the world. you see hello kitty brings joy and happyness and if hitler kitty could do so it would bring world peace.”

    i suggest you see a shrink or check yourself into an insane asylum. you need to be evaluated. i’m sure if you had Rorschach test, in each ink blot you’d say “that’s hello kitty! she’s trying to spread warmth. that’s hello kitty! she’s trying to show everyone it’s ok and that you can be happy too!”

    honestly darlene, if you live in america you know that the first amendment is the freedom of speech. just like you read the newspaper he can say whatever he wants. it’s not a hello kitty dictatorship, but a hello kitty democracy! you probably this that’s a real government and it actually exists. wake up and stop drinking the hello kitty kool aid.

  20. @Kitteh!!
    HAHAHAHA! Good one!
    Seriously, she-who-shall-not-be-named reminds me of Hilter sometimes, only her views count and everyone else is wrong… I think she wants us all to be snow white with little red bows, maybe then her world would be perfect and she’d leave us alone πŸ˜‰

  21. @Catherine
    Youth Hostels is a misnomer, original allow young adult travelers (ie backpackers like myself) access, around the world, inexpensive dormitory type accommodations. There days there no real maximum age.


    I know the ways of the backpack and Lonly Planet guide

  22. Wow, I think some of you are even more malice than Darlene.

    Honestly, like Laiane, I think Darlene offers great entertainment. It’s always interesting to see what she has to say about Mr. HKH’s newest entry. If Darlene wasn’t here, Hello Kitty Hell wouldn’t be the same.

    But in all fairness, HKH also wouldn’t be the same without those hating Darlene. But, can you guys just ease up a bit? I swear, you guys take her comments more seriously than she “supposedly” takes the entries. If you don’t know her in real life, and if you don’t know if she really thinks that, don’t act like a know-it-all.

    …that picture was a little disturbing though. It gave me a good laugh. I wish I could draw like that though… Hello Kitty, as simple as her form may be, is hard to draw.

  23. Someone did a great job of drawing her, but I myself, prefer an innocent Hello Kitty who hasn’t been through puberty. Also the regular, not the more mature, version of Hello Kitty would be more suitable for small children.

    By the way is this a feline Barbie doll or something for the guys? My Barbies had boobs before I did and my mom said I had to have clothes on them.

  24. P.S. @darlene WT@#$%^& HECK?! What is wrong with you?! This is like taking Tweety Bird and giving him a scotum. Don’t be the moron who advocates this!

  25. I love Hello Kitty, but I dont get it. This post was rather lame. Hk is a cat, where does she get off on having tits and a bush? Doesnt that make her human? If anything she’d have 6 nipples. Hmmm…..

  26. You know, I looked a the photo and all I thought was this..welcome to America, boys. The women have too much there and not enough up there..and Naked” hello kitty” proves it.


    P.S. I am a avid collector of hello kitty charms and if I could find one that like, I would have it on my charm bracelet too..weg..much to the disgust of my “long suffering” husband and son.

  27. hahahaha omg…..i never laughed so much…that is the most disturbing thing ever…i feel soo very sad that someone sent that into u…and yes…i do think i will be haunted by that picture forever lol

  28. Anybody think that Darlene could be Mr. HKH’s wife reciprocating? She sure seems to comment awfully early and faithfully, and it may just be their kind of teasing banter.

  29. @Actonrf
    But Acton is not even close to being a young adult!!
    Get a real hotel room and leave those places for the people who need them. (Don’t travel if you can’t afford it when your over 40!)

  30. @Pandaki,
    When you’re as sick of darlene as we are, then maybe you can talk…
    I for one am sick of being told we’re all stupid and deranged from not thinking any and everything that has HK slapped on it is great, I own a crapload of HK stuff and I’m still sane, so what’s her problem?
    Unless you’ve gone back and read the last year and half’s worth of her blabber and abuse, then you have no idea what we’ve gone through, so please don’t stick up for her.

  31. @ Catherine, other than in some of the big cities, it’s actually rare for IYHA. YM/WCA, or even independant hostels to have full occupancy.

    @Pandaski, MHK actually understates the case; it’s more like 2 years since Darlene’s first rant.

  32. half the comments here were directed to Darlene, no wonder she keeps posting. I f she feeds on hatemail/messages she must be a happy puppy by now.
    Pretend she doesn’t exist and ignore every single comment of hers, and see if she sticks around;)

  33. Ha ha this is just like when me and my sister were bored so we spent the afternoon drawing Hello Titty, Hello Zitty, and Hello Shitty.

  34. New subject:
    Well, old really, back to the subject of the HK Personal Massager

    My (now ex) boyfriend got it for me this Christmas (the pink one to be exact)… he thought it was ‘SO me’ and would make a great collectors item.

    So to answer our own questions, no, it doesn’t work very well on the shoulders, and the plastic is so hard you really don’t even WANT to try it on anywhere ‘else’…

    Plus it’s kinda creeps me out…

    Just thought you fellow diehards would enjoy the update πŸ˜‰

  35. Wow…….this destroys my very sanity, not even the deepest reaches of the chaos wastes could do this, no Greenskin nor dark elf could inflict this ammount of destruction, this, truly, is madness in its purest form…….btw play WAR online

  36. darlene, you will burn in the eternal fires of the chaos warp, your soul will be torn asunder by the demons that walk that realm, your limbs shall be seperated and spread about the vortex in the most unspeakable ways. The very warp in which your twisted femine soul resides will shutter in your screams of pain, agony shall wrack your form and then, just maybe, you will realise the true power of chuck norris

  37. @ MHK, somehow I had a feeling that would be the case. I’ve seen a device that was designed as an mains powered electric massager (for external use, rather than. ah, intimate) and it looked like an electric drill, but with the chuck replaced by a plastic and medium density foam pad.

  38. omg.
    GET A GRIP! Yes, Kitty is cute, and while she may be the equivalent form of God to you, this is really disturbing! I mean, who wants to see a beloved children’s character turn to porn?? And “drivel nobody wants to read”?? *pokes finger at thousands of comments on his other posts* who are they?? worshippers of Satan? oh wait…to you, they probably are. this blog is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes. honestly, pull your head OUT of the dreamworld you live in, where Hello Kitty rules supreme, and its all lovely and good, and rejoin reality, where, unfortunately it’s NOT all well and good, and that there may-no-WILL be haters of things you love in every way, shape, and form.

  39. @Kitteh!!
    Wow, now that just plain scares me!
    You couldn’t PAY me to try that out!
    I just thought it was funny that we were talking about it in a posting a Voila! the BF gets me one for X-mas…
    (along with a VERY nice Victoria Label Cashmere HK scarf… wink wink)

  40. @ Catherine:
    I thought it was funny and kinda sweet that he’d get me anything HK… and yes the vibe was indeed a gag gift… more for my collection than anything else πŸ˜‰

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  42. @ MHK, relax, the description given was to give people a clear idea of the approximate size and shape (and running power) of a real electric massager, rather than suggesting it was like taking a B&D drill to your legs or whatever. I did mean that it would not (at least with the supplied massage pads) be capable of intimate use by a female though!
    So the HK massager is under-powered and too hard for external use, and too hard for intimate use! Yeah, that about sums up a lot of original Sanrio licenced HK product (overpriced and not much use for the design application).

  43. @Grumlok Chopstoppa
    Easy….Tool Geeez….

    Oh, if it was a gag then no prob! I just figured you being a HK fan he could have been a little more creative (in a good way) πŸ™‚

  44. Hahahahha!

    Whew! Makes me feel better, Kitteh!!, was going to get a chastity belt for my own safety πŸ˜‰

    @Catherine- yeah I think he did really good for the fact we’d been dating less than 2 months… sad that most men wouldn’t have even thought of getting HK though…

  45. @sansicarus

    Yes ART!!! Are you familiar with the term??? If not let me tell you-

    1 the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power : the art of the Renaissance | great art is concerned with moral imperfections | she studied art in Paris.
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    4 a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice : the art of conversation.

    Now with that being cleared up YES this is art. What else would it be called?? Im not just callin it art because I sent it- Im calling it art because it is!!!!!

  46. @Elena

    I know what art is, princess. But thanks for cutting and pasting a definition. Did you consider actually applying it to your little drawing?

    Sorry, but copying a standard and well-known design (quite precisely, admittedly – well done, did you use tracing paper?) and then adding poorly proportioned breats and pubic hair that looks more like a moustache is not art.

    You can call it whatever you want. I can call myself the Queen of Namibia, it doesn’t mean anyone else will.

  47. well, sansicarus, i really don’t have a point, I just like to post lyrics from some bands i think are some of the greatest. Btw got another one:All wound up
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  49. @ Grumlock

    Sorry mate, not going to play your game anymore. It’s a bit like spam. Why don’t you start your own blog about the bands and lyrics you like?

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  51. @ sansicarus

    I never said I(ME ELENA) drew this – someone drew it and sent it to me BUT YES it is art. Someone DREW it regardless of if they traced and then added a bush and tits- its still art- dont shoot the fucking messenger.

    @everyone else with a problem – I LOVE this pic. I notice a lot of you sit here and say that you have a problem because HK is geared towards little girls and blah blah blah…but let me point something out to you. If you look at his board you see things like a HK lawn mower, a HK vibrator(which I own), a HK gas mask riddle me this…how the fuck are those things geared towards little girls. Yeah I see tons of Kathy Lee Giffords Stepford children in lawns E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y mowing laws with there Sanrio approve HK lawn mowers. Get the fuck over it dudes & chickadees. Its a drawing…someones interpretation of HK. Its ART . Deal with it!!!!

  52. @sansicarus

    I love that we can agree to disagree on this one!!! Im new to this site and I dont want to be the hated chick just yet(although I care less) I feel it is art. Said friend (mine) drew it by hand and while its not your “normal” take on HK it is still someones interpretation..for that alone you have to call it art…in his/hers eyes.

    As far a HK being a brand…yor right ad things are going ot be geared at different ages and demographics even BUT they (Sanrio or bootleg versions) are going to continue to do it …know why?.?.?.

    Because they are people who will & DO buy it.

  53. @Elena

    Fair enough, my mistake. You think it’s art, good for you. I think it’s absolute crap, good for me. Eye of the beholder, each to their own, blah blah blah. Chill out a bit. Just because you “LOVE” this pic, doesn’t mean anyone else has to or will.

    btw, I’m with you on the ‘geared towards little girls’ thing. Hello Kitty is a brand. Different products are aimed at different age groups. Still, I don’t think many people (in their right minds at least) would pay for this.

  54. @ Elena, if you look at the relevant threads, I have a problem with the very existence of things like the HK lawnmower, HK MAC cosmetics (because of the HK marketting link, the graphic design of the cases is pretty good)… which are aimed at adults.
    This is because IMO HK products should be things you’d not mind your 6YO girl having.
    The same test makes this drawing inappropriate, although I can’t help but admire the draftsmanship as draftsmanship.

  55. who is actually using all the HK products aimed at adults? And by that I mean the lawn mowers, guns, etc as well as vibrators. Children can’t reach the handles or are prohibited from using them, and no self-respecting adult would be seen dead holding something with such a simplistic, primitive looking cartoon on it. They’d be laughed off the planet.

    It’s as much an oxymoron as kosher ham.

  56. All I can say is….

    Dear God what is that thing?

    I do like Hello Kitty, not a fanatic–or at least not to extreme, and half of the stuff I see is really geared toward adults. Makes you wonder….

  57. Argh. I am scarred for life. Why does Hello Kitty have boobs??!!

    See you at the pschologist waiting room, darlene. x_x

  58. @sansicarus: I like Kitteh!!, I’m with you. This, like TONS of other crap, has no sense being linked with a children’s character, and no offence meant to anyone’s ‘friends’… but I would NOT let my near my children (if I had any) knowing that they had this in their mind…

    @Grumlok Chopstoppa: Is Limp Bizkit rap? If not I’d like to dedicate a song to you, it’s called: ‘Shut up!’

    Thank you.
    (takes a bow)

  59. Oh my god, I will now have to go burn out my eyes in an effort to forget I have ever seen something so hideous. This picture will probably inspire some sort of crazy x-rated fanfiction somewhere. After having been subjected to care bear fanfiction erotica, I can only hope it can’t get more depraved.

  60. Holy crap. MY 13 YEAR OLD EYES!

    For one thing, she’s a cartoon! For another, I gotta burn my eyes. Hang on a sec.

    -5 minutes later-


  61. @Indy:
    Yes, honey, you wish now that you unsee what you have just seen… between this and the MAC video you should have enough ammo for YEARS of therapy! πŸ˜‰

  62. i love hello kitty, but i do have a sense of humour which is why i regulary visit the site.
    i thought the picture was wierd, then i tought it was funny, then kinda wrong… hmmm….. okaaaay……

  63. I hate this!! Hello Kitty should never look like that? Who is the freak that came up with this picture? Its just SICK!!

  64. Is it bad that my first reaction to this was not horror, revulsion, or even the natural geek analytical tendecy, but rather…

    outright laughter?


  65. I beg your pardon…. I saw that comment about “if you’re over 40 and can’t afford it don’t travel.”
    I’ve been wanting to travel to all 50 states & Washington, DC as well as many different countries.

    But my parents were unable to afford family vacations like a lot of other people I knew. As an adult, I haven’t made much money and haven’t been able to travel much because of this. Now I’m 50 years old and don’t want anyone to tell me to stay home because I’m over 40 and can’t afford it.

    I do appreciate the ideas someone gave like the YWCAs & YMCAs with hotels with vacancies. I will have to google them and elder hostel to see what I can come up with. In my community, a city of a little over 100,000 people, our YMCA doesn’t have any kind of men’s residence or hotel. Our YWCA doesn’t have a hotel, but some women live there.

  66. That was completely disturbing. I was making a hello kitty website for computer technology class (yes i am one of the fans you detest so much. ^_^) and i ran across this. I was shocked. I showed my teacher and we had a good laugh. This just takes the fandom a bit to far. I am sorry that you had to see this or anyone else for that matter.

    Darlene-Please stop writing such long statements about how his masculinity is why he writes this. It has nothing to do with that. No person in their right mind would want to see Hello Kitty depicted with boobs and a bush. She is supposed to be the essence of femininity and innocence, not a trashy porno.

  67. @ Sparkie X, I’m not sure how muc this will help in the USA, but in the UK Ys that offer B&B are normally listed with the local Tourist Information service.

    @ Sabree, if you’re putting your website live, let us know. It’s not just the HK fans who appreciate good fan art!

  68. im disturbed by this pic. disturbed by the complete lack of concern for anantomy. wouldnt a cat have six nipples? and why would an animal covered in white fur have black pubes?

  69. What is wrong with you??? This is beautiful! Hello kitty shows young girls not to be ashamed of their growing bodies and you find it horrifying?! Get your stupid sexist beliefs, your Hello Kitty hate and shove them up your stinking, fat ass!!!

  70. @Darlene: WHAT? Okay, I’m a woman and I myself find this horrific. Who in their right minds would draw something like that? On HELLO KITTY. A child’s cartoon. Freakin’ perverts, that’s who. You must be one too…

    @andophiroxia : Heeey Silent Hill is a great game. The slutty nurses in SH2 had a purpose thank ya very much. They represented Jame’s psyche. (long story) I admit they had no place in SH0, SH3 and SH5 though.

  71. @Darleen,
    yeah! whats wrong with freaking out at a chicks body???? am a girl,and i think this is AMAZING! i cant cant even draw like that!

  72. Wow…just wow.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Hello Kitty supposed to be a little girl who still lives with her parents and sister? Isn’t that kinda messed up (besides the obvious I mean)?

  73. sometimes i like to wear the skin of dead sheep and bite into the soft fuzzy tummies of gerbals. but this time im going to wear the skin of dead sheep, bite into the soft fuzzy tummies of gerbals, while masterbating to this picture.

  74. ROFLOL – how sick is this?! Also, I am shocked, *shocked*, to learn that Hello Kitty’s trademark fur color actually comes from a bottle… tsk, tsk, tsk, tacky, tacky.

  75. OK that’s it- Darlene has to be an attention mongering satirist. How could she possibly say these things with a straight face? she is just baiting people to get a reaction. no one is that nuts.

  76. Could be worse , could be a Burkah, finding the right balance is important, & HK definitely needs to loose a couple of pounds, but is still less frightening than it could have been……

  77. Beware anyone who worships hello kitty is possesed and needs deliverance.You should not have any gods before the true God of Israel.You have been warned God does not share his glory with anyone.

  78. pfft!
    i love how worked up everyone gets, its so retarded. This blog cracks me up. The way this guy talks he acts like he wants to commit suicide. This picture cracked me up

  79. Yanno this is a serious commentary on the state of North America and public awareness of interest in the world around us. Some of us write about reality .. ugh… hoping to bring some change before the world falls down around us. Yes we get readers and our mission is accomplished if we are good at it.

    But YOU post a pornographic image of HK and got what seems to be over 100 responses! Laughing. The world is crazy.

    Personally, I think HK is pretty cute whether covered or not. But your comments crack me up, I do see your sense of humor about the foolishness of it all.

    Is that Darlene serious or just playing a game? Read a few of her commentaries. Seems if someone spends as much time as you do with this topic… you are liking it. JUst you have a good healthy sick black sense of humor to survive the candy hit.

  80. OMG… so many coments… ok… this is very very unusual… I am a HK fan. Fan to the sense that I find it cute and the only thing I do is “wish” for things that I think I would never buy… like HK things for example… I would buy only if it was cheaper than something similar that does not have her face printed on it. I own a small cute helo kitty doll that was gives to me by someone when i was very little (I am 31 now) and she is in a box somewhere in my room, together with some toys I have still from back then (yes I donated some, just a few I still keep with me). Ok Ok the picture…

    I am not against nor in favor of it. Putting female forms into a cat that has no mouth is just wrong, but if you look into the artistic side of the drawing, maybe representing that mostly girls love this cute feline, i see no point of being against.

    And those haters that take things too seriously I just have a word for you… SHAME! LOL… chose another batles to fight… fighting agains something that is purely commercial and will not add anything to your life is very shamefull…

    Mister HK hater… you surely bring me smiles and laughs reading your posts… itΒ΄s funny and adds to me the fact that even living in hell you still can find your heaven by loving your wife so very much and showing it to the world.

    But in fact mister, I just hope you and your wife find balance among all this things… I am not used to be so fanatic to the point of loving something so much but my boyfriend, my family and things like that but I am glad that even your significant other loving so much material things with a kitty on it, you can spread sense of humor around and keep going like that.

    Thank you sir for the inumerous laughs and smiles you brought to me and to all the readers.

    Thousand kisses from Brasil for you mister and to your wife.

    Bye Bye

    Maria Rita

  81. I am not a hk hater I just am against what she represents obviously many people don’t know the real reason why it was invented I’ll give you a clue it has to do with a pact with the devil.the reason why it had no mouth was because it was based on a child who had cancer on its mouth,mother made a pact with the devil to save her child.

  82. Why why why!?
    Why would someone fantasize about this
    let alone draw it
    Hello Kitty is too innocent for this!
    Im a huge HK fan but
    Thats wrong
    Its NSFW or man kind.
    What the heck!
    Oh my God
    not right
    It is scarred into my brain and I want it to go away D :

  83. Well, they created this character as female…… Usually ALL manga and anime characters start out nude…. as an art technique… LMAO Hello Titty LMFAO….

  84. You warned us but I didn’t listen. That’s gonna be a few theapy visits to get that image from keeping me awake at night!e
    Sanrio makes products for all ages of girls. They have designed products for those who grow up with HK that’s why there are toasters, vibrators and lawn mowers.
    I like HK but have a sense of humor, too. It’s a great blog and unlike Darlene, most of us really like it and find it entertaining.
    As for HK and a ‘pact w/ the devil” I think someone forgot to take their meds this morning. It’s a cute adolecent kitty and has nothing to do w/ religion or anything else. It is only what it is and as Freud said, ” Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”
    Keep the great posts coming and remember folks, not to take it so seriously


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